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How to Write Characters in Realistic Polyamorous Relationships

Earlier this week, an anonymous follower asked: Any advice for writing a REALISTIC poly relationship?

Friend, you are in luck. As a polyamorous person, I’m always looking for more stories that include good poly representation! So first, we’re going to dig into some information about what poly is and what it isn’t, go over some vocabulary, and discuss how polyamorous relationships function in the real world, and then I’ll get into some dons and don’ts for writing polyamorous relationships. Read on under the cut!

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If leaving a bite mark is considered a commitment ceremony for ghouls in lieu of marriage, I wonder what Touka was thinking when Kaneki suggested this. If it was a little bit risque or embarrassing. Although knowing Touka, she wouldn’t really care all that much either way :’D

Winter’s Bride (Drake x MC)

Summary: She was set to marry the Prince. While she was committed to the ceremony of it all, her heart was telling her something else. On the day of her wedding, she had one last chance to make a choice.

Author’s Note: This is a hitting-two-prompts-with-one-stone piece. This is written especially for @punexpectedly - one of my giveaway winners. She requested for a Drake x MC piece with the prompt “I didn’t come here to tell you that I can’t live without you. I can live without you. I just don’t want to.” This is also my entry to this week’s #ChoicesCreates, with the prompt “What if…”? This round is hosted by my kitty cat, @catsrtheboss.

Winter’s Bride (Drake x MC)

I was seated on the edge of my bed, fidgeting with the hem of my veil. The gown I wore was stifling. The closed neckline was making me sweat even more, the long lace sleeves beginning to chafe my skin.  

It was all in my head though. I knew I looked beautiful. Everyone else had said so. The Queen had stopped by my room a few minutes ago and gazed at me lovingly. “Liam is so lucky,” she said as she cupped my face in her hands. “Liam is so blessed,” she added, kissing me on the forehead. My future mother-in-law who I had won over the past months. The Queen.

Katie, Prince Leo’s wife, had helped me with my dress and make-up. “You look lovely,” she told me as she brushed my hair. “But you look quite… sad,” she added softly, catching my eyes in the vanity’s mirror. I immediately averted my eyes. She had sensed my hesitation. She had sensed my disconnect — from the day, from the moment, maybe even from the man. But Katie and I weren’t close and I didn’t dare confide in her. She was married to Liam’s brother after all.  

The wedding was in an hour, and I was alone in my room. I had requested for some quiet time — “My last time as a single!,” I had told my bridesmaids in the most playful tone I could muster. They responded in giggles, and as soon as they closed the door behind them, I buried my face in my hands.

It was ten minutes into my silent crying when I heard the window slide open. I had gasped loudly as I saw a broad-shouldered figure enter through the window.

“Drake!,” I had whispered harshly.  “What are you doing here!?”

I remember running to the door to make sure it was locked, then whirling around to face Drake. He was dressed in his best man’s attire. He looked like he had been running, judging by his crumpled suit and his hair which was more disheveled than usual.

“I have to tell you something,” Drake had started. He took a few steps towards me.

“No, Drake, don’t,” I blurted out, then held out my hands to stop him from coming any nearer. I knew what he was going to say. Just a few weeks ago we had found ourselves alone in the Beaumonts’ study and had ended up making out. I still couldn’t forget the taste of his lips, how he had wrapped his strong arms around me and pressed me close to him. His kisses were everything I had imagined them to be — rough and insistent but gentle and sweet at the same time. We didn’t speak of the kiss afterwards, especially not after Liam had announced me as his chosen bride, not after we had celebrated the engagement formally with the kingdom.

Drake gently took my hands in his. My hands felt slight in his, and I found myself falling, drowning, swaying into his spell. I jerked my hands back and hid them behind my back. “Please don’t tell me you came here to say you can’t live without me, that you want to whisk me away, that we’re right for each other,” I said hurriedly, trying to sound upset, but ending up sounding half-hopeful and half-wishful.

“Please leave, Drake,” I had whispered. “Please leave before we make things worse… for the brothers. For Liam.” I sank to the ground. Taffeta, silk and lace had enveloped me, making me feel as if my wedding gown would swallow me whole. Drake had knelt on the floor slowly, then gently moved the voluminous fabric of my skirt away so he could sit across me.

