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Need a Lyft? excerpt

Title: Need a Lyft?
Pairing: Sebaciel
Rating: Explicit (for eventual sexual content)
Warnings: underage smut, underage drinking, underage lyft usage, you get the idea
Tags: eventual smut, demon!Sebastian, modern au (idk I’ll think of more later)
Summary: Sebastian Michaelis is an insatiably hungry demon living among the humans and has become a driver for the popular riding-sharing Lyft app to find potential meals and contracts. After all, what better way to screen someone than getting to know them over a short trip through New York City? and if it turns out they’re an unsuitable snack, Sebastian never has to see them again.

Only the plan isn’t working out so well as of late. Until, of course, fifteen year old poor-little-rich-boy and tabloid darling, Ciel Phantomhive, hails him for a ride.

This is not a chapter.  This is an excerpt from the very beginning of the fic.

I want to see what you guys think of this before I go any further with it.

Under a cut cuz it’s already over a thousand (1000) words.

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musk mallow! for babi glo I’d like to try and fill it with plants that I’ve seen around where I live so while common mallow is more, well. common - musk mallow is the type I know I’ve seen. it grows along hedges, roadsides and (weirdly specifically), churches. it doesn’t smell great.