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Story-time with Sora and Noctis takes a weird turn. Noct may have competition for the title of Crown Prince of Napping!

Bonus time-jump panel in which Noctis takes his rightful place as the Naptime King:

The largest MOTHERFUCKER thing in Episode Prompto is that Cor rescuing Baby Prompto from Nifelheim being, like, HALF CANON now. 

Now before you tell me it was his parents who rescued Prompto, let me tell you this

Prompto’s parents are such non-identities that the only thing we know about them is that they 1) SUCK 2)are commoners. Not glaives. Not mages. Not crownsguards. Commoners.

That recording says SOME LUCIAN had the ability to sneak into a Nifelheim high tech facility and take off with a Baby without detection.

Does that fucking sound like Cor Leonis or some rando parent we don’t even know the identity of???

to my dear russian followers

things are super awkward between our countries right now (again, always, as ever), and the american media is doing a lot of “Oh Fuck It’s The Russians” reporting, and that makes me sad. russian-american relations have enough baggage without scaring up vintage ~the reds are coming~ sentiment.

like, russia totally kneecapped us in the game of espionage, but if there’s one thing I think most of us agree on at this particular moment, it’s really really not wanting to be conflated with our current governments.

so yeah. we’re cool, we’re always going to be cool. I’m happy to know all of you.

just a quick idea

Criminals AU starring

  • pre-serum Steve Rogers as a talented forger with strong, Robin-Hood-inspired morals
  • James Barnes as a dangerous hitman with more warrants on his head than tattoos on his skin
  • and T’Challa as a brilliant cat burglar with a borderline obsessively sweet tooth

The three of them have exactly four things in common: their criminal records, their impressive reputation, their mark (a sleazy CEO named Obadiah Stane) and their shared interest in Tony Stark, a brilliant but under-payed young engineer at Stane Industries. The comic books weren’t kidding when they said leading a double life is hard, but staying on right side of the law when the most genuine person you’ve ever met keeps getting hurt because of it is damn near impossible.


The Watercolors of Thierry Duval 

A graduate of Decorative Arts in 1982, illustrator, and creative in a large advertising agency in Paris, Thierry Duval drew and painted since childhood.

In preparing the entrance of Decorative Arts in Paris he discovered the work of the painter Delacroix, and that he will his passion for watercolor. This technique will give a great freedom of expression. But his way of approaching watercolor is not common, in fact, his record, unlike the traditional watercolors, a force emerges in unusual colors and lights. Its purpose is to evoke a «impressionism» of dawn or dusk depending on the themes, all supported by a drawing of a high accuracy. All these criteria give aquarelles Thierry Duval evocative power, a realism uncommon in the usual expression of watercolor.

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buttons-beads-lace  asked:

I have a lot of feels about 'functional singing' too. I went to a college with a large and very opera-focused vocal performance program, and there were times when I felt very left out, as a functional but not professional singer. but the fact is a lot of my favorite music is very much not professional, and that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. it's just a different thing.

Ha, and @bachfan reblogged with the tags too– Music has always been such an important part of human society, but since the era of recorded music, its role has changed a lot. And now we listen to it, rather than performing it, and our expectations of what it should sound like and what role it serves are so markedly different. I think about this a lot.

I first began to practice singing as a purely functional thing– our horses were aggressive when they heard the metal feed bin, so I started singing loudly the whole time I was out with them, so that they couldn’t hear the feed bin over me, and I sang the whole time so they wouldn’t associate singing with food either. Now I sing for the various little kids in my life, and the little ones don’t know the difference between technically proficient and sort of not, but once they’re older, they start to notice, and start to critique, and start to be embarrassed. I know I got embarrassed about my mother’s singing around then, and wouldn’t let her.

I studied singing in high school, and then tried to study vocal performance in college but they were really rude to me in my audition and basically told me it would be a waste of time for me to do that, so I never have auditioned for anything again and haven’t performed except for the odd national anthem or little traditional seisun or whatever since then. (Notice a theme? People love to tell me I shouldn’t do creative or artistic things; I went from being a prolific artist and vocal performer to doing neither by the time I was a freshman in college, because so many authority figures were so invested in telling me I shouldn’t. I’m sure I’ve been told not to waste my time writing, and Lord knows I internalized it, but it wasn’t enough to stop the compulsion.) 

But I’ve always wanted to sing, and it’s a thing humans do, and I don’t understand why I must have perfect pitch and good sight-reading and crystal-clear tone and a microphone-ready vocal persona in order to just sing songs. I have phenomenal by-ear learning skills and am really good at transpositions and have a great memory and a huge repertoire of songs I know cold and can perform without any backup or prompting, but none of those are things that Real Singers have or need, so I may as well never open my mouth. ??? It’s very weird, where we are as a society. (And there are almost no contexts where I feel not-awkward singing with other people present; people get weird about it. I only sing when I’m alone, now, or with very small children.)

 If you’re not pro-quality, you shouldn’t bother doing it. Alternately, if you’re not writing your own material, there’s nowhere you’re going to go. I don’t want to make a living at this, i just like to sing sometimes, and there’s so little space left in our society for someone who’s tolerably skilled at something doing it for fun. 

I remember sitting around a fire with a guitar, as an adolescent, and we were trying to have a singalong, and everyone present just wanted to wait for their turn to perform, or wanted to make requests, or whatever– nobody just wanted to participate. Even at SCA things, people just want to perform. And at sessions! People wouldn’t sing along with me, and others got upset if I sang along with them.

I’d join a church choir, but I haven’t found a church I don’t hate, so.