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Breaking the stereotypes for the signs
  • Moon, Mars and Rising
  • Aries: pretty sensitive, tbh a crybaby
  • Taurus: can be a serious push over
  • Gemini: Can be a loyal friend
  • Cancer: very strong willed
  • Leo: Can be very self deprecating
  • Virgo: Known to be late and laid back
  • Libra: Once they've made a choice they are stubborn and about it
  • Scorpio: Incredibly Romantic
  • Sagittarius: isn't scared of commitment just doesn't see it as important until older
  • Capricorn: Can be dopey and have bad common sense
  • Aquarius: seeks to fit in a lot of the time without realising
  • Pisces: Actually incredibly Stubborn

Ultimately Kylo Ren is a great villain (ESPECIALLY for this day and age, I think he represents a lot of present-day problems and fears), but because the internet is what it is, he’s constantly getting woobified and treated like he deserves to be redeemed which just… is not true

Kylo Ren is the privileged kid who, no matter how well he was raised, sees what the previous generation was capable of and thinks, “I deserve that; I deserve so much more” and repeats it over and over in his head until he becomes violent. He’s the privileged white boy, he’s the school shooter, he’s the guy who never grew out of his violent and edgy teenage self.

There’s so much you can do with that character, and none of it involves him getting a happy ending. He doesn’t deserve it. Between slaughtering a village of innocents, murdering a defenseless old man, torturing two people, and committing patricide (specifically, patricide against a well-established hero), Kylo Ren shouldn’t get a happy ending. It doesn’t fit the genre, it doesn’t fit the story, it doesn’t fit common sense. That would be a boring, undeserved ending. And I feel like that should be SO fucking obvious, but… more and more people are acting like he’s the new Prince Zuko and I just don’t fucking get it, dude

anonymous asked:

Could you please explain the cow joke? I don't get it.

* Ok so a lot of people didn’t get this comic and I expected that, but the anon did ask me what my favourite BAD joke was, and the cow joke has been one of my favourite dumb jokes ever since I was a kid. It’s THAT old to me, which is why it’s very dear to me and I wanted to share it despite, well, the foreseen lack of response from my followers lmao.

* As much as I hate explaining jokes, enough people have been confused by this one for me to just sit down and do it.

* The joke is that there is no joke.

* It’s a little something called anti-humour - it happens when the ‘joke’ has a build up but no actual punchline. Instead, the “punchline” is an obvious and/or SUPER underwhelming response.

* How do you get four cows in one car? Well a regular car has four seats so obviously the cows will be properly sat, two in the front, two in the back. Why would you think anything else? The answer is so obvious.

* Another good (well, “good”) one that my friend told me recently is, how do you put an elephant into the fridge in four steps?

* You take an elephant, open the fridge door, put the elephant in, and close the fridge door.

* Okay, so how do you put a giraffe in the fridge?

* You take a giraffe, open the fridge door, take the elephant out, put the giraffe in, and close the fridge door.

* I mean, it’s just common sense???? You can’t fit an elephant AND a giraffe in a fridge, don’t be ridiculous.

* Honestly, a lot of anti-humour just sounds like Papyrus reasoning; speaking of something ridiculous and giving it an obvious explanation. That’s what makes it lovable. 

* The joke of the comic was, that the cow question, while humorous to me, was just an obvious everyday thing to Papyrus because DUH??

Thinking of Gladnis Beauty and the Beast AU, what about these:

Disney’s Tangled, except it’s a Gladio x Noctis.

Disney’s Enchanted, except it’s a Noctis x Ignis.

Disney’s Aladdin, except it’s a Prompto x Noctis.

Disney’s Cinderella except it’s either a Prompto x Noctis or a Prompto x Ignis.

Disney’s Little Mermaid except it’s a Prompto x Noctis.

Disney’s Hercules except it’s a Gladio x Ignis or a Gladio x Prompto.

Disney’s Sleepy Beauty except it’s…anything involving Noctis.