“I didn’t come here to tell you that I can’t live without you,” he had said softly. I looked into his eyes and saw they were sad, very sad. I could see my own sadness reflected in his eyes. “I can live without you,” Drake had sighed. “I just don’t want to.”  

We then became a tangle of limbs and lips. My hands had been on his chest, crumpling his shirt as I balled my fists in passion and frustration. His mouth was hungry against mine, his hands wrapped around my waist, holding me as close to him as possible.

“What if… What if we ran away? Right now?,” Drake had asked in between kisses.

“I… no…,” I had answered, torn between the elation of finally helping out the Brothers Beaumont regain the integrity of their house, saving Liam from the power-hungry Madeline.. and feeling free again.

The knock on the door had startled us. “30 minutes left!,” one bridesmaid had shouted. I had shouted back a cheery “okay” then found my mouth locked back with Drake’s. My lipstick was smudged, my gown crumpled, my hair was coming out of its bun. I looked intoxicated, and I was, very much so.

“I want you,” Drake had said, breaking the kiss and cupping my face gently in his hands. “Come away with me. We’ll figure it out. We just need to get to the pier and take it from there.”

“Drake,” I shook my head, feeling the tears well in my eyes again.

He stood up before me, and I looked up at him from the floor. “My love,” he said sweetly, then walked towards the window. “You can easily climb down the tree from out this window. Then run. As fast as you can. Meet me at the apple orchard. I’ll be waiting by the entrance.” He had given me a longing look, then slid the window open. “I will wait for you.” And then he was gone.

It took awhile before I had stood up from the floor and walked to the window. I could still see Drake running towards the orchard, his white suit making him blend into the snow around him. His running made him unnoticeable on the ground, and he hoped that it would be the same for me.  

I was seated on the edge of my bed, fidgeting with the hem of my veil. The gown I wore was stifling. The closed neckline was making me sweat even more, the long lace sleeves beginning to chafe my skin.  

“Ten minutes!,” insistent voices from outside the door shouted. I could feel my heart in my throat as I stood before the mirror. I was dressed as a bride — the perfect veil, the beautiful gown, gloved hands. But I wasn’t one. The sparkle in my eyes nor the flush in my cheeks were caused not by my groom. I slowly walked towards the vanity table, then took off my gloves, followed by his engagement ring.

“I’m so sorry, Liam,” I whispered, hoping that the wind could carry my apology.

The tree was not hard to climb down from.

As soon as I hit the ground, I began to run.

flyy0ufools  asked:

I found a video of Jared during his 8 minute solo interview at sdcc 2011, where he says he liked season 4 because "I married the costar. Uh, I married the guest star." Seriously. Now I'm thinking that might have been a real slip, and maybe he liked s4 so much because that's when he and Jensen had a... ceremony...? What do you think?

Hello, dear Anna!

It’s not the only time Jared lets it slip that he married his co-star. ;)

Here’s the part of the interview that you’re talking about. He does do a pretty nice job at fixing it.

(27:31) Here’s another interview where he said “I married my co-star”, but this time there’s no fix. I doubt he even realised his mistake.

There is talk and past drops that supports that Jared and Jensen went through a commitment ceremony in late 2008 or early 2009 (here’s an interesting read) and that’s when they were filming season 4.

I think what you speculate is legit and there’s support for your theory! I could definitely see why they would love season 4 - Jensen even moved in with Jared sometime in the autumn of 2008.

Thank you for the ask, I loved it! Doing a bit of research gives me life. I hope you have a splendid Sunday - take it easy and relax. :)

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anonymous asked:

Hi. Question that I bet you've already received and answered re: your post about being attracted to women but being unable to visualise a relationship with one? For you, if you don't mind sharing, what was it that brought you to pursue a relationship with a woman in the first place? Personally I'm in a place where I think there's a potential for a relationship, but I don't know if I want it partly *because* she's a woman? Anyway, thanks for sharing your original post. That was meaningful to me.

