common spectre

spectre review

common spectre. small, scared friend. (will fight you out of fear). 6/10

fat spectre. good sense of humor. very mischievous, loves to laugh. 8/10

one-eyed spectre. a shy and cute creature. 7/10

upside-down spectre. it’s always dizzy and confused. did nothing wrong. 10/10

porter spectre. loves nasty pranks. 3/10

junior spectres. just as mischievous as their parent but cuter. 5/10

blind spectre. very nice, but hangs out with bad guys. gullible. 7/10

mute spectre. who sewed it’s mouth shut? 10/10

infernal spectre. he yell. 10/10

obese spectre. shy, wants to be your friend. a bit clumsy. 10/10

abstract spectre. a hand drawn spectre. bad manners. 6/10