common clay

Imagine the guys underestimate your power to fix a bike. **REQUESTED**

You had moved to charming about 3 months ago, and some how you ended up hanging up with these biker guys and badass women. You were all girly girl, all about them sparkles, glitter and pink. You wanted to work at the mechanic shop really bad though, your dad had taught you how to fix a hog in less than 20 minutes. all the guys knew this, yet they took you as a joke because the way you represented yourself was not the type to know how to fix a bike.

“Aw shit.” Clay said under his breath.

“Whats up, clay?”

“All the guys are doing something just fucking around and Bobby’s bike is run down and its already in the shop I just need someone to fix it.”

“Well, I can give it a try.”

Clay looked up at you from his cigar. “Keep dreamin’ missy.”

“Common clay, I can fix a bike just as well as one of the guys.”

“Oh I’m sure you can.” He said drawn out with sarcasm. You stomped out of the office mad as hell when you took it upon yourself to go fix the bike. You took the tools you needed and went to town. In under an hour, Bobby came outside to hear the rumble of his bike. You smirked and the guys pulled up as you walked out of the garage with a rag in your hand. All the guys looked at you and there jaw almost hit the floor.

“Well done.” Happy said, putting a hand on your shoulder. You looked at Happy who was then looking at your ass. You walked away from the shop and you walked up to clay.

“What do you say now, old man?”

“Youre on the payroll, but watch your actions.”

“Sure thing."  You walked back to the shop where all the guys where making sure Bobbys bike wasn’t going to blow up. Happy walked up to you.

"I want to be upfront and say that I visually enjoy you.” You blurted out before you could think.

“The feeling is mutual." You raise your eyebrows as happy takes your hand and leads you to his bike.

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Postmodernists deliberately embraced mass immigration without assimilation - specifically suppressing assimilation, in fact - in order to break down adherence to a common and to subvert prevailing family systems. A population without a common language, common assumptions, or indeed any means of generating a genuine polity is easier to manipulate and turn into the common clay from which a new transnational order can be moulded.
—  James Bennett - New Criterion Magazine