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Humans are STILL weird.

Yes, I’m still at it. I can’t stop. Send help. 

Human language is very difficult. Too much is conveyed by body language and what they call ‘tone’. Thankfully Humans are patient with misunderstandings, and largely shrug off difficulties and explain as needed. No one is quite sure what the word ‘fuck’ means, and they are all afraid to ask. Its use is wide and varied, and too often leads to violence of one kind or another. 

When Humans began signing on as crew for multi-species vessels, they began hauling in all sorts of… things. Things that had NOTHING to do with their abilities to do their jobs. Musical instruments, pictures that were cut to pieces which are then reassembled painstakingly, chemical enhancements imbibed for recreational purposes, miniature pre-contact transportation vessels built in containers of glass that serve no evident purpose, meters and kilometers and LIGHT YEARS of string and sticks and small fiddly bits. 
“What do you do when you’re not working?” 
“Prepare for more work.”
“Wow. Sounds boring.” 

Really, not just knitting. The construction of any and all garments on-board ship. Often garments that serve no clear purpose. All needed gear is issued upon arrival. So why is that human standing watch with a handful of long metal wires and a ball of string? AND HOW DID IT BECOME A SOCK? WHY DO THEY KNOW WHAT SOCKS ARE? Crocheted lace is banned among some species because it triggers a closed-loop neurological function when watched. 

It’s not so much being bored that confuses other species. Any beings who traverse the stars are familiar with moments, sometimes long moments, of nothing to do. It is Humans’ approach to this feeling that is unusual. They DO THINGS. Too often, they involve others. “Bands” playing harmonious sounds. “Movie Night” becomes a thing in Human space, so common that for a long time other species thought it was a ritual of some kind. They include the rest of the crew; the crew is usually confused by Human ideas of entertainment. Attempts to share stories in the other direction only lead to the Humans themselves being confused. 

The first Human to introduce rugby to a ship as a way to kill time was nearly tried for mutiny. 


Les Abouts in Québec City

Designed by Atelier Pierre Thibault the residence is separated in two areas, a common space and a more private zone. The private part stretches to around thirty meters to border the nearby river. Covered by a thin roof, the volume looks as if it is levitating among the trees. Housing the master bedroom, two bathrooms and the kitchen, it was designed to be opened on the surrounding nature and very well-lit. The relationship between the inside and outside is underlined by a fly screen room prolonging the volume and overlooking the ferns.

The common space is a volume on two levels designed to reflect the verticality of the forest. It is also the receptacle of the larger works of art. In order to leave the most possible space on the walls, the guest’s bedroom and the library are suspended in a small volume. Detached from the sides by a glass floor, the volume gains a floating aspect in the double height and brings a variance in the scale of the room. As a wooden chest, the house becomes a recipient where art and nature meet.

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Valentine's Day HC

This is my Valentine’s Day present for @sleepingupsidedown blame her for the suffering

-Lance has everyone’s back

-Even if no one ever really talks to him but Hunk

-Keith goes to Allura or Shiro because god forbid he talks to anyone else

-Allura goes to Coran and Coran goes to Allura

-Shiro only goes to Keith

-Pidge goes to Hunk or Shiro

-Hunk can talk to Pidge, Keith, Lance , and Shay

-Lance well, when it comes to the real important stuff, the homesickness, feeling inferior, a burden, a seventh wheel, Lance has no one

-Lance tries to form close bonds with the others but they never give him the chance, and those that do he doesn’t want to hurt by telling them of how unhappy he is

-Or he feels the horrible tension that seems to constantly be around them so he takes it upon himself to be the comedy relief

-The reason he flirts is because it makes him feel closer to his brother who taught him all those awful pick up lines

-He’s used to being overlooked it happens when you have a big family, it can’t be helped

-So when they finally have a moment to stop and relax Lance isn’t all that bothered that everyone naturally paired off only leaving him alone

-Lance then decides to simply go to his room, have some me time

-When he finally has his mask on he finds that he has tracks down his face mask(HIS VERY EXPENSIVE AND RARE FACEMASK MIND YOU)

