tfw you defeat the evil carrot squadrons of wafflingham, trick the knights of the brocc-iluminati into turning over the spork of destiny, solve the riddle of the egglord, then scale the frosty peaks of fridge ridge to claim the sausage sword of meat-alonia. yeah. you know. that feel. #relatable

HAVING A CRUSH ON A TEACHER IS NOT FUN. When he leans over your shoulder or the desk to check your answers. And you can hear him breathing softly and see his chest rise up and down. So you start sweating and shaking just a little bit. Thinking of all the things you have in common and his stupid jokes that make you laugh uncontrollably. And you do something right in class and he praises you. But you get so upset internally when you get a question wrong. Because you want him to like you, but when you get something wrong it’s just one more thing he rejects.

Episode 89! We’re having robust and revved up conversation about the Empire finale, Kendrick Lamar’s stunning To Pimp A Butterfly, The Jinx, and so much more! The breakdown:

3:40 - A Word On Martese Johnson *

7:58 - Raven Symone, Common, and The Perils of New Blackness 

19:00 - The Jinx: Serial Killers and White Male Privilege 

32:00 - The Unapolgetic Blackness of To Pimp A Butterfly

44:30 - Empire S1 Finale Recap: Brilliantly Messy

*trigger warning Fariha talks about being on molly

*lol trigger warning around 43:50 if you don’t like to hear people blowing their nose <3

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The idea that extending our hands in love will end racism is absurd...

Sure, if you’re a Christian or pacifist or an ethical person or someone who believes hate is counter-productive or unhealthy or believe that extending your hand in love is simply the right thing to do… you probably should do just that.

I encourage you to do that.
By all means, do that.
Don’t let the hatred of others cause you to abandon your principles.
Do it.
Don’t let me stop you.
Don’t let anyone stop you.

But the idea that it will necessarily end racism is absurd. That shouldn’t be your motive. Because if it is, then you’ll be disappointed if and when it doesn’t always work.

It wreaks of another form of respectability politics. 

Similar to the, “How will Whites respect us if we don’t respect each other?”
You shouldn’t respect each other as a means to get White respect.

You should respect each other because you CARE about each other.
Because it’s the right thing to do.
Beginning and end of it.