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Expedition to Sol2487-3

Here is my first “earth is space australia and humans are space orcs” post. Have read those and got stucked on the “poisonous oxygen breather”. If other races would breath less deadly (and less energetic) gases for their cell functioning, their bodys were bound to have quite inefficient growth compared to us. So basically, oxygen breather are just fricking huge to aliens. Oh, and I think human’s and bird’s eyes are quite the thing, our eyesight goes beyond most sentinent race’s imagination, but that’s a later term. It’s planned to have several episodes, hope you enjoy it. Please don’t mind my english and leave a comment.

That puny little Planet in System Sol2487, the only one with liquid water there, was indeed a scary one. Our ship was sent to investigate, take some specimens, and leave. No extraordinary thrilling task. The atmosphere was breathable, enough C02 to keep our bodies running, and nothing eminently deadly in there. The oxygen content was somewhat high though. And the sun’s radiation, too. This planet was so tiny in comparison to our homeworld, but much nearer to this system’s sun. Better not risking anything and taking the full protective gear with respiratory support. And those interferences with our ship’s navigation system bothered me. Some mysterious electromagnetic radiation, maybe signs of a sentinent race’s culture? But here? Oddly enough there was life on this overcooked lump of spacerock, but sentinent one? I doubted it. Must have been the planets magnetic field.

The gravitation was stronger than expected of that little planet. Not that far off to my own homeplanet. That was at least twenty times larger, though. How was this possible? We landed on a flat, grey and solid hard surface. At the horizon we saw near endless forests, except for two opposing directions, where this weird grey soil reached til the line of our sights and probably far beyond.
“Is this an empty river’s bed?” I remember asking my first mate, Xato Nexgrra. He was Pakoralean, a race of rather slender built, but quite of the bright site of the universe, capable of some serious multitasking with his fifteen flexible limbs.
“Negative, Captain” he had replied. “It’s stone, once liquid and now hardened again.”
“A vulcano?”
“No, Sir, I examined it with my tactile knots and it feels sort of, I don’t know, artificial to me. A Street. Of hardened tar.”
“Ok, a sentinent race on this planet. Well, that’s unexpected. But who in Xaleates’ damn universe would build a street in the middle of nowhere, wide enough to fit two of our expedition space crafts next to each other, on this puny planet?” It wasn’t like me to use our races deity’s name that informal, but for all that I knew, this was weird. Not even the Morians, the biggest of the known sentinent races, would be in need of streets that wide.
“Captain!” It was Loxxar Kraes, my head of security, an Ukraera, quite smart for his race, but his biggest trade was his speed and agility. Must be down to the fact that they use five of their seven limbs for running.  “We secured the landing zone to the edge of that forest, but… uhm, that ain’t no trees. It’s grass.”
“Grass? You mean, like a meadow?”

We gathered in front of the “grass”. Nothing uncommon about grass. In one form or another, it was fairly common on all habitable ecospheres in all universe. But this one was fricking huge.
“That is no meadow” proclaimed Dr. Proaxl, she was a female Qzaor and with her bodyless, misty physique and her unique mental skills she was fit to be in command for both our medical and scientific squads. “That is a field. It is indeed a subtype of grass, but I believe it’s a cultivated form, meant for feeding of thousands of individuals of an organized culture. Or dozens. It depends.”
“Depends on what?”
“On the size of that sentinent race’s individuals” she closed.
“How big can they be? I mean, this is a teeny weeny planet.”
“You are aware there are known microbiotic life forms in explored universe, that not like ourselfes breath carbon dioxide, but pure oxygen? Imagine there would be higher lifeforms, even sentinent ones, breathing oxygen.”
“That’s nature’s legitimate killer, the cause of every known destruction over time. How could a sentinent race breath that? And how’s that related to one’s size?”
“In contrary to our CO2 burning cells, those primitive oxygen breather are capable of extracting food’s inherent chemical energy up to four times as efficient. And in experiments it was clear, that the higher the atmosphere’s content of oxygen, the faster the growth of that cells. I do believe, if there is a higher life foarm based on this kind of cells, it’s size would be physically limited by the surrounding oxygen. And just think of the plants your race has cultivated for food, that grows in fields. How big is that compared to your own size?”
It felt like a glass of liquid oxygen was poured into all of my six breathing holes. This planet couldn’t be for real.

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Oh the pearl past forms are awesome! Any chance you could post the other gems/ a link to their past reforms? Thanks!!!!

Sure! Do you mean the past reforms they cycle through when regenerating, because the only Gem besides Pearl to do that is Amethyst

How to Practice Effectively

Mastering any physical skill, be it performing a pirouette, playing an instrument, or throwing a baseball, takes practice. Practice is the repetition of an action with the goal of improvement, and it helps us perform with more ease, speed, and confidence. 

There are many theories that attempt to quantify the number of hours, days, and even years of practice that it takes to master a skill. While we don’t yet have a magic number, we do know that mastery isn’t simply about the amount of hours of practice. It’s also the quality and effectiveness of that practice. Effective practice is consistent, intensely focused, and targets content or weaknesses that lie at the edge of one’s current abilities. So if effective practice is the key, how can we get the most out of our practice time? 

Below are 4 tips for practicing better for just about anything!

1. Focus on the task at hand. Minimize potential distractions by turning off the computer or TV and putting your cell phone on airplane mode. In one study, researchers observed 260 students studying. On average, those students were able to stay on task for only six minutes at a time. Laptops, smartphones, and particularly Facebook were the root of most distractions. 

2. Start out slowly or in slow-motion. Coordination is built with repetitions, whether correct or incorrect. If you gradually increase the speed of the quality repetitons, you have a better chance of doing them correctly. 

3. Next, frequent repetitions with allotted breaks are common practice habits of elite performers. Studies have shown that many top athletes, musicians, and dancers spend 50-60 hours per week on activities related to their craft. Many divide their time used for effective practice into multiple daily practice sessions of limited duration. 

4. Finally, practice in your brain in vivid detail. It’s a bit surprising, but a number of studies suggest that once a physical motion has been established, it can be reinforced just by imagining it. In one study, 144 basketball players were divided into two groups. Group A physically practiced one-handed free throws while Group B only mentally practiced them. When they were tested at the end of the two week experiment, the intermediate and experienced players in both groups had improved by nearly the same amount. 

As scientists get closer to unraveling the secrets of our brains, our understanding of effective practice will only improve. In the meantime, effective practice is the best way we have of pushing our individual limits, achieving new heights, and maximizing our potential.

From the TED-Ed Lesson How to practice effectively…for just about anything - Annie Bosler and Don Greene

Animation by Martina Meštrović

A Weirdling Bestiary: Part 1- Beasts of City and Suburbia

Some notes to start off with-

This is all a part of my personal UPG and world-view, which is a culmination of my individual experiences, upbringing, influences, and research. Although much of this personal mythology is based off of the biology and behaviors of the creatures in question, you may have different associations and feelings about these animals, and that’s totally ok. 

There are some animals commonly found in cities and suburban areas which have been left out of this section (like foxes, bats, deer, rabbits, snakes, toads, and all insects) because I’ll be covering them later in other chapters.   



Blue Jay- Blue jays are fierce, clever and have complex social lives. They have deep ties with oak trees, which are regarded in several cultures as the Tree of Life, the king of trees, and sacred to many gods of thunder, lightning, and sky. They are excellent communicators, both vocally and physically, and can imitate the calls of other birds. Even though they’re quite common, much of their habits remain a mystery to those who study them. The beautiful blue color for which they are known is not a true pigment, but in fact an optical effect of light scattering within the cell structure of their feathers. They are birds of magic, illusion, mystery, and complex familial ties, and are emblematic of the element air and the realm of the sky. a well as bright, lively daytime energy. For offerings, give them acorns.

Canada Goose- Geese are the mortal enemies of business people and all Suits. They travel in formation and are loyal to their mates and comrades. As such, they are good animal guides for anyone who identifies strongly as part of a group or community and those who function as a team. Goose magic is great for sticking it to The Man. As they migrate in spring and fall, they also represent transitions and cycles. Admire them from afar and stay the fuck away from their babies if you don’t want to die a very painful death.

Crow- If you are outside, it is unlikely you are out of site of a crow. Fittingly, insight and observation are among their primary associations. Crows are smart, mischievous, and extremely common. Because they’re ubiquitous pretty much everywhere, they’re a reminder of the constant presence of magic in the world. 

Although each crow is very much an individual, they live in family groups and cooperate with and look out for those within their groups. At the same time, they regularly engage in bitter rivalries and battles with crows from other families. In spite of that, multiple families will come together and roost at night outside of the breeding season to socialize, network, and learn. Theirs is an entire society that exists alongside our own- both Other and familiar.

Do not take the presence of crows for granted. They are the little bits of the Other-realm that fly about by day. They are wonderful sources of magic, wisdom, and humor, and should be treated with respect. They’ll remember if you wrong them. They’ll remember those who were good to them. They are always watching. Crows are favored familiars among practitioners of the occult and any who seek to understand and manipulate reality at a higher level, as well as any interested in death magic or hedge witchery. 

Duck- Although their primary elemental association is water, ducks unite the elemental realms of water, earth, and air due to their ability to move through each. Ducks represent family (particularly parent/child relationships), adaptability, cheerfulness, emotional connections with others and at times- obliviousness. If you are having difficulty adapting to change and embracing new circumstances, or if you’re having trouble with family, ducks are helpful guides. They spend much of their time floating along on streams, totally comfortable half-submerged in that state of continuous change and renewal. They can help you learn to go with the flow.

If you wish to give offerings to ducks, choose cut up grapes, corn, peas, seeds, and oats- bread is bad for them and their environment and therefor bad for you and your workings.

House Sparrow- Although wild animals, these are birds whose natural habitat is outside of, on, and around man-made environments. They are ever-present wherever there are people, and tend to be quite tame. Their energy is significant because it’s so closely tied to our own, these birds having spread with us and our civilization as we’ve advanced across the world. If you wish to gain a connection to nature by feeding a wild bird from your hands, this species is a good place to start. Due to their intrinsic and obvious ties to the home, they can be regarded as home-guardians and fitting familiars to hearth and cottage witches. House sparrows are social, enjoy singing to one another, and will flock with other types of birds, and so embody a spirit of friendship, acceptance and joy.

Hummingbird- Hummingbirds are largely solitary and territorial little creatures. They’re highly intelligent and have exceptional memories, and the largest brain-to-body ratio of any bird. They are insanely fast and are able to hover in place and  maneuver almost instantaneously in any direction. They groom themselves meticulously, build exquisite, tiny nests of lichen and moss, and feed mostly on sugary nectar. They come in a dizzying array of beautiful and jewel-like colors and will  fearlessly defend what’s theirs. Their energy is fiery, valiant, joyous, vibrant, individualistic, and creative. As an autistic witch, I relate strongly to hummingbirds. They make great animal guides for creative people, introverts, bold individualists, a range of people on the spectrum of neurodiversity, and anyone who wants to bring some flash and vibrancy to their lives. 

Mourning Dove- Mourning doves are fairy birds. With their muted pastel and iridescent feathers, melancholy calls, and lifelong partnerships, they embody magic, romance and devotion. They have strong ties with Aphrodite and love goddess archetypes in general, and their feathers are excellent for use in love and beauty spells. You may be blessed in love if a pair nests close to your home. If you wish to bring their energies into your life, offer them seeds, soft words, and safe places to build their nests.  

Pigeon- Pigeons are place guardians, observers, and navigators. Pigeons Know The Way. Seek out locations where pigeons gather (those which are not obvious sources of food), for you can be assured there’s magic to those places. The gratitude of pigeons is a wellspring of magical power to be drawn from, so be both respectful and wary of Pigeon People. Pigeon magic is of finding things, of home, love, and attuning with the spirits of places. If you wish to bond with the spirit of your city or town, carry pigeon offerings like seeds or other morsels, and be especially kind to any one-footed pigeons, should you spot them.

Seagull- Gulls are bold, opportunistic, and equally comfortable in sky, sea, or urban sprawl.They’ll snatch food from the mouths of larger animals, grab it from the hands of humans, and are even known to steal milk from lactating seals. In spite of many unflattering nicknames, they’re graceful and adaptive creatures. They are most iconic when pictured in the liminal space of the horizon- between sea and sky. From gulls, one can learn to make the most of what they have and to take nothing for granted. They can teach us to soar above all limitations and to fly along the currents of life’s events and emotions with ease, transcending all worldly concerns. They make good animal guides for beach bums, dreamy sea witches, and cerebral literary folk.  

Starling- Starlings are gregarious, social, communicative, and can imitate human speech and a variety of other sounds. They live in huge flocks and defend their nests fiercely. They represent the power of social ties and group identities and the safety in numbers. Interestingly, starlings wouldn’t even exist in North America if it weren’t for a group of Shakespeare enthusiasts who released a flock of a hundred in New York, with the desire for America to have every species of bird ever mentioned by their beloved playwright. In a way, they can be seen as representations of the power of dreams and fantasy to reshape the real world. Their feathers have a multicolored sheen and their eggs are a vivid, beautiful blue. Starlings are fitting animal guides for outgoing, sociable, extroverted, and theatrical types.  

Tufted titmouse- These cute, inquisitive little mohawked birds are known to remain in their territory in pairs and small family groups throughout the year, hoard food to prepare for the harsher seasons, and to curiously look in on human habitations through windows. They make comfortable homes for themselves in tree holes, and often line their soft nests with the hair and fur of other animals. They’re another excellent bird familiar for those focused on the keeping of their hearth. Their energy can assist in making one’s house truly feel like a home, and in making sure you never lose interest in what’s going on in the world around you. 


Coyote- Coyotes are monogamous and tend to mate for life. Originally from plains and deserts, they’ve since spread and are now thriving in many urban areas across North and Central America. They’re omnivorous and opportunistic feeders that eat everything from carrion to bugs to berries. Coyote has figured prominently in the mythologies of many cultures across North America, in a vast array of roles. From savior of humanity, to teacher and trickster, to coward, to inventor of death, it’s hard to find an archetypal role which coyote has not, at some point, embodied. As such, their element seems to be chaos- both harmonious and discordant. The prevailing essence of coyote within the collective unconscious is that of humor, intelligence, carnality, and expression. They have a broad array of vocalizations, many of which sound eery, otherworldly, and almost fae-like. They are ideal animal guides for waste witches, desert druids, and punks. 

Opossum-  Possums are the ultimate survivors. They’re omnivorous, so they can live off a broad range of foods. They have opposable thumbs and prehensile tails, and are equally at home in trees, on the ground, in burrows, and in man-made and man-altered environments. They are highly resistant to a variety of poisons and toxins as well as rabies, and manage to rid themselves of most ticks and parasites. When threatened, they play dead and exude disgusting scents, repelling threats with minimal effort. Females have bifurcated vaginas, and males have dual-pronged penises, making them interesting symbols of duality and taking different paths in life. 

