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pet some dogs and drink some hot cocoa and relax. draw art for yourself and in private groups or small groups that you trust. you don't need to commit your art to the public until you feel ready, but don't let it discourage you from creating. stretch your drawing muscles and relax, do what you want to. take this break as a sort of freedom from being treated like garbage by social media. there's a reason i'm reluctant to update my blog, too. take care my guy and don't stress. -frances

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Restarting This Tumblr. Win A Cintiq!

Hi guys,

As some of you may be aware I used to use this tumblr a lot to collate channel art for my channel and I have decided to reboot it and try and get some good thumbnails for my channel again.

Basically any art submitted from now until the end of February will enter you to win some prizes. TWO runners up will win a small Wacom art tablet  (similar to this but may not be the exact model )

The winner will also win a Cintiq 13inch HD ( ) worth a considerable amount.

To have a chance of winning simply submit a thumbnail for one of the following games with the folllowing criteria by hitting the “submit art” button on this tumblr. 

You must be 18 or older - Include your country of residence with the submission (where you want the prize posted to but NOT your full address)

Must be 1280x720 resolution. 

Must feature the “Minx” character (simply look at my channel for reference)

Must be Digital Art

Please leave a blank space for game name / logo

Titlecards in the following themes are accepted: Uno , Cards Against Humanity,  Dead By Daylight, Friday The 13th, Prop Hunt, Golf Games (keep it generic), Town of Salem, A “scared” minx on a transparent background, TTT, Age Of Conan, A transparent background RAGE MINX face.

By submitting your art here you give me (Minx) full permission to use it in whatever context she wishes wherever she wishes.



I am also looking to take on two artists on a permanent basis for paid work for the channel. This will be unrelated to the competition because I realize not everyone wants to commit to making art for me. If you are interested please mark your post with “Interested in paid position” . I’d be looking at a set amount of art for a flat lump sum.


You can submit as many thumbnails you like in the period.


Contest ends March 1st and winner(s) will be picked within two weeks, and aim to get their prizes to them by April 1st at the latest.

Best Regards,



So another creature au thing (Belongs to this amazing person, @bunny-yams - ) something that I thought about today and came up with the idea since Lafayette is a vampire, he sorta… just wants that human blood and considering Hamilton is is fresh meat, ya’ know, bites him. I dunno, I just liked the idea and since I needed something to post, and it’d be easy to draw (??), and I was committed - so yeah!

Help, Art block is kicking my ass.

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I know requests are closed but could you possible do a little blurb where y/n is Harry's current gf and she gets a little jealous that Carolina is about someone else and Harry's wondering why she doesn't like the song cause every time he asked her about it she shuts down and they fight and h gets mad cause y/n is "hindering his creativity" and they fight but then make up? Thanks love id really appreciate it

I hated that I’d become this person.  Jealousy was not in my repertoire.  I knew the deal when I’d started dating Harry Styles.  He was committed to his art.  He wrote about experiences he’d had which could range from things he’d done to people he’d hung out with.  I was lucky enough to become one of those experiences though he’d never written a song about it.

And maybe that’s where I was stuck.

We’d been dating for a year.  I resisted him at first, I didn’t want the spotlight that came with dating someone like him.  I’m not a girl who walks around in Gucci everywhere I go.  In fact, most weekends I look homeless while I run around LA in workout clothes and not a stitch of makeup.  But he’d persisted.  And he’d finally won me over.  A combination of his kindness and undeniable charm and I fell fast.  He told me daily that I was the one who inspired him.  I was his home.

But yet, he’d never written a song about me.

When he’d come home from Jamaica with new songs burning a hole in his pocket, I was almost as excited as he was to hear them.  We’d been apart for two months with limited communication at his request.  I understood, I didn’t get upset.  But I also wouldn’t say it had been easy.  Missing Harry, whether he was a thousand miles away or two miles away, was just part of my day now.  It went with the territory.

And I was blown away.  I was.  The songs were other worldly.  They were a perfect mix of every artist we listened to together.  They were Harry.  He gave me a little rundown of each song.  What had inspired him, what parts he’d written versus the parts other people had written, how the arrangement came about.  He knew I liked hearing about how the songs were built so he indulged me.  Just one more reason why I loved him so much.

