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Listen Sarah J. Mass fans

I think there needs to be a common understanding that when ACOWAR comes out no one should post spoilers on tumblr for AT LEAST 2-3 weeks. Gives everyone the chance to get the book and digest every bit.( if I takes longer leave a comment about how long you need, tbh I can read a 700 page book in less than 2 hours cuz I read fast lol) Idk about you guys but I’d prefer not to come on tumblr and the first thing on my dash is like the biggest spoiler alert EVER


I have a guy friend who I met and only know from LoL. He really enjoys off meta picks and appreciates my weird build suggestions. We have a lot in common because we gush over skins and the LCS matches. He’s adorable as well because his favorite thing to do is draw Ivern in weird outfits after matches that have upset him which seems like a great coping mechanism. He drew him in an oversized sweater yesterday and I couldn’t help but smile.

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I see you giving advice sooo I'm talking to this guy lol and I just feel like me and him don't have much in common or something is missing. He also used to be super religious but he's not anymore. He's also not really "experienced" like in the sex department and relationships which is different for me. He is starting to remind me of an old guy which isn't good but its weird because he is open to spoiling me but sometimes he says insensitive things and it annoys/hurts me. What should I do???

Cut him off I’m bored just reading this

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all things aside what is your opinion on that papatulus guy

Putting aside the fact that he doxxes people, I think the guy just tries too hard to fit in. It’s nearly every day I see this dude being embarrassing or having his league of 15 year olds harass people who know he’s an unpleasant and spiteful person.

Dude’s clearly insecure about how nobody outside of tumblr’s lowest common denominator likes him and his attitude’s a cry for help lol.

ok listen why is it so common in this fandom to write jack as gay? i mean i would support headcanoning a straight or otherwise unspecified character to be gay, but jack…is bi. i know compulsory heterosexuality is a thing and i know experience doesn’t always determine sexuality but the way jack has talked about the women he’s dated, i think, has made it clear that he’s into girls as well as guys. it’s not an issue of gay representation…our main character is gay and we have no problem headcanoning everyone else as queer lol so. why can’t y’all just let him be bi. are there specific character study related reasons behind each case of choosing to write him as gay? i’d love to hear about people’s reasoning bc honestly i’d love to be less perturbed by this but i don’t think i can be faulted for seeing this as bi erasure right now

[lies on the ground] see the thing is, its not really common here or considered “polite” to call women dude, or man. Some ppl do it casually, especially young ppl. So im over the moon that Simon, a guy in his 40s, would go “whats happening my man?” to me only a day after telling him that I was trans nonbinary, bc he’d never do that otherwise. So I’m on the verge of tears bc its so nice and it means that he genuinely thought about what he was going to say lol.

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honestly, one of the things that really bothers me about tim's common fanon characterization is how much he's woobified? i also feel like he's one of those characters that the fandom likes to give a huge dose of feminization, and while i think feminine guys are great, it always strikes me as odd lol

I’m not sure where exactly the need comes from for woobification or why it’s Tim that attracts that kind of thing. I’ve literally seen posts where certain fans play the victim olympics and claim that Tim has suffered more trauma than any other batkid and be 100% serious about it. I don’t understand the need to validate trauma by dismissing the trauma of other characters so I’m perpetually boggled, especially considering the trauma that’s being dismissed includes rape, torture and murder. 

The feminization…yeah I have no idea where that’s drawn from with Tim in canon except idk that ONE RUN he was drawn by Marcus To who draws him pretty? Which has literally no impact on his characterization at all and…honestly, while I’d like to give people the benefit of the doubt about it, to me it screams fetishization. 

The thing with it is that it seems to always crop up for Tim exclusively in gay ships, a result of the oversexualization of gay males, and fandom’s general obsession with top/bottom heteronormative dynamics in their same-sex relationships. It’s a pornographic fantasy almost exclusively dreamed up by straight women. No correlation with canon whatsoever

so im gonna shower rq but before that i wanna talk about the ideas i had for my own plant alien race people, this doesnt have to apply to your guys’ thing i just wanted to talk about mine lol (mine arent really based on su but i tried to apply the same concepts just 4 fun)

