common spaces

The Rogue Squad Texting
  • Jyn: Literally 95% emojis. Mainly the knife and the tiny devil. She justifies it by saying that the team has so many native languages they should communicate with the universal thumbs up emoji.
  • Chirrut: Has Baze read the others' texts for him. Wierdly enough always understands exactly what point Jyn is trying to get across with sentence like "space ship, star, fire, cry face, thumbs up."
  • Baze: Full sentences. Always proper grammar and periods. Gets irritated when his kids don't immediately text him back to let him know they're OK.
  • Bodhi: Indecipherable acronyms and pilot jargon. Makes up for it by using a Lot Of CAPITALISATION and !!!! punctuation ????
  • Cassian: One of those people who literally. can't. text. at. all. His fingers always hit the wrong keys, spellcheck hates him, and something about texting really fires up the space!spanish/common disconnect in his brain. Sometimes just uses Google translate and sends crappy translations for his work stuff. Also can't keep track of who he's texting. 90% of the embarrassing things he's every done involve sending texts that should have ONLY EVER BEEN SEEN BY JYN to work colleagues. But it also means that he gets mixed up and sends super villains messages like "can you pick up eggs and milk gracias te amo :):)

Just learned Donnie has a tattoo of his wife’s name so…….imagine Baze and Chirrut with tattoos of each other’s names

Being a Ravenclaw would include:
  • Getting extremely excited when people start to talk about space
  • “DiD yOu SaY sPaCe?!”
  • Having the best ever conversations with other Ravenclaws at 3am
  • Getting frustrated at the eagle knocker when you cant figure out the riddle.
  • “Why is a raven like a writing desk”
  • “I don’t know! Can’t you just let me in it’s been like an hour!”
  • Listening to 90′s muggle music in the common room
  • Decorating the common room with art and poems etc that house mates have made
  • the common room being so beautifully original and obscure that everyone just smiles when they enter it
  • Having play readings in the common room where someone chooses and play and you all just sit and read for different characters
  • secret drinking games on Saturday nights
  • Laughing whenever someone mentions how ravenclaw are the “goodie two shoes” of all the houses because you haven’t handed homework in for at least a month
  • Being able to get away with a lot and using that to your advantage
  • Going up to the tower after a long night and finding a group of first years who can’t get into the common room
  • “Don’t even tell me the fucking riddle, I have been in the library for four hours and I am so fucking tired so just open the fucking door”
  • *Door slowly sings open the eagle knocker staying silent*
  • Being the second loudest table after Gryffindor
  • Not even caring about house points
  • Karaoke in the common room
  • Watching old disney movies in the common room while pure-bloods gather round in awe at how cute Bambi is
  • Using pens because if you are going to experience running out of goddamned quill ink again you are going to scream
  • Ravenclaw PRIDE
Common phrases of my daddy

“I love you”
“No swearing.”
“I’m hungry”
“Sleepy bear”
“I love you BUNches”
“I love you BEARy much”
“I’m marrying you”
“I want a neW CUUUUUBE!”
“That’s my good girl”
“HEEEEEEEEEEY! That’s pretty good!”
“That’s a pretty nice-ah dawg. Dare I say a decent-ah dawg.”
“God dammit DUSTIN!” (His birb)
“What are you fuCKIN gaY” (yes)
“*random noise*”
“Shhhhhhhhhuddupp you silly bun”
“Come here baby”
“You’re the most important thing in the world to me”

I bet Kanan has a hell of a time keeping track of his hair ties.

High Down Rocket Test Site on the Needles Headland, the Isle of Wight, during the late 1950s. The facility was built and run by Saunders Roe, at the time developing the Black Knight rocket - a technology tester for Blue Streak. Britain was, for a brief period in the late 1950s, a very real contestant in the Cold War’s space race. Black Knight flew 22 times from the Woomera Test Facility in South Australia, every rocket first test run here, on the Isle of Wight, and every launch a success.

Crazy story time:

So my manager is working in the kitchen supervising the cooks and stuff and he see some cookies on top of the oven in the warming spot. So he’s like oh cookies nice and he eats one. He notes that they taste weird but eats the whole cookie anyways. So an hour passes and all of a sudden he’s feeling weird, acting weird, laughing his ass off at everything. Come to find out, two of the cooks brought in pot cookies and decided not only to bring drugs into work, but to leave them out in common space. 