As they are nocturnal and often nomadic, they make good animal guides for people who travel off the beaten path in life. Mystics, drifters, and anyone living off the grid or involved in nightlife would do well to consider possum their kin. Honor opossums by spreading knowledge of how wonderful they are, as they are often the targets of human cruelty.

Raccoon- Raccoons are portal masters, the roamers in the night whose clever hands can open gateways, pick locks and catch that which lurks out of sight. They are highly tactile, mostly nocturnal, and very smart. With their masked faces, dexterous paws, tenacity, and nocturnal tendencies, they are the ideal animal guides for thieves, foragers, craftspeople, and anyone who makes use of obscurity. Their hook-shaped penis bones make powerful magical charms, especially useful for protection, potency, and invisibility. Raccoons also have ties to liminal and magical spaces. It’s easy to imagine them disappearing into a trash can on one side of town, only to emerge from a dumpster on the other side. Follow raccoons at your own risk, you might find yourself lost somewhere just sideways of here. 

Rat- Rats are fantastic animal guides and companions for the misunderstood and the underestimated. Although they can and do act as vectors of disease in some environments, they are still themselves smart, adaptable, social, and caring creatures who watch out for their own, sometimes even at their own expense. They are wizards when it comes to getting into and out of tight and difficult situations, and in the lab and home are known for their ability to navigate mazes and learn tricks. Domesticated rats are often very clean and sweet animals that “laugh” when tickled. Wild rats are enterprising survivors. Rat energy is powerful when it comes to overcoming adversity, hatred, and poverty and making the most of limited resources. They love to nest and hoard, so they’re another good familiar for the homey witch, as well as the grungy witch and the standard witchy witch. Really, you can’t go wrong with rats- just never have only one. 

In spite of being wonderful creatures, the negative perception of rats and the darker side of their nature makes them conceptually very useful in dark magic. One could, for instance, imagine a rat carrying one’s curse to a target like it would a parasite or disease, or use the image of a rat as a servitor in hexwork. 

Skunk- Skunks are masters of alchemy and pacifist defense. They do not have to fear, nor must they take violent action to protect themselves. Look to skunks for unconventional solutions, self-assurance, calm in the face of adversity, or as animal guides if you’re a chemist or alchemist. Skunk magic is also great for use in spells meant to repel others or keep them at bay.

Squirrel- Squirrels are creatures of balance and resourcefulness. Not only do they balance themselves expertly as they run along branches and leap from tree to tree, but they balance their time between play and planning, activity and rest. Even though much of that activity is spent burying nuts they’ll never find, those same nuts will grow into trees which will one day house and feed the squirrel’s numerous decedents. Ultimately, none of their time is wasted. Squirrels are the animal guides of people who both work and play hard, and squirrel energy is useful to anyone who’s trying to adjust their work/life balance or just learn to have more fun and enjoy themselves.

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Hello! Could you please give some ideas of habits or hobbies so I can make my characters seem more 'real'? So far I have one that is obsessed with cleaning, one that apologizes too much and one that likes to 'play' with the zombies like they're normal people. I need more 7 of those because there are a lot of characters. Thanks in advance!

No problem. Here is a list a list of common habits and hobbies: 

Warning for the extremely long post! 


- Biting(Lips, nails, gums, etc) 

-Tapping nails/fingers on things



-Twisting/flipping/adjusting hair 

-Clicking their tongue

-Licking or smacking their lips

-Chewing Gum

- Rolling their eyes

-Getting easily distracted

-Talking too loud or too quiet

-Talking too fast or too slow 

-Scratching themselves


-Always waking up/ going to bed at the same times 

- Over Drinking

-Over eating

-Under drinking/ Forgetting to stay hydrated

-Under eating/ forgetting to eat

-Over spending or refusing to spend money 

-Over using media/ technology 

-Cracking Knuckles, neck or back

-Talking to themselves


-Not holding eye contact/ Prolonged eye contact 



-Making/breaking promises


–Constantly repeating yourself 

-Forgetting who you told what

-Slouching or having good posture

-Can’t focus

-Easily getting into fights

-Being rude or overly polite 





-Being late, on time or early always

-Clearing their throat

-Fidgeting with themselves or other things

-Grinding your teeth.

That’s all I can think of at the moment for that but there are literally hundreds more. 


-Sports(Playing or watching: Soccer, football, baseball, dance, Ice-skating,golf, bowling,tennis,volleyball,water-polo, swimming, Gymnastics,etc)

-”Extreme sports” (BMX racing, Street Racing, boat/jetski racing, wake-boarding, water/snow skiing, snowboarding, bungee jumping, sky diving, etc)

-music(Listening, singing, playing an instrument, writing music or lyrics.) 




-makeup (Watching/doing normal, glam or fx makeup) 

-Cinema(Watching, collecting, criticizing, creating, etc) 


-Collecting things(Commonly: Toys, rocks/minerals, boxes, bottles, cars, weapons,stamps, coins, snow-globes, magnets,shot-glasses, etc)

-Video, card or board games(Watching, playing, making) 

-Exercising(Swimming, running, jogging, hiking, weight lifting, climbing, etc) 


-Crafting(Sewing, knitting, crocheting, metal work, making jewelry, wood working, weaving, etc) 

-taking care of animals

-cleaning up the environment 

-Costume Design/Fashion (Making or collecting)

-Theater(Acting, watching, or technical)

-Cars/motorcycles, bikes, other mechanical items(Fixing, collecting, etc) 

- Nail art

-Hair Styling

-Cooking or Baking

-Exploring Nature (Hiking, camping, picnicking, etc) 

-Martial Arts/Self defense classes




That’s all I can think of for that right now, but again, there are so many more out there, this is just a general, common list. 

I hope that helped, and if you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask! 


The Bloody Red Baron’s traumatic brain injury,

 The issue of head trauma and brain injury has been in the spotlight a lot lately, especially when it comes to sports and athletic injury, as well as auto accidents, job accidents, and of course, soldiers returning home from war.  Perhaps one recently recognized case of traumatic brain injury in history is Manfred von Richthofen, also known as the “Red Baron”.  One of the greatest combat fighter pilots of all time, the German ace helped form the foundation of aerial dogfighting.  He wasn’t the most skilled pilot, but he utilized tactics which made him the most dangerous airman of World War I, earning him 80 kills, making him the highest scoring and most decorated pilot of the war. Richthofen’s incredible success was mostly due to his strict adherence to a set rules governing dogfighting called the “Boelcke Dictums”, written by German flying ace Oswald Boelcke.  Today the Boelcke Dictums are holy gospel among fighter pilots, still taught to trainees in air forces around the world.

On July 6th, 1917, Richthofen suffered a gunshot wound to the head, damaging the frontal lobe of his brain.  Amazingly, the wound didn’t kill him, and he was able to land in friendly territory. He had to undergo several operations to remove bone fragments from his damaged brain, and was temporarily blinded and paralyzed. Amazingly, Richthofen made a quick comeback, spending only three months convalescing and healing, attempting to return to active duty in August but finally returning to the air on October 23rd.

Richthofen wasn’t the same after his head injury, and modern medical professionals  have looked over his case and determined that he could have suffered from a serious traumatic brain injury. He become disinhibited and compulsive, often making snap judgments and irrational decisions.  He also had less control over his emotions, becoming moody and depressed.  In his journals, his writing became more simplistic, disorganized, and nonsensical.  In the air, he became more and more reckless, taking more dangerous risks and ignoring the Boelcke Dictums which he had rigidly adhered to before.  It is was quite clear that Richthofen was suffering from head trauma (and perhaps battle fatigue) resulting in decreased cognitive ability. It is a good possibility that the Bloody Red Baron had lost his edge due to his injury.

On April 21st, 1918 Richthofen broke formation with his squadron to chase an Allied plane.  Flying mere hundreds of feet above the ground, Richthofen pursued the fighter deep into enemy territory, totally oblivious of enemy fighters diving on his six and a mass of anti aircraft fire rising from the ground.  Neurologists call this “target fixation”, a habit common among those suffering brain injuries where a person will fixate on a particular object or thing while losing awareness of his or her surroundings.   Richthofen sustained a mortal gunshot wound to the chest, going down and crashing.  He was buried with honors by British forces.  Today, most medical and military experts agree that the Red Baron would have never been allowed to fly again in any modern air force.

Engaged Part II

Character/Person : Marquis de Lafayette

Pairing : Marquis de Lafayette x Reader

Time : Modern

Reader’s Gender : Female

Side Note : If your name is Valerie or Effie you’re free to imagine those two character’s names as something else

Warnings : swearing ( as always ), google translated french, lafayette being really sexual in front of children, mentions of death, miscarriage, terribly written smut, i sLIPPED A WHOLE BUNCH OF ORGASM JOKES NEAR THE END IM SORRY

Possibility Of Having Another Part : tbh idk if i made an engaged pt. 3 then it’d be really short like 1.5k words

Genre : Starts off as fluff, then angst, then sexy fluff, but turns into smut

Request : None

Word Count : 8391

Summary : After you pour your heart out to Lafayette about a very touchy subject, he shows you a different side of him that you thought didn’t existed. Sexual tension ensues after you, too, show a caring side and not long afterwards things get heated.

Part I   Part II

Quickly setting down every fork and spoon and pacing back to the kitchen and into the dining room, you were getting hungrier by the minute. You ached for the moment where you would be able to take a seat, talk to your relatives, and just dine. But that wouldn’t be happening anytime soon as your mother was still cooking her last dish. Making you grow more and more impatient as you watched her stir the bisque slowly.

“Mom, we could’ve been done with the food ages ago! You didn’t have to add this meal,” you groaned. She waved you off with her free hand.

“Nonsense, darling! Your fiance’s French. I think it’d be nice to make a French dish.”

“Magnifique!” You groaned even louder at the familiar voice that rang out. If the floor swallowed you right then and there you wouldn’t have minded.

“Why, thank you, Gilbert. See, Y/N? Even your husband has better manners than you.” Lafayette raised an eyebrow at you, a smug look apparent, and you huffed and turned your head off to the side.

“He’s not my husband.”

Grumbling, you pried your attention off of your mother and Lafayette to the platter of fish in front of you. Picking up two lemon slices, you squeezed it and silently prayed the night would go faster and the first official day of the reunion would start already. You would rather be stuck in your bed doing Thomas’s paperwork and listening to him fuck someone into oblivion, making you unable to sleep and focus than be forced to comply with your mother and cook with her. God, what you would do to be back at home.

Being lost in these thoughts and prayers, you didn’t feel Lafayette curl his arms around your waist and bury his tanned face into your neck. You didn’t realize this until he murmured a few words into the crook of your neck, sending vibrations against you.

“Ce qui serait encore mieux que mes manières serait de vous sentir contre moi” /what would be even better than my manners would be to feel you against me/

You jumped, raising your hands that were covered in lemon juice to push him, but he caught your wrists before you could touch him and pulled you against him, spinning you around while doing so. Your position was cliche, to say the least. Your backside was pulled up against him as his hands were snaked around you from behind, holding you gently yet firmly. You could feel his smile push on your skin.

“Continue to squeeze the lemons, chéri. Just act like I’m not here.” He whispered, sensually.

The feeling sent chills down your spine. He chuckled, feeling you shiver slightly. You didn’t find it as amusing as he did. Instead of laughing, you muttered curse words underneath your breath and hoped something would interrupt the two of you so he could get away from you. Your hope even grew when you heard your mother gasp loudly.

Both you and Lafayette glanced up to see your mother gaping at your position.

“You two look so cute,"  you, too, gaped. But instead of gaping in delight, just as your mother was doing, you gaped at your mother in disbelief. Is she serious? Lafayette took a second to search for your reaction, and he wasn’t displeased. Your wide eyes, furrowed eyebrows, and slightly parted mouth was enough to get the Frenchman to laugh. He pressed you closer to him, adoringly.

"I need a picture of this!”

Scrambling out of the kitchen and into her bedroom, you took the opportunity to turn and slap Lafayette. But somehow perfectly replicating your past situation: before you could lay a hand on his goddamn perfect face Lafayette’s slender fingers were latched onto your wrist, stopping you from hitting him.

 You narrowed your eyes at him and wriggled your hand, trying to pry it out of his hold but he gave you a look of warning. If you didn’t know any better you’d assume he was warning you about your family watching, but there wasn’t any standing around in the kitchen so that thought was out of the picture.

With everything that’s been thrown at you in such a short time you nearly forgot the deal with Lafayette, and the memory itself made you especially miss home. In exchange of him being your fiancé, you were to do everything and anything he wanted you to do. You relaxed but let your eyes continue to glare sharply at him.

He leaned forward and took your pointer finger into his mouth. Then two. Then three. Your face flushed. You could feel his tongue swirl around your finger, dipping low to take in the last of the lemon juice that dripped from your fingers. His eyes twitched slightly from the sour taste radiating off of your fingers, but it didn’t stop him from licking it off. But, God, what effected you most was that he made eye contact all the while he did this.

“I got the camera, pose!" 

As soon as your mother’s shuffling feet was heard from the dim hallway, Lafayette dropped your fingers from his hand and spun you around so you could face the table. Laying his head atop of yours, he smiled at your mother’s camera that she held up to her face. You kept your eyes focused on the platter of food in front of you, staring at the scattered lemons you placed. Every part of you ached once your eyes caught sight of the lemon juice running down the side of the dish. Your mind replayed the scene Lafayette created where he was sensually licking off the lemon juice of your fingers and you could feel your thoughts slowly trickling off to different, more sexual images. Heat spread throughout your body as your face caught up with it, causing a crimson color to fill your cheeks.

Too caught up in your thoughts, you didn’t hear the camera click.

"Y/N, you didn’t even look at the camera!”

Ripped away from the fantasies of Lafayette lapping of different fluids from you, you glanced up to meet your mother’s eyes, looking at you with disappointment. Cheeks still glowing red, you shrugged,

“I slept on my makeup on the way here and I didn’t get to touch it up, so maybe tomorrow?”

You tapped on Lafayette’s hand for some backup but he only grinned down at you, a look you didn’t trust at all, and smiled back up at your mother, 

“Y/N, you look beau.” /beautiful/

Your mother nodded eagerly and clenched her camera tightly to her body, ready to take another picture. You threw your head back into Lafayette’s chest and sighed at your mother’s excitement. You really didn’t want to have a picture of you and Lafayette acting like a couple and being ‘engaged’ forever.

“Exactly! If I don’t take this picture, what will you show your children?”

You parted your lips and wiped your hands on your sleek black work pants.