  • there are multiple types of “plants”, like trees, flowers, weeds, mushrooms (which are fungi but i love mushrooms so they get to join in), cacti, etc etc
  • trees are generally the body guard type ones, theyre very strong because yknow, Bark Is Hard lol (theres more reasons im just tired)
  • flowers tend to be nobles, theyre Fancy
  • cacti/succulents are the warriors because Sharp
  • weeds are generally the more “common” people who dont fight. just normal citizens, but flowers are often tied in to that too
  • i dont know what mushrooms do, i was thinking of tying them in with “corruption” somehow. maybe they could be the ones who tend to the growing ones? idk

im gay thanks for your time

part two i guess

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I find it funny even the Blind Wave crew kinda look at Katara as this trophy for Aang, they say they want "Aang to score!" I've seen this a few times from Eric & Shaane the two guys with glasses that sit on the left side of the table, & Aaron really likes the idea of Zuko/Katara he's mentioned how he likes the whole Fire/Water thing $ how that would look nice and how opposites attract, they discuss this in their Ember Island Players reactions if you want to see, Aaron's gonna be disappointed lol

Sokka: The number once mistake nice guys like you make: being too nice.
Aang: You can be too nice?
Sokka: Yep. If you want to keep her interested, you have to act aloof, like you don’t really care one way or the other.

Yeah, that’s a common mindset, and I’m not surprised that some of the Blind Wave crew thought that. The show was written in a way that encourages you to feel that way. Especially in Book 3, but even earlier. You’re supposed to want Aang to “score”. He’s the poor friend-zoned nice guy who’s main problem is that he’s too nice and girls are only interested in bad boys, obviously. I never felt that way, but that’s how the show was often written. John O’Bryan was the writer who said Zuko didn’t care about Katara. He wrote The Headband and helped write The Fortuneteller, too.

Actress Katara: I just wanted to let you know, Aang, that I’ll always love you. Like a brother.
Actress Aang: I wouldn’t want it any other way!

He also helped write The Ember Island Players. And Katara possibly seeing Aang like a brother is portrayed as the worst thing in the world. It’s implying how wrong Katara is for not liking Aang that way and that she should like him. Clearly, she just doesn’t know what’s good for her if she doesn’t like Aang.

And that it’s sending the message that it’s insulting to Aang that he would “settle” on being just her friend. How humiliating and emasculating, right? We are encouraged to see things from Aang’s perspective, but not Katara’s. We’re never asked to sympathize with reasons why she would reasonably NOT like Aang romantically. Like her maternal relationship, or her lack of communication. No, the show is actually kind of judging her for not liking Aang. He’s no “nice” and he likes her SO much, so she has no real “excuse” to reject him.

Cinderella Phenomenon – A review, kind of

I finished Cinderella Phenomenon and really need to get my thoughts about it out of my head. It’s gonna be a long post. But the short version of it is: I really enjoyed this game and I think it deserves all the love and recognition it can get!

I will keep the first part of this post spoiler-free. Short bits about the actual routes will be put under the cut.

1. General

The game is for PC, it’s available on Steam, and it’s free! It seems the whole development was covered by a kickstarter project. Once downloaded, the full game is yours. No internet connection is needed for playing. So … yeah, getting this game can’t possibly get any easier.

2. Gameplay and game mechanics

It’s a visual novel. Klick through the story, choose between two or sometimes more choices every now and then. There are some useful functions: Skip, forward, and go back. So no need for a log if you missed a line, which is awesome. The save/load function is also really user friendly – there are more than enough slots, and saving or loading is always possible.

The choices you pick change the story and determine the outcome. There is an indicator to show if a choice was the right one – “right” meaning the one that leads to the good ending. I strongly recommend either saving at each choice or using a guide/walkthrough, because these right choices are not always obvious.

3. Look and sound

This may not be the prettiest otome game ever, when compared to big titles. But it still has a nice interface, great backgrounds, and nice and carefully drawn characters. Sometimes there are even simple animations. Everything considered it looks honestly good, has a lot of great CG’s and shows attention to details.

The background music is thoroughly amazing, no ifs or buts. A lot of piano and strings. It’s never obtrusive, but always fitting. There are quite a lot different themes for different moods … 27 pieces all in all.

4. Plot

Premise: In a world where fairies and witches draw power from two magical crystals … and where this power has of course become unbalanced … there lives one edgy teenage princess who gets cursed for her haughty, cold-hearted ways. She is afflicted by a so called “Fairytale Curse”, and just like Cinderella went from rags to riches, she went from riches to rags overnight. With no one besides the witches, fairies and the cursed to remember her, her whole life gets turned around. Then she goes through a life changing journey full of danger, love and friendship and self discovery.