I’m in a position where she likes me and I’m quite attracted to her but the idea of a relationship with a woman is strange and foreign in the same way that you expressed in that original post. Anyway, it’s not like you’re Ask Annie or anythin like that. Just curious what got you from “I’m attracted to women” to “I’m married to a woman.”

hey anon, sorry for the delay — i’m pretty bad about answering asks in the simplest of cases, and this was one i wanted to knock around in my head for a bit.

i realized i liked girls when i got a crush on one in high school, completely unexpectedly. but she lived far away and thought she was straight and so while i accepted this new thing about myself it was easy to think that i’d never really have to confront it again. when i graduated my favorite teacher, to whom i’d come out as bi, said something about hoping to come to my “wedding or commitment ceremony” one day, and i remember scoffing. looking back on that moment is strange. there i was, lucky enough to have a lesbian mentor actively envisioning this future for me when no one else was going to, yet even she didn’t go so far as to imagine that i’d have the right to marry a woman, and the alternative she suggested seemed absurd to me, like something belonging to a different world from the one i knew.

going to college helped. my best friend from high school, who is gay, went to the same college and i got to watch him date in a way he hadn’t been able to before. it was a small school and by chance, he ended up in a dorm where it seemed like no one was straight, and that’s where i met her. i didn’t expect my feelings, but neither could i ignore them.

it’s a cliché, but if you’d asked me then, did i love women?, i don’t know what i would have said. but i would have been able to say that i liked her, and soon, that i loved her.

now, of course, i know that i do love women, and that that thinking was a form of denial. but in a way i think this denial had a kind of usefulness, in breaking down one of the big questions of life into one small enough for me to handle. it’s hard to grapple with whether you want Relationships With Women. it’s a lot easier to think about whether you’d like to try a relationship with this woman. the rest can wait.

i want to let you know that you have my permission to think that way, if it helps. it might not seem like the most ideologically correct thing, but as i’ve said before in this space, your job isn’t to have ideologically correct feelings, your job is to be ok. if you’re attracted to her, then questions about women in general, or the concept of womanhood, or whatever, are just kind of beside the point, at least for now. focus on what you feel about this person, specifically, and trust yourself to figure the rest out in due time, knowing that there’s no rush.

also, i have no idea what your situation is, but as always i think it’s a good idea to spend as much time around other lgbt people as possible if you’re not already, though i know that’s often easier said than done. a meetup, a hobby or volunteer group, a sports team, a band, a chorus — these things have made a world of difference to me in terms of making me feel that not being straight is normal and good, and that being true to myself is fully compatible with a rich and happy life.

my experience, of course, is just one experience, and so if others reading this would like to share your experiences around this, i encourage that. in any case, i hope this answer is helpful, anon, and that it finds you well.

tbh i love all the headcanons going around about elven/fae courting rituals or whatever (either in universes where robbie is fae, or just in canon where sportacus is an elf)

BUT whenever I hear anything too specific about “””binding their souls””” or “””bonding rituals””” or “””mating for life””” or “””exclusive commitment””” i just nope the fuck away because I am TOO POLY FOR THIS

give me elven culture where all types of relationships are commonplace, especially life mates who come in groups larger than two, couples who are committed for life but anticipate additional relationships in the future, and happy elf love conglomerates

give me a Robbie that is embarrassed that he doesn’t want to be married or elf-married or whatever to Sporp because he doesn’t feel like the “”marrying”” type but when he finally admits it sportacus is kind and honestly Relieved that that’s all that robbie is worried about because–while elves do have commitment ceremonies and ceremonies that honor lovers’ relationships–they are certainly not one size fits all and can be made to fit whatever level of commitment one is comfortable with

Who wants a sneak peek...

of the next Young Gods chapter? Featuring (actual) Clexa marriage proposal!

“Once we are back in Polis, I mean to claim you publicly as my mate, and your pups as ours.”

Clarke felt herself go cold and then hot. It was both everything she’d hoped for and everything she feared, all at once.

“What…what does that mean?”