“Children? Mother, I-"  You furrowed your eyebrows, searching for the right words to say. You couldn’t say you didn’t want children, you did want at least one. You clearly couldn’t say Lafayette wasn’t your real fiance, that’d be a real fiasco. Damn it. What could you say?


“Oh! Why didn’t anyone tell me the bisque was burning!”

Quickly, she handed the camera to Lafayette and returned to mixing the bisque in the silver handled pot.

Lafayette eyed the camera and you leaned back into him to see the picture your mother had taken. Much to your surprise, Lafayette tilted it so you could get a better view. In the picture, Lafayette had his head nestled against yours, a bright smile occupying his mouth with his arms tight around your waist. You could see your face painted red and the common habit you had, caught on camera. Your bottom lip was caught in between your teeth as one of your hands were brought up to your face to brush a strand of hair out of your view. If Lafayette were to be someone else, you’d admit the picture was cute.

“You look lovely at my side, chéri. I’d love to see more pictures of you tucked into me.” /darling/

This was going to be a long couple of days.

“Where’s my sister-in-law and niece, Y/B/N?” You questioned, gathering as much salad as you could onto your fork and taking a bite.

Your mother planned the seating. You were seated next to Lafayette at the edge of the table, to his right. Your mother and father were seated right across from you, and to the side was your brother. Instead of taking the healthier food as you did, he piled his plate with all the pasta and chicken he could fit and practically inhaled his food. You would’ve done the same and most likely would’ve bet money on who could finish their plate first, but you didn’t want to give Lafayette any stories to tell when you both got back to work at home.

“Valerie’s mom is at the hospital and she wanted to bring Effie there just in case something happened to her mom. Y'know, so Effie could say her last words to her grandma. Don’t worry though. She’ll be here tomorrow.”

You nodded and set down your fork, clanking it against your glass of water by accident as you did so. Using one hand to lift your glass and the other to toy with the edge of your napkin, you pulled your cup to your lips and took a sip.

“Y/N, when am I getting grandchildren out of you?”

You nearly choked on your water, rushing to set it down and hurriedly wiping your mouth with a napkin. Lafayette bit back a laugh, holding it ineffectively as a few snorts erupted from him. The same damn snorts you called cute two days ago. Straightening your back and inhaling deeply, you spoke,

“I’m sorry?”

You moved your head to the side, trying to fully comprehend what your mother just said.

“Don’t be coy. Y/B/N is younger than you and he already has a child. When are you getting one?”

“Mother,” you quieted. She continued to press, but you continued to shut her suggestions down. Shutting your eyes and steadying your breathing, you composed yourself.

“Not until we’re married.”

Lafayette didn’t let the strange behavior at the mention of a child go unnoticed. But deciding not to question it in fear of adding up to the awkward tension at the table, he changed the subject.

“I don’t know if you have heard of the news yet, but mon fleur was promoted at work. She’s got a position almost higher than mein.” /my flower/ /mine/

Your eyes snapped open and you threw a look towards his direction, staring at him in shock. Still a bit uncomfortable from the talk of you bearing a child, you slightly gawked. Why and how did Lafayette remember something as silly as your promotion? In return of your gaze, he sent you a smile and reached over to grab your spare hand that wasn’t nursing a glass of water. By instinct, you pulled away but he sent you a warning glance and tutted his head towards your parents, implying that your jerking action wasn’t exactly what an engaged couple would do. 

Putting on your best warming smile, you narrowed your eyes at Lafayette and gripped his hand harshly. He yelped but continued to hold your hand that was smaller in size and smoother compared to his.

After dinner, both yourself and Lafayette excused yourselves from the table and went off to your childhood bedroom, doing your best to ignore the sexual comments Lafayette was spurring. Turning the doorknob to your room and swinging it open, you were surprised to see everything you had before you moved out still in tact and sitting idly in the same spots they were in.

“This is a cute room, yours?” Lafayette scanned the room, rotating his body as he did. You raised an eyebrow and let your mouth quirk upwards, though Lafayette was too busy taking a look around to see your sarcastic smile.

“No, this is my brother’s room.” You lifted an arm and gestured at the baby blue walls that were plastered in posters and pictures of you and friends. Surely something your brother didn’t have on his walls.

“Oh, mon dieu! Is that Laurens?” /my god/

Lafayette rushed forward at a small Polaroid picture of you and John, long before you met Hercules. Your arm was around his shoulders and vice versa. His curly brown hair was messily tied back into his ponytail as yours was down and perfectly shaping your face. Your cheek was pressed against his, smiles painting both of you. The lights you both gave off by your presence was contrasted by the dark scenery and setting you stood in. It was a cute picture. You were fifteen and John was sixteen, but you were both in the same grade. 

Lafayette lowly chuckled at the way your tongue slightly stuck out of your open mouthed smile and the way your eyes were shut tightly, mimicking John’s expression. Your pose made it seem like you were singing aloud.

“You look étourdissant when your hair is down.” /stunning/

You laughed,

“If that’s French for poise, amazing, gorgeous, magnificent, then yes I know. Also, I’ve known you for four years, and you’ve never seen me with my hair down?” You didn’t take your eyes off of the picture as you spoke. Slowly moving on to look at the other pictures that surrounded it. 

“I guess not.”

You were busy admiring an old picture of you getting a piggy back ride on John, who was getting a piggy back ride on Hercules when the sound of a picture being crinkled sliced the silence you were adapting to abruptly. You turned your head quickly, already reaching forward, ready to snatch any pictures from Lafayette just in case he was crumbling one up. But instead of seeing him do so, as you expected, he was merely just lifting a picture up.

It was the same picture of you and John, arms over shoulders, and drunken expressions. It was the same picture of you where Lafayette complimented your appearance when your hair was down. It was the same picture of you that you clearly remembered pinning up over another picture.

“Wait, Laf-”

You grabbed onto his arm, silently pleading for him to stop, but he already lifted the picture of you and had sight of the small picture below the one of you and John. His eyebrows furrowed as his eyes drooped with sorrow, finally understanding what the 'baby’ tension at the dinner table was about. You lifted a hand and rested it on your stomach, taking in the sight and a mellow expression.

“I had a miscarriage,” you started, staring at the Polaroid. You damned yourself for speaking, but it was too late to backpedal. Lafayette was already gazing intently at it, and he probably had a million questions flying through his mind. 

You sighed and studied the Polaroid, again. It’s edges were dirty and bent, but the picture in the middle looked new. You could still make out the small details in your sundress and baby bump underneath. You were pressed against another man’s body. A man Lafayette was unable to recognize, unlike your other pictures that were just filled with John, Hercules, and yourself. Ones that Lafayette was able to name without hesitation.

The stranger’s arms were around your waist, caressing the bump that was tight underneath your yellow dress. You could go on and on, describing the details of the picture, but you let out a cry, immediately snatching Lafayette’s attention.

“Y/N, I’m sorry.” He looked at you worryingly, as if he was going to cry himself. But you didn’t look at him. Unable to catch his gaze, you kept your eyes focused on the picture, continuing to tell the story behind it, not allowing the tears slipping down your cheeks to stop you.


You paused and took a breath, sniffling along the way. With choked words, you carried on,

“we were engaged. A day before our marriage I came to him and told him it wasn’t going to come. They weren’t going to come.”

You let out a jagged breath, muffling your cries by placing a hand over your mouth. Lafayette grabbed you by your shoulders and pulled you close to him, letting you take in the scent of him.

“I was having twins, Lafayette. Twins.”

He stroked your hair gently, encouraging you to keep talking, resting his chin upon it while he did so. 

“After I told him about the miscarriage he went out for a drive. Later that night, I got a call. He drove off of a bridge, straight into the water.” You strained. It was slightly muffled as your face was dug into Lafayette’s chest, but he could hear you clearly, understanding every single word you said.

“I still don’t know if he did it intentionally or if he was just so caught up in his emotions that he just-” you broke out into sobs once more. Lafayette patted your back and shushed you,

“hey, just breathe.”

Still comprehending it, he gently rubbed circles into your neck until you calmed a bit. Even taking it as to lifting you up and laying you down on your back on the satin sheets and covering your body with the blanket. After getting you comfortable, he moved off of his resting knee and got up to get changed but you sat up and gripped onto his wrist. The first two times he gripped your wrist was playful, with a mischievous feeling coating him, but you held a worried, almost fearful one.

You didn’t have to say any words for him to understand. He searched your eyes for any regret you might’ve had, but none.

He nodded and crawled over to your side, lightly resting a hand against your back to test the waters. You leaned into his touch, much to his surprise and joy, and fisted his shirt, pulling his body closer. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“You don’t need to keep apologizing, it’s not your fault.”

Lafayette shook his head, tracing patterns on your arm.

“No. I’m sorry you feel this way. I’m sorry you blame it on yourself,”

“I don’t-”


You sighed in defeat. It was way too late to start arguing, and even if you did, you’d be on the wrong side of the argument. Because you knew Lafayette was correct. You blamed it on yourself. If you hadn’t told your fiance about the miscarriage, you would’ve only lost two important people in your life. But because of your words, you lost the man you were giving your hand to. The man you were going to grow old with. The man you loved with all of your heart.

“Okay,” you glanced up at Lafayette who you expected to scowl at you, but instead softly smiled. You let out a last sigh,

“okay.” It was more of a confirmation to yourself than Lafayette, but he took it anyways and settled for it.

“How is it mon fleur looks even prettier when she wakes up?” /my flower/

You scanned your surroundings warily, before noticing last night definitely wasn’t a dream and was instead something that actually happened. And you were kind of glad it was.

“Y'know, Laf, my family isn’t around. You don’t have to compliment me.”

You sat up and rubbed at your eyes, expecting Lafayette to get up too, but he laid there and stared at you with a smile.

“But I mean every word I say, chéri.” /darling/

“Sure,” you rolled your shoulders and slid your foot off of the mattress and onto the wooden floor. The air conditioner that waved out of the vents sent a chilling breeze over you, causing you to shiver.

“Cold? Want me to warm you up?”

You turned to Lafayette with a raised eyebrow and exhausted smile,

“do you only sleep at night to refuel your pickup lines?”

“Nope. I also sleep so that when I see you, I am awake enough to take in all of your beauty and every detail and every flaw.”

You rolled your eyes and faced forward again, cursing under your breath,

“smooth bastard.”

“That I am, chaton.” /kitten/

“You just can’t stick to one nickname either, can you?”

“Nope.” He quipped, a joyful smile gracing his tan skin. You shook your head in amusement, a soft laugh following after; getting off of the bed.

As you approached your suitcase, which was hauled into the corner of the room, you could hear Lafayette’s humming slowly fading off the farther you strayed from him, and you soon began to wonder. Was his subtle confession true? If it was, were you able to reciprocate it? Or would that be lying to both him and you? Of course you’d admit: the man wasn’t ugly, or even decent looking.  He was definitely a gorgeous man, and he knew it. If you didn’t know him as much as you do, you would’ve fallen for the man. But you did know him the way you did, sadly. He was rude, snarky, a diva, and wanted to be treated better than you. But the way he was acting recently had been caring, selfless, loving, and self sacrificing. It didn’t sound like you were describing the same person, and if you were being completely honest, you were falling for said person. He proved himself to be observant of your life and held onto things that were special to you.
Such as your promotion at work. That meant everything in the world to you. It was almost everything you wanted. And Lafayette remembered that. You don’t just remember your enemy’s favorite color, or food, or anything like that. So you were sure Lafayette saw you as something better than an enemy, or even a friend. God, you hoped so. 

It felt wrong to go from hating someone to liking them romantically in twenty four hours, but you just did. And you loved it.

“Y/N, you look gorgeous!”

Your aunt approached you with her arms open, ready to engulf you in her embrace. You accepted it nonetheless and smiled in the hug,

“Thank you, you too.”

Your aunt’s eyes flickered over to Lafayette, who was introducing himself to your swooning cousins.

“And is this young man with you? He’s gorgeous too.” You bit back a laugh, glaring at her.

“Okay, go meet with the others and I’ll talk to you later. I don’t want you ogling my fiancé anymore.” You let out the laugh you were holding back, pushing her in the opposite direction of Lafayette, despite her very clear protests.


The French accent you suddenly loved to hear rang out in your ears. Ever since you broke down the night before, you and Lafayette had grown into a better relationship. He had the ability to hold your hand and waist without you flinching and pulling away in disgust. Or have an actual conversation with you without you firing insults at him to get him to stop talking to you. Needless to say, both of you were secretly loving the changes.

“Hey, she said it not me." 

He wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to kiss your cheek, but you pressed a palm against his lips. It was an odd, teasing action that both of you seemed to do often for the past two days.

"There are children here, Lafayette.”

 He wiggled his eyebrows and grinned,

“so you’re saying you wouldn’t mind kissing me elsewhere, where there aren’t children?” You rolled your eyes, but took this as an opportunity to find out if he returned your feelings.

“Maybe, I am. But only if you want it as much as I do.”

The same arms that snaked around you, tightened. Your body was flush against his, and it fit together so well, almost like a puzzle piece.

“In that case, chaton, I want it more than you think.”

He leaned forward to kiss you again, but you turned your head off to the side so his lips came in contact with your cheek.

“Maybe later, I’m hungry.”

You shrugged quickly and walked off with a bounce to your step, leaving the Frenchman annoyed and slightly aroused.

You smirked the entirety of your walk towards the barbecue grill, knowing Lafayette was probably going to be in an annoyed mood the entire day. Picking up a couple of ribs and setting them onto your plate, you looked for any sauce that was available for you to pour onto your food. But instead, a thin figure being pulled by a smaller one caught your attention.

“Valerie!" You called, one hand cupping around your mouth.

Valerie turned around, along with Effie, her five year old daughter, and smiled. But that wasn’t the first thing you noticed. The first thing on Valerie that caught your attention wasn’t her extravagant purse, or large sunhat, or even her daughter holding onto her, but the baby bump that was very apparent under her sunset sweater. The sight of it almost made your smile drop, almost.

Masking your sadness with a charming and flashing smile, you lifted an arm and raised it high above your head, waving it. You were aware you were the loudest one among the crowd of relatives and relatives’s significant others and most likely drawing attention but that’s how it usually was when you met up with Valerie. Loud, unnecessary, and eye catching. Before you moved away and became close with Peggy, Valerie was your best friend and always had been.

"Y/N! I heard you’re engaged to the Frenchie over there.” She leaned in close and whispered, as if she was spilling a deep dark secret, and quickly glanced at your ring finger.

“Yeah, I am.”

Valerie wiggled her eyebrows and cupped a hand around the corners of her mouth, prepared to whisper something.

“Have you done the..” She stopped at realization that she was still holding her child’s hand and bit her tongue, carefully choosing her words.