The story, plot twists and developments are not exactly unpredictable. But the plot is still multilayered, interesting, and everything comes together nicely. It provides humor, and tragedy, and heart-warming fluffiness, and this charming fairytale leitmotif. I enjoyed the story a lot.

5. Characters

The MC

As mentioned, the player character is not your regular otome game heroine. This princess is far from the sweet and pure damsel I got used to. She starts out angsty, bitter and conceited, but she has a genuine side to her that’s all the more endearing. She does fall back into some otome game tropes and did make me facepalm occasionally … but she makes up for it by also making me laugh with her blunt, snarky attitude and by her really great character development. I actually cried more than once because of her. The MC has a canon name, Lucette, which can be kept or changed.

Love interests

There are five of them. They are all actually good, kind hearted people, so they can help thaw the ice princess MC. No jerks, no extreme tsunderes, no yanderes, no sadists. The character flaws they have are usually obvious from the start and as their characters are explored they only become more likable. Each has their own special dynamic with the MC, and though I do have favourites, I think every route feels right and genuine.

I recommend the “official” route order when playing. New revelations and knowledge from prior playthroughs felt balanced this way. Also, the story becomes gradually more … dark and heavy this way: Rod, Karma, Rumpel, Fritz, Waltz. I want to add what to expect from each of their routes, but will put that under the cut. It may be a bit spoilery.


The supporting cast stays mostly the same and each character plays their own, distinct, and important role. They tend to be sweet and/or fun, and lovable, and their stories are gradually explored in the different routes. My favourite is the witch who cursed the MC, her snark is just delicious. The villains also have motivation and personality, but still clearly deserve what’s coming for them.

One fair warning, though: Supporting characters are not always safe in this game, not even on the way to good endings.

6. Now about the different routes …

I put this under the cut. I won’t give away all the spoilers, but I want to write a bit about what to expect from the guys and their routes.

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Interview: Baylee Morris

Today we’re joined by Baylee Morris. Baylee is a phenomenal musician who has been playing the clarinet for almost ten years. When she’s not playing, Baylee teaches younger musicians. It’s very obvious that she’s an incredibly talented and dedicated musician, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

I’ve been playing the clarinet for about 10 years now and I still love it. I mostly played in school, but after I graduated high school, I still continue to play at church and teach up comers at my alma maters. I also teach children at my church how to read sheet music and piano basics. After I graduated, I didn’t think I would be able to continue music, but luckily, I found small, but meaningful ways to keep going.

What inspires you?

Mostly music. I can’t handle silence, and music feels empty space like no other substance. I’ve always felt this way. Plus, as a sufferer from ADHD, fidgeting was a problem I had in my younger days in school, so being able to use my own body to make music… it’s just fantastic.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

My older brother was in band two years before I was and all his stories from marching band and the concerts that I witnessed myself pretty much made up my mind. I got my clarinet two years before I joined in 6th grade, and love every bit of it.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

I was the youngest person in my band’s history to be section leader in marching band and also the first person in years to take on the section leader role, as well as another head role in the band- mine being Uniform Chief. I’m really proud of this and was incredibly happy to help younger students reach their own potentials.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

Stick with what you love, and things will fall into place. In a group of 70+ people, you are going to encounter people that don’t appreciate it as much as you, or the work that you put into it. Keep going though. Keep doing what you love.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?


Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

Since band kids are sometimes labeled as “sexually active” (LOL mean girls), being not sexually active surprises some people. I’ve heard it all; “Why are you sooooo prude?”, “You just haven’t found the right guy!”, and “Maybe you could find someone if you’d just lighten up.” These were from people in band and out of band.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

The most common (and most hurtful) thing that I’ve encountered were from past significant others is “You just don’t love me enough.” or “What’s wrong with me?” This can hurt your feels, but remember, you are not obligated to do anything, no matter how much you love the person or how guilty the try to make you feel.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

Accept yourself the way you are! There are so many people out there that share your same views. Why focus on the negative people when you can befriend the amazing people who are willing to talk to you like an actual human being?

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

If you want to see my specific band, you can YouTube search Jackson County Bands NC. But if you want to see some wicked cool stuff, try look for BOA (Bands of America) bands, Drum Corps (Cadets are a personal favorite of mine), or head to your own school’s concert. Those band kids will appreciate it. Believe me, they will.

Thank you, Baylee, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

This is for @jan31 and @bookishgirl-love and whoever else has time to waste going through this. LOL!

