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Story-time with Sora and Noctis takes a weird turn. Noct may have competition for the title of Crown Prince of Napping!

Bonus time-jump panel in which Noctis takes his rightful place as the Naptime King:

just a quick idea

Criminals AU starring

  • pre-serum Steve Rogers as a talented forger with strong, Robin-Hood-inspired morals
  • James Barnes as a dangerous hitman with more warrants on his head than tattoos on his skin
  • and T’Challa as a brilliant cat burglar with a borderline obsessively sweet tooth

The three of them have exactly four things in common: their criminal records, their impressive reputation, their mark (a sleazy CEO named Obadiah Stane) and their shared interest in Tony Stark, a brilliant but under-payed young engineer at Stane Industries. The comic books weren’t kidding when they said leading a double life is hard, but staying on right side of the law when the most genuine person you’ve ever met keeps getting hurt because of it is damn near impossible.

to my dear russian followers

things are super awkward between our countries right now (again, always, as ever), and the american media is doing a lot of “Oh Fuck It’s The Russians” reporting, and that makes me sad. russian-american relations have enough baggage without scaring up vintage ~the reds are coming~ sentiment.

like, russia totally kneecapped us in the game of espionage, but if there’s one thing I think most of us agree on at this particular moment, it’s really really not wanting to be conflated with our current governments.

so yeah. we’re cool, we’re always going to be cool. I’m happy to know all of you.

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Eric Harris

Eric is pictured here in the Columbine High School cafeteria - also know as ‘the commons.’ he had recorded how many people entered the cafeteria at lunch time. his goal was to work out what time there would be the most people in there, in order to work out when to set off propane bombs to launch the attack on Columbine. he worked out around 500 people at 11:15am. the commitment towards the homicidal ideation of mass murder and terrorism was horrifying, to be frank.

if the bombs hadn’t failed to detonate as intended, hundreds of students at Columbine would have burned to death, suffered severe head to toe burn injuries and the library above the cafeteria would have supposedly collapsed through the ceiling.