“Well,” Lexa said, sucking in a breath to fortify herself, “it would mean a public ceremony of commitment to one another, before witnesses of our people. We call it teinaste, or…”

“Marriage,” Clarke whispered. Her hand squeezed Lexa’s tightly. Oh my god…

“Yes,” Lexa said, darting her a quick, hopeful smile. “I assume your people have a similar practice?”

Clarke could only nod silently.

“Few Hedas have publicly taken mates, but enough that there is an established protocol. Because it would present a conflict of interest for me, you could no longer represent your people as Ambassador, but you would become my consort and rule by my side. Your authority would not be as complete as mine, but you could rule Polis in my absence, and in the event of my death you would serve as regent for as long as it took to convene the Conclave and choose a new Commander.”

Clarke’s head whirled with all of the information, struggling to take it in. She seemed to have gotten stuck somewhere around marriage.

Mistaking her silence for upset, Lexa rushed out, “I know it’s sudden, and I didn’t want to pressure you, especially with all that’s happened, and if you need more time I’ll try to delay it as long as I can, but –”

Her mate’s words had begun tumbling over each other, almost to the point of incoherence, but for Clarke it seemed that everything had suddenly snapped into place. “Lexa,” she said, taking both of her mate’s hands, “of course I’ll marry you.”

happening to me [just a dream]

So, I sent @change-the-rules the first part of this when I first thought of it, then I expanded it, and sent it to @loumauve, and, yeah

angst with a bittersweet end

Not really a fic, more of a summary/outline of a fic idea.

Title is from Carrie Underwood’s ‘Just a Dream’, which, if you know that song, may give you an idea of where this goes.

Part One

The thing about being in the Army, is that you belong to the Army.

And Lucy belongs to the Army, so when she gets the orders to ship overseas, on an 18 month deployment, not just a secret mission, she goes.

But she has to do one thing first.

In the couple of months between getting the orders and being shipped out, the panic hits.

Polyamory is still frowned upon.  Even though she, Maggie, and Alex are committed to each other, their relationship would not be recognized by the Army.  If anything happened to her while overseas, who knows if Maggie and Alex would be given any information, any benefits, if her father wouldn’t find a way to cut them out of everything.

She brings it up, as casually as she can, when they’re all piled on the couch, watching a movie.

Alex is the one who replies, just as casual.  “So marry one of us.”

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HONESTLY, thinking about Carine and Esme gives me life. Like…

  • After Esme’s newborn period, Carine the “nighttime matron of the arts” CLEARLY never stood a chance against Esme the Architect Extraordinaire
  • But it’s the 1920s, so Carine struggles with her own internalized homophobia from her father’s teachings and her cognizance of the trauma Esme has experienced
  • So during a hunt in early 1924, Esme ends up grabbing Carine by her scarf, shoving her up against a tree, and showing her what’s what
  • (Carine will never be the same. Her scarf won’t also, because Esme ripped it in her haste.)
  • Ed is intensely relieved that s/he no longer has to listen to the Carine and Esme Angsty Lesbian Mom Radio Show anymore
  • They pose as “““sisters””” everywhere they go, but the towns usually catch on fairly quickly
  • The pictures Carine keeps on her desk at work are always a little too obvious, but she’s 300 years too old to worry about being entirely closeted when her coworkers could find out that vampires exist instead
  • In the 1980s, Carine and Esme move between NYC and San Francisco, working with the LGBT community during the AIDs crisis. Esme coordinates housing & sex education for homeless LGBT youth while Carine works in any clinics she can
  • Carine steals Esme’s clothes always, because Carine only buys trousers and pencil skirts and stiff button-downs, but Esme has the most glorious collection of leggings and sweatshirts and fuzzy socks
  • (She buys in duplicates because she knows Carine will steal them)
  • They both discourage violence, but once they start posing as committed same-sex foster mothers, they turn a blind eye to the first “lesson” Emmett and Rosalie teach to whichever kid inevitably tries to make fun of the Cullen kids’ two moms in each town after a while
  • They have a commitment ceremony in 1925, but Alice insists they have a vacation to Boston in 2004
  • (They’re legally married four days after same-sex marriage is legalized in Massachusetts in 2004.)
  • When Edythe brings home Bella (she’s nervous and unsure about everything but Edythe’s thirst for her blood of course), Esme takes her under her wing and helps Renee bring Charlie (who’s just ignorant, but not malicious) around to the idea of having a lesbian daughter
Everything Is Different Now: Part 10

I wasn’t going to do a recap of episode 10, partially because the whole point of these posts was to re-examine everything /leading up/ to it, and also, it has been exhumed for meaning, like, A LOT already.  But I’ve gotten a lot of messages asking for one and I guess it couldn’t hurt to finish the series up. (Here’s part 1 if you’re interested in reading the whole thing.)