This is a mere joke, but if anyone ever does any of those, please do tell me, haha.

So here we are with the “Three assembles and paints her very first warhammer 40k model”. This first episode we start with the Sisters of Battle Exorcist… something I probably shouldn’t have started with as my very first thing ever but flamethrower wielding space nuns who fire church missiles. 

We open the box and WOOWWW ok that is a lot of stuff ok this is fine I can do this …..

Oh … oh ok… apparently we have zero instructions and the box has no picture … right ok… this is still doable… we can do this. Just need to lesbian powers activate

Flannel: Donned
Tools: Unpacked
Gay: out 

Ok with my newly activated lesbian building skills, some common sense (aka dry fitting shit that looked relatively close to being right together) and some online pictures we assembled the base WOOO. Pretend it looks awesome ok.

Ok ok so next was the metal… which of course has warped and doesn’t sit right in many places because of course it doesn’t so gonna file me some stuff down to try reduce the amount of ASKEWWWW. 

Ok that sort of worked….. so all that is left is the remaining assembly (plus green stuff to fill in the gaps) and the dreaded painting… which i suck at because I don’t ever paint so this should be fun! Especially those small miniature figures! *digs her own grave*

AND HERE WE GO. Is it perfect? Lmfao god no it’s shit and I am sorry I let down the team… but it’s painted? and it didn’t fall apart? So for my first ever one I say yes good. Well done. Let me die now.

Before the End, A New Beginning

In which a lapse in judgement changes everything.

Solavellan unexpected pregnancy/kidfic-to-be. Spoilers for Trespasser. ~3100 words. Rated M.

She’s an unexpected complication from the moment they meet, the anchor in the heart of her palm and June’s markings proudly displayed on her face. One obstacle among many, but he tries his best to accommodate her existence into his plans; to teach her to control the mark, and to embrace the role appointed to her by religious zealots and enemies alike. He has always dealt efficiently with unforeseen hindrances, and knows how to best turn them to his advantage. Ellana Lavellan would be no different.

Except that she continues to surprise him in the months that follow their introduction, demonstrating a curiosity to rival his own, and more wisdom than he’d thought her people capable of cultivating. And he tries to nudge her along the path most favourable to his own agenda, but every time he thinks he’s in control she veers off, carving her own path with a tenacity that ought to have rankled, but that only leaves him shaking his head in wonder. She changes things. Changes his plans. Changes the world. Like she’s not just part of the weave, but rather the loom itself, and it’s all he can do not to let himself be swept up in the whole of her; the charming nature that could lay the whole of Thedas at her feet if she so desired.

She takes an interest in him early, and he knows the intrigue in her eyes for what it is from the moment he lifts her hand towards that first rift. And the admiration that sparks in their depths does not let go, as he’d hoped it would, given time. Instead she finds reasons to seek him out. She stops by for talks. To ask questions. She brings him cakes from the kitchens, and tea she assures him will not keep him awake. She fills the books he lends her with notes, odds and ends tucked between the pages – some of Sera’s more colourful doodles, and reading recommendations from Dorian. Questions in the margins, and flowers pressed between her favourite chapters. And she doesn’t remove them when she hands him back the books, but it’s not with a sinking feeling that he reads the intention in the gesture, but a spark of something he has not felt in a long time.

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freakin-amen-deactivated2013102  asked:

For 3 month i have been eating healthy and doing cardio and workouts, however i still see no difference. I started this to tone up my thighs and butt. But after 3 month i still see no difference. what am i doing wrong?

It’s either one of these three things or all at the same time: 
- you’ve been eating more calories than you’ve consumed. 
- your workouts haven’t been intensive and/or consistent enough.
- you haven’t been doing any kind of weight training.  

There was no need to wait 3 months to get to that conclusion: normally after about 6 weeks you should already be able to evaluate if what you’ve been doing is working or not.

If you need a detailed plan on what to do, I encourage you to take a look at They have great free plans that include diet & trainings.