You giggled, fumbling with the plate of ribs in your hold.

“I’m afraid I don’t know.”

Valerie glared at you, clicking her tongue and teeth to think about her next words.

“Has he, uh, scrambled your eggs? Put the key into the ignition? Slipped the thread into the needle? Dipped the paintbrush into-”

You stopped her, laughing.

“I get it, I get it! Mon dieu. Are you trying to ruin sex for me?” /my god/

One of Valerie’s eyebrows flew up,

“firstly, you were never getting laid anyways, so how can I ruin it for you? Secondly, 'mon dieu?’ Y/N, that’s French.  Your fiancé is French, you’re speaking a language that you never cared to learn before.. Does he mumble that much French during sex that you’ve picked up on his language, or-”

For the second time in the past few minutes you stopped her from speaking, not wishing to hear anymore of her rambling. Especially when her child was right next to her. 

“Okay, that’s enough.”

Effie giggled from underneath her mother’s hold, causing both you and Valerie to look down at her. You eyed her curiously,

“And what’s so funny?”

You kneeled down to meet her gaze and smiled at her. She bent backwards, clamping her hand around her mouth to cover her giggles. You glanced up at Valerie to see her just as confused as you were. She shrugged and turned to search the table for food. Turning your attention back to Effie, you grinned,

“Well, if you’re not going to tell me-”

You held up your hand that wasn’t currently holding a plate full of ribs and wiggled your fingers, signifying that you were going to tickle her. 

“No, no!” She cried out, shoving your hand away with hers. She huffed before giggling again,

“You’re going to marry a prince!” Your frown dropped at the mention of marrying Lafayette, who you assumed to be the 'Prince,’ but you quickly grinned again before Effie could spot your change of mood.

“Prince?” You laughed,

“I don’t think I’m going to marry a Prince, Ef. I wish I could, then you could wear all those cute puffy dresses with me!”

She shook her head, her head full of curls bouncing at her action.

“Laffy told me he was a Prince, and he wanted you to be his Princess.” You tilted your head,

“that so? Then I’ll have to have a talk with 'Laffy’ because I’m busy being a Queen to be his Princess.”

Immediately after you spoke, you felt an arm slide around your waist and pull you to their side. In a quick movement, you let your other hand grip onto your plate, keeping it from falling over.

You darted your eyes over to the arm’s owner and came face to face with the 'Prince.’ You narrowed your eyes as he merely grinned,

“Lafayette! My ribs could’ve tipped off of my plate." 

He scoffed,

"I came here to spend time with my girl, and you’re worried about your ribs?”

“The Prince is here!”

You pushed his arm off of you and got up from your kneeling position, unable to hear Effie going on and on about Lafayette being a Prince due to the many thoughts exploding in your head.

“First of all, I’m not your girl. Second, duh. If you weren’t my 'fiance,’ I would’ve brought a basket of bread as my date.” You put air quotes around the word 'fiance,’ forgetting Valerie and Effie were still present.

“What’s with the air quotes- Y/N, you didn’t.”

Your face dropped as you slowly turned your head to meet Valerie’s intense gaze. You could hear Lafayette’s snickering from beside you, and you slapped his arm, still keeping your eyes drawn to Valerie.

“I did?”

“I can’t help you with this one, Y/N. You’re a Queen, and I’m just a mere prince.”

“Shut the fuck up, Lafayette.”

“Children are around, chéri.” /darling/

After your sister-in-law had accidentally found out about your engagement to Lafayette being fake, she handed her daughter to Lafayette, and dragged you off to the corner of your mother’s backyard. In hushed voices, she demanded you to tell her everything.

“How do you get fake engaged to someone you hate?”

“I just told you, were you not listening?” You scowled but Valerie just waved you off.

“No I did! I’m just confused. Why did he walk into your office anyways?”

You ran a hand over your face and sighed.

“He was dropping something off for a coworker.”

Valerie slowly nodded, trying to register what you were telling her. It definitely took her a few seconds, but she came to understand.

“Please tell me you still don’t hate the man. You two would be so cute together!”
You stared at her as she listed reasons as to why you and Lafayette would be a fantastic couple. 

“I hate to rain on your parade but I still hate him.” It wasn’t a full lie. You could hate someone and still like them at the same time. Valerie didn’t see through your words, instead groaning,

“this can’t be true. You two are meant to be. If you guys don’t end up fucking and come back to next year’s reunion actually engaged then I’m going to sue.”

You laughed.

“For what? Not getting with the guy you want me to be with?” Valerie huffed and puffed her chest,


You glanced behind your back to take a peek at the party exploding behind you. Right in the center was Effie and Lafayette. Effie was tucked in Lafayette’s arms as he spun her around, dancing to the music. Even with the bustling crowd and booming music, you found peace when your eyes settled on Lafayette.


You turned at the sound of Valerie’s voice, a taunt lacing in her words.

“You’re staring at him with those doe eyes and lovestruck-”

“Valerie. Get over it. It’s not happening, never will.”

She shrugged, not believing your words for a second. A smirk was still evident on her face as you walked away and back to the food table. Halfway through your walk, and having to push past many relatives to get through you were relieved to finally have sight of the table, meaning you were getting close. You were a few feet away from it when an arm reached for you and grabbed hold of you, pulling you towards them and into the massive crowd of people dancing. 

You yelped loudly and thrashed around, trying to escape the stranger’s hold to get to back to the plate of ribs you left back at the table.

“Relax, it’s me, chaton.” /kitten/

The voice chuckled and you sighed, a little annoyed but relieved, relaxing into the familiar pair of arms.

“Fuck, I almost had a heart attack.” He chortled, continuing to pull you towards the center of the dancing flock of people and away from the table full of food. You eyed it sadly, desperately wanting to grab a swig of the alcohol or taste the cupcakes your mother laid out.

“Well, don’t relax now! We’re going to dance!” He cheered loudly, obviously having had a few drinks while you were off talking to Valerie. You laughed at his behavior, being dragged further into the sea of drunk, sober, and a good array of a mix.

When coming to a stop he turned on his heel and grabbed your hand, twirling you. You giggled as you did, watching Lafayette drunkenly focus on dancing with you. He grabbed your hips as you lightly swayed, maturely dancing, which was the polar opposite of everyone else around you who crazily jumped and shouted to the music. Lafayette was a good mix of both. He wasn’t jumping around and hollering lyrics in broken English, but he wasn’t calmly dancing as you were. As you strutted back and forth with a rhythmic pattern, you caught sight of Lafayette’s eyes trailing down your body and back up, a click of a tongue and a disapproving shake of a head following right after. 

“You’re too stiff, lighten up chéri! This isn’t a meeting at work!” He grabbed your arms and waved them around for you, smiling brightly. One that definitely resembled a star out in the night sky. You let your arms still, allowing Lafayette to thrash them around like you were some ragdoll.

“And this isn’t a club, minou.” /kitty/ You shot back, playfully glaring and crossing your arms. Lafayette chuckled and stopped dancing, mimicking your pose.

“French? Ah, little chaton knows more than I thought.”

“Nah, I pulled up google translate when you weren’t looking.”

Lafayette shook your words off and continued to dance, pulling you close - for the twentieth time that day - and spun you back into him, again. You glanced up to him and noticed the way the lights above shone on Lafayette’s face. The moonlight contributed to giving him a certain glow. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but it made him look heavenly. The rush of feelings and thoughts you had in the morning came rushing back and you let your eyes occasionally flicker to his lips. He did the same. It wasn’t long before you couldn’t keep your eyes off of his lips and your gaze just remained there, waiting for you to lean in and mold your mouths together.

“Lafayette?” Your voice was meant to be strong and confident, but it came out small, a whisper even.

He hummed in response, too focused on your lips and the way you, too, glowed to actually hear what you were saying. 

“Is it okay if I-” Before the full sentence could leave your parted lips, Lafayette smashed his against yours. His tanned hands flew up to your hair, tangling itself in them, and the other grabbed your cheek, letting you lean into his touch. Your hands were gripping onto the collar of his shirt, balling it up in your fists. He pushed into you, making you lean back and his hands to fall down to your spine to hold you steadily as he pressed his lips against yours. Your lips stung with something you couldn’t describe. It was something you hadn’t felt with your past boyfriends and something that ignited your body with a hot fire, setting you alight. As soon as the need for air arrived you pulled away, much to Lafayette’s displeasure, and gasped for air in front of him. Your eyes searched his face as his did yours. Silence passed of both of you just staring at each other, ignoring the bumping bodies and blasting music and enjoying each other’s presence that it almost made you jump when Lafayette spoke up.

“Let’s do that again.”

You don’t exactly know how, but after you and Lafayette shared a rather heated kiss in the moonlight in the middle of a dance floor you somehow wounded up in your childhood bedroom. Back pressed against the wall covered with childhood taken photos, breathy moans escaping your throat, shirt and skirt torn off and thrown without a care to the side, and the feeling of both of your sticky skin rubbing against each other, the night was pure bliss from here on out.

“Jesus, fuck!” Lafayette chuckled as you muttered a string of curse words, throwing your head back to give Lafayette more access. He grinned into your neck and traced his tongue over your jawline, the feeling of his erection pressed against your heat made you crave him even more. You shivered and ran your fingers through his hair, tugging and pulling at it’s ends, only erupting a small groan and a wider grin from him.

“Little chaton’s really eager for this.” You pried your eyes open to see a smirk evident on his face. You rolled your eyes and let your hands press against his chest.

“Says the person who hauled me in this room in the first place.” He shrugged.

“Can you blame moi? You’re a déesse.” /me/ /goddess/

Your chest heaved causing Lafayette to focus his attention onto them, kneading them and peppering small, wet kisses on both.

“God, Lafayette, why haven’t we done this sooner?” You asked, out of breath. He removed his hands from your breasts and placed them both on the back of your thighs, lifting you up and making his way over to your bed. Laying you gently down on your satin sheets he spoke,

“Perhaps because one of us were too blinded by hatred to notice the sexual tension?”

Whining at the sudden loss of contact and ignoring whatever it is Lafayette had said, your hands immediately flew to your body, ready to pleasure yourself, but Lafayette caught your wrists, clicking his tongue and shaking his head at your actions.

“Remember our deal, ma beau. You listen to me. And I’m telling you: do not touch yourself.” /my beautiful/ His French accent came out a lot thicker than it usually was, making your body warmer and more tense. How haven’t you noticed how hot that French accent was? Blinded by the thoughts of sex, you hadn’t noticed Lafayette unclasping your bra and latching onto one of your nipples. It wasn’t until he twisted your other that you were pulled away from fantasies and into reality.

“Oh, fuck!”

Your eyes clamped shut in satisfaction as your hands found Lafayette’s bare arms, clawing at them. Lafayette tightened his hold on your nipple and rolled it in between his first finger and thumb. You loudly moaned and resisted the urge to reach down and roll your clit to further push your pleasure. Lafayette, who had noticed your twitching hand and clenching fingers, trailed his hand down from your chest, to your stomach, and down your northern regions. 

Butterflies swarmed your stomach and you could practically hear your heartbeat thumping in your chest, aching and begging for Lafayette to touch you, to insert himself into you, to do anything. So when he lightly traced a finger against your inner thigh, your heart exploded. It was at a pace too fast to track as your vision blurred.

At a dreadfully painful pace, Lafayette’s fingers made it’s way to your core, pressing down on your clothed heat. You moaned, your breathing sped as his hands danced it’s way back up to your waist, playing with the band of your underwear. Growing frustrated at the loss of Lafayette touching you, you sat up and reached for your underwear, slipping it off halfway and thinking nothing of Lafayette’s orders. Said man let out a growl like noise from his throat and glared. pushing you back onto the bed using the hand that wasn’t playing with your underwear, holding back from ripping off your underwear and slamming himself into you right then and there. It was hard to hold back on both accounts, both squirmed for contact though Lafayette had a better job of masking it, keeping his cool and taking his time in teasing you.

“I told you not to touch yourself.” His accent came out thick again, causing the wetness that pooled in your panties to grow larger, making your need for Lafayette higher. You moaned at the sound of his voice and ground your hips onto the bed, ruffling the sheets in the process, trying to get some sort of friction.

“I mean, I-” Before you could finish, Lafayette shoved a finger inside of you. It didn’t hurt, quite the opposite, but you shouted from surprise and the sudden feeling of something filling you up. Lafayette grinned at your reaction, pushing in another finger. Your eyes closed. Then another finger. You sighed in satisfaction. It was when he reached four fingers that you were leaving short, airy moans, encouraging Lafayette to continue. Your clenched against Lafayette’s fingers as you grew closer to your orgasm, and Lafayette only sped up. Your moans gradually became louder and more sensual sounding when Lafayette curled his fingers and brushed against your spot, a scream pouring out from your lungs. 

After hitting your first orgasm, you breathed heavily, attempting to climb down from your high. You stared down at Lafayette, wiping away your sweat, and caught sight of him wrapping his mouth around his fingers and lapping away at the fluids you spilled. The lemon juice incident replayed in your head, making you groan at the sight.

“I didn’t know I could make a woman scream with only my fingers.”

Chest still heaving, you breathily laughed.

“Yeah? Well, you did. Congratulations.”

Lafayette laughed along with you and turned to fumble with his belt buckle.

“Mon Dieu. I’ve been wanting to do this forever. Are you okay?” He turned his head, rolling it against his neck to peek over his shoulder and back at you for reassurance that you were ready and fully consented to him. Sitting up on your knees fully undressed you smiled and silently nodded, giving him the okay.

He nodded to himself and slid out of his pants, then his undergarments. You took a moment to sneak a glance at his size, and you weren’t disappointed. You just weren’t sure how he was going to fit. He climbed onto the bed, then onto you, and placed a soft, more passionate kiss on your lips. You dipped low into the bed from the weight, and kissed Lafayette back. You could feel his smile shift into the kiss and he pulled away, still smiling. And it seemed genuine. Unlike the other times he grinned at you because of a sexual joke he made or smirked because you did something stupid and embarrassed yourself, no. His eyes were an equal mix of lust and passion, and with the smile added to it you were torn between hugging him or pushing him back and fucking him into oblivion.

“Do you have a- what’s the word..” Lafayette licked his lips, eyes wandering the room as he desperately searched for the word he meant to say.

“Condom? Laf, this is my childhood room. You think I’d have condoms here?”

Lafayette raised his eyebrows in doubt, unable to believe what you were trying to imply. You sighed.

“Fine, yes, I do have condoms.” You propped yourself onto your elbows and pushed yourself up from your resting position, causing Lafayette to morph his expression into worry and push you back down.

“No, no! Mon chéri, I am not allowing you to get the condom for your first time. I’ll go get it, where is it?” /my darling/

You huffed a laugh,

“first time? Lafayette you do realize I was pregnant before?”