So, Jane and Kurt… quite a pair those two make, huh? Two individual characters who are written with so much care and attention, so complex and layered, so unique and yet relatable, broken, tragic, heroic, inspirational… and then when you put them together… it becomes something else, something bigger… something awesome! It becomes Jeller! LOL!

I don’t know what this post ok. It’s just a ramble… similar to what basically goes through my brain most of the time. You guys asked for it. I mean I am pretty sure you do not know what you were asking for when you did but oh well. 

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To be honest im not really keen with touka and kaneki fucking like they have no chemistry what so ever. Kaneki is always getting horrible things done to him and the only thing that keeps him going is hide?? Not touka?? So im just confused as to why this sex scene was even necessary like are they dating even?? I dont read the manga so i dont know anything. One thing i do know is that the most important person in kanekis life is Hide so lol. Im not even a hidekane shipper its just common sense.

its probably like a rule, if ur a tsundere you win the guy no matter how good the other love interest is 

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38. 43. 54.

38. Describe your dream girl/guy?
Lol, I just need to look at my girl. She has a magical aura and the most amazing laugh I’ve ever heard. When she speaks the stars are echoing in her words and when she smiles the sun catches in her freckles. 

43. Do you smile at strangers?
Always. Isn’t it the common thing to do?

54. Favourite store?
I actually don’t have one.

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next time you see Kellin please talk to him about Gerard. that would make me happy. I love them both so much.

im planning on it lol i was gonna mention that i know Gerard just bc i didnt know what to talk to the SWS guys about and i know theyre all fans and that would have been a thing we have in common but for some reason i forgot and also they were hyped af before the show and after (and so was i) we just talked about the Rise Against tour and random stuff tbh 

ok so idk i just read something and … im an anxious mess so i dont like responding to posts or reblogging stuff i dont agree with but agh i cant help wanting to share my opinion about this lol so

someone wrote this about chris and eva and the flowers “ The thing that gets me is that Eva found it cringeworthy. She found getting flowers as someone trying too hard. She found such a common show of appreciation to be wrong because she has never once been treated that way before. She never got the flattery or woo-ing part of a relationship. She never got the constant praise she deserved. Its not cringeworthy Eva, its just different. Its the treatment that you should have always gotten. ”

and uh i dont think so?? one of the most romantic thing in my opinion is when someone truly knows you, like the biggest romantic gestures are the most personal ones idk? and yeah if a guy offered me flowers id find it super awkward lol, except if it came from some sort of inside joke or something

on the other hand, I, a renowned big fan of Food and TV entertainment would probably fall in love for a guy whos idea of a romantic moment involves cuddling in front of a tv show while eating nachos lol

so yeah idk that s just my opinion

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So theres this guy that I like that I work with. We have a lot in common and get along great but I wasn't sure if it could actually work out. Recently we were hanging out all together after work and everyone just made those subtle comments about us needing to load off sexual tension, or that we would be good together. The thing is we are in that situation where I know nothing could ever happen, bc he is hard to get to, and no one would ever make the first move. idk its a weird situation help lol

