common markets

Haruhi: *loses host club in a crowd*

Haruhi: *cups hands like a megaphone* LOBELIAAAAA

Host Club: *from across commoners market* NOT THE LESBIANS

Haruhi: there they are

If you’re outside of their target market your opinion is as irrelevant as a vegetarian judging how you ordered your steak. A man in his late 20s complaining about Justin Bieber – not seriously considering and critiquing his work, just complaining about his very existence – is like if I walked into Hot Topic and made a scene because their Pokemon sports bra doesn’t fit me. Well, it would have been nice if it had, but they weren’t making it for me. I’m sure Bieber appreciates his 40-year-old fans, but they aren’t paying his bills and government fines.

It’s easy to dismiss something that wasn’t made for you as having no value, while forgetting that countless people think the same thing about all the stuff that you like. Your timeless song that helped you through that junior high breakup was some out-of-touch adult’s proof that music was objectively better when they were getting dumped by the cutie from English. Your favorite video game is the crux of someone’s rant about how games are a useless medium for immature adults. You know, the kind of idiotic sweeping generalizations that make us want to scream because they contribute nothing to anything, except for when we’re insightfully making them.

Complaints about pop culture way outside of the complainer’s demographic are most common with stuff marketed at teens because, well, a lot of it is fucking terrible. I read The Maze Runner, and the author belongs in word jail. But one of the shittiest things an adult can do to a teenager is mock their interests just because what’s new and novel to the teen is old and boring to them. Maybe it’s objectively bad, or maybe it just doesn’t push the right buttons in your brain. But unless it’s fascist propaganda, like the new YA hit The Fault In Our Cucks, it’s really none of your business.

How To Deal With Pop Culture That’s Not Made For You

The very nice people at Barnes & Noble at Market Commons said it’s okay if we come hang out in their store for a while on Thursday night, May 4th.  This isn’t an official signing.  Just a meet up.  Bring books if you’d like me to sign them, but please be prepared to buy a book from the store as a thank you to them for hosting us.  And if you can let me know you’re coming so that I can give them a estimated head count, that would be great.  

When people say the finale ruined April Ludgate’s character

So you think April wasn’t meant to be a mother. You think she hates everyone, she hates kids, she would never ever want kids, she would never be a mother.

Did you forget the time she was swarmed up with young girls who loved her art?

Did you forget the time she was having fun with all the Pawnee Rangers for a pillow fight? Did you forget that even Ann, beautiful popular Ann, didn’t partake in that pillow fight?

Did you forget the time she ran and cheered with all the Pawnee scouts when Andy started a boat race?

Did you forget the time when she had to remind Andy, of all people, Andy who adores kids, that he had to get out of character because he was scaring a little kid? And spent a good portion of her day helping that child find his way back to his mom? Would she have done the same for a lost adult in the building? 

Did you forget the time she accepted a kids concert for Andy and had so much fun? So much so that she said she’d never found him as attractive as when he was singing to children? Is that the attitude of someone who hates kids?

Did you forget that Andy and April babysat the triplets? That Leslie literally called her Auntie April? That Ben, who always worries about everything, told Andy to let April handle everything? Would he say that, would they trust their precious children to someone who hates kids? Would she accept to do it?

Did you forget that April had her very special part in the Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show, April’s Animal Corner? That she literally pushed and encouraged Andy into a career in kids entertainment? Is that what someone who hates kids would do?

Did you forget the time she couldn’t help but be the sweetest toward Oliver and Leslie, even though she’s always had a less-than-idyllic relationship with their mother? Is that the attitude of someone who hates kids?

It’s okay if you don’t like kids. It’s okay if you don’t want kids. It really is. But that’s you. Liking children has always been part of April’s character. She has never had a negative interaction with a child in the show. She has always liked kids and wanted to help them and have fun with them. The finale didn’t ruin who she was, it confirmed it.

Italy: You know, Germany, we- me and Greece specifically- were kinda hoping that when we created the euro-zone together you would lower your economic standards a bit… maybe…

Germany: You should raise yours if you are discontent.