Lafayette shook his head,

“non. Our first time.” /no/

Your lips parted and were pulled into an ‘o’ shape. Nodding in understanding of his words, you laid back down and lifted an arm to point at the vanity table across the room. 

“They’re taped behind the mirror.”

Lafayette got up and moved to reach for the vanity table, or at least behind it where the condoms were taped and hanging. 

“Smart and pretty.” You snorted.

“Smart? Lafayette, I work with the President. So do you. You’re my coworker. You just realized I’m smart? Look, come over here, put the condom on and fuck me.”

Lafayette threw a hand up to his forehead, playfully saluting you and climbing atop of you. The moment you’ve been aching for all day was finally coming and you were more than excited. Excited in more than one way, of course. Hearing the package rip and seeing the condom being slipped onto Lafayette aroused you even more, making you ache for your second orgasm to come. Lafayette looked at you, positioning himself at your entrance, awaiting for your approval. You looked him in the eyes and nodded your head, shoving any fears of his size being in you aside, pushing your hips down to meet his thrust. A series of groans and sighs ensued and the feeling of you being stretched stung, but it passed when Lafayette trailing hot kisses down your neck to the valley in between your breasts.

“Vous êtes tellement incroyable, Y/N.” /you are so incredible/

When the wave of pain washed over, you sunk your hips into Lafayette’s, silently telling him to continue to thrust, which he gladly did. His thrusts started off slow, but with a few whispers and words of encouragement, his thrusts were as fast as someone could go. Slamming into you, filling you fully, and almost hitting the spot you desperately wanted him to slam against. Sliding one hand underneath your calf, he pulled it up and laid it on his shoulder, getting another angle against you. His sweat dripped from his body and onto yours, mixing and swirling, before dripping down and onto the bed beneath you. His warm breath hovered over your chest, creating a slight stimulation for your nipples. The second time he pushed into you with the new angle, he hit exactly where you wanted him to. You moaned into his neck and ran your fingers through his hair, pulling it roughly and pulling the hairtie from it.

“L-Lafayette! Oh, fuck, Gilbert.”

He pressed harder, faster, which seemed physically impossible. One of Lafayette’s hands tweaked your nipple, and you nearly spilled, but held it to come at the same time Lafayette did.


“Sami, chéri!” /same, darling/ He strained.

With a final push, you came undone and Lafayette rode you out through it. Your fingers curled into your palm, slightly scarring it along with your vision that went hazy. Your head spun and your vision was filled with stars, but you were already coming down from your high with heavy panting. Not soon after, he came tumbling after you, muttering in French and writhing above you. With heavy breaths and sighs, he rolled off of you and pulled the filled condom off of himself. Tying a knot in it and disposing of it, he climbed over to you on the bed and laid beside you.

“It’s a little early to say this, ma chéri, but I love you. And I have for years, but I didn’t know how to approach you properly, since you hate me for some reason.”

You smiled, not even having to hesitate to reciprocate his feelings.

“I love you too. I just realized it, too. So you got lucky.” You tiredly mustered up. Your eyes were barely struggling to open,

“oui. I did get lucky. Now stop arguing and go to sleep.”

You didn’t have to argue with him on that one, easily complying and falling into a deep sleep as soon as your eyes fluttered shut.

You woke up to an empty bedside. Immediately you shot up and scanned the room for Lafayette. Your eyes flickered back to the empty side of the bed, noting how the bedsheets were ruffled and the smell of sex still wavered in the room. Did Lafayette leave you? Was it a dream? Questions were flying through your head a mile a minute and you rushed over to your suitcase, pulling on an oversized T-Shirt and panties and rushing downstairs to your living room.

Almost tripping on your own feet on the way down the stairs, you pushed open the door to the living room to see the backside of Lafayette and Valerie, who sat in front of him, presumably chatting. Though the sound of you slamming open the door caught both of their attentions. Valerie smirked but hid it terribly by taking a sip of her coffee as Lafayette smiled at you and pulled you onto his lap.

Valerie removed the cup of coffee from her lips and coughed slightly, swirling her cup and staring at the continents of it.

“Still hate him, huh? That’s not what I heard last night.”

You felt your face catch fire, and before you could argue back and protest, Lafayette clamped a hand around your mouth and grinned at Valerie.

“It was lovely talking to you, but I think mon petit tigre en colère and I need to work some things out in her room.” /my little angry tiger/

Valerie raised a brow and caressed the bump underneath her shirt.

“Don’t let me stop you.”

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Thor, Loki, Steve drabble

Request:  So, I volunteer with a bunch of kids and whenever I walk in they get super excited and yell Ms. (Name)! And they swarm me. So, how would Loki, Thor, and Captain America act if they followed their s/o to a daycare or classroom and saw this? -Anon


“I’ll just be quick okay? You don’t have to come in if you don’t want to” you said to Steve as you walked towards the classroom door whilst Steve followed awkwardly behind.

“It’s okay, I like to see where you work” he says with a smile and you turn to face him, stopping at the door.

“Sorry, I know it’s not as interesting as yours” you said with a small smile. Steve smiled at you and placed his hands on your shoulders.

“Oh come on, that’s not true. You really think Tony would be able to handle all these kids on his own?” he asked and you giggled before you opened the door and all the kids turned to face you, grins on their small faces. They all ran up to you and started talking and asking if they could play games with you before one of the girls pointed towards Steve.

“Who’s that?” she asked and you laughed at her.

“That’s Steve” you said, and Steve awkwardly smiled and waved at the kids which made you laugh.

“Is he your boyfriend?” she asked with a giggle. You smiled at her and nodded which made Steve laugh. All the kids started asking questions and Steve stood to the side simply watching you and couldn’t help but wonder, if this was what a normal life with you would be like.


“You sure you want me to come with you?” Loki asked you, picking at his hands nervously which was a common habit of his.

“I won’t be long, I’m sure they’ll love you” you say and Loki rolled his eyes as you walked closer to the door.

“Yeah, because I look like a bundle of joy don’t I?” he said sarcastically under his breathe, not intending for you to hear. You stepped away from the door and walked towards Loki, holding his hand and smiling.

“Yes, exactly” you said, kissing his on the cheek and walking towards the door while Loki just smiled at you.

You walked  into the class and all the kids looked towards you and broke into massive amounts of cheering and smiles,

“Miss L/n!” they all called out as they ran over to you and all spoke at once, swarming you with glee. You tried to talk to everyone at once and broke out in fits of giggles when they said something funny. Loki just stared at you and smiled. He couldn’t help but think, how on earth did someone like him deserve someone as innocent as you?


“Sorry hon, I just need to go in and pick up a few things and maybe talk to the kids for a bit” you said, walking towards your usual classroom with Thor following patiently behind you. He was always so patient and kind when it came to you and your job. He knew how much those kids meant to you and was finally glad to see these kids who bought so much of your affection.

“I don’t mind Y/n, I know these children mean a lot to you” he said, smiling at you warmly. You smiled back at him and the both of you reached the door and opened it, revealing all of the kids in the classroom who all looked up at the door as soon as it opened. Big grins appeared on their faces as soon as they saw you and they all started to giggle and swarmed you with glee.

“Miss L/n! Are you teaching us today?” one of the small boys asked you and you sadly smiled back.

“Sorry kids, I’m just staying for a little bit and then I have to go” you said. All the kids yelled ‘Awwww’ in sad unison and you felt really bad.

“Hey don’t worry guys, I’m going to be here all next week though” you said, and all the kids gleefully bounced up and down.

Thor smiled at all these children who loved you so dearly, and loved how much you cared for them. He awkwardly hovered by the door before you noticed him and laughed at the height comparison between him and the kids.

“You can sit over there if you want. I’ll try to be as quick as possible” you said, gesturing towards the corner of the room with one of the little girls deciding to sit on your lap and play with your necklace which made Thor laugh.

“It’s alright darling, I don’t mind” he says, standing in the corner of the room, noticing how gentle you were with these children. Your job might not have been one of a warriors, but he thought it was much more important than that. Your gentle nature was one of the reasons why he fell in love with you.

–Time skip–

You had finished playing with the kids and finally decided that you should make sure that Thor wasn’t too bored as you walked over to the corner of the room and smiled at the scene in front of you. Thor was sitting in the corner of the room, telling stories of Asgard to a set of shy brothers, one boy with jet black hair and another with light blonde hair.

Commonly Forgotten World-Building Questions

- What or where serves as a bathroom?
- What are common hygiene habits?
- What are common medical practices or beliefs?
- What is the type of government?
- If it’s a monarchy, what are the workings of it? Does the ruler have a counsel or constitution to prevent the ruler from having absolute power?
- What common foods are eaten?

Not many, but a few. Hope they help! - @authors-haven

Hancock & Sole interactions/relationship

We know that Hancock is a man about the town.  He’s had several relationships in various forms but I don’t think he’s ever had a ‘meaningful’ relationship. 

By this I mean that Sole is probably the first person he’s ever truly loved romantically.

Sure he’s probably had his first crush and infatuations with people but given the type of person Hancock is I imagine these have all ended more or less the same way;

- He’s gotten bored.  

In his youth he says himself that he’d “go on these wild tears.”  Not just chems in my mind but drink, gambling, wild parties, one night stands & sometimes keeping a lover around for a week or two at most. 

I think he’d be too busy exploring life and trying to find any point to living to be able to settle down with any one person in his ‘human’ years. 

As he’s gotten older and especially after he’d risen to power in Goodneighbor he could no longer rely on his good looks but he still had a lot to offer;  A smooth tongue, wealth and influence. 

At this point I can also see a pattern arising in that people would want to be with him selfishly.  They’d be the luxury seeking or power hungry socialites hoping to gain benefits from being with the mayor. 

‘If you love me you’ll do this for me,’ types were probably a sad reality for him.

I say this because he has the line “You want me to take the emotion out of a relationship? I’ve never been the one not doing the askin’ before..” Leaving us in no doubt that he’s broken up with people who’ve gotten too attached to him before now.

Looking at Sole this is someone with pre-war values and who is completely unprepared for life in the Commonwealth.

Survival mode gives us a bit of insight to what life would be like in a ‘real world’ in that we can get ill, poisoned, negative effects from not sleeping or eating properly etc. 

Ignoring the given backgrounds for Nate and Nora even if our oc/sole survivor was based on Bear Grylls they are still utterly and completely unprepared for this new post-apocalyptic world. 

Radiation pollutes everything. Deathclaws, Super Mutants and Feral Ghouls litter the dead landscape and the only recognizable crops are corn and carrots.

My first thought upon leaving the vault in my very first play through was ‘what is this bloodleaf I just found and is it poisonous?’  

An average person that had a Mr Handy robot to cook & clean for them has little chance out there.

“Are you kidding me?  You looked like you’d fallen out of the Vault that day.  I thought I’d see you picking your teeth out of the gutter by sun up.”  

Hancock wasn’t kidding either.  This lost and bewildered little lamb walked into Goodneighbor and he immediately steps in to try and give us a break and a head-start in his town because at first glance he knows sole doesn’t have a foggy clue how politics work, gangs work and later on he expresses genuine surprise that sole can even hold their own in a battle. 

- “Never thought you’d be such a scrapper.”

But through all of this, sole has a genuinely good heart and wants to help people.  I think he is increasingly drawn to this aspect and all the while his respect grows for them as they overcome the brutal chaos the Commonwealth throws at them.

Travelling together I think these two would lapse into an easy relationship.  Hancock tells us in his affinity talks what he gains from their relationship (friendship or romanced) but there is a lot he has to offer sole that he probably doesn’t see since he’ll take it for granted. 

Things like basic survival skills that every child learns as common knowledge those days; 

‘Don’t eat that.’

‘Keep warm at night by doing this.’

‘This will make good shelter - that looks like it would be good for shelter but don’t go there because it’s layout means it’s likely to be full of ferals/molerats.’

‘This is how you start a fire.’

‘This is how you read your surroundings because x, y & z are the most common habits of the dangerous folk out here.’

‘That’s how you get yourself killed.’ 

These are things that literally everyone who has ever left the settlement they were born in has had to learn in order to survive.  But Sole has never needed to survive like this before.  All of this knowledge is new to them. 

Hancock would earn a place of friend, confident and teacher without even knowing how crucial his passing comments and thoughtless lessons are to Sole.

He would become that firm pillar of safety and security that sole needed in their life at that point and because giving these little lessons or doing these common place chores is so effortless and normal to him it would feel like Sole asks for nothing from him.

This would be an unexpected and pleasant change to a life where everyone has only ever wanted him for caps or to be able to run to him to ‘take care’ of someone that’s causing them trouble. 

- “Nice to not be the only muscle for a change.”

 And I think for Hancock a step back from the party and social life to settle into a more domestic pattern would indeed bring him that peace and purpose he’d be hoping and looking for.    

Suddenly he doesn’t have 100 voices from every angle complaining, bickering and asking/demanding that he sort out their petty differences.  

Instead he sits at an open fire cooking a stew he learned to make at his mother’s knee for this absolute novice because they can’t even tell what herbs will kill them.     

Suddenly he isn’t drinking with a group that called him over because he has to keep up appearances or get in with the right crowd.

Instead he’s inhaling some jet on his own terms listening to his companion tell him what the star constellations back in their time where in comparison to the ones he has learned from his father to use as navigation on a cold night.

All the while they are still helping people and making their mark on the world.  

“Suddenly things just feel.. ‘right’.”  

I think this one of the most interesting relationships in the game but Hancock, unfortunately, seems to be one of the more overlooked characters (in-game) in my opinion. 

I say this because his affinity talks are on the same level as most of the others for backstory and character exploration but he is one of the few characters who doesn’t have a personal quest.

I think there are lot of skeletons in his closet (will explore this in another post) but for the most part I think he is a perfect companion for Sole at this time of their life. 

Finn Balor - Endless Love.

Finn Balor -  Finn introduces his girlfriend to all his friends for the first time. Then Karl tells Finn that he’s never seen him so crazy about a girl - he then tells Finn that she’s the one for him.

- Warnings - Major Fluff

Word Count - 1,465 words.

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You tapped your manicured nails along the dashboard as Finn drove the both of you to the arena; you had been continuously tapping for around 10 minutes when Finn suddenly placed his hands over you.

“Love, why are you doing that thing with your nails- I know for sure you only do that when you’re nervous about something.” He questioned, glancing at you whilst trying to keep his eyes on the road. Your cheeks flushed a deep shade of red as he pointed out one of your most common habits. Finn saw the blush on your cheeks and sighed, “Love, why are you nervous? you’ve talked to most of the lads already and you know they love you.” You pouted your lips slightly as you tried desperately to think of a half believable lie.

