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look lana i don’t care if u think he’s kinda cute for an insane axe murderer. get laid on ur own time, we have a job to do–

–wut do u mean wut job? finding our damn shuttle & kicking some thief’s ass & finishing the delivery for hylo cuz u dont want to piss her off trust me & i wanna go home this trip isnt fun n e more & also i miss my bed & the omnicannon & someone has to punch gault so that might as well be me &—where do u think ur going?

im not whining ur whining!!!! 

no don’t make out with him im pretty sure he has rabies! stahp lana stahp! NO MY EYES! jfc keep ur robe on beniko! ur making me be the sensible one in this duo & we both know thats a horrible idea!

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I care about my girls out here in the bowl, but come on ... I feel like they don't realize when they set their expectations low with these men, the men start thinking they can get away with this shit with ANY girl. A man starts jerking off with me on Skype, I'm giving him my paypal and two minutes or I'm hitting that end call button ... like common sense, come on

A man starts jerking off to me on Skype, I’m immediately pressing the end call button regardless.

I swear girls jump into this and do NO RESEARCH beforehand and end up making these dumb ass mistakes that could have easily been corrected by her reading ANY sugar blog for 30 seconds.

And that’s the shit that makes guys think it’s A OK to offer $300 for dinner and a sexual meet and greet with no promise of an allowance.

If you’re responsible enough to make the concious decision to become a sugar baby, you have to be a fucking ADULT and look into it, just like you’d do with ANY OTHER JOB. I know girls like me who are sick and tired of these young girls bringing down the value of SB’s everywhere because they’re being immature and blind to the fact that they arnt only ripping themselves off but ripping the rest of us off too.

Girls need to realize that sugaring is a group effort by ALL OF US to uphold our value. I’m not out there fucking and sucking for a coach wallet and neither should anyone else, and then the same girls will turn around and want their POS salt daddy’s to buy them cars and take them on trips but they fail to realize that THEY ARE LITERALLY NEVER GETTING THAT EVER!!!! why you ask? Because she’s already devalued herself, why the hell would he upgrade the package if he can get the same service for less?


I know they say they don’t want it to be a like a “business transaction” but that’s EXACTLY what the fuck it is until I am 100% secure in my position and if he doesn’t like it he has 2 simple options:

1) Deal with it, and shut up
2) Choke

We as sugar babies are a TEAM, and as a team we need to look out for our stock and assets together to make sure that everything stays reasonably consistent across the board, or else men will expect all of us to get on our knees for a Micheal Kors purse and that’s not happening over here honey.

Not everyone can be a neurosurgeon
Not everyone can be a teacher
Not everyone can be a Supreme Court judge
Not everyone can be a sugar baby

If you’re too lazy to do the research before jumping in the bowl, just fill out an application for a regular job because they’ll TRAIN you before you clock in for the first time and you won’t screw over every single other person in the same field if you choose to fuck something up.

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Hello, I would really like to read number 5, "Are you hitting on her for me?", with Cullen x Dorian x Inquisitor. :3

(Thank you for your prompt! <3)

“So I realised perhaps I should improve my close combat when the bandit almost had a dagger in my side…”

Dorian sighed, leaning against the railing as the Inquisitor relayed her latest adventure, half listening. It was not that he was not interested in what the woman had to say, Maker knows he loved to critique her tales. But his other attention was focused on observing the blonde suit of armour to his side. Cullen stood eagerly, his entire focus on her as she spoke, almost stood at attention in his yearning.

Maker, for having such admittedly good-looking features and a reasonable amount of common sense, the man could appear such a simple idiot.

It was hardly unnoticeable, the way he looked at her. Dorian had subtly approached the subject more than once over a drink at the tavern, but Cullen was stubbornly both bashful and silent on the admitting front, and waved off any attempt at his help.

He could simply not allow this forlorn simpering to continue any longer.

“Forgive me Inquisitor, but I am rather unskilled with hand to hand combat, as much as it pains me to admit it. I much prefer the fine art of staying out of situations that could end in bloody robes. But…” He slid an arm around the broad armour of the man next to him, grabbing at his shoulder and pulling him into a half embrace. “I am sure the Commander could easily teach you a few moves.” He silenced the protest that almost left the other man with a sharp knee that found the back of his thigh. “No need to be coy! You are, after all, our finest warrior. Just look at this toned physique. All that early morning drilling must have a use, after all.”

Cullen’s face had turned the same colour as the brilliant scarlet drapery and he looked sheepishly at the woman before them. “I, um…of course. Whenever you are free, Inquisitor. I would be happy to.”

“It’s a date! I’ll come and find you later. Need to go to the tavern, Sera’s been causing a ruckus again…” The Inquisitor grinned, bouncing off down the stairs with a wave of farewell and Dorian turned to him with a smug sneer that seemed to curl across his entire face as he stared after her.