Italy:… yeah, we’re trying… 

I met Aleya Fasier hunched over sweet potatoes growing stubbornly in hard-packed earth under a sky that held history. There weren’t many words exchanged that day–mostly just weeding–or that fall–just digging, weighting and sighing. What I did pick up on was that Aleya was a person who did everything with intention. Since that day, Aleya has poured her heart into that same soil, left her mark on the historical record under that same sky and the results have been remarkable. And that is where we’ll start.

Prepare yourself and give thanks for the words of black, queer, womanist, futurist, ecologist, artist, educator, farmer Aleya Frasier–co-founder of Black Dirt Farm and a revolutionary warrior for black food security.

GSF: Who are you and what is your superpower? 

AF: I am one of many queer, biologically active, radical molecules of melanin chilling on your amygdala guiding your primal instincts. And our superpower is activating your superpower. This is done through hormonal and vibrational synchronicity with other radical melanated molecules. I was formed under libra skies so by definition my vibration brings balance to different sides of the equation and works to bring organic and inorganic reactions to equilibrium. Our superpowers activate at the intersection of entropy and equilibrium which is pretty much at all times and space continuums, but they are strongest when connected to the land as space and now as the time. When people step foot on the farm the serotonin in the soil mixed with the ancestors in the air and UV ray excitation of my electrons and my subtle vibrations in their cells allows caverns in the mind to open that have been previously filtered and neurons to connect in ways that they haven’t before. Mitochondrial dna is stirred awake and its knowledge from your uterine having ancestors that has been passed down since the beginning of her story is realized. Through black dirt under fingernails, melanated work under the sun and calloused hands peoples superpowers and ancient rhythms are germinated approximately 3 weeks after the last frost. so you see all with melanin possess this ability at varying frequencies. and then we do it again.

GSF: You are a disciple of AfroEcology and gather folks to celebrate and mobilize around Afro-ecological practice. First of all, what is AfroEcology? How is it, as you say “a perfect counter attack to white supremacy capitalism and patriarchy.” ? 

AF: Afroecology is a form of art, movement, practice and process of social and ecological transformation that involves the re-evaluation of our sacred relationships with land, water, air, seeds and food; (re)recognizes humans as co-creators that are an aspect of the planet’s life support systems; values the Afro-Indigenous experience of reality and ways of knowing; cherishes ancestral and communal forms of knowledge, experience and lifeways that began in Africa and continue throughout the Diaspora; and is rooted in the agrarian traditions, legacies and struggles of the Black experience in the Americas.The nature of the Black Experience in America, and in the Americas, has always been and will be, intimately, tied to the land and our agrarian identity. As said by Harry Haywood in Negro Liberation in 1948, “The Negro Question in the United States is Agrarian in Origin.” To draw upon this agrarian legacy, we, at the Black Dirt Farm Collective, felt it was important to introduce the concept of Afroecology – not as a definition but as a place to stimulate discussions on the intimate connection between us as people and the land. Far too often, people of color and Black Folk succumb to using words, theories and concepts that do not directly speak our language nor speak to our experience of reality. All the while, these very concepts, like organic farming, permaculture, etc. come from and stem from our ancestry, and current practices as people of the land and our organizing legacies. As part of the liberation struggle, we recognize the need to create political ideologies, and cultural theories, concepts and practices to help clarify certain aspects of reality, so as to transformation the material and social conditions of reality. We present Afroecology as part of that process. Afroecology is a call back to the land that is awaiting our return. It is a living breathing process of decolonization that is built upon the black experience of the indigenous (africans) becoming indigenized(diasporic africans). Our indigenous reality cannot be recreated but it can also not be forgotten because WE as indigenized peoples have the unique ability to create and determine our reality using our wildest imaginations and ancestral knowledge as fuel. Afroecology is above all else a process of reclaiming our identity as communal beings connected to every aspect of our ecosystem and about reclaiming knowledge from the base!As a practice, afroecology builds from agroecology in its way of teaching how to work in harmony with nature to feed people. On the farm, we try our best to recycle nutrients, biomass and raw materials to achieve a balance in the flow of inputs and outputs. We promote diverse microcosmic and macrocosmic relationships from soil bacteria and fungi to the people who visit the farm and we ultimately treat the farm as an extension of our beings ,nurturing its recovery and decolonization much as we do our own, through natural inputs, spiritual practices, art and balance.

