common palm civet


Just a handful of the many, many photos i took in Borneo! Saw wild gibbons, a mother and baby orangutan, red leaf monkeys, banded palm, malay, masked palm and common palm civets, giant red flying squirrels, a slow loris, sambar deer, bearded pigs, hornbills, banded krait, vine snake, flying lizards and large monitor lizards!

Our tutor set up mist nets which allowed us to get up close with many beautiful bird species and i learnt the basics of untangling birds from the nets and released two myself. Was amazing to have them in the hand to look at and feel their warmth and tiny heart beats. One breakfast we also saw the smallest bird of prey in the world, the Bornean falconet!

And I saw the most weird and wonderful invertebrates i have ever seen. Everything is huge! Giant butterflies, moths, ants, dragonflies, crickets, centipedes, millipedes, spiders, wasps, horseflies! Plus millions-strong termite armies, some beautiful mantids, cicadas everywhere and, annoyingly, many leeches.

The rainforest in Borneo is the tallest in the world (i am in white right at the bottom of that first photo for scale) and there were moments where it felt very similar to being in the forests in Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke. A very precious and inspiring place. I truly hope it manages to survive into the future and stay safe from logging and palm oil conversion.