“Did you just…”

“Hit on her for you? Yes. Because watching you stare wistfully at her from the courtyard every day is beginning to wear on me almost as much as Bull’s terrible double entendres are.”

“I don’t-“

“Cullen, if you were to covet her any more than you already do, you would be barking at her feet and licking her face.”

“Oh, because I’m Ferelden. Hilarious.”

“No, because you are a love-sick puppy, and you ought to be put down for being so very pathetic.”

“Maker’s breath, I can’t-“

Vishante keffas, just kiss her already.” The blonde hesitated, glaring at the mage, and Dorian snorted, smartly ruffling the curls on his head, a promising glean in his eyes as Cullen wailed in protest at the assault. “Do it, or I shall.”

“I beg your pardon?!”

“Kiss her, or I shall get there first. Then you’ll have to covet us both. Although I do share…” He seemed to consider the dark haired man for a moment, unsure entirely if there was humour or promise in the threat, before bolting down the stairs after the shadow of the Inquisitor, Dorian snickering as he settled back into his chair. “Though I can’t imagine you do.”

Jay-Z, photographed performing in London on August 25, 1997. 

Hov was in town to perform on the Tim Westwood-curated stage at the city’s “Notting Hill Carnival,” alongside Busta Rhymes, Lil’ Kim, Common [Sense], Beenie Man, Red Rat & Goofy from the Main Street Crew and Glamma Kid. The carnival is the second largest street festival in the world, and ‘97′s iteration boasted a massive 1.3 million attendees. The carnival was a free event that didn’t usually host big names, but Westwood somehow managed to get the above acts to travel all the way to England to perform.


*** After 19 days, I am back in the states WITH STABLE WIFI 😁😁***

You held the pack of ground meat in your hand, looking over the percentage when Jax came up behind you. “You figure out dinner yet?” “What about tacos?” “That sounds good. If it’s not too much work.” You shook your head and smiled lightly. Jax smiled back and leaned forward, his lips pressing against yours. Moving your lips against his, you giggled as you felt his hand go around your waist and rest right on the slope of your ass. You put a hand to his chest and pushed him away gently. “We’re standing in the middle of the meat isle of the store. Behave yourself.” Jax laughed and pulled back, looking you over and biting his lip. “I don’t know if I want to.”

You rolled your eyes but smiled, turning away from him and putting the pack in the basket. You walked together to the cashier, hand in hand and were about to begin paying when you heard a woman’s voice behind you. “Jax?” He turned around faster than you and you saw his eyes widen a little before you settled your own eyes on a brunette woman. You looked over at him, waiting to see what he would say but no words left his mouth. He stood silently for a moment before clearing his throat.

“Tara. What are you going back I’m Charming?” He asked the question nicely and to most people, it would’ve seemed like a regular question but you knew your Old Man well. He didn’t seem happy to see this lady. “I transferred back over. Got a job working the OR over in St. Thomas. It’s good to see you.” She smiled at him in a way that made you slightly uncomfortable but you decided to ignore it, until it sunk in that he had said Tara.

Tara. The girl you’d heard Gemma talking about in loathing. The girl that had abandoned Jax and broke his heart. Even though you didn’t know Jax back then, the thought made you a upset and you immediately felt the need to protect him. “Well it was nice meeting you. We have to get going.” Jax nodded at you and waved at Tara. “Good luck.” The both of you turned around without another word and Jax pulled out his wallet, paying for the food.


“So what? She just shows up out of nowhere after more than 10 years and thinks that shit is going to pick back up?” “That’s probably exactly what she thinks. I was obsessed with her before, bending over backwards and slaving over her. That shit is history. I slave over you now.” You laughed and kissed his cheek after placing the tacos on the dinner table. “You sure do. Don’t worry about her. I know that she just showed up to cause problems. I trust you.” “Good. Now let’s eat.”


“Tara I’m not going to tell you again. I’m with someone. She’s my Old Lady. I’m not getting back with you.” “I have your crow!” “Yeah, and I regret giving it to you. You took off and left me here, now you think you’re going to come back and I’ll start chasing after you like a puppy again? That’s not going to happen. Now stop calling me.” Jax hung up the phone and blew out a breath. Tara was really overstepping her boundaries now. She had somehow gotten the house number and was calling Jax at home. The home where he lived with you and Abel. He had no doubt that she’d gotten the number from a croweater and he made a mental note to talk to them later and let them know to keep their mouths shut when it came to his family.


Gemma pursed her lips in annoyance as her son explained to her what had been going on with Tara. “She better keep her ass away from you and my family. She already skipped out on you once. Plus you know Y/N isn’t going to take that. She better watch herself.” “I think she got the hint mom.” “I don’t think she did.” Gemma pointed a black painted fingernail over to the entrance of the clubhouse and Jax curse as he saw Tara walking in. She looked around and it was obvious that she was scanning for him. When she finally saw him, he made the mistake of making eye contact and she smiled, taking that as an invitation.