GSF: Describe a mythical seed variety that you would cultivate if you could. 

AF: I like to think that every seed variety is mythical in the magical sense and I play out their magical path in my daydreams. If you truly tell the story of a single seed from its origin to your farm, the story would be as colorful as any spiritual text. I will share about a seed variety that to me epitomizes myth and magic and the power of mitochondria. Sorghum is a grain indigenous to Northeastern Africa with earliest known records from the Egypt/Sudan border region from 8000 BC. It is a BEAUTIFUL monocot; its got strappy leaves, a bamboo like shoot and parallel veins; with as many powers as your imagination can handle imagining. Its seed pops sizzles and cracks in your cast iron and its cane can be pressed for sweet juice. Its seed can be threshed pounded and kneaded into nourishment for your baby or boiled and baked into your favorite recipe. It body has the powers to convert sunlight into energy in unique efficient ways and its roots go deep to ensure it survives in drought too. It’s powers allow it to serve as money in the common market place, more valuable than cattle at times for the women selling their beers made with sorghum strains specific to their mitochondrial lineage. Strains that have in a way co evolved with the women and families who cultivate them, the people who bear its callouses, the people who could not part with it when captured and stripped away from their own gardens. Strains that survived in afros across the middle passage that were planted and transplanted and harvested and sowed and reaped and seeded and then again and again until yesterday, today and tomorrow when I harvest our sorghum from seed given to us by friends. 10 seeds now 1000 to share with them. Sounds mythical, right?

GSF: Magical, indeed! So tell me, what’s the dirt on Black Dirt Farm? How can people support? Winter plans?

The dirt is not even black on Black Dirt Farm haha we are frontin! We have this kind of cool light brown sandy loam texture that grows amazing root crops but turns into cement when baked under the hot sun. But on the flip side, a farm is very rarely the effort of solely one or two people. Thus, Black Dirt Farm is collectively cared for by a strong network of farmers, friends and families. A core group manages the day to day operations of the farm, the distribution and marketing as well as coordinating and participating in trainings and events around agroecology, food sovereignty and regenerative economics with black and brown folks from all over the diaspora. We LOVE to gather with folks on the farm and to share black agrarian images and voices and to learn from our elders who are supporting the journey!

People can support by eating their veggies and by supporting our friends like you at Community Farming Alliance and Chris Bradshaw with Dreaming out Loud and Xavier Brown with the Green Scheme and Natasha Bowens author of The Color of Food and the list goes on! We will be hunkering down this winter and hopefully going to some warm places to collectively energize and create our vision for the next few seasons. A wish list of support would be a website designer, a logo designer, a farm truck or station wagon, and a yurt to serve as an agrarian library, but thats all haha. 

Ya’ll heard that? If you’re feeling in a do-gooding mood, do something for a farmer. They’ll make sure you eat good. 

Thanks for reading and stay on top of Aleya’s awesomeness on her instagram or the Black Church Food Security Network’s twitter! 

i get that the uk isn’t in a position to seriously piss off the US but i hate how theresa may fell all over herself to be the first foreign head of govt to secure a visit with trump, the chummy way she held hands with him for a photo-op (gag) and her clearly calculating to water down her words on torture -which is an ECHR obligation the UK has signed up to on its own volition, and that travel ban which affects many british citizens (so now the DHS says it won’t apply to British dual nationals but if they travel to those countries they might still be affected & that still doesn’t deal with them being unable to meet family members?). her spinelessness about the us blanket ban on refugees- the protection of refugees is yet another ECHR obligation the UK signed up for. just her generally cowardly response to what are now not merely words, but trump’s policies. other european us allies like netherlands and germany have shown more spine. and yeah, i can see she’s doing all that because she hopes to clinch that free trade deal to smooth over the UK cutting itself out of the European Common Market and its 500 million customers. 

all the while peddling the fiction that the special r/ship is some sort of equal, frank exchange between good friends (lmao) instead of clearly this thing where the UK is all-too willing to dance to America’s tune, no matter how shitty. 

Magical Cleaning Methods: The Non-Oppressive Edition!

