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Grant, I don’t know how to break this to you but…is it possible that the women you know just don’t smile when *you’re* around?

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Current Job?

Barista/Cashier/Janitor/I make sandwiches too

What are you talented at?

Ruining things and cleaning

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? 

Not getting any worse

What’s your aesthetic?

Flowers, marble statues, forests, space

Do you collect anything?

Dust and bad feelings

A topic you always talk about?

Politics, memes, things I’m sorry for

Pet peeve?


Good advice?

Be prepared to do everything yourself because you can’t depend on other people for shit.

Recommend 3 songs:

Atlas - If Design Dictates Function, What Am I?

j^p^n - Dune

Common Holly - The Rose

Anyone who wants to do this can

Headcanon where Artemis has a part of his closet where he keeps all his inappropriate attire because he’s never gonna wear it but can’t throw it away too

There are the “randomisity” shirt, the jeans pants, a common gift from Holly and Mulch, a shirt that reads “I hate lollipops” and one from Foaly reading “my fairy gold brings all the trolls to the yard”

Dear (some) Undertale fans,

You’d know what would be fabulous?

I’m pretty damn sure Mr.Fox didn’t make the game the way he did so that everyone knew what to do all the time. So to all those people who are trying to tell Youtubers how to play it the ‘right way’ or 'that’s not what the characters sounds like’, kindly leave them alone. You’re literally killing the fun and experience the game puts forth by doing so.

Undertale is a game that has to be experienced. It’s basically like life; you go through it you make mistakes and you regret some of them but it’s not your mistakes that matter but the journey your choices take you on. Which is what I believe Mr. Fox was trying to put forth(forgive me if I’m wrong).

So please grow up and stop trying to police how people do shit. You’re helping no one and are ruining the experience that is Undertale.

A concerned/frustrated Undertale fan

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                “He’s a real grade-A Irish prick. He wonders why I hate him so much, and it’s OBVIOUS… maybe the fact that he’s constantly inebriated clouds his common sense.”

    Holly says, arms folded neatly across her chest. She let’s out an exasperated sigh… her eyes rolled so hard they might pop right out of her head. She never liked him. His constant drugs and alcohol and all the infidelity… she didn’t want anything to do with him or any of the rest of these people, yet here she was. She was kind of hopeful when he moved back home, back to Ireland. Thought she might never have to see him again. Boy was she wrong. The girl ended up on the other side of the U.S. with him.

                “I’m surprised anyone can even understand him and his accent. What, he stick you on baby-sitting duty ?? I swear it’s like my age doesn’t even exist to him. I’m forever eight to that man.”

    There’s a moment of silence that comes from her, a moment to give herself think. Holly can feel the gurgle of her stomach, and it’s not pleasant.

                “Vic, I’m hungry. You wanna take me some place to eat ??