common myths about feminism

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Sooo I really truly don't want to come across as rude, but your blog looks awesome cuz of HTTYD and all that good stuff but I noticed that you said you post anti-feminism and as a passionate feminist who wants to follow your blog but is skeptical I was just wondering: Why aren't you a feminist? I'm not judging you, I'm just curious. I'm really sorry if this offends you.

No offense taken at all! I know my stance on anti-feminism has turned several people away from my blog, so this isn’t new to me.

First: I’m sure you believe in equality, like Feminism has said that it is about. If so, good for you! I’m pro-equality as well.

And I won’t deny that first- and second-wave Feminism was in fact required for women to gain basic rights in many states.

However… Third-wave (current-day) Feminism is literally not needed. Allow me to help educate you. (Most of these links are all from the same blog, but he can explain things hella better than I can. Don’t forget to click his links as well!)

Women actually have more rights than men in terms of bodily autonomy, reproductive, and parental rights.

The most common myth about feminism is that it’s for equality. Surprise! It’s actually not, including the fact that it fights against men’s rights.

The “wage gap” is a myth, in case you were wondering. So is the “patriarchy.”

“But those aren’t real feminists!”

Wrong. These people help support your movement. They call themselves feminists whether you like it or not. Either accept it and get rid of them or sit down.

“Anti-feminism is misogyny!”

Wrong again. Anti-feminism simply means I am against the hateful, bigoted, misandric movement that is modern-day feminism. I’m a woman and I am anti-feminist because I can see what feminism has turned into, and I can see past the “feminism is for equality” facade. (And no, that does not mean I have “internalized misogyny.”)

This one is a long read, but it’s an evaluation on modern feminism.

Now I think it’s my turn to apologize if I have offended you with my replies ^^; I hope you find this information useful, whomever you are!