Make a move you’ll regret it if you don’t


last night I went to a friend of mines’ house warming. it was also my close friends birthday - so I went, obviously with the intentions of having a good time. As I’m walking up to the door there’s a group of people standing outside mingling. I happened to know two from high school so I said hello and gave them hugs. one of the other guys who was standing there with them goes “oh damn, you look good. where’s my hug at?” and reaches his arm out to me. so I go “oh, my fault, I didn’t see you there.” and I put my hand out to say “Hi, I’m Reyna.” This guy smacks my hand super hard and goes “fuck yo hand.” so I look at him confused like… ok? lol and I just walk inside. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t even want to get started. I HADNT EVEN WALKED IN THE HOUSE YET!!! so I go inside - looking for the birthday girl and she happens to be upstairs passed out at this point. (I came super late) so I grab her some water and I go upstairs. me and a couple of our homegirls are all chillen in this one room - waiting for her to get herself together - and this guy (the guy who smacked my hand) comes in. apparently my homegirls knew him - tried to introduce us and he goes “yeah.. I’m good.. that’s that rude ass girl.” so I go “I’m rude because I don’t know you so I didn’t hug you? I’m not obligated to hug you.” and he responds “if there are a group of guys.. and you’re giving hugs common courtesy would be to give every single guy one.” I said “but… I don’t know you. If I don’t know someone I’ll introduce myself but I dont give hugs period. and when I tried to introduce myself.. you smacked my hand. but I’m rude? lol. you should know better than to put your hands on any woman.” (basically, the entire situation escalated and blew up in a matter of SECONDS!) he starts telling me things like I never know who I’m meeting, he could put me on, if he’s driving down the street and someone’s messing with me he’s going to drive past real slow and watch.. he basically gets fucking crazy!! loll. so obviously.. me.. I continue defending myself. I’m verbally sparring with this man and eventually he starts putting his hands in my face and calls me a bitch. I’m pretty much calm up until the point where he puts his hands in my face. I said “don’t fucking put your hands in my face. you say you’re a man but can’t even handle simple ass confrontation. I’m not going to put my hands on or near you because I wasn’t raised like a fucking animal and my words work fine. get your hands out of my face. get your hands out of my face. get your hands out of my fucking face!!” as its escalating EVEN BIGGER a huge crowd forms around us. (mainly males) NOT ONE came to my defense. NOT ONE let him know he was trippen. NOT ONE understood my side. Everyone was like “Calm down, Reyna.” “you guys know reyna.. she got a mouthpiece on her.. don’t get her started.” YOU DAMN RIGHT! because I wasn’t raised to keep my mouth shut. I wasn’t raised to be obedient to men whom I do not know or mean nothing to me. I was not raised to be a tool or a possession to ANY man. I’m educated and know how to use my words wisely to make your oldest wounds sting. Do not fuck with me.
I AM A WOMAN I AM NOT OBLIGATED TO MAKE ANY MALE FEEL COMFORTABLE IN THE WAYS THAT THEY PREFER. NO. I WILL NOT SAY HELLO, SHARE SMILES OR HUGS, IF I DO NOT KNOW YOU! DO NOT GRAB ME IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE IF WE DO NOT KNOW EACH-OTHER. “Why you look so mean?” “why you acting stuck up?” “why you actin like you got a man?” “smile!” NO!!!!!! I was perfectly fine until you came over expecting or demanding that I owe you a respectful exchange in order to make you comfortable. I’m sorry. but I will not. and I’m sorry that you’ve been spoiled your whole life to where you do feel like women owe you something - but I don’t. and I never will.

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Can I request a hc of the rfa+v&saeran reacting to finding out that MC is secretly the masked vigilante heroine that the news had been blowing up about. (Bonus points if you come up with a neat superhero name and powers)

yiis, this was really fun to do! thx, cupcake <3 

lol its very long tho 

it fucking crashed after i spent 2 hours on this i had to rewrite it all again, that part wasnt fun lmfao


-he had heard of a masked woman saving some kids from being sold 

 -rumor were she was as flexible and elegant as a cat, could jump unnaturally high, and had a fantastic balance.

-basically a cat..the public had named her purrty girl, because if you were lucky, or unlucky enough to get close enough, she had the most beautiful eyes

-there were a clip of her going around where her beautiful eyes could be seen 

-his lovers eyes

-he had brushed it off as a coincidence at first

-he found out a night, when he had been working late and you had a little too much to drink

-and your drunk brain thought it as a good idea to practice some balance on the railing of jumins balcony 

-only jumin walked in on you balancing on a railing a good 30 stores above the ground 

-then the pieces suddenly fit together 

-he loves the cat part but….do you really have to do something as dangerous as fighting criminals? 

-he´d only stop worrying about 3 months later, when you hadn´t once come home with more than a scratch 


-there were a clip on the news of a girl beating up some gang members and then seemingly disappearing when she left the alley.

-zen is super intrigued and fascinated by this clip

-he´s reading every singly ridiculous theory he can find on her

-”mc! this one says she´s an alien and that´s why she could dissapear!” 

-the public call her the chameleon 

-you almost burst out laughing bc your boyfriend thinks you´re an alien 

-he finds out when rushing to work one day

-and suddenly an unfamiliar person with a very familiar voice is yelling out his name 

-”zen! watch out!” 

-he missed the car by a centimeter 

-the unfamiliar person is rushing towards him now 

-”omg Zen! babe, are you okay?” 

-then it clicks, and you realize your slip up 

-he drags you to an alleyway to allow you to change back to the real you 

-”mc, i love you, this won´t change anything in our relationship, but you have to talk with me about this, come on” 

-he cancels everything he had planned for that day, and spends it cuddling and talking with you instead 


-he is obsessed with the news clip of a masked girl, rescuing a girl from getting raped by sending a hoard of dogs,cats,rats and birds after the pig 

-the public call her urban snow, because 1. that is some disney princess shit and 2. urban sounds cool lmfao 

-he is constantly calling her a disney princess

-he doesen´t suspect a thing, even tho it is common for stray animals to be very comfortable around you 

-everytime that happens yoosung is like 

-”wow animals really like you mc! you´re almost like Urban snow!!!!” 