“I’m not nervous at all” You tried; your voice meek and failing to provide any sort of legitimacy. He raised an eyebrow at you, practically begging for an actual answer. “Okay so maybe I am a little nervous- I’ve only spoken to Karl, Sami and the girls over twitter, so what if they just hate me in real life. It’s like the equivalent to them thinking they’ll see a cool tiger or something and then up I turn, just a turtle. Also just will put it out there, it’s insanely cute you know my nervous habit.” you let out a small giggle, intertwining your delicate fingers with his free hand.

“First, you’re welcome darlin’. But most importantly, turtles are cool.” Finn spoke, a soft tone echoing through the overly cramped car you were sitting in. “And don’t even try to argue with me about it. You just do you and you’ll be fine alright, if not… I’ll be there.”

“God baby, I know that and I don’t even know why I’m nervous. I just think it’s because you’re so close to literally all of them and I want it to stay that way.” You muttered. Obviously, by any means, you didn’t want to affect Finn’s relationships he’s built for years now.

Shifting his hand from your palm and placing it firmly on the top of your thigh, a faint sigh left his lips. “You, yes you. Need to stop worrying so much.” He uttered, tensing his hand in order to squeeze your leg with a small smirk etching on his face. 

After a car journey which seemed to have lasted a lifetime and the constant halting at what was practically every red light across the state you finally reached the arena. You leant your body to maneuver yourself out of the car door, instantly letting your eyes roam to the colourfully bannered arena wall; Finn’s face plastered all over it. Soon after, the muscular physique of your boyfriend appeared next to you, his arm immediately wrapping around your shoulders for your bodies to meet in a tight hug. “My baby looks good on a building.” you giggled whilst nuzzling your face into his shoulder; the familiar smell of his cologne strong against your nose.

“I always look good. Now c’mon you goof, we better head in.” He chuckled in return, leading your frame in through the entrance to the arena and towards the main area which is a direct contrast to the peaceful area you were previously in. His arm released from your shoulder slightly, twisting your body to face his, “Karl said he’d meet us up the corridor, you ready babe.”

With yours and Finn’s relationship, you never liked to be apart under any circumstances and with his job and the one you were currently training to partake in; it was hard to find time for each other… that’s why whenever you were together, your bodies were in contact at all times. Continuing to walk further into the busy bustle of people in the corridor, both your and your boyfriend’s fingers found each other’s as his long-lasting friends Karl and Luke were seen only a mere few steps away.

“Ay there’s our Finn.” Karl exclaimed, tugging him into a so-called ‘bro hug’. “This must be Y/N, it’s nice to actually meet you in person. I know a lot of the girls have been asking about you coming, they want to see you.” He laughed getting an approving nod from Gallows.

“Oh thank you, it’s nice to finally meet you guys.” you exclaimed before wrapping your arms tightly around Finn’s as he backed away from his brothers. “Well, it’s nice to actually be face to face with the two people who he’s going on non-stop about every single bloody day.”

Light chuckles could be heard from everyone’s lips as you received a small nudge from your boyfriend signaling his unamused response at your playful remark. “Darlin’ I know we literally just got here and I’d love to introduce you to everyone but I do seriously need to get to this creative meeting and then do my paint. I really do hate to leave you but I’m sure one of the others will find you sooner or later.” Finn spoke, glancing down at the glistening metal watch fastened tightly around his wrist.

A small smile crept over your face knowing just how sincere he was in his realisations. Of course if you both could you’d be together every second of every day, however, a little time apart can be the best time of all. Especially when he’s stressed; when he’s stressed he’s cranky and when he’s cranky he’s unresponsive. You tugged your arm to be released from his hold and placed a playful push on his perfectly chiseled bicep, “Just go, I’ll be fine babe. I promise.” After a matter of seconds and a few more nudges, the figure before you slowly made his retreat leaving you in a situation of pure independence…

~ 2 hours later ~

Finn’s POV

Strolling down the corridor, my eyes searched each and every open door to spot her; her perfect body, her intense eyes and her contagious smile. But still, even after reaching the 5th door frame, I was with no luck whatsoever. Multiple ongoing thought surged through my mind; I guess I couldn’t help it. I needed that assurance she was always fine- there’s no way in hell I’d be able to think clearly not knowing otherwise…

My head jolted around every corner until a familiar figure caused my attention to draw his direction. “Karl brother, have you seen Y/N? I can’t help but worry and I know it’s stupid but have you seen her.” I exclaimed in a flash, hurriedly approaching the seated body of my ‘best buddy’. 

“Woah woah, relax- slow down there. She’s fine, come take a walk with me.” My friend mumbled, leaping off the crate he was previously perched on to walk further down the overly cramped arena corridors. I followed unsure of where we were going but the same comment stuck in my head the entire time spent walking; “She’s fine.”

No more than a mere minute later I found myself stood in amongst the currently unoccupied seats of the sold-out arena. My eyes gazed intently on the squared-circle before me, and most importantly the person in it… She didn’t recognize me staring and part of me was glad for that fact but still, even with this much distance between us, I could still see her eyes glisten in amongst the multicolored lighting, even if she wasn’t looking my direction. She just had that effect on me- an effect that no one else on the planet could. “Jeez Finn if you stare anymore, I’m afraid you’re gonna let her take my place as your main babe.” Karl joked, his elbow jabbing the exposed skin on my arm.

“That might just have to happen to be honest. It’s hard to even keep my eyes off her for two seconds here and those past two hours killed me.” I added; a wide grin becoming an ever-present part of my facial features now.

“No seriously Finn, I’ve never seen you so crazy for a girl before. It’s actually unbelievable how much you both care for each other and it shows. Even in that ring full of 5 other women, your eyes have never left her and that’s an accomplishment in itself. She’s honestly the one for you Finn; it may have taken long but you finally found her.”

I guess I always knew I’d found that one special person from the moment I laid eyes on that girl. My heart may not have wanted to show it for a while but now, every waking moment I spend not being able to hide my love for her. It’s impossible. But in other words, it’s also impossible to believe that I found her; a living angel in a world of 7 billion people…

A/N - Yeah sorry guys for dragging this out for so so long! I just felt like it was so crappy for ages but I finally finished it so I really hope you enjoyed it and it was okay. Sorry again for being inactive for so long, both of us had a lot to deal with over the past couple of weeks xo ~ Nikkii

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The reason why Han is flabbergasted and sheepish upon learning that Luke and Leia are twins isn’t that he didn’t realize how alike they were.

It’s because he HAD noticed the similarities between them, and yet he never put the pieces together.

When he first took note that their smiles were remarkably similar, he shrugged it off as nothing more than a coincidence.

When he realized that Luke and Leia rolled their eyes the exact same way–got the same incredulous looks on their faces–when they thought he was being particularly stubborn, he’d assumed the princess was rubbing off on the kid.

One night at the holochess table, eating the dinner he and Chewie had cooked, he’d been perturbed when not one but BOTH of them had asked for honey to dip the food in–kriffing weird, in his opinion, but he’d never exactly been privy to the eating habits of people who didn’t live off spacer rations and cantina food and spicy Corellian dishes (hell, as a kid he’d practically been starving everyday), so he figured it must’ve been a common habit in other parts of the galaxy (it wasn’t).

Their shared idealistic fervor was another thing–he swore it was always him against them for some reason or another–always the two of them with their “do the right thing, save the galaxy” zeal, but hey, wasn’t every nut job rebel like that? Except they both got the same fire in their eyes, spoke in the same tone of voice… he figured he must’ve been imagining it.

There was the time there’d been that party on base–the celebration of a successfully executed air strike that had saved a planet from imperial military occupation, and there’d been music and dancing. Han wasn’t dancing, of course–wasn’t really his thing, and the one person he’d wanted to dance with wouldn’t have agreed to it, he was sure. And, point proven for him, Luke and Leia were hanging back with him, against the wall, and their body language had been goddamn identical when they hesitated, awkward, when he asked why they weren’t joining in the revelry… osmosis, or whatever, he’d subconsciously assumed. They’d all been spending so much time together by that point, that of course they were all kinda starting to act the same….

That grimace they both had–the way they winced and yet tried to be subtle about it that time he’d busted his hand–barely perceptible set of the mouth exactly alike. Their eyes–different colors–but somehow expressive in a way that he’d always identified as the same, if on a subconscious level. He guessed he always attributed it to the fact that they were both compassionate, both intelligent, both so good and so perceptive and so–hell, he didn’t want to call Luke “worldly” for fuck’s sake, but something in his eyes was–something in both their eyes was, and on some level of his awareness he knew that something in them was the same, and it shone out through their eyes.

Hell, they even had the same kriffing BIRTHDAY, and he knew it, and how in the hells hadn’t that ever clicked to any of them?

And then there were the things that weren’t similarities, but just–cohesion. The way they just seemed to click with each other in a way he’d initially been jealous of. Like there was some force always drawing them together, like they were always thinking of each other without even realizing it.

Once he knows, he thinks back at all the times it was staring him in the face, so obvious to all of them after the fact. Even the physical things that had gone unnoticed–subtle stuff in their bone structure, in the way they held themselves. He’d walk into the cockpit, and they’d share some devilish, mischievous grin, and he’d be shaking his head–

Twins, he’d huff, awed and yet unsurprised, how the hell’d I not realize they’re twins?

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I've been dying for a cute egobang first kiss fic where maybe nsp is offered a residency in Vegas or something, & Brian leaves it up to Danny. Arin and Dan both realize this is a HUGE opportunity, but Dan is searching for a reason to stay.

i swear i was writing fluff what happened

also this is the most heart-wrenching idea I’ve ever heard and i love it

enjoy this angsty egobang with exasperated ross and patient brian!!


“So, what do you think?”

Danny stared, dumbfounded, at the offer set before him. It was great, amazing, even—after all, isn’t this what he and Brian had worked so hard for?

“What do I think? This is perfect! I mean, they’re offering us a record label and so much publicity, not to mention a worldwide tour!” Danny felt lightheaded as he read the points Brent had laid out. Brian, too, seemed rather speechless. Brent shifted in his seat.

“Well, I’m glad you’re excited, but…there is a catch.”

A ball formed in Danny’s throat as he looked up. Brent wouldn’t quite meet his eye. “Really? What’s the catch?”

Brent cleared his throat. “You’d be based in Las Vegas.”

Danny and Brian exchanged confused glances.

“They want you to do a biweekly show there. Meaning, you’d have to move.” Brent pressed his lips together. “You’d have to quit Gru//mps.”

Danny felt his stomach drop and his face went white. Brian reached out in alarm as Danny swayed in his seat. “Dan? You okay? You don’t look good.”

Gripping the table, Danny took a deep breath before replying. “I-I’m fine. Just…surprised.” He glanced at Brian. Brian was the other half of N//SP, and he’d be uprooting his family to pursue this dream. He had just as much of a say as Danny. “What do you think, Brian?”

The older man leaned back, rubbing his wedding ring absentmindedly. He always did this when he was deep in thought. “Honestly, it’s an amazing deal. My wife would be thrilled for us.” He bit his lip. “Audrey is young enough that I suppose we could find a nice neighborhood outside of the main city. It seems like a dream come true.” His eyes flicked to Danny, hesitant. “In the end, though…I’ll leave the decision to you.”

“Me?” Danny squeaked.

Brian nodded. “I’d be content to stay here just the same, but I know how big an offer this is and how it’d skyrocket our band. At the end of the day, you’re really the one to decide what happens next.”

Danny stared at the paper. “I…I need time. To think.”

Brent nodded, collecting the papers. “Of course. You’ve still got a week to get back to the producers. Besides, I think there’s a certain person you need to talk to, Dan.”

None of the three men said anything, but one name lingered in the air between them.



 Danny wasn’t sure what he was expecting when he broke the news to Arin, but seeing his best friend’s eyes light up at the prospect of what this meant for N//SP made his heart hurt.

Arin was always happy for him. Arin always did whatever he could to help him and make sure his dreams came true. It was always Arin.

“The thing is…we’d have to move to Vegas,” Danny finished, his voice small. “I’d have to…move away.”

The light in Arin’s eyes dimmed as he processed this, and Danny could only imagine what was going through his mind. Arin had already lost one co-host that moved away to pursue something else. His chest squeezed.

Arin sat back, running his fingers through his hair. It was a common habit, but today Danny found himself paying close attention to every move Arin made.

Finally, he replied. “Listen, Dan, this is an enormous opportunity. This doesn’t come along very often, you know.”

Danny couldn’t breathe.

“So, if you want to do this, then…you have my full support. I’m sure everyone in the office would agree with me.” Arin smiled. “I’m so proud of you guys. This is an honor for N//SP, and sometimes you just gotta take the risk.”

Danny felt like his head was full of cotton balls. A sick feeling was creeping along in his chest. He swallowed.

“You want me to go?”

The question was flat, and Arin blinked.

“Of course. I know how much this must mean to you.”

The sickness overflowed, and Danny found his face going red, with a feeling he couldn’t identify swirling in the pit of his stomach. “Fine.”

He sounded curt, and hurt flashed in Arin’s eyes, adding a feeling of guilt to the cesspool already brewing inside Danny. But he couldn’t bring himself to care.

“Dude, what’s up with you? I told you, I don’t mind. I’m happy for you.”

Danny stood at those words. He wasn’t even sure where these feelings were coming from, but bitterness spiked its way into his voice. “Yeah. I get that.”

Confusion melted into anger. “Dan, seriously, what the hell?”

His fists balled. A million words raced through his mind, but he ended up just snapping, “We’ll be gone in a week.”

Arin looked so stunned he didn’t even reply as Danny stalked out of the room.


 He felt so miserable.

They were due to give their answer the following morning, but he still couldn’t bring himself to call. Brian had been waiting patiently for Danny’s choice. As far as the other Gru//mps knew, the pair had already accepted the offer. Word of Arin and Danny’s little spat had spread quickly, and Brian had wisely not told anyone that the choice was still to be made.

Danny had avoided the Space all week. It wasn’t fair to his coworkers and it certainly wasn’t fair to Arin, who was undoubtedly doing all he could to find a new co-host in such a short time, but his heart hurt too much to face Arin again.

He still replayed his own words in his head. Why did I say that?

Where had all that anger come from? Arin hadn’t been mean or forbade Danny from leaving. In fact, he’d seemed happy for him to go to Vegas.

Ouch. Maybe that’s what stung.

But there was a deeper reason, one Danny refused to think about. He’d put off thinking about it for months.

As he sat on his couch, thinking, he suddenly heard a knock on the door.

He checked the peephole, only to see Ross standing on the other side.

Swallowing, he opened the door. “Hey, Ross. What’re you doing here?”

“Don’t bullshit me,” Ross rolled his eyes, walking into Danny’s house without preamble. “We need to talk.”

