Vocabulary for Morning Routines

Of course, how could language learning ever be complete without learning how to talk about your morning routine! Here below are some words and expressions I’ve compiled into a list using my usual sources I’ve mentioned in past posts.

consuetudo -inis matutina -ae morning routine

balneum -i bathtub, bathroom

latrina -ae toilet, public toilets

me lavo [1] I bathe myself

lavo [1] I bathe smb.

balneum -i pluvium -i shower

capillos lavo [1] I wash my hair

> sapo -onis soap

> saponatum -i shampoo, also lotio -onis spumifera -ae

faciem eluo [3] to wash your face, also lavo [1]

> facitergium -i face-towel

dentes penicilō dentariō converro [1] I brush my teeth (with a toothbrush)

dentes collutoriō eluo [3] I rinse my mouth (with mouthwash)

capillos pecto pexi pectum [3] I comb my hair

> pecten -inis comb

capillos crispo [1] I curl my hair

faciem rado [3] I shave my face

> barbam rado [3] I shave my beard

> mystacem rado [3] I shave my mustache

unguentum applico [1] I apply makeup, face-cream

caco [1] to defecate

> anitergium -i toilet paper

mingo, minxi, mi(n)ctum [3] to urinate, also meio, mixi, mi(n)ctum [3]

ientaculum paro [1] I prepare breakfast

> ova -orum fricta -orum fried eggs

> ova -orum commixta -orum scrambled eggs

> lardum -i bacon

> perna -ae ham

> scribillita -ae muffin

> laganum -i pancake

> cerealis -is cereal

> poculum -i caffaei cup of coffee, also theae - of tea

iento [1] I break my fast, I have/eat breakfast

*helpful adverbs*

semper always

interdum sometimes, also nonnumquam

numquam never

cottidie everyday

hodie today

cras tomorrow

heri yesterday

mane in the morning

sero late

For vocabulary concerning clothing, I have a whole wordlist dedicated just to that, and another for sleep-related vocabulary! :)

And of course all questions, comments, and suggestions are very welcome!