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The Watercolors of Thierry Duval 

A graduate of Decorative Arts in 1982, illustrator, and creative in a large advertising agency in Paris, Thierry Duval drew and painted since childhood.

In preparing the entrance of Decorative Arts in Paris he discovered the work of the painter Delacroix, and that he will his passion for watercolor. This technique will give a great freedom of expression. But his way of approaching watercolor is not common, in fact, his record, unlike the traditional watercolors, a force emerges in unusual colors and lights. Its purpose is to evoke a «impressionism» of dawn or dusk depending on the themes, all supported by a drawing of a high accuracy. All these criteria give aquarelles Thierry Duval evocative power, a realism uncommon in the usual expression of watercolor.

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just a quick idea

Criminals AU starring

  • pre-serum Steve Rogers as a talented forger with strong, Robin-Hood-inspired morals
  • James Barnes as a dangerous hitman with more warrants on his head than tattoos on his skin
  • and T’Challa as a brilliant cat burglar with a borderline obsessively sweet tooth

The three of them have exactly four things in common: their criminal records, their impressive reputation, their mark (a sleazy CEO named Obadiah Stane) and their shared interest in Tony Stark, a brilliant but under-payed young engineer at Stane Industries. The comic books weren’t kidding when they said leading a double life is hard, but staying on right side of the law when the most genuine person you’ve ever met keeps getting hurt because of it is damn near impossible.

anonymous asked:

The Liam/Louis house is a mess. It's been pushed as Louis' home but Liam is the one who has taken multiple pics there (haircut, playing fifa with paddy, yesterday's bathroom pic). Today the Sun is reporting that it is indeed Liam's home, but he is renting it out, so that he can focus all his attention on Cheryl in the UK (sea otter face). Honestly, this all makes less sense than the time Zerrie went house hunting for a dream home despite already 'living together' in their 5 bed dream home.

It is, as we say here in this corner of the tumblr webs, a goat rodeo. But you are right, The Sun is reporting that is Liam’s LA Bluth Model Home that he’s put up for rent to be with Cheryl  (ohmygod I can’t even type that with a straight face). Its funny how Cheryl called them up they got the tip off for that!

I think these homes are either owned by the label or investments between more than one of these 1D dudes. Its extremely common for record labels to own and purchase real estate. But what’s more, as rich as 1D are with their Scrooge McDuck boy band millions, that house is $10 million dollars and the maintenance fees on that fancy koi pond/spa/resort are insane if one of them bought it, but if two or more purchased? Way more doable. 

I’m going to just put this out there again, because the rule still applies for Loammy’s UK Bluth Model Home as it does for the LA Bluth Model Home. Why is it, that after owning these homes, they appear exactly as they were staged by their previous owners, even down to the original throw blankets and knickknacks? Liiiiiike

Loammy never seems to make any renovations, add any decorations or any kind of personal touches (not even a single throw pillow, my dude?) . But the thing is, the inside of these homes have been released to the fandom and the press, so if you’ve got stunts to legitimize, its an easy way to that.

And lastly, for all that folks think its Liam’s house (and I mean, he’s been photographed at the house enough times that its totally a plausible thing to assume), real estate blog Yolanda’s Little Book absolutely insists that it is nahhhht Loammy’s house:

EDIT again (9/16/16): Some fans think we’re crazy but though we briefly amended this post earlier (and received quite a bit of flak for doing so), we just got off the phone with Mr. Deep Throat who refused to budge and was absolutely adamant that this is Mr. Tomlinson’s estate and NOT Liam Payne’s. “Poppycock!” he said when we told him how many, many Directioners have been saying we were wrong (okay, he didn’t actually use that exact word). We know Mr. Deep Throat and he is not the type of person who tells lies. So we’re editing this post back to its original form. 

ETA: When the house originally went up for rent around March 7, a flurry of articles listing Louis as the owner from publications way more reputable then The Sun went out, including Architectural Digest:

In other words, everything is fucky and nothing makes sense and its just another day here in the 1D hellmouth. 

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Blackstar - Respiration ft. Common (1998)

three of my favorite verses from three of my favorite emcees…

Guillemot aka common murre skeleton.

Hell yeah record time! From whole bird to complete skeleton in under 2 days!

The slow cooker worked REALLY well. The bones have a tiny bit of a chalky texture (mostly just the keel) but they are stable. Its also gentle enough to not destroy the beak which is rad. It also doesn’t smell bad, just a light smell of cooking meat. defiantly tolerable. 

 I highly recommend slow cooking for fresh specimens if you have limited space. Bio washing powder (like the stuff for laundry) works wonders to get rid of flesh quicker. Turns it into transparent jello. 


I am producing a set of book cover posters in the style of Penguin paperbacks that commemorate classic albums through the ages. These designs are for the Britpop classics Different Class by Pulp, Parklife by Blur and Definitely Maybe by Oasis. You can purchase an individual print or the whole set over on Etsy.

Set of 3 Posters

Blur Poster

Oasis Poster

Pulp Poster