I have decided to compile this list amid unending conversations about the varied ways to purify or exorcise a space. My strongest message over and over, which needs support, is to NOT STEAL TRADITIONS OF OPPRESSED PEOPLE; traditions that as a generalization need protecting from oppressors, colonizers, and willy-nilly internet appropriators.

Most adamantly I will ask that no one burn sage, cedar, tobacco, or sweetgrass as these are traditions stolen from many indigenous American tribes.

While some tribes and individuals are neutral about whether or not settlers use or abuse these traditions, many still practice these rituals and are vehemently opposed to their mistreatment. It doesn’t matter if you have some “native American blood” or your great, great Grandpa says he was half Cherokee. Unless you are taught how to honor, cultivate, and engage with the spirits of these plants you have no business using them. I promise you that your people have their very own ways to do all these things. Perhaps this post will help you to find them.

The tools written about below are to the best of my knowledge traditional to groups of people within Europe that have either been colonizers (such as England or the ancient Roman Empire) and intentionally spread their culture, or are not socially oppressed by the majority of English-speaking white liberal internet users, which compose the larger part of witches and magicians that might encounter this post. So perhaps you will find a spark of ethnic, cultural, or magical connection in the practices below and can stop buying ‘smudge sticks’ from Urban Outfitters. Also there’s been much contention about the use of the English word “smudge” in relation to cleansing rituals, but there is little or no documentation about its origins or early use. I therefor won’t vouch for or against its use in this post. However, it always seems to carry the connotation of burning sage whenever it is spoken, so perhaps one could more intentionally utilize “fumigate” in reference to burning magical substances in ritual.

Never should one underestimate the power of physically cleaning a space.
Dust it, sweep it, wipe it, shine it – the first step in many ceremonies should be a thorough tidying of the physical space itself. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a good broom. While you should definitely scrub your surfaces, I will not advise using the newly popular magical floor scrubs and floor washes. I have only found references to ritual floor washing in hoodoo, which being a practice predominantly belonging to black communities in America I will not recommend to anybody who is not indoctrinated into those practices. Wanna learn hoodoo? Find a two-headed doctor.

Salt is still very popular, and its use has been widespread for centuries. It can purify people, places, and things by sprinkling, rubbing, or throwing it. It also has some more forceful banishing power, and I knew an old woman in Italy whose friend used to subtly throw salt after people she didn’t like to push them far away or prevent their return. She always carried a little pouch of salt on her for this purpose. You can line your sills, fire pits, and thresholds with bands of salt to protect your home after purifying it.

Sprinkling salt water in the corners, entranceways, walls, and ceilings of a place will clean it of malicious spirits or spells, particularly if charms, prayers, or blessings are uttered throughout the procession. You can use sacred objects and/or sprigs of sacred plants to fling the water where it should go. The above two methods are relatively pan-European.

If you have any alignment with the Catholic faith holy water can work the same magic as salt water. If not, your tradition may have its own way for blessing water or gathering water that holds some power for this purpose.

The smoke of frankincense resin is holy enough to exorcise evil spirits and malicious powers. You can carry it around in a censor to fumigate the various nooks of a place. If you leave it stationary, a trick for getting a purer scent is to suspend aluminum foil above a candle flame (you can punch holes with a pen or pin if your flame starts to suffocate) and place the frankincense on the foil so that the resin doesn’t char but lightly simmers. Holy water and frankincense are broadly Abrahamic traditions.  

Boughs from the juniper tree have been burned in Ireland and Britain for a long time to cast protection and chase out malign spirits. It was commonly believed during the early modern period that if a changeling fairy took the place of a human who was stolen away into Elfland, often impersonating them in a sickbed, then a powerful fumigation of juniper would force the spirit back to the Otherworld and entice the good-folk to bring back the stolen mortal.

Rosemary may be burned to purify a place, and hung or planted to protect it. It is also a wonderful aid in studying, memory, and concentration.

Thyme is associated with courage, became linked with fairy lore, love, protected from nightmares, aided the passage to the underworld, and was said to drive out serpents, venom, and worms. Though at some times considered an extremely lucky plant, by the 19th century in Britain it was considered dangerously unlucky to bring wild thyme into the home. This may have been due to the dangers of the good-people, who were said to dance upon it. Gifting it, placing it, and strewing it all have their own power, however burning bundles of it will purify a space, drive out serpents, and bring courage to all those present. This lore comes mostly from Greece and Britain.

