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the thing is, dragon age 2 makes its main characters people that normally arent main characters?

the captain of the guard, a storyteller, an escaped slave, a rebel healer mage, a carefree female pirate, an oblivious cute blood mage

these are people that u usually aid in a side mission, not characters with their own big storylines but they HAVE them and they feel so real and so close to npcs and to us and god im emotional abt this

there is a severe lack of popular wlw ships on this website and while mlm ships are very popular wlw ships really aren’t? so many people (mainly straight girls) fetishize mlm relationships and say shit like “OMG XD IM SINNING MY HAWT YAOI GAYS” and mainly straight guys fetishize lesbians with “GIRL ON GIRL ACTION IS SO HOT LESBIAN PORN IS THE BEST” and it honestly fucking sucks as a wlw to see a huge lack of good wlw representation that’s even less than good mlm representation. plus it sucks even worse to see people say “oh i’m not homophobic i have gay ships :)” and see straight girls who love mlm content but when they see lesbians they think they’re gross and predatory. ill see straight guys say “oh lesbians are so hot” but when they see a gay guy they make a homophobic comment. i’m not gonna go into the fetishization of trans people because i’m cis but yall honestly really shitty when it comes mlm and wlw relationships


Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

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What not to do with a woc fc!

1.  Erase her identity as a woc by using her as the younger version of your white muse. And no, saying she’s white passing is not excuse. Neither is saying how many icons you already have.

2. Use a psd that lightens her skin so much that your white muse looks tanner. As this point, you’re purposely making her white. Again, saying how many icons you already have is not an excuse.


so i heard there’s an exquisite enbies thing happening?? well here’s ur favorite gray/quoigender bean (not sure of pronouns so any I guess)

  • canon: these two characters are equally antagonistic to one another, they dont understand each other at first & their assumptions lead them to resent each other, its a relationship of mutual miscommunication that would be interesting to resolve bc it means growth for both of them, challenging a bunch of preconceptions, & finding common ground for ppl who wouldn't have thought themselves capable of getting along
  • the fan works: honestly fuck nursey tho what a dick

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Hey, this is probably common knowledge to most ppl, but i have no idea and was not able to find it anywhere (i mean, i tried a lot of blogs n stuff, probably didnt get enought into it, so sorry in advance), but who is the older twin? Cause i would love it so much if Aaron actually was older than Andrew, even if it was by just a few minutes. thanks for answering and sorry to bother you! your blog is amazing, keep up the good stuff!

I’m not sure if it actually is common knowledge. I personally don’t know and I went scrolling through the extra content but I am gonna try to find out. If anyone does know add to the post! Asks are never a bother and I love getting them! Thank you so much!

I personally headcanon that they don’t know themselves. They didn’t know the other existed so why would they ask? And I don’t think it would have been a major concern when they did eventually meet. So then they would only be able to find out by looking at birth certificates.

But lets imagine that Aaron is older because this could be fun.

Andrew is the one that finds out. After everything Aaron doesn’t really care and Andrew is just curious. But then he sees that Aaron was born 14 minutes before him, and he doesn’t know what happens, but he suddenly cannot let Aaron, or anyone, find out about this.

And no one ever does. But then Neil decides to ask about it. And Andrew is strangely shifty about it.

“So who’s older?”


“You and Aaron. Who’s older?”

“We’re twins.”

“Ok, yes, but one of you was born before the other.”

And this is how the conversations go. Andrew always does his best not to answer the question which leads Neil to his own conclusions.

Andrew never confirms Neil’s suspicions, but Neil still knows

ok i could say a lot on this but this much is warranted

stop putting “faked being a system” on callouts please. unless the person is using it to hurt/manipulate/guilt people, e.g. using an abusive alter to blame their misdeeds onto, or saying discriminatory shit as a certain alter

that stuff should be a red flag even for ppl who are DID/OSDD/DDNOS systems, and if you have reason to believe they dont even have a dissociative disorder then all the more reason to add it

but theres a lot of cases where folks with personality disorders, or young impressionable people, or otherwise ppl who are prone to mimicking traits cuz of mental illness/abuse/whatever believe for a bit that they have systems bc they misinterpret their symptoms

it is super common for ppl to misinterpret in general that they have a mental illness when their symptoms can be attributed to something else. systems are a bit of an odd topic bc the idea of having separate alters is so concrete in theory, but its rly not that far a stretch to say that someone with say, bpd or schizophrenia could mistakenly think they have it cuz of misinterpretation

this is ok for non-systems/neurotypicals/whatever to reblog

When you feel like it’s impossible to get along with someone, just remember that Sunggyu couldn’t stand Woohyun before Infinite debuted. Now they are pretty much married.

yknow. i wish there was a way for ppl to take me being nonbinary seriously. i wish i could change my gender presentation easily without having to worry about financial issues or self confidence issues or having ppl freak the hell out. sometimes i even wish i was ftm instead of nonbinary because then at least people will recognize me as having a valid identity. bc since i’m not one of the two most common gender identities ppl treat me like i’m a goddamn myth trying to be a special snowflake or some shit or just give me a confused look and misgender me. i’m fucking sick of it.

Romans return

I know a lot of ppl r upset about Roman returning to Raw after his brothers death. But try to use common sense. Ppl deal with these type of situations differently than others. Take the basketball player from the Boston Celtics. After finding out that his sister was killed in a car accident, he was devastated. But he continued to play in honor of his sister. He was pictured crying on the bench with his friends comforting him. Returning to the ring is probably what will comfort Roman and be close to his brother who was also a wrestler. He also has his coworkers to relay on, to have a shoulder to cry on or be a punching bag to vent out his anger, sorrow etc. so Roman will be fine, remember his the locker room leader.