common brimstone

“Common Brimstone” (Gonepteryx rhamni)

Also simply known as the “brimstone”, the common brimstone is a species of Pierid butterfly which occurs in Europe, North Africa, and Asia east to Mongolia. Adult G. rhamni are relatively long lived with individuals emerging as early as January and leaving as late as August. Common brimstone larvae are known to feed solely on Common Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica) and Alder Buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula). The wings of G. rhamni are an exceptional form of camouflage, as they imitate a leaf almost perfectly!


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Lepidoptera-Pieridae-Gonepteryx-G. rhamni

Image: Charlesjsharp

ask-wiggles replied to your photo “The unruly inspiration gremlins that live in my brain decided that I…”

Omg I LOVE chihuahua Cerberus. Awesome design! Glad you kept her face stylized instead of the usual ‘generic cute’ way people genderbend. XD

Nawww, thaaaaaank yoooooouuuuu! I’m so glad you like it! :D

I mean, the really long pointy face is kind of… the identifying mark of Disney’s Hades, I think? Aside from the blue fire hair? So it was kind of part of the idea I had from the start, as was the general style of dress and the comedy/tragedy mask skull faces on her sash clip thing. 

I’m kind of irritated I couldn’t find a way to keep more of Hades’s body type intact but it’s seriously WEIRD with that narrow bony face and thin long pointy fingers while he’s got these round flabby shoulders and general soft-looking upper body, so in the end she ended up getting a bit more meat on her arms than I’d normally associate with those pointy shoulders, and hella junk in the trunk (tho you can’t really tell under the dress - I also sketched some stiletto heels for her under there, the better to CRUSH her enemies… *ahem*). For me that worked better than making her all-around voluptuous or something; doing that would’ve just looked like I was trying to sexy her up which wasn’t the intention at all.

But yeah, if I’m gonna genderbend characters I kinda want to keep the original aesthetic of their design, yanno? Except Princess Shelf. Princess Shelf gets to be Beach Hunk Shelf because Rule of Funny. Or have a good IC reason to do otherwise.

ANYWAY have a bonus chihuahua Cerby!

Road Testing: Goblin Market

Curry, peach, spiced plum, nectarine, Seville orange

Don’t be scared. Yes, there is curry fragrance oil in this perfume. No, you’re not going to smell like your local takeaway at 3am on a Saturday morning. I promise.

Actually, the stand-out note in this one is the Seville orange, which is intensely bright and sunny. That settles into a clean sweetness from the nectarine and peach notes. The spiced plum is just a suggestion, giving those sharp citrusy notes a darker edge. And the curry? Oh, it’s there. Sniff closely and you’ll get a hint of warmth that can only come from well-blended spices, and just a tiny bite of curry heat. But this is not a perfume that’s going to leave you thinking of vindaloos or kormas, believe me.