Banging bronze pots and pans around the house was said to drive away evil spirits in Rome, and was specially noted within Ovid’s writings on the festival of Lemuralia, when the heads of houses would appease the more dangerous spirits of death with black beans in a barefoot procession around the home. The rough noise of the kitchenware probably paired with the nature of their metal to drive away harmful beings.

Despite the casual marketing of common cleansing rituals, and the ease that capitalist witchcraft encourages in magical undertakings, I beg you not to forget that rituals like cleansing are work. You should always be thorough. Pick up your rugs, move your furniture, don’t forget the closet, under the bed, in the pantries, under the porch. If you aren’t a teensy bit out of breath toward the last room, your cardio must be on point. And make sure you toss out your trash. After you have finished cleaning, always remember to protect the newly cleansed space – most spirits move easily through clean places, so please be careful to choose who you’re inviting with strong wards and thorough gates.

Just please never, ever, by any means burn sage, cedar, sweetgrass, or tobacco as these are stolen traditions and knowledge of those beings must be taught. Keep learning where your traditions come from so that you are respecting their history, bearers, and community of spirits.

Things I learned from AP Euro this year:
  • people don’t like people who are different (Wars of Religion, Reconquista, Inquisition)
  • women can do everything men can do - and better (Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, women in the workforce during WWI and WWII, women in the Soviet Union)
  • you can be successful and people still won’t like you (Otto von Bismarck, Wilhelm II, and the “dropping of the pilot”)
  • when you forgive someone, forgive them completely (Treaty of Versailles, The War Guilt Clause, German-French conflict)
  • stand your ground (appeasement, Munich conference, Hitler’s eventual empire)
  • teamwork is safer (North Atlantic Pact, Treaty of Rome, Common Market, Maastricht Treaty, European Union)
  • …but you should never completely trust the other person (Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact)
  • good ideals become twisted over time (Karl Marx, Marxian communism, Lenin, Stalin, socialism)
  • when things go wrong, you can always start over (French Revolution, National Assembly, Legislative Assembly, National Convention, Directory, Consulate, Empire, 2nd French Republic, 3rd French Republic, 4th French Republic, 5th French Republic)

So regardless of what score I get on the exam today, I want to acknowledge that, on the whole, I think I really loved this class.


The Grisha Trilogy Meme - [1/7] Locations

Os Alta

“Two days later, just after dawn, we passed through a massive gate and through the famous double walls of Os Alta. […] I felt a twinge of disappointment as we passed shuttered shops, a wide marketplace where a few vendors were already setting up their stalls, and crowded rows of narrow houses. Os Alta was called the dream city. It was the capital of Ravka, home to the Grisha and the King’s Grand Palace. But if anything, it just looked like a bigger, dirtier version of the market town at Keramzin. All that changed when we reached the bridge. It spanned a wide canal where little boats bobbed in the water beneath it. And on the other side, rising from the mist, white and gleaming, lay the other Os Alta. As we crossed the bridge, I saw that it could be raised to turn the canal into a giant moat that would separate the dream city before us from the common mess of the market town that lay behind.When we reached the other side of the canal, it was like we had passed into another world. Everywhere I looked, I saw fountains and plazas, verdant parks, and broad boulevards lined with perfect rows of trees. Here and there, I saw lights on in the lower stories of the grand houses, where kitchen fires were being lit and the day’s work was starting.”

Are You Curious about Spirit Companionship?

Have you been trying to get a reversed adoption from a Spirit Shop to no avail?

Do these shops make you fill out adoption forms, wait and wait to buy their services, and then you still get rejected by them?

I’m here to tell you that Spirit Keepers who make you jump through hoops to buy from them are creating a false sense of SCARCITY. They do this to make themselves and their Spirits seem exclusive and superior to other shops.

They create scarcity so that people jump and act impulsively. It’s a sneaky way to sell their products quickly.

They purposely keep you frustrated and tense, keeping you hungry, to get you buying their goods. It’s a common and deviant little marketing scam. They create an “auction” like setting so people scramble. If you enjoy playing auction that’s fine with me. I am straight forward though, if you would like a spirit, I’d like to help you get one without gimmicks.

