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SING LAURAAA!!!!!!!!!!! #AFROPUNK2016 #Afropunk #LauraMvula #Dope #Fashion #VIBES (at Commodore Barry Park)

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The Power of Grace Jones
By Michael Schulman

Ms. Jones likes to say that she exists in several time zones at once, but most of the time you can find her in London or Jamaica. She had come to New York to headline the Afropunk Fest in Brooklyn, where she performed at Commodore Barry Park two nights in a row.

At both concerts, a billowing curtain fell away to reveal Ms. Jones covered head to toe in tribal body paint (a look Keith Haring created for her in the ’80s), wearing a feathered headdress adorned with a gold skull and a corset that ended just below her exposed breasts.

Donning a series of outrageous costumes, she sang raspy, raunchy versions of her hits, including the double-entendre-laden “Pull Up to the Bumper,” which was accompanied by a blast of bubbles. She performed her entire final song, “Slave to the Rhythm,” while hula hooping topless, betraying nothing of her 60-something years. (“I never remember how old I am,” she says. “I’m 5,000 years old.”)

If her mostly young spectators saw traces of pop music’s current crop of exhibitionists, they were not alone. Her name and her envelope-pushing influence are now commonplace in descriptions of such mass-marketed misfits as Miley Cyrus, Amber Rose and Nicki Minaj.

But Ms. Jones is not impressed.

“They make it so obvious,” she said at the Mandarin. “But they don’t quite have the conviction. It’s always someone styling them, for example. It’s not coming from them.

”She added: “People say, ‘Well, you should be flattered.’ And I’m like, ‘No, I’m not.’ Because my whole view is being unique and finding yourself, from your own suffering or your own upbringing or your own happiness. For me, it’s all piggybacking. [Read More]

I find it interesting to meet so many black people who are climbing the social ladder and changing game on stereotypes. These college grads who are also making more money than their parents are also going above and beyond to compensate for the black folk who haven’t made the transition. They subconsciously want to prove themselves and prove that they ARE an exception to the rule. They are waving their fancy apartments online screaming “LOOK, not all black people live in the hood, look at me I live in Fort Greene”. I understand the feeling to want to prove someone wrong and I sympathize with it. But at what point are we waisting our time, i for one believe we are directing our energy in the wrong direction. To be so conscious of how someone feels about you internally is a dead end game. I see that black are still, but secretly, looking for approval. It makes me sad to meet successful black people that have an evolved slave mentality. Most don’t realize it and genuinely believe their need to be a part of the elite is random. There is a way you can be a part of various social groups and still be true. Know who you are, don’t be blind to the media and the world. A 6 year old can calculate a lot by watching Fox5 news for 6 months. Don’t get lost in the idea that because you have “made it” that you are no longer a part of “the problem”.

Afropunk was everything and more than I hoped for

I’m in this state of peace and shock because just yesterday Cerebral Ballzy fucking thrashed the stage. They sound just like their Cd’s. Better I might add. 

And deary me…..Honor is gorgeous….but I swoon everyday over him up here. ha I spazzed out so bad man the music took over.

Purple Ferdinand performed. She said it was her first time in New York. Her voice is so angelic. And she’s very calm which makes her music even more serene. Please give her music a listen, if you haven’t. I am definitely a fan now.

Just thinking yesterday this time I was in Brooklyn is like a dream. I hadn’t been up there in so long and it was a bummer because the one relatives number that I happen to have there was out of town. Def need to connect with all my family up there because I want to perform up there….visit more.

It’s a mission. I passed out 100 flyers. Didn’t see any on the ground and people were really kind. Really loved it. Met a photographer. His accent I assumed was french, he was striking and I missed his name but he asked to photograph me, I kindly said yes. Wish I could see the pictures. My sister came and she made the trip so exciting. I love her so and we had a pretty great time just walking and waiting on the train and bus back home. We’re tired but I got a lot to do today!!!

Photos later!

New page set up later as well.

(My sis designed my logo!!!!! yeeeee)

Hope you are guys are well.