-lol thx for telling me i´m almost myself yoosung 

-he finds out on a way home from a date one evening 

-you´re very aware of the two guys following you, and sure enough

-suddenly there a weapons being pointed at you, and a gross guy ordering you to give you his money 

-yoosung is just about to step in front of you, in an attempt to shield you, when a dog bites one of the guys in the leg, a rat crawling up the other leg 

-they run off

-yoosung stands there confused for a few seconds, looking around for Urban snow before slowly turning towards you

-you can almost see the hearts in his eyes, as he pulls you into a tight embrace

-”you´re so cool mc!!! you really are a disney princess”


-she had seen the news of a masked girl, trapping two criminals in a ring of fire, and then walking away 

-her public name were fiery match, as she seemed to be able to draw fire from thin air 

-jaehee said it was all fake and computer effects oh jaehee if only you knew 

-she´s suprised so many actually think it´s real 

-she finds out in a much  less dramatic way than the others 

-you two are at the cafe, it´s way past closing time, so you´re just enjoying each others company and drinking coffee 

-you two talk so much that jaehee forgets to drink her coffee, before it turns cold

-without thinking you place your hand over the mug, and abracadabra, its hot again, that´s what you usually do when you´re alone 

-you only realize your mistake when you lift your head and see jaehees shocked expression

-she´s frozen in place

-her eyes are moving from the mug, to you, to your hand, again and again

-you´re almost scared she´ll run off and leave you 

-instead she takes your hands in hers, looks you in the eyes and…

-apologizes for believing it was computer effects lmfao jaehee bby you don´t have to apologise for that! 

-she´s very shook, but more than okay with it 


-she´s your new 1# fan


-he´s been trying to find this so called “Angel of salem”, ever since the news showed the clip of a suspected serial killer, being pulled up in a tree by his feet…by a branch, a masked girl standing by, and calmly watching everything unfold 

-you had been planning to tell him, but this was too hilarious, if he only knew he´s actually looking for his own girlfriend 

-when you ask him why he wants to find ´her´he says something along the lines of “i need her to teach me to do that” 

-you reply with “well maybe she´s closer than you think! i´m sure you´ll find her soon” 

-you had originally planned on having him wake up in a room covered with flowers, growing from walls and the ceiling as well

-but that´s not how it went 

-you were simply getting some water and taking care of the small cactus on the window-still, making it bloom

-not even 3 seconds later there were fast footsteps heading straight towards you, whoops the cctvs 

-you turned your head just in time to catch a glimpse of sevens excited expression, before being pulled into a big hug, and spun around 

-”why didn´t you tell me i was looking for you? you´re really my Angel!….ok now, teach me how you do it” ffs seven it´s not something you can learn 

-needless to say he is more than okay with it..purchases way to many plants for the house 


-he had heard about the clip going viral of 3 criminals being tied up, very very fast and only in one frame of the clip, was the masked girl visible 

-he doesen´t really care too much tbh 

-the public call you grease lightening as the colours on your suit is very similar to the ones of the car 

-he finds out when he comes home earlier than expected and catches you vaccuming the house, wayyy too fast than any human would be capable of doing 

-”oh…why didn´t you tell me you´re grease lightening?…its cool” 

-that´s really all he has to say on the matter 

-on the inside he´s an excited little child tho


-the masked girl were all over the news, altough blind V could still hear 

-the masked girl snuck into a childrens hospital at night, and everyone woke up feeling better than ever 

-when the doctor made tests they were indeed cured of all disease

-the kids named you Rapunzel bc of the tangled movie i ain´t bout to call her an saviour or messiah or whatever fuk rika

-you had been talking with v about his eye sight the other day. how he didn´t need to punish himself for Rika, and he deserved to be happy as well. as well as photography being his true passion, would he really give all that up?

-surprisingly he agreed 

-”i know.. i couldn´t save rika…but i can at least save myself, and i want to wake up everyday seeing you as the first thin in the morning..but it´s too late now”

-you gently placed your hands over his closed eyes 

-”mc it doesen´t work like th-…how did you do that??…Rapunzel??!!” 

-you couldn´t help but laugh at being called Rapunzel by a grown man

-lots of happy tears and new plans for the future god bless