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i just happened upon pictures and a video of seunghyun leaving the hospital and tbh i’m at a loss for words. i’m 100% sure these media outlets were aware of the fact that the doctors reported that he would be needing psychiatric treatment. because if we know they must know right? so, obviously that implies that seunghyun is going through some sort of mental distress. even if they didn’t have an iota of knowledge as to what mental illness was, they should have at least been able to pick up on that. yet…the media thought it best to hover outside the hospital, and wait for him in order to once again put cameras in his face when he is at an even more fragile state of mind and body. as if this behavior wasn’t one of the reasons that provoked his stay in the hospital in the first place…like wtf.
Sam & Cait on the "Compliment" of Certain Fans Wanting to Believe They are a Couple @Outlander_Starz interview at #AppleSoHo on @iTunesPodcasts
Super-shippers need to be aware that the moderator "framed" her question in such a way that made it very likely that Cait and Sam would have to agree with her. Still, it is important to pay attention to their actual words, voice tones and body language in interpreting their responses to the question.

Submitted by anon:

This is the clip from the iTunes event. It’s embarrassing, for sure but I think the way they answer (words and tone) it’s quite clear they are saying the truth.

I agree anon that the s-shippers are not really paying attention to Sam and Cait’s “words,” “tone” and body language in this video. So let’s look at it more closely. 

First, let’s consider the “booing.”  The booing occurred not because there were mean non-shippers/ truthers (NST’s) in the audience who don’t like to acknowledge the possibility that Sam and Cait are a couple. The booing occurred because fans are getting tired that this topic keeps coming up and that certain fans are not respecting that Sam and Cait told the truth in the KDS interview and have refused to move on.  This is what the moderator said before the booing:

Moderator: “So you undoubtedly know there’s a large segment of your very passionate fan base that would really love for you to be an actual couple in real life.”

To which Sam jokingly comments:

The moderator makes it clear that her first statement really wasn’t her question, rather this was her question:

Moderator: “But do you take it as a compliment that people want it to continue off screen that you do it so well and you are so believable as a couple on screen?” [emphasis added]

What super-shippers don’t seem to understand is that through her question the moderator has framed the parameters in which Cait and Sam can comment. The frame revolves around the word “compliment.” Once that word was used, Cait and Sam had very little choice but to go along with the idea that fans who think they are a couple are complimenting their acting skills. To say anything else would make them appear ungracious to the compliment the fans are paying them. So of course this is reflected in Cait’s response (especially since she spoke first):

Cait: ”Um yeah, I mean I think you have to take it that obviously people will believe in that relationship and they believe in what we’re doing and that’s always a great thing as an actor you know. We’re here to make uh [laughs] you know make-believe reality for people so yeah, I guess that’s a compliment.” [emphasis added]

I  noticed when I listened to the tape that Cait laughs before she talks about how actors are making “make-believe reality for people.” Her voice also gets softer when she says “I guess that’s a compliment.”  I took that to mean, especially paired with her body language, that yes, she was going along with the moderator’s “frame” but she wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about doing so.

Then we have Sam’s response: 

Sam chose not to deal with the “compliment” frame, perhaps since Cait had already dealt with it. Look at how serious his face is. He chose to emphasis a message and he was quite serious about doing so. The message he chose to underscore for fans is that non-actors don’t seem to understand the strong “bond” that “happens between actors,” especially co-stars like Sam and Cait who have to spend hours each day exploring emotions together as they act out Jamie and Claire’s passionate and often turbulent story. He is saying here that certain fans (i.e., shippers) misunderstand this “bond” and think it means their relationship is a romantic one. Yes, he is implying that shippers are picking up on real things between Sam and Cait but what they are picking up on is a deep friendship that is very different than the kind of friendship one would typically find in say co-workers who work together at a department store. And again, just so there is no misunderstanding, Sam repeats “we’re very good friends.” 

To me, what Sam said was a very clear reinforcement of what both Sam and Cait said during the KDS interview: they aren’t lovers, they are actors who have a deep bond that has developed because of the kind of work that they do.

I also believe that super-shippers should not take Cait’s acquiescence to the “frame” of the moderator’s “compliment” question to mean that she is perfectly fine with super-shippers continuing to spread rumors about herself and Sam being a couple. As I recall, it was Sam who said and/ or implied in a couple of recent interviews that it was largely Cait who wanted them to be honest about their relationship. Cait is the one who is in a serious long-term relationship. 

Again, if you don’t want to believe Purv, then believe Gerry Braiden or the former s-shipper K, or the fact that Tony is the only “civilian” in Cait’s life who flew from Britain to both LA (for the GG’s) and NYC (for the Season 2 Premiere). You really have to be unwilling to open your mind (and any common sense contained within) to fail to acknowledge that Tony is Cait’s boyfriend, not Sam. So of course Cait would be the one more invested in stopping these silly rumors.

Yes, Cait acknowledged that people believing they are a couple could be thought of a complimenting their acting skills–but that doesn’t mean she wants them to continue to believe they are a couple, to spread rumors that they are a couple, or to bash Tony. If I’m wrong about that, why don’t you ask her yourself–especially about the Tony bashing. I’m sure Cait would be happy to set you straight.

NOTE: This is just my opinion as a fan, nothing more. If you disagree, please do so respectfully.