Jax looked over at his mother and she said nothing, glaring over at the ex with a scowl. Tara weaved through people and finally ended up right in front of Jax, looking down at him with a smile as he stayed seated. “What are you doing here Tara? We’ve been through this.” “I know but I think you’re making a mistake. I know I walked out on you but I’m back now. I’m a surgeon. I won’t leave you again. I’ve got everything I’ve wanted, all that’s left is you.”

Gemma couldn’t help the snort that left her mouth and Tara flinched a bit, not liking the thought that the Queen was laughing her. She chose to ignore Gemma and kept trying to convince Jax to take her back but Gem walked off, going into the kitchen where you were.

“Tara’s out there.” Your hands stilled and you stopped cutting the carrot in your hand. You turned around slowly, now officially pissed that she thought she could waltz into your turf. You dropped the knife down onto the counter with a clatter, walking out of the kitchen with a smirking Gemma following right behind you. As you got near the couch were Jax was, he came into view. So did Tara, who was sitting in his lap and trying to best down all her weight to keep him from pushing her off. “You just gonna let that happen?” Gemma looked at you and motioned to the scene.

Without a word, you walked up to the couch and stood in front of them, your feet already shoulder width apart, ready. “Now I know you’re an educated girl, you wouldn’t have made it through med school if you weren’t, but lately im begin to wonder if you have any common sense. That’s my Old Man that you keep calling and texting, and now sitting on. We’ve already made it clear that you’re not welcome here. Now you can take the hint, or you can take this ass whooping. Your choice.”

Tara stared at you for a moment before laughing. “Really? You think I’m scared of you?” You smiled and tilted your head slightly. “You should be. I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you 5 seconds to get off of him and leave the clubhouse before I wipe the floor with you.” Gemma’s smirk grew and she folded her arms over her chest, more than ready to see what would happen. Stubborn as ever, Tara rolled her eyes and turned away from you, looking back to Jax and putting her arms around his neck.

Gemma let out a loud laugh as a gasp left Tara’s mouth, her hair wound up in your fist and her knees slamming onto the floor. She grabbed up at your hands, tying to get you to release her hair but moved them away to protect herself as an uppercut landed right on her chin, a little trickle of blood coming down the side of her mouth where her tooth went into her lip. You dragged her a couple feet away from the couch, wanting to get some good leverage and delivered another blow to her cheek. You cocked your fist back ready to go again when Jax’s arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you away.

You kicked in his arms, not feeling like you did enough but he ignored you, carrying you off to his dorm. He tossed you down onto the bed and sat beside you. “Chill. You won. Everyone saw you beat her ass. It’s all good ok? Calm down.” He grabbed onto your hands and rubbed your knuckles lightly, trying to smooth the throbbing. “Is that bitch serious?” He chuckled and reached to push some hair behind your ear. “Yeah, she is. I’m sure she’s got the hint now though. I’m yours. She won’t be trying to take me from you anymore. Or anyone else for that matter.”

Resisting the Challenges of the 21st Century

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So, how’s that 21st century working out for you?

Perhaps it seems like death by a thousand paper cuts.

Oh, sure, we have all the big problems that have plagued Society since time began. Unfortunately, the number of small, seemingly insurmountable problems that keep cropping up in all parts of life seems to be multiplying.

While taking Arms against a Sea of Troubles may sound like a promising idea, the probable result is less than ideal. Instead, this book will show you how to use a diverse set of tools to deal with the small challenges: humor, irony, poignancy, relevant context, common sense, and even old man memories of how we did it back in my day. 

Can’t end any worse than that taking arms idea.

The book is organized into six sections, each of which focuses on a specific topic, so it is possible to easily pick and choose which of the 40 chapters you read carefully or skim thru depending on which challenges you face:

•Coping with Life in the 21st Century
•The Future 
•Television and Movies 
•Comic Books and Games 

Along the way, the book touches on topics as diverse as: 
•correcting past mistakes the Academy made with the Oscars
•the correct age for a senior
•Common Core Math
•the Mandela Effect
•seating on an airplane
•World of Warcraft
•cable companies and their stealth money grab
•applying science fiction principles to Supreme Court decisions

There’s even one Billion Dollar idea that you should start working on ASAP.

And, of course, there’s the never-ending battle with the soul-destroying need to pay for cheese when you don’t want any.

“He was a giant, a great, great soul, with all of the humanity, all of the wit and humor, all the wisdom, the spirituality, the common sense of a man and compassion for people. He inspired love and had the strength of a hundred men. He was like the sun, the flowers and the moon and we will miss him enormously. The world is a profoundly emptier place without him.” - Bob Dylan on George Harrison

February 25, 1943 - November 29th, 2001 RIP George