- Cursing he realized it was wet with his tears

- He rushed to fix the mask and try to stop his crying but he finds that he can’t

-He can’t stop crying

-He can’t breathe

-He can’t hear the music he put on earlier

-He’s on the floor

-He doesn’t know what’s wrong and yet he remains quiet, rides it out by himself because who can he tell

-So he waits for what feels like forever to be able to breathe again

-Then he just waits for the panic and blind terror to subside

-And when it’s all over he gets up, the timer went off, it’s time to take off the face mask

-He doesn’t want to be alone anymore

-He doesn’t want to be there

-He wants to be in his mama’s arms

-He wants to listens to his siblings trying to make him laugh

-He wants his dad to be making him chocolate caliente

-Hell he just wants someone to talk to

-He just wants someone in the spaceship to have his back for once

-Someone who is genuinely interested to see him or just listen to everything be it good or bad

-He wants too many things that will never come to pass

-So instead he lays back in bed until the next battle because what else is there to do?

-What Lance doesn’t know is that it’s his birthday

-Everyone went and paired up to go prepare the surprise party for Lance the flirt who just happened to be born on Valentine’s Day

-Hunk went to go make the cake with Coran

-Pidge went to find some dank memes

-Allura,Shiro, and Keith went on to decorate the common space

-What Lance doesn’t know is that they all love him and appreciate him

-What Lance doesn’t know is that Keith planned all of this after Hunk let it slip that Lance’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day

-What Lance doesn’t know is that Keith plans to tell him how he feels about him

-WHAT LANCE DOESN’T KNOW is that the reason no one has had time is because they have been busy trying to hunt down the beauty products the know Lance loves or anything that brings him happiness to be honest

-You see Hunk isn’t making an Altean cake, oh no, he managed to find more than half of the ingredients to make Lance’s favorite cake, a tres leches

-Pidge found at least 3 new face mask made by humans for humans

-Allura is giving Lance a book she’s been writing with all the pick up lines Lance has ever directed toward her because she doesn’t know when but at some point it stopped being annoying and it started to be endearing

-Shiro is giving Lance the chance to give himself a nickname that Shiro will use from then on but it must be appropriate

-And Keith….. he has a whole letter were he wrote down all the feelings he knows he won’t be able to ever say to him

-Just hundreds of words stating how much he loves him and how sorry he is for ever forgetting him

-Asking Lance if he will take him, God please allow him to have a special place in his heart

-So Lance doesn’t know that when he is finally feeling as if he can actually maybe function that the others have Hunk going to his door to coax him out of his room

-But when Lance learns about all of it, learns that he’s not alone and the others have his back

-Now his tears are from happiness and a spark of hope that not everything is impossible

-And yes he does have enough space for Keith, why wouldn’t he?

Everything’s Better with a Beard

Steve x Reader
WC: 1889
Warnings: Swear words, masturbation, oral sex
Summary: Reader has a crush on Cap and wonders what he would look (and feel!) like with a beard…
AN: I feel like I haven’t been giving Steve enough love lately plus with all the commotion about Cap with a beard, I had to give this a go. Though I will admit, everything is better with a beard…Also, I’m kinda wordy…sorry

It was one of those nights where just the girls were hanging out. It was a rare opportunity and a nice feeling, You were all at various levels of intoxication sitting together around the living room area and conversation flowed as easily as the wine.

“You know, we probably should have made more snacks,” mused Pepper, always looking out for everyone.

Maria and Natasha snorted, “Please,” replied Natasha, “Eating just means less room for wine!” She raised her glass in a toast, “To us!”

Everyone cheered.

“Ugh, what’s with this lumberjack look?” commented Maria, while flipping through the pages of a magazine. “Whatever happened to clean shaven, respectable looking men?”

“Now now,” Pepper scolded her, “Goatees are pretty sexy,” she smirked.

“That’s because a goatee is groomed, but a beard? Yuck,” Maria retorted.