Danny closed the door, following Ross to the living room, where they sat. Ross regarded Danny, his eyes unreadable.

“You owe Arin an apology.”

Ross’s voice was matter-of-fact, but Danny still flinched. “Yeah. I know.”

“You had no right to snap at him. He’s been sad and anxious all week, you know. He thinks he did something wrong.” Ross’s mouth tightened.

Danny felt his throat close. “I…”

“But as mad as I am at you, I guess I should cut you some slack,” Ross interrupted. “If the person I’m in love with told me they supported the fact I was leaving them, I’d be pretty upset, too.”

Danny squeaked, then, realizing Ross wasn’t playing games, dropped his head into his hands. “How long have you known?”

“About four months ago.” Ross watched him. “It wasn’t like you were subtle about it.”

Danny was silent. “I just…didn’t want to think about it. I’m scared, Ross.”

There. He’d said it.

“I know, Dan, but enough is enough.” Ross’s words drilled into him. “I get being scared to confess. Especially like this. But you’re hurting him. He’s too thickheaded to understand why you’re upset. I’m guessing you just want an excuse to stay.”

Ross, as usual, had hit the nail on the head. Danny withered.

“What am I supposed to do, Ross? This is a great opportunity. I can’t just—”

“I don’t give a shit!” Ross snapped suddenly, his eyebrows knitted together. “I don’t care. You have an opportunity here, too. And this is an opportunity no one else will ever have. I couldn’t give less of a fuck about bands and labels and tours if it means Arin will be left like that.”

Danny knew he was right. He’d never forgive himself, either.

“You need to come to a compromise.” Ross sounded gentler. “I get it, Dan. But at the very least, whatever you decide to do, Arin deserves an explanation. Maybe he’ll even give you the excuse to stay you’re looking for.”

It was quiet for a while. The pair sat, one mulling over his troubled heart and the other waiting for a response.

Danny’s voice came out soft. “Where is he?”

Ross met his gaze. “He’s at the Space.”

Danny stood, and reached forward to wrap his arms around Ross. “Thank you. I needed that.”

“Anytime,” Ross grinned, watching Danny go. “Good luck.”


 The door creaked open slowly as Danny stuck his head into the Space. Timidly, he shut the door, hearing the familiar clacking of a keyboard from another room. That could only be Arin, staying up working on something.

He thanked his lucky stars the office was empty as he made his way to where Arin’s desk was stationed. A million things ran through his mind, but they all evaporated when Arin looked up and spotted him.

Arin’s mouth hardened, and Danny wanted to cry. He shifted. “Hey.”

There was a small silence, and slowly, Arin stood.

“Hey?” Anger was already building as he spoke. “Hey? You avoid me for an entire week after yelling at me and the only thing you can say is hey?!”

Danny flinched. “Listen, I know you’re mad—”

Arin laughed humorlessly. “Mad? Why would I be mad? Because my best friend dropped a fucking bombshell on me, then proceeded to snap at me when I tried to support him, then wouldn’t talk to me at all during a very important goddamn week? Is that why I’d be mad?”

“Look, Ar, just listen to me!” Danny tried, impatience edging into his voice. “You’re right, okay? But there was a reason!”

Anger was sparking in Arin’s eyes, and Danny had never been on the receiving end of it before. But there was more than just anger—there was hurt.

“A reason?” Arin yelled. “Go ahead, tell me your bullshit reason for being a dick when I was trying to help you!”

“Help me?” Danny snapped. “You don’t fucking understand!”

“Oh, I don’t understand? Okay, well, enlighten me then! Unless you’re ready to just trot off to Vegas and forget about me!”

“Shut the fuck up! You know that isn’t true!”

“Yeah? Could’ve fooled me!” Arin was snarling. “What’d you want me to say, huh? What the hell was I supposed to say to that? It’s like you don’t want me to be excited for you!”

“Well, maybe I fucking don’t!” Danny exploded. “Maybe I don’t want you to be excited, ever think of that? Maybe I wanted you to tell me not to go. Maybe I wanted you to say that you’d miss me too much. And yeah, maybe I was a total dick.” His voice had gotten soft. “And…shit, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Arin. But I just…I just didn’t want to leave you.”

Arin’s fire had burnt out. He was staring at Danny, lost. “Why didn’t you just tell me, then?”

Danny kicked the ground, feeling tears of frustration leak from his eyes. “Because I’m scared, Arin. I’m terrified. I’m in love with you, okay? I fucking love you. And then you say you’re happy for me, and I know it’s selfish, dammit, but I more than anything I wanted you to say that you don’t want me to go.”

Arin seemed frozen, and Danny reached up to wipe his own tears away. “I’m sorry.” He was crying in earnest now. “I know I was an idiot, but I didn’t want to tell you like this, and I was scared of what you’d say, I was scared of this new opportunity, and most of all, I was fucking terrified at the thought of losing you.”

Finally, Arin moved. He reached slowly to Danny, hesitantly wrapping his arms around him. “It’s okay. Fuck, Dan, c’mere.”

Danny buried his face in Arin’s chest, feeling all his anxiety and fear being replaced with calm and warmth. Arin patted his back comfortingly, and Danny sighed.

“I’m sorry I was a dick, Arin.”

“It’s okay. I get it now. I’m sorry, too. I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner.”

Arin looked at Danny, a gentle smile having replaced his angry frown. “I guess you should know that I’m in love with you, too.”

Danny felt his heart skip a beat. “Really?”

“Yeah. Why d’you think I was so upset this week? I wanted to lock you up in the Space and never let you go.” Arin laughed. “But I knew I had to try and support you, even if it meant you’d leave.” He paused. “I guess we’re both a couple of fucking idiots, huh?”

“Goddammit, Ross knew this whole time, that bastard!” Danny laughed, leaning his forehead against Arin’s. “He talked some sense into me.”

“Remind me to thank him.”

They stood there, content, letting their rampant emotions settle down a bit before Arin spoke again.

“Alright, in all honesty this time, Danny, if you left I’d be fucking miserable and I’d miss you like hell and probably drag you back, but I know it’s important to you and if I can help you, I will. I love you and I’m happy if you’re happy.”

“We have a problem, then,” Danny whispered conspiratorially. “I’m not happy unless you’re with me.”

“Then a decision’s gotta be made, huh?”

They looked at each other.

Danny finally burst out laughing. “God, Arin, I’m a fucking moron. As if I’d ever leave you or Gru//mps. I love it too much.”

“Me or Gru//mps?” Arin smirked, and Danny giggled as he smacked his chest lightly.

“Shut up.”

They looked at each other again, and Arin’s eyes softened. “Can I kiss you now?”

Danny rolled his eyes. “Ever the romantic, I see.”

“Hey, you’re the one who—”

Danny cut him off effectively by kissing him hard, and they swayed together for a moment as they relished in a feeling neither thought they’d ever experience.

They broke apart, and Arin was grinning goofily. “I gotta say, I much prefer this method of persuasion.”

Danny laughed, a warm glow spreading in his chest.


 The next day, Brian received a text from Brent. All it said was: They confessed. I think you know what that means for the deal.

Brian smirked, high-fiving Ross across the table.

“About fucking time.”

Seungkwan crushing on you !! // scenario

Originally posted by lseokmin

a bullet-point scenario starring our beautiful boo (aka my death pls enjoy :’)

send me requests on my page if you’d like :)

- alright so to start off, let me just say

- a lot of people think Seungkwan is quite the confident character 25/8


- but tbh I think he would totally lose his cool for a girl he has a huuuge crush on

- it would probably take a whole lot of time for him to realize he likes you but

- once he does

- oh man

- he’s gonna be falling so freaking hard and it will be super obvious at times

- mainly bc the members won’t be able to keep secrets from you for shit lmao

- but there will be plenty of moments when he’ll slip up a bit and give a few hints

- so you’re an intern at pledis entertainment, assisting in the management of Seventeen

- meaning you see Seventeen every time you show up for work !! (where do I sign up)

- and by the third week of your internship, you’re practically best friends with all of them bc you’re just so friendly and open and talented and aDORABLE

- well, best friends with all of them except one:

- Boo Sasskwan

- except he’s not sassy when he’s around you

- in fact he’s the exact opposite

- you managed to get to know all of the other Seventeen members, but getting to know Seungkwan was a challenge

- whenever you past by him in the building, he’d simply bow and say hi before scampering off

- and when you ran into a group of members including Seungkwan just hanging out in the practice room, Seungkwan would find an excuse to leave the group

- his constant avoiding made you think he really disliked you :(

- it made you more nervous about approaching him

- but more importantly, his actions saddened you a good deal

- like, the members would tell you stories about Seungkwan and his confident/funny behavior when you aren’t there

- he seems like a super fun guy to hang out with and you can’t help but think of how cool it would be to be friends with him

- but you just think of all the times he’s avoided you and begin to sulk over the impossibility of you guys becoming good friends

- so you kinda decide to leave him alone and let him be

- but little did you know that Seungkwan feels the same exact waY skdbkjsbfkdjfvskh

- he sees how well you get along with the rest of the group and he really envies the others for having you by their sides

- but rather than taking action and initiating the friendship with you, he gets freaked out and abOrts missioN

- he’s afraid of messing up in front of you in an attempt to get to know you

- he thinks of how much is at stake when he talks to such a cool, funny, talented, adorable, pretty girl like-

wait, he thinks

- HOLY SHIT, I LIKE Y/N._&(-%”()&=:-&!$-”

- it hits him when he’s up thinking about you one night :,)

- first thing he does when he wakes up the morning after his realization is tell Vernon about his crush on you bc verkwan m8

- Vernon, knowing your open nature with everyone, encourages Seungkwan to initiate the friendship first, saying that it’ll be easy

- but Seungkwan yells something along the lines of “VERNON I CAN’T JUST WALK UP TO Y/N LIKE THAT, I’M AFRAID I’LL SAY SOMETHING DUMB AND SCARE HER AWAY.”

- but Vernon is just like, “dude, you’re not gonna get anywhere if you don’t become friends first. And besides, she loves dumb jokes. Y/n is probably the nicest human being alive.”

- just before Seungkwan can counterattack Vernon’s argument, Jeonghan pops his head into their room and says, “Seungkwan, you like y/n? ;);)));)”

- Seungkwan activates his “aggressive denial mode” and shakes his head rapidly while saying “nononono” as fast as he can

- and ofc the day just gets better when Seokmin and Soonyoung peep into the room with wide grins, having overheard the news as well

- and as much as Seungkwan tries to convince them that he had said nothing concerning you, they don’t believe him bc cMON THIS BOY WAS SO FREAKING LOUD WHEN HE WAS YELLING AT VERNON ABOUT YOU LMAO

- soon enough, word of Seungkwan’s crush spread among the members and the poor guy was fucked l o l

- so later in the day, the members head over to the company building, where they usually see you. As you encountered a few of the members individually throughout your afternoon, they would subtly hint at you about Seungkwan or ask you if you had any particular member that you liked (which you weren’t sure how to answer)

- but you definitely sensed something going on and it began to bother you

- however, when you bump into Wonwoo, he asks you something different:

- “hey y/n, why aren’t you too close to Seungkwan?”

- you sigh and explain to him that you really do admire Seungkwan from afar but he’s been giving you a feeling that he doesn’t want to be friends with you with his distant nature

- Wonwoo nods in understanding, thanks you for telling him, and you both part ways, leaving you still in a mystery

- later that evening, the guys are all back in the dorm and Soonyoung brings up Seungkwan’s little crush as a dinner discussion topic

- Seungkwan tries to defend himself with denial, but fails when Vernon hesitantly confirms the crush

- little boo is a blushing mess and hides his reddened face with his hands as the boys discuss ways to get you to like him

- until Wonwoo brings up what you had told him earlier in the day concerning your awkward acquaintanceship with Seungkwan

- Seungkwan lifts his head from the table and brightens at the mutual-ish wish to create a good friendship

- you can imagine all the members hollering in OOH’S at blushy boo

- so the next day, Seungkwan decides to talk to you and you guys finally become friends :D

- the two of you get close right away and Seungkwan is able to loosen up in front of you a little more every time he gets to hang out with you

- but he sometimes reverts to his shy and blushy self when the members embarrass him in front of you

- like one time, Seokmin pushed Seungkwan and sent him hurdling towards you and B A M you were suddenly in Seungkwan’s arms, faces suuuper close

- Seungkwan immediately stepped away from you and apologized for the sudden collision (even though the both of you really didn’t mind ;););)

- and Chan almost spilled the beans another time so all the members had to distract you from the spoiler with some other random topic (you can also imagine the hyungs covering up Chan’s mouth and Seoksoon distracting you with loud noises lol)

- BUT ANYWAYS, shall we discuss some common crushing habits Seungkwan would have ;)?

- well he’d definitely be the type to show off his singing and dancing skills whenever you’re around, trying extra hard to hit perfect notes/dance sharply

-he loves to make you laugh, so he’d try hard to be funny when he can be

- he’s also the type to play hard-to-get, like he’d make sure you’d be the one to greet him when you guys pass by each other sometimes, just to reassure himself that you’re still aware of his existence lolololol

- would have the brightest smile whenever he’s around you omg, if Seokmin is the sun, Seungkwan’s smile would be another pretty bright star :,)))

- whether he’s complimenting you or you’re complimenting him, he’s going to blush so hard it’s just fnscijfbcfvifbvofs cute

- every now and then, he’ll softly mutter a compliment to you like “ah, you’re so pretty.” and you’d be like “did you say something?” and he’d just snap “NO, NO I DIDN’T PFFT WHAT?”

- at night, he’d find himself thinking of all the cute things you can do as a couple but then catch himself with these thoughts and yell into his pillow in agony/frustration/embarrassment

- “thinking of y/n, huh,” Vernon would say to him whenever Seungkwan yelled like that

- Seungkwan would roll on his bed before replying:

- “she’s just so…. perfect. What do I do with myself…”

- it would take this boy a lot of time and hesitation before he’d confess to you

- it would be simple confession though, he probably wouldn’t go too crazy with planning cute stuff like a serenade or something over-the-top like that because he knows he’d be too nervous to kidney function

- you guys would probably be sitting on the floor in the practice room alone, just hanging out, and he’d look down before suddenly saying:

- *soft voice* “I like you.”

- “Wait what?”

- “I said…”

- “Huh?”

- *even softer voice, barely audible* “I like you, y/n.”

- “Seungkwan, I can’t hear what you’re-”


- “You… what?”

- Seungkwan looks you sternly in the eyes. “I like you, y/n.” He looks down again and plays with his fingers as he blushes. “I really really like you.”

- you look down and blush as well. “I’m glad, because I… I kinda like you… like a lot.”

- Seungkwan can’t help but surprise you with a quick peck on the cheek, making you look at him.