He saved Carolina for last.  He said it was the song that got them out of their funk in the studio when they felt like everything they were coming up with was crap.  I liked it.  A lot.  It was fun and infectious and the kind of song I’d enjoy blasting while driving down the highway.

However, when he launched into the explanation for the song, my love for it dwindled until it was gone.

And that’s where I was stuck.

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Brown Girls -- Episode 1 on Vimeo

‘Brown Girls’ is an intimate story of the lives of two young women of color. Leila is a South Asian-American writer just now owning her queerness. Patricia is a sex-positive Black-American musician who is struggling to commit to anything: job, art and relationships. While the two women come from completely different backgrounds, their friendship is ultimately what they lean on to get through the messiness of their mid-twenties.

I only just watched the first episode and I’m already excited. People of color! QUEER people of color! Sex positivity!

There are seven episodes up on their website (and also their channel on Vimeo) so go check them out.

“I’m always afraid that the public will scorn songs about happiness out of a disbelief that it is genuine.” — Julien Baker on learning to articulate joy in her music.

Things that are inspiring her right now:

The novel Gilead by Marilyn Robison (a recommendation from the ever-wise Lucy Dacus).

The poetry of Beyza Ozer, a poet recommended by Morgan Martinez, editor of Hooligan Mag (an inspiring person in her own right).

The art of Kazuo Shiraga.

The bands PWR BTTM and Camp Cope; their music, their social commentary, their unapologetic commitment to change through art, honestly just them as people, all of it.

The paintings and zines of Ariel Baldwin, great pal/Memphis-native/Chicago-resident, makes some really provocative and powerful art about healing.

Read more at The Creative Independent.

Dear Antis as Well as Anyone Toxic Within Fandoms

Please stop. Seriously many of you owe people apologies. You attack people that don’t agree with you, are silent when bullying of people goes on, and give condescending messages to the actual victims you attack.

You’ve encouraged and taken part in buzz word witch hunting where if you say something is offensive it is no matter how many people from said group say it isn’t. You’ve made it a norm to attack creators and make people fear for their lives. You justify abuse towards teenagers and minors as well as marginalized groups you claim to protect. You claim fetishization and queer baiting for shit you interpret as such. You don’t sit there and actively search for content that won’t offend you you actively search for content that does offebd you. You could’ve blacklisted the tag made an anti tag said your peace and moved on. But you keep trying to override canon stop. A fictional character’s life means nothing. Sending people death threats doesn’t help your cause it belittles it.

Saying you’re happy a teenager(s) committed suicide over art you don’t is truly insane and you’re lucky grieving families aren’t trying to find you and have you sent to jail. Telling someone to choke/kill themselves/etc isn’t cool and if your parents/people who love you saw you engaging in such toxic behavior how would they react.

You ensure real world abuse is justified because those of you that make false claims have children that are actually suffering that could be saved being abused longer because you decided to make a false claim. You commit slander and get people fired from jobs ensuring that some one will have to take care of them because they didn’t bend to your will. You’ve destroyed reputations of children before they get a chance at life. The callout mindset is disgusting and mostly there’s no evidence. But, you want to see evidence of people getting death threats, abuse, etc. But you’ll sit there and rummage through someone’s blog until you find something you can attach a buzz word too.

You’ve created an environment where there is no safe space and everything is fair game because you claim to have morals but you fucking don’t. If you sat idly by and watched someone get abused and have their livelihood ruined off of bullshit you have a problem. If you sat there and agreed on a post that said that you’d punch, choke, abuse, rape, etc someone over a cartoon/manga/game/comic you need to apologize especially since y'all have been known to be hypocrites. Just say sorry and as a whole as a community we can try and reach a compromise. Only through compromising will anything be accomplished and age well, the anti movement has done nothing but abuse people and has had many people leave the movement in favor of the shippers or be neutral.

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How long have you been doing art?

I’ve been drawing since I was about 5-6 years old? Not too sure, but it was at a young age! I never took my art seriously until my last year of high school/my first year of university, which was back in 2013/14. Around this point, I picked up watercolour and began to really commit to my art and trying to make something out of it.