I  don’t want to repeat too much of what’s already been said at length, but here are a few thoughts.

Episode 10: Victor Nikiforov is Dead

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Three Is Never a Crowd - Director Sanvers - Coming Out to General Lane

Prompt from @bonsai-maggie-sawyer
: So… yesterday I was trying to draw Marines!Alex for my fanfic (I’m translating the first chapter into English, I’m going to publish it on ao3) and I used Lucy in her dress uniform as a reference. So, I was thinking, can you write about General Lane finding out about Director Sanvers? Maybe Lucy can face him and later she can breakdown with Sanvers or something else. We all know he’s an asshole. Sorry, I wrote a lot 😂

CW for homophobia and general assholery. Also, I tried to humanize Gen. Lane just a bit in order to show why Lucy would care at all about telling him. Don’t worry, though, there’s no justifying bigotry.

Drumming her fingers against the wooden tabletop, Lucy tried to remember why she had agreed to this dinner, why, when her homophobic, xenophobic, controlling father had called, she’d said yes, of course she’d like to have dinner with him. Deep down she knew it was because there was still a small part of her that wanted him to approve of her, to treat her the way he did on the day she enlisted or the day she got into law school or the day she received her JD. But the things that made him proudest were always the things most similar to his own life, his own experiences. Everything else was, at best, something he’d ignore. It was as though he’d taken “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” as a mantra for his daughter’s entire life. And hell, that was how he treated Lucy, his favorite. Lois might as well not have existed for the amount of attention he showed to her.

At least they were in public, she reasoned. He could get angry and tell her he was disappointed in her and her choices, but he couldn’t scream—wouldn’t “embarrass” the uniform like that. Not like Lucy had.

“Lucy,” he nodded as he strode through the rows of tables, posture impeccable and uniform crisply tailored.

Lucy stood to greet him before sitting back at the table. “How was your trip in to National City?”

She zoned out slightly as he answered, responding in kind and asking other general, vague questions until the waiter came to take their order. She suspected they could do this all night, that she could make it through this dinner with nothing but formalities. They could talk of the weather and traffic. She could nod politely at his gruff rants about the state of politics these days. She could listen as he talked about life at the base and tried to talk her into leaving the DEO again. But she also knew that she’d be disappointed in herself if she said nothing. Because as much as a part of her still craved his approval, a much bigger part wanted to be able to own her own life, to tell someone like her father and not care whether or not he approved, not care if he gave her his blessing in a way he never had with James.

So halfway through her dinner, during a long lull in a conversation made up of pleasantries about the food and wine, she cleared her throat. “Dad?”


“I wanted to talk to you about some people in my life.”

“Someone causing you trouble?” Sam asked.

Lucy froze. Because here was the man who had come to school to defend her project on military history to a teacher who’d tried to fail her for going beyond the information provided in the rudimentary course textbook. Here was the man who had hugged her and shown genuine emotions in front of all of his colleagues when Lucy first enlisted. But she also knew he was the same man who’d raised her to believe that all aliens were evil, were invaders from other planets here to destroy the world as they knew it. He was the same man who had abandoned one daughter already, a man who had acted like a protector to his wife, never an equal.

“I’m, uh, I’m in a relationship.”

“Not with that Jimmy boy again, right? He wasn’t nearly good enough for you.”

“He won the Pulitzer, Dad,” she sighed, trying not to dwell on the past, to remember that defending James wasn’t her reason for bringing up this topic. “But no, it’s not him.”

“Good,” Sam nodded.

