common things on these guys lol

so im gonna shower rq but before that i wanna talk about the ideas i had for my own plant alien race people, this doesnt have to apply to your guys’ thing i just wanted to talk about mine lol (mine arent really based on su but i tried to apply the same concepts just 4 fun)

  • there are multiple types of “plants”, like trees, flowers, weeds, mushrooms (which are fungi but i love mushrooms so they get to join in), cacti, etc etc
  • trees are generally the body guard type ones, theyre very strong because yknow, Bark Is Hard lol (theres more reasons im just tired)
  • flowers tend to be nobles, theyre Fancy
  • cacti/succulents are the warriors because Sharp
  • weeds are generally the more “common” people who dont fight. just normal citizens, but flowers are often tied in to that too
  • i dont know what mushrooms do, i was thinking of tying them in with “corruption” somehow. maybe they could be the ones who tend to the growing ones? idk

im gay thanks for your time

part two i guess

anonymous asked:

How would the maknae line react if, pretend that you, bangtan and some of your friends are playing tag in the water (example: a big place like Wild water blue wave), and you were chasing after him. As you were about to tag him, he turned around to face you and rushed to him, trying to tag him somewhere, but instead your hand went down to tagged his crotch part? Lol. That happened to me, lmao. Me and friends were playing tag with these boys and I accidentally touched one of them's crotch. O_O

Hahahaha XD Really?! That’s hilarious! I’m sure that the other person laughed it off. Guys grab each other crotches on purpose and do other things, so I’m sure he’s fine hahaha I just find that story really funny lol Cuz that is actually really common in tag. Like boobs get grab, people accidentally kiss, people fall on each other and it looks a bit risqué. Boys’ shorts fall down, girls get exposed as well. Like tag becomes this sexual game out of nowhere sometimes lol.

V: Being his awkward self V would also laugh it off but he would make a situation out of it. His face would get a bit red and shocked. And he would apologize to you and just keep the already painfully awkward situation going for a while.

Jungkook: He would be the most uncomfortable about the situation. He would probably not show it to your face, but once you two part ways he would find it extremely weird. He would be more watchful of not only you but other players as he continues the game.

Jimin: If you were to accidentally tag Jimin in his crotch he would not make a big deal out of it. He would react with a shocked face and then laugh it off. Knowing how he is, he’d probably make some jokes to his friends later that you and other girls just naturally gravitate to it.

-Admin M

This is the best thing I can do for the little time left I have xD

Happy Halloween guys!! :D Hope you have/had lots of fun today! 

Baby Katniss and Peeta as Astrid and Hiccup :3 Peeta and Hiccup have a lot in common don’t they? (someone’s gonna kill me for that lol) 

Kinda part of my Toddler AU

What I think of the signs as a Scorp -V

(Based on people I know)

Aries: I know quite a few of you. The introverted type: We literally understand each other a lot, we´re weird lol. Homie. Super great friend. The extroverted are so nice and talkative, great friends. What all aries seem to have in common though is your affection, you show it to all. I´ve always liked aries. (aries moon over here). I can also notice the passion, athleticism, and sometimes even “aggression” in every single one of you. Totally a good thing. Aries are really great friends

Taurus: Dude. Whenever i´m with a tau I can feel the chill and the awesomeness. You´re all low-key funny and it´s great, I feel very comfortable with you guys. All taurus are great.

Gemini: You all love to talk, A LOT. Whether it´s super smart talk or all about gossip. You guys are crazy and extremely funny, but you´re awesome that way. Some of my best friends are geminis :).

Cancer: HUGS. You´re the sweetest person ever, i´ve never seen you mad, and of course, you love game of thrones like me. So much love, great friend. I don´t know much about other cancers lol.

Leo: Bro. Yes. You might call me peasant sometimes, but I love you cus you are my brother. Btw, if there is one person in this world that can make me smile, EVEN when i´m crying, it´s my leo brother. The leos in my fam are very sweet.

Virgo: Okay, I understand one of you guys perfectly and it´s amazing, I´m not so close with the rest, but in general, you seem so nice, one virgo I know is hilarious. But then I know a few virgos I struggle with. It´s complicated haha.

Libra: Dude yesss. You´re so chill but funny at the same time, for real. Although you actually act like a virgo and the virgos i know act like libras lol. You are one of my best friends, I feel comfortable around you and I can always have a good laugh. Yes to libras.

Scorpio: I actually know quite a few scorpios and we are all friends. I´ve noticed we are all a bit reserved, not shy, no, but not the loudest person in the room. We are awesome, what can i say. It´s always time for a good killer hug with my fellow scorpios (literally killer, sometimes I feel like you wanna break my ribcage or something). I love you guys, we are all kinda dark or a bit aggressive in our own way LOL :)

Sagittarius: How come you all make me laugh, ALWAYS. You guys are so funny, but at the same time, you have a deep, artistic or academic side and it´s amazing. You might talk a lot, but you guys are great. Sag is really a great sign.

Capricorn: I´ve always had a good relationship with capricorns, and I´ve gotten to know quite a few of you. One of my best friends is a cap. I have mixed feelings with one of you lol, a part from that, you are all great.

Aquarius: Okay what the hell. Why does everyone say aqua and scorp is the worst combo ?!? Like I know why, it´s just, I don´t think it´s true haha. We understand each other SO much, there is a connection here. (I mean, we have a blog together) We talk about the weirdest things haha, I love aqua, as a sign, as a friend, and basically in general. Btw, i can never pin out an aqua, you are all sooooo different lol. BFF right here.

Pisces: The two pisces I know are artistic in their own way. You guys are amazing, i´m actually super close to one of you guys. Just a great sign, love to all pisces out there. Btw, another thing about these pisces, you are quiet, but once someone gets to know you, there are so many things inside. Conspiracy theories and the weirdest underground music with you guys is common haha.

(I’ve noticed I havefriends from almost every sign. The signs I know the least are leo, virgo, cancer and pisces, I haven’t met enough water homies yet )

Regarding miraculous ladybug zag spoilers

I’ll be a safe blog! I won’t be posting anything about it! (Not even art, sorry guys ;0;!!) If you wanna talk about the spoilers, feel free to message me. Or send asks, but you have to come off anon or I won’t reply (since lol spoilers).

Also if you are reblogging things, be kind to your fellow miraculers and remember to tag your spoilers!! #ml spoilers and #zagspoilers are two that are common, so saviour those!

I actually want to meet my followers get to know them, I have many followers and I don’t interact with any of them. In 2016 can we change this I want more friends you guys have the same taste of things I like we probably have so much in common lol. Idk just been a major random thought