- realizing what he’s done, he immediately apologizes, “OH MY GOD WAIT, I COULDN’T HELP, I MEAN, I’M SORRY IF YOU- THIS- TOO FAST-”

- You immediately return the favor and kiss his cheek as well

- “I’m not dreaming again, r-right?” he blushes even harder

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What are the hosts' bad habits?

 Thank you so much for the request!! <3 I’m pumped for this let’s go!!!

  Tamaki has this annoying habit of tapping. Any surface, any time. If this boy isn’t jumping around like the hyperactive toddler we all know and love, he’s tapping. He taps his pens on the desks, drums his fingers on the desks when Kyoya takes away his pen, taps his toes on the floors, things like that. Kyoya, who sits next to him in class, despises this habit. He has considered breaking Tamaki’s fingers many times.

  As for the Shadow King himself, he has this habit of chewing on his pens. Kyoya’s tried to stop many times, but it’s an involuntary thing that happens when he concentrates. He has a separate set of pens that he uses at school and lends out. Very few people know of this habit because he thinks of it as ‘unseemly’. It’s his little guilty secret. The only reason Tamaki knows is because of how many times they’ve met up to to homework.

   Hikaru is always cracking his knuckles. ALWAYS. Kaoru hates the sound so much, but he just can’t help it. It’s gotten to the point to where if he doesn’t crack his knuckles on a regular basis, his joints get sore, so his brother understands the need to, but he still shudders every time. Hikaru likes to freak people out with it, cracking his wrist in the most ungodly manner, making people worried for his health, It’s fun for him.

  On the other hand, his brother has a more subtle habit. It’s not necessarily a bad habit, but it does distract him a lot. Kaoru counts his steps when he’s walking. His brother is the only one who knows he does it,  and they’ve been trying to figure out why for a while. It distracts him sometimes, but it usually just goes on in the back of his head. Weird, but it happens. When he loses count he freaks out.

  Honey has lots of little habits, for example, he talks to himself religiously, but the one that’s the most inconvenient is that he peels the skins off of all his fruit before eating them. Things like oranges, or bananas make sense, but even with his apples, or kiwis, the skin has to be removed or he just won’t eat them. He still prefers his sweets any day, but when he does eat fruit, it has to have no skin.

   A very common bad habit this time, but it plagues his life. Mori bites his nails. He doesn’t realize he’s doing it half the time, but he  definitely does. He does it all the time too, not just when he’s nervous.  It happens when he’s reading, when he’s bored, concentrating. Any time his fingers are near his face honestly. He made himself bleed once, and since then Honey has been trying to get him to stop. Recently he bought a horrible tasting clear nail polish. They’re hoping this one works, because even Mori is over it at this point.

  I hope you enjoyed this one!! It was fun to write~ 

Ashes~ <3 xoxo

miniminter one shot - i love you, but things are falling apart.

Simon joined me on the pavement. His long legs stretched out into the empty road. I focused on his shoes, knowing if I looked up at him I would break at the sight of his deep blue eyes lit only by the dim street lights above us. From the lack of movement felt beside me it was safe to assume he was doing the same.
Out of the corner of my eye I could see him playing with his fingers. This had been his method of avoidance since we were about six years old. Playing with his fingers had been such a common habit, something demonstrated when he was nervous or uncomfortable. Never had I anticipated a scenario in which the source of his discomfort was me.
Neither of us spoke, simply because we were both afraid to say it. Things just had not been working between us lately. I had known Simon for twenty years, and only three of them had been spent romantically. We started this relationship with so much hesitance. There had always been feelings there and I hoped there always would be, but we were both afraid of losing the friendship. Looking back, perhaps we were right to be. We had worked so damn well together. I really, genuinely thought maybe I would spend the rest of my life with Simon. But these days there is nothing but miscommunication and arguments. The relationship was becoming draining, tiring and self destructing. Our careers were both affected. That’s not what love is supposed to be like.

“(Y/N)..” Simon broke the silence but I cut him off.

“Please, Simon. Don’t say it. Please don’t say it.”

I felt him exhale next to me, his breath rattling as it escaped his lungs.

His voice was traced with sadness as he forced out his words.

“We need to talk about it eventually (Y/N).”

The lights in the house behind us were all lit. All six of the sidemen boys, the two Cals and some of the girlfriends were inside, watching from the living room window as heartbreak and not so happy endings unfolded in front of them. I pulled the sleeves of his jumper over my knuckles, focusing on the road in front of me.

“No Simon,” i mentally cursed as my voice cracked, alerting him of the weakness i held. “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

He listened intently as I carried on, just the way he had done since I was a child.

“I don’t wanna talk about it, ever. I will sit here until the sun comes up every single morning for the rest of my life until I have to if it means keeping this silence. I’ll sit here until you give in, and you leave.”

I closed my eyes, biting back tears.

“Although it feels like you left a long time ago.”

“(Y/N) please don’t act like this isn’t just as hard for me as it is for you.” His voice broke, shattering my heart with it. “You know I have always loved you. And I’m always going to. I haven’t left and I don’t ever want to.”

His voice was quiet, and shaky and in this very moment he was so vulnerable. I considered asking to keep the friendship, just so I could keep him around. But I knew this was a bad idea. If this was gonna end, it had to end altogether.

As if reading half my mind Simon cleared his throat before asking,

“What if we remained friends?”

I shut him down.

“No Simon, we can’t be friends. It has to be over completely.”

“But why? It doesn’t have to end like this.”

“Simon it does! Why can’t you see? We can’t be friends! I need you out of my life altogether it’s the only way I will ever have a chance at moving on!”

I felt him pull his own hoodie strings tighter, a method of hiding his face from me. Not that I had found the confidence to look up at it yet.

“I don’t want you to move on.”

“I don’t want to move on either. But I have to. Because if you aren’t mine anymore..”

my voice broke completely, tears i’d been fighting to hold back falling from my eyes like waterfalls.

"If you’re not mine then that gives you the freedom to be anyone else’s. And I can’t handle that. So many girls want you, and one day, you’ll want one of them just as much. And they’ll be round here everyday, wearing these fucking sidemen hoodies and laughing with Jj and appearing on every card in cards against humanity, and she’ll be the Mrs. Minter that I was never good enough to be.”

I heard whispering from inside the house. Simon sniffled, wiping his eyes.

“(Y/N) you’re the only girl that I want to become Mrs Minter! No one will ever fit as well into this sidemen scene as you have. No one will ever fit as well into my fucking life as you have.”

He tugged at my hand, begging me to look up at him now. I fought the urge, not wanting him to see how broken I was, not that this was a first time thing for Simon to see.

"Please (Y/N) I’ll be whatever you want to be, friend, boyfriend, husband, I don’t fucking care! Just please don’t leave me..”

He grabbed my cheeks, forcing me to stare deep into his bloodshot, tearstained eyes. I saw pain, and heartache and desperation. I knew I had to make a decision.

I forced my eyes shut before standing up and walking towards the door of the sidemen house.


Tears rolled down my face faster and faster, my throat physically aching at the heartbreak and despair in Simon’s voice. I opened the front door, feeling so embarassed and weak as I walked into the sidemen lounge, knowing everyone had heard every thing.

In the corner sat Callum and Sarah, with Josh and Freya. Callum held a worried look on his face as I entered the room. Sarah and Freya both had wet eyes, clearly upset by the state I was in. Even Jide had pulled his beanie lower onto his head, using it to wipe a stray tear falling from his cornea. I just wanted to be out of here. I wanted to leave, as soon as possible.

“Can somebody please take me home?”

My voice came out no higher than a whisper, laced with raw emotion. Everybody’s faces looked pained. Callum Airey stood up, picking up his keys.

“Yeah, I haven’t drank tonight I’ll drive you.”

He walked over to me, placing a hand on the small of my lower back as we prepared to leave the room when all of a sudden Simon entered the room. Under the lighting I could see his face clearer. His eyes were a harsh red pigment, tears still rolling down his cheeks.

“(Y/N) WAIT!”

Callum stood hesitantly, watching me to await my call on whether I wanted to proceed with the car journey. More tears fell from my face as I looked at Simon. I had never loved anybody this much before. So much that it physically pained me.

“Please, (Y/N) just hear me out. I need to give you something.”

Everybody watched intently. The tension could be cut with a knife, silence filling the room. The only audible sound was that of Sarah sobbing slightly into Cal’s hoodie.

Simon took my left hand, sliding something onto my fourth finger. It was a ring.

"Look. It’s my Grandma’s. Her engagement ring. She gave this to me after my Grandpa died, and I promised her I would only ever give it to a girl I was so sure I would love for the rest of my life. I’ve been meaning to give this to you but I wanted to wait until we figured things out.”

Sarah’s sobs became louder, along with Freya’s and even Jide’s.

“(Y/N) if you leave tonight then you might aswell take the ring anyway because there is not another female on this earth that lives up to my Grandma’s wishes. And that is because there is not another female that I will love for my whole life. I will never love anybody as much as I love you and I’m sure of that because I loved you before I even knew what that word meant. There will never be a Mrs. Minter to be wearing sidemen hoodies or be laughing with JJ because those roles are reserved for you.”

He took my left hand in his, holding it out in front of him.

“If you don’t take the ring then I’d probably end up fucking giving it to Jide. So please, (Y/N). Let us figure this out. And please. Please will you marry me?”

More silence filled the room as every boy sat on the edge of his seat. Through tear stained eyes I admired the ring placed onto my finger. I remembered seeing it on Simon’s grandma’s finger when we were younger. It was silver, and thick around the band. It fit perfectly. Almost as if it was a sign.


I watched as he inhaled, his face white as chalk.

“Yes. Yes, I will marry you.”


My now fiancé lifted me into the air, swinging me round and round, leaving kisses on any part of skin he could access. Sighs of relief were soon replaced with cheers and screams around the room as everybody enveloped in a hug.

“THANK FUCK FOR THAT!” JJ exclaimed, sprinting over, pulling us both into his arms.

No longer occupied with stopping Sarah’s sobbing Callum spoke out

“OI did anyone see how much JJ was crying? I thought he was about to pull out his snapchat fucking hell!”

JJ raised his middle finger.

“Hey, I was just upset I’m no longer a candidate for this beautiful fucking diamond ring.” He held up my left hand. Harry laughed from across the room.

“JJ, aren’t you a bit too young for the ring ting?”

Jinyoung X Reader

Fluffy ~ Maybe Angsty


Super fab Anon That Gives Me All The Love Asked: Hiiiiiii the bad english speaker here again… OMGGGGG The Jaebum oneshot… im in love with it… and i have another request… can you do a Jinyoung one now?… where his s/o gets really angry with him cause his savage(? But he do his best to apologise… hope you can understand the idea… ALL THE LOVE💜


Originally posted by u-me-xist

 You stood in front of your boyfriend, shocked at what he’d just said, tears threatening to fall onto your cheeks. You knew he joked around all the time but this joke went too far. He insulted one of your biggest insecurities.

 You tried to ignore the stinging of your eyes as you left out an agitated sigh before rolling your eyes. Jinyoung saw your actions and realized what he’d done, regret pooling over him. “Babe, I’m so-”

 “Yeah I know. You’re sorry.” You interrupted him out of annoyance. You spun around to walk away but he was too quick and took ahold of your hand. He looked at you with sorrow in his eyes, pleading for you to stay. 

 Of course you knew he didn’t mean what he had said but that doesn’t make it stop hurting. You removed yourself from his grasp and left the room, going out into the living area to be met with a few other members of Got7.

 “Hey ____. Where’s Jinyoung-ah?” Youngjae asked innocently, not knowing what happened.

 “In his room.” You answered simply as you didn’t want to get into it. You started to play with the black hair tie that was around your wrist, this being a common nervous habit of yours.

 “Oh.” He breathed out, understanding something had happened. “Well, I was just about to take Coco for a walk, do you want to come with us?”

 You gave him a thankful smile, “Sure.” You said. Youngjae hated seeing you upset, especially with one of his best friends so he’d try to distract you.

 By the time Jinyoung left his quiet room, you were already gone. His eyes scanned the dorm, looking for you. “Where is she?” He asked aloud for anyone to answer.

 “Her and Youngjae took Coco for a walk.” Mark uttered, focusing on the television.

 “Did you two fight?” Bambam blurted. “I don’t want to be nosey-”

 “Then don’t be.” Jinyoung snapped, grabbing his shoes and heading out the door. He felt extremely bad for what he said and he knows he shouldn’t have even thought about joking like that but he couldn’t rewind the clock and take it back. He can only apologize.

 As you and Youngjae stroll down the walkway, he looks over at you. He can see that you’re in a different place, maybe not physically but mentally. You were trapped inside your mind, having no choice but to keep replaying Jinyoung’s words, only being able to escape when you hear Youngjae’s laugh. 

 You looked over to your friend and smiled as he continued to giggle. “What?” You ask curiously.

 “Look at Coco.” He said, not being able to stop his laughs as you turn your head to see the small dog chasing a butterfly. She would try to jump to catch it but always failed, it was as if the butterfly was teasing the pup.

 You began to giggle while you watched the two, shaking your head at the dog. Youngjae looked over to you when he heard your soft noises. “____?” He muttered. “What happened?”

 You take a deep breath after your gaze meets his. “I don’t Youngjae, it’s probably something stupid.”

 “No.” You jumped at the familiar voice. “It’s not stupid.” Jinyoung breathed out, you could tell he ran here. “____, listen. I know you’re pissed at me and you should be, I was being an ass. I am an ass, but I love you. I love every part of you, even the parts you hate about yourself. I never should have said what I did and I’m aware that my jokes can be rude sometimes and I’m so so so sorry for that.”

 You and Youngjae both just stared at the person in front of you before exchanging glances and looking back to Jinyoung. You weren’t sure how to react but you knew you wanted to hug him, so you did.

 Jinyoung tensed up for a second before relaxing into the hug and grasping onto your body. He rested his head on your shoulder, feeling relieved. You smiled before whispering, “If you ever say shit like that again, I’ll murder you.”

 He let out a breathy laugh but never let go. “If I say anything like that again, I deserve to be murdered.” 

 “Glad you agreed.” You smiled and kissed his cheek.

 You both turned to youngjae when you heard a small squeal. “You guy are so cute.”

 You all started laughing while Jinyoung pulled you closer to his torso, placing a small kiss on top of your head. “When we get back I should probably apologize to Bam too~” He admitted.

 You and youngjae sigh, “What did you do?” You said in unison as small laughs escaped your mouths. 

Jinyoung always found a way to make things up to you, he loved you too much to be stubborn. It hurt him to be away during tours so if you avoided him out of anger while he was home, he’d do anything and everything for you to forgive him. Words could describe his affection towards you.

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