common grackle


Did anyone miss my ocs? probablynot-

Anyways, first we have OC 23! His name is Copy, and he’s a Grackle! (He appears in Griro.)

A member of the Duskwing Trio. He’s has a very feminine personality, and absolutely loves to dress up. He likes to be up-to-date with fashion and any product that will make him youthful. He is very attached to his boss Black, who he has feelings for. He also isn’t a big fan of bad news, and will become very dramatic over hearing it, even if it isn’t that bad. Also, he tries his best to avoid murder cases.

Next, we have OC 161! Her name is Coraline, and she’s a Clownfish! (She is yet to appear in any series.)

Coraline is very positive and friendly, and loves every creature in the sea, but she gets startled easily. She’s an excellent cook, and especially loves to work with sweets. She loves to add candy corn to every dessert dish she makes, because she thinks it’s the perfect touch of happiness. She cares for her friend Michi very much, and makes gift bags for her every day. 

Then, there is OC 66! Her name is Mana, and she’s a Manatee! (She appears in Griro! And I’m pretty sure some of you remember her right?)

Mana enjoys playing with others, and is very kind. She lives with Makoa, a Irraddy Dolphin who treats Mana as if she is her daughter. Mana loves seeing her friends happy, and will do her best to try to make them happy if they are sad. She is extremely lucky, and uses her luck to help others in need!

Finally, there is OC 17! Her name is Lita, and she’s a Raven! (She appears in Griro.)

A member of the Duskwing Trio. She is overconfident. She has very good senses, which is helpful when it comes to murder cases, but hardly helps out because she finds it boring. She finds it exciting making friends, and will go to far by asking odd questions. Like Copy, she is attached to her boss Black, who she has feelings for. She also finds bugs to be very delicious, especially worms, which grosses out Copy, but she doesn’t care about his feelings. 

A grackle with some canted wing feather action going on. Since I like to look at things at ± 55 degrees and this grackle seems to prefer a view rotated to about 180 degrees, his wing looks almost completely fine in this photo.

This is not the grackle who sucker punched me in the head. That grackle is, for reasons of aforementioned sucker punchage, not pictured.


Common Grackle ft. Ceschi - The Great Depression

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