Genre: Humor

Pairing: Strongly implied kacchako

Rating: [PG]

Word Count: 1425 words

A/N: This was a part of another fic that I was writing and I ended up taking this section out but I thought it was much too fun to completely delete it. I think this was good practice at writing comedy and overall, it was a lot of fun to write!

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Things I have in common with Harley Quinn

-blonde on top
-blue and pink tips
I’m a little monster
Need Daddy
In love with wrong guy
Good at psychology
Love coffe
Over enthusiastic about everything
Can take care of myself yet still waiting for rescue

Classpect Guidelines

First things first!! Thank you so much for all being so awesome! I love each and every one of you :B

Let’s get on coming up with a classpect.

First off, it is important to set up some standards. First of all, TYPICALLY a dual-classpect will contain one positive aspect and one negative aspect.

Positive Negative
Light Void
Life Doom
Hope Rage
Space Time
Heart Mind
Blood Breath

With the first three pairs, the assignment is obvious. With the others, less so.

With Space and Time, I use the fairly common idea that Space represents creation, and Time destruction. This makes the assignment easier.

Heart shows emotion and instinct, leading people to express their feelings and become closer with the people around them; Mind shows rationality and practicality, leading people to disassociate from the people around them.

Breath and Blood are split into their polarity based on that Breath represents leadership and distance, moving away from people, whereas Blood shows togetherness and comradery. Breath and Blood are the most fluid of the twelve, and in the case of two positive or two negative aspects, commonly, one of them will be one of this pair.

On that note, while uncommon, having two positive or two negative aspects does not constitute a fractured session. The rule governing these cases is that, with two negative aspects, the class will be active, and two positive aspects means a passive class.

Active Passive
Prince Bard (destroy/dissolve/collapse)
Knight Page (exploit/use/weaponize)
Mage Seer (know/understand/foresee)
Thief Rogue (steal/redistribute/relocate)
Maid Sylph (protect/restore/heal)
Witch Heir (change/channel/be)

Lord Muse (embody/inspire/control)

With these parameters, the game begins to force the players into adopting an approach of duality, learning to accept both sides of themselves.

If anyone wants me to write more about the double plus or double minus cases, drop me a quick ask.

As I said previously, the order of the aspects matters. With a passive class, the first aspect acts more actively and the second acts passively. With an active class, the first aspect acts more passively and the second acts more actively.

For example, my class – Page – is a passive class, meaning my first aspect – Space – acts actively, that is, having more control over it, whereas my second – Mind – acts more passively and subconsciously. Conversely, a Knight of Space of Mind, for instance, would have more control over Mind and less over Space. The combination of aspects acting passively or actively, alongside whether they are a positive or negative aspect, helps to put together how a certain class can use their aspect.

If you want to come up with your own dual-classpect, it’s a rather inexact science.

Start off with your base classpect. Your base aspect becomes your active aspect: your first, if passive class, second if active class.

For your other aspect, an easy way to do it is to pick the opposite polarity of the pair that you think most represents you if active class, or that you wish most represented you if passive class. For example, my base is Page of Space, and I wish I could more easily distinguish between my thoughts and feelings. Since Space is positive, I choose the negative out of the Heart-Mind pair, Mind. Instead of this, if you have taken many classpect quizzes, you can choose the aspect that comes up most often, besides your base aspect.

Woah. Long post is long.
If you want help with choosing a dual-classpect, or want me to analyse a dual-session, just send me a request in the ask box! The same goes for any questions you may have, and I’ll try my best to answer them as soon as possible! Thanks!! Until next time!

#24 - For falloutforyou

Note: So Aisena (falloutforyou) and I were talking and we determined that Van McCann would not care if your bedroom was messy or not. I wrote her and you a fic as evidence.  

After you strung fairy lights along the curtain rods and other high spaces of your new flat, you sat on the couch and watched Jules cover the floor in balloons. The common spaces - kitchen, lounge, hall, bathroom - were all set up and moved into. It had only taken you and Jules a week to settle into the new place, and now it was time to celebrate with a housewarming party. When she was done you followed her into her bedroom, which was already unpacked and tidy. You sat on her bed and watched her pick a dress.

“Do you think I need to clean my room?” you asked. She’d already vacuumed the floor, too.

“Are you planning on having anyone come into your room?”

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