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i looked up Kim Yuna and there is a MASSIVE section on her of all the charity contributions she’s done:

Kim donated more than 2.0 billion won ($1.7 million) as of Oct 2009 and is continuing her effort in many ways. Her charitable contributions known to public include:

  • Every Year since Jan 2007 – 12 million won scholarships to 6 young skaters after her first advertisement endorsement of Kookmin Bank.
  • May 2007 – 10 million won scholarship to fellow skater Hyeon-Jung Kim after making a contract with LG Household & Health Care advertisement.
  • September 2007 – 200 million won (100 million of her own + 100 million won additional contributions from Ivy Club) in form of school uniforms to low-income-family youths after making a contract with Ivy Club advertisement.
  • December 2007 – 100 school uniforms (worth 20 million won) to youths damaged by Taean oil spill disaster.
  • April 2008 – Visited Everland with 800 children from Seoul Boys Town on Kookmin Bank Volunteer Day.
  • May 2008 – 50 million won (in addition to contributions from Daishin Securities) to young skaters after giving a talk to public at Daishin Investment Forum 2008.
  • May 2008 – 40 million won worth of one-year provision of Maeil Dairies Company products to low-income-family youths.
  • May 2008 – Participated in the recording of a humanitarian song “I Love Asia” Project to help earthquake victims of Sichuan, China
  • December 2008 – 100 million won worth of school uniforms to low-income-family youths after renewing her advertisement contract with Ivy Club.
  • December 2008 – Over 1,000 dolls, she received at Grand Prix Final, to juvenile cancer wards in hospitals in metropolitan Seoul area.
  • December 2008 – 50 million won to young skaters at “Little Yuna’ Youth skaters support project” Campaign of Sports Toto Lottery Company.
  • December 2008 – 144 million won, total amount of ticket earnings from the charity ice show “Angels on Ice 2008” to children with rare diseases and juvenile cancer patients
  • April 2009 – 100 million won worth of dairy products to low-income-family youths through the Seongname Welfare Center of World Vision.
  • May 2009 – 100 million won and skate boots while participating in UNICEF Pigotta Doll Project to help children with immunization campaign.
  • December 2009 – Her portrait rights for free to be included in the Christmas seals for tuberculosis eradication.
  • January 2010 – 100 million won through UNICEF to Haiti relief.
  • April 2010 – 50 million won, some part of earnings from Festa on Ice 2010, to ROKS Cheonan (PCC-772) victims who died in the ship.
  • July 2010 – As a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, she thanked Haiti donors.
  • August 2010 – $10,000 to UNICEF. It was the prize money awarded to Kim with her Proud Korean Award by the Korean-American Leadership Foundation in Los Angeles.
  • December 2010 – Yuna Kim & Seung Gi Lee sang “smile boy” and donated 40 million Won to one of rising star in figure skating and woman soccer player.
  • December 2010 – $45,000 to children of families without parents through the Korean Committee for UNICEF.
  • May 2011 – $27,000, her prize money from the 2011 world championships to help victims of the quake-tsunami disaster in Japan
  • Dec 2011 – 10 million won to Yeon-Su Social Welfare Center of children’s foundation to help children of multicultural families.
  • Dec 2011 – 10 million won to “Babonanum Foundation”.
  • Jan 2012 – 73 million won, proceeds from duet song “Ice flowers” song by Yu-Na Kim & I.U., to members of national figure skating team.
  • Feb 2012 – 50 million won to 5 children of families without parents through the Korean Committee for UNICEF.
  • Jun 2012 – 70 million won, as much money to build a school, to Salecio center which is trying to build 100 small schools at rural communities in Republic of South Sudan.
  • Jan 2013 – 50 million won to 5 children with rare diseases through the Korean Committee for UNICEF.
  • Apr 2013 – $45,000, all her prize money from the 2013 world championships to help children with disability through the Korean Committee for UNICEF.
  • May 2013 – 10 million won to children with disability living in Geumjeong-gu, Pusan, through the Korean Committee for UNICEF.
  • Nov 2013 – $100,000 to aid Philippine children damaged by Typhoon Haiyan through the Korean Committee for UNICEF.

how they say MAMA awards work:

20% voting

80% committee and proffessional judges

how the MAMA awards actually work:

20% voting

10%  committee and proffessional judges

70% money and influence from the entertainment companies