common kingfisher

Literally translated animal names in german
  • Stinktier: literally means stink animal, translates to skunk
  • Faultier: literally means lazy animal, translates to sloth
  • Gürteltier: literally means belt animal, translates to armadillo
  • Schuppentier: literally means scale animal, translates to pangolin
  • Fingertier: literally means finger animal, translates to aye-aye
  • Trampeltier: literally means bumpkin animal, translates to bactrian camel
  • Maultier: literally means mouth animal, translates to mule
  • Schnabeltier: literally means beak animal, translates to platypus
  • Waschbär: literally means wash bear, translates to racoon
  • Nasenbär: literally means nose bear, translates to coatie
  • Wickelbär: literally means wrap bear, translates to kinkajou
  • Stachelschwein: literally means spike pig, translates to porcupine
    Meerschweinchen: literally means sea or ocean piglet, translates to guinea pig
  • Flusspferd: literally means river horse, translates to hippo
  • Nashorn: literally means nose horn, translates to rhino
  • Steinbock: literally means stone ram, translates to ibex
  • Fledermaus: literally means flighty mouse, translates to bat
  • Erdmännchen: literally means earth male, translates to meerkat
  • Papageientaucher: literally means parrot diver, translates to puffin
  • Eisvogel: literally means ice bird, translates to common kingfisher
  • Schildkröte: literally means shield toad, translates to turtle and tortoise
  • Brückenechse: literally means bridge lizard, translates to tuatara
  • Quastenflosser: literally means tassel fin, translates to coelacanth
  • Stör: literally means disturb, translates to sturgeon
  • Gottesanbeterin: literally means god worshiper, translates to praying mantis
  • Maikäfer: literally mean may bug, translates to cockchafer
  • Nacktschnecke: literally means nude snail, translates to slug
  • Vogelspinne: literally means bird spider, translates to tarantula

Kingfishers are impressive little birds, and there’s so many of them. I picked five to draw. Yep, Laughing Kookaburras are in this family! I think Crested ones are my new favorites, they’re so beautiful! I love the way their crests part in the middle and their black, white, and grey feather patterns. I also saw a Belted Kingfisher near my house, it was amazing. I had no idea they were around here.

The Voltron Cast As Birds

I was bored this afternoon and decided to pick out birds for everyone on the castleship.  Just because.  

(All images are from Google image search, none are mine)

Lance is a Common Kingfisher.  Look at those blue feathers!  They’re comfortable in the water, and dive for their dinner (fish) with skill and precision. 

Keith is a Cardinal!  Bright red, a bit of a loner, tons of personality, and a great hairdo to top it all off.  

Hunk is a Burrowing Owl.  A bird that is happy both underground and in the sky, sweet and a bit goofy but also a badass.   

Pidge is a Copper-Rumped Hummingbird!  Tiny but fierce, agile, and scrappy in defense of their turf (still very cute though).  

Shiro is a Violet-Backed Starling - hardy, adaptable, and happiest as part of a flock.  

Allura is an Arctic Tern!  An elegant, strong flier who is agile in the air and known for migrating long distances.  

Coran is a Secretary Bird!  He might look a bit goofy, but don’t underestimate him!  He’s a bird of prey and is great at kicking out with those long legs of his.