“I don’t know,” you chimed in. “I’m of the personal philosophy that a beard makes everything better.”

Natasha nodded in agreement. “I think some men just suit beards… Though I suppose the true test is if they look good with a beard and without one.”

Maria disagreed, “But beard burn? Eww. I’m a grown-ass lady. I don’t need evidence of my necking.”

You laughed at her, “First of all, how old are you? Who says necking? Secondly, I dunno… there’s something about the roughness of it… All scratchy and manly.” You could feel yourself blushing, as if you had said too much.

Just then, the guys entered the room. You were fairly certain that they hadn’t heard any of the previous conversation. You took a long swallow of your drink, hoping it would cool you off.

The topic of conversation turned to the upcoming mission. You were one of the two remaining behind as your particular skills weren’t needed so you didn’t really pay attention to the conversation. Instead, you casually observed your friends, one in particular, until Natasha elbowed you.

“You’re staring,” she muttered to you.

You felt yourself turn red again. Apparently you weren’t as casual as you thought you were.

Leaning into you, she whispered, “I wonder what Cap would look like with a beard.”

You had often wondered the same thing.

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Robert Stewart, the second astronaut to conduct a Manned Maneuvering Unit Exercise untethered above the Earth. The MMU contained enough nitrogen to accelerate from zero to 45 mph—just once. To conserve that supply, astronauts would fly the MMU at a crawl, just a few inches per second.

by NASA on The Commons

i hear people talk about maladaptive daydreaming with people having lots of characters they’ve made, and how they live in they’re own world. is that how it’s supposed to be?

because when i daydream, i dream of existing universes and characters from videos games and things like that. i just insert myself as a character. a part of me. a side of me. might be a different version in a certain universe, depending how i feel.


In an interview aired on the SciFi channel in 1997, DeForest Kelley talked about the character of Dr. McCoy and the life he’d chosen in space.

The common thought was, of course, that he had a very unhappy marriage, divorced, with a daughter whose name was Joanna. But he’s a southerner, out of the south and I think he was such an unhappy guy that he joined the service and decided he would abandon what practice he had.”

While this is never stated outright in the series, it informs one of Kelley’s finest performances, in “For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky.” 

The groundwork for the episode had been laid in the Star Trek offices by D.C. Fontana and David Gerrold. Both of them had ideas for episodes featuring elements that had appeared in the third-season love story. 

Fontana had written a memo in March of 1967 stating that she was considering “a love story for McCoy which sees him resigning his commission, actually getting married, then tragedy bringing him full circle back to the Enterprise.”  In May of that year, she turned in a story outline entitled “Rachel” that followed that idea.

A few months before Fontana wrote her memo, David Gerrold had sent in a treatment entitled “Tomorrow is Yesterday” (not to be confused with the episode of the same name) about an interstellar ark that was rejected by Gene Coon for being “too big” for the TV series. 

When first-time writer Rik Vollaerts met with Fred Freibeger and pitched the story (which was then centered on Scotty), the executive producer responded to the idea with enthusiasm, seeing it as a synthesis between the various treatments he’d read.

Aware that they needed a good McCoy story for the third season, Freiberger shifted the love story to the good doctor. In an interview by Edward Gross that appears in Captain’s Logs, he said:

“I was trying to spread the material to the other actors. And I wanted to give DeForest Kelley something, because he was always just kind of hanging around without a lot to do. I wanted him to have something a little more solid.”

The idea that a middle-aged man can fall completely in love in just a matter of hours may seem a bit hokey to modern audiences, but Kelley’s abilities as an actor sell it completely. Like “The Empath,” “For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky” uses our favorite doctor to his fullest abilities and serves as a highlight on an underbudgeted and underbaked last season for Star Trek

one time a friend and i were discussing how she’s worried about making the main characters of her book a pair of siblings because she really doesn’t want people shipping them and god if the same thought doesnt run through my head every time i make related OCs and the fact that content creators actually have to be concerned about the idea of their familial characters getting put in a popular ship together really just kind of shows how nasty fandoms can be lmfao