A reputable Spirit Keeper should be able to easily and quickly, set you up with a spirit companion and/ or mentor that is a beautiful and perfect match for you without a lot of fuss and complications.


1. Spirits who wish to work with and be companions for humans are amazingly plentiful. It’s one thing if you don’t have the vessels, but Spirits?! There are so many and ready and willing to work with you.

2. A genuine Spirit Keeper has plenty of available Spirits ready and waiting to go. We work with spirits that’s our job! If we have trouble Conjuring Spirits then perhaps we aren’t very good at what we do?

For example:
If I were a fisherman, I should be able to haul in a boat load of fish, correct? If I couldn’t, then I really wouldn’t be able to call myself a fisherman. Sure, sometimes the fish aren’t biting, but most days the sea is plentiful and I as a fisherman know where the fish are and how to reel them in.

3. Spirits live in the spiritual realm. They are not encumbered by a body! They travel quickly. If you wish to have a Spirit, all I am is the middle man, I ask the Spirit to go check out your energy. Within a few minutes the Spirit contacts me and tells me if the energy is a match and if that Spirit can help you.

4. If you desire a Spirit and the Spirit doesn’t believe that you would be a good match with them, they immediacy direct me to another Spirit that is your correct match.

Remember, Spirits are magickal beings!

They exist on a higher spiritual plane than human beings and are of higher intelligence than humans.

Genuine Spirit Keepers don’t have bureaucratic red tape to cut through or cumbersome match making requirements in order to connect you with a Spirit. Spirit Keeping is not a dating service or pet adoption. Spirit Keepers simply make the initial connection,,,,the Spirits match the energies. In my experience, the Spirits themselves always make the perfect match.

If you would like a conjured Spirit, I would be happy to assist you.

Contact me at

I work quickly and efficiently. You will have a spirit by the next business day and your Spirit vessel in the mail as well.

My conjures cost $20. Most of my vessels are $10-$40 dollars. If you would prefer not to purchase a vessel, I can do distant conjures to the vessel of your choosing or to a space.

Each of my Spirit companions comes with a video on how to welcome into your life and home…and how to bond with your Spirit.

I give you details about their offerings, their specifics likes and what they desire in return. Also how they may communicate or manifest themselves. I will fully support and guide you if you have trouble connecting with the Spirit, I will even refund your money if the Spirit is not to your liking.

My name is Nicneven (aka the witch of Sea Cliff). I am a practicing witch and have been successfully spirit keeping for 10 years.

Check out my YouTube Channel for more spirit keeping, free crystal ball and tarot card readings!

Wednesday, April 12, 1967

  • President Johnson and other chiefs of state at a Latin-American summit conference are expected to approve today, at Punta del Este, Uruguay, a draft document outlining basic agreement on ways to create a functioning Latin-American common market not later than 1985.
  • Delegates to the world Planned Parenthood assembly in Santiago, Chile, said that at least 1.5-million Latin-American women were using contraceptive pills, which have become the largest selling pharmaceutical item in their region. This birth-control revolution, they added, has developed in the last two years, mostly among upper-class and middle-class women.
  • In the annual budget speech by Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, James Callaghan, the Labor Government made known its plans to keep the brakes on the British economy for the next year. The speech promised no significant relief from the tax increases and economic restraints imposed in the crisis last July. According to Mr. Callaghan, “The freeze and the squeeze have been worth it.”
  • North American Aviation officials admitted under Congressional questioning that they had overlooked the possibility of fire in the Apollo spacecraft and conceded their neglect to have been “one of the greatest errors we ever made.” The major spacecraft contractor, in a second day of hearings in Washington, described several design modifications it said were already in the works.
  • The rise in total jobs in the nation has slowed, but so has the number of persons seeking work, the Labor Department said. Unemployment held steady in March, at a low level of 3.6 per cent, despite indications of a slowdown in the economy. 
  • Adam Clayton Powell was re-elected to the House of Representatives by an overwhelming majority in Harlem’s 18th Congressional District. He was returned to the seat he had held for 22 years until excluded by vote of the House last month. The Negro Democrat defeated with ease a grandmother nominated by the Republicans and a Baptist clergyman, chosen by the Conservative party.