“Do you remember that conversation we had after college? When I talked to you about the woman I was dating during senior year?” She didn’t mention that he had scoffed and told her to get over whatever phase it was and focus on her future. As soon as he nodded but before he could make any comments, she pushed forward: “Well, I have found a very loving relationship with,” she took a deep breath: “with two very wonderful, very accomplished women.”

“That’s not a relationship.”

She ground her teeth at his easy dismissal. “It is. And I know that it isn’t perhaps the most conventional definition of a relationship, but they make me happy, Dad. They make me happy, and I work to make them happy too. We work together—all of us—at defining how our family will work when we don’t have a template set for us. And I know that right now, maybe you need time to sit with it. But I am going to continue seeing them, no matter what you end up deciding. But if you can be happy for your daughter, can support me, then I would very much like you to meet them.”

For a long while he said nothing, steadily working away at his steak until all that was left on his plate were a few spears of asparagus. Finally he cleared his throat: “I might have been able to come around to you seeing a…woman. But this—it’s like you’re trying to bait me.”

“This has nothing to do with you,” Lucy interjected. “I am finally making decisions for myself, based on what makes me happy.”

“Well then I hope you’re happy enough with them to make up for losing everyone else.”

Shaking her head and swallowing harshly, refusing to let her father see how his words affected her, Lucy spit back: “I’m not losing everyone else; I’m just losing one close-minded old man.”

As Sam put down his glass heavily, Lucy was already up on her feet, swinging her purse off the back of her chair, dropping a twenty on the table, and storming out of the restaurant.

She made it all the way back to their apartment still fueled by righteous anger, by indignation at the words he’d dared to throw at her, at everything else she knew would have come if she’d stayed in the restaurant, allowed him to continue talking to her like that. But it only took one look from Maggie and Alex for the hurt and sadness to mingle with her anger, to leave her choking back tears before finally giving in and sobbing openly, letting herself be wrapped up in her girlfriends’ arms.

“We’ve got you,” Maggie whispered, her voice soothing and quiet. “No matter what happened, we’re here for you.” She ran her fingers through Lucy’s hair, pressing soft kisses against her forehead. “We love you, Luce.”

“We have ways of making him disappear,” Alex added, her tone equally soothing and quiet even if her words were of a distinctly different quality—a disjunction that had Lucy laughing through her tears.

“Wouldn’t expect anything less, Danvers,” Lucy hiccupped.

“Now, how about we fill you a bath?” Maggie offered.

“And we’ll light those little tea light candles you like and do the essential oils and everything,” Alex added.

“And we can make some tea,” Maggie continued, already holding out a hand to lead Lucy to the master bathroom.

“And cuddle up with movies when you’re done your bath,” Alex nodded, following behind them.

“Yeah, okay,” Lucy added with a small sniffle, letting herself be loved and held and cared for by her two favorite people. And soon she was being led into a steamy rooms, being helped into a hot bath, watching Alex line up little candles around the sink (because, “It would be so bad if you burned your arm or your hair by lining them around the tub, guys!”), smiling as Maggie shuffled off to get the tea ready while Alex sat down on the bathmat next to the tub so that she could be eye-level with Lucy, feeling the stress of her dinner slowly melt away. Because maybe Sam Lane wouldn’t be there for her, maybe he’d never come around or want to meet her partners or come to a commitment ceremony if they ever decided that was the right next step. But she had Alex and Maggie, and they were worth so much more than he ever was.

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“Polyamorous man’s two wives give birth within 30 days of one another - and all three insist they couldn’t be happier”:

Jonathan, Dani, and Melinda are a polyamorous family, which means that they all believe in having more than one partner. The trio and their two children all live under the same roof, with all three parents sharing every aspect of parenthood, from nighttime feeds to diaper changes.

‘It might seem strange to a lot of people, but to us it makes perfect sense,’ Melinda, 28, who runs her own healing company, East-West Collaborative Health, told Daily Mail Online. 'We all love each other and it was our dream to fall pregnant at the same time. Unlike conventional couples who are sleep deprived when a newborn comes along, there are three of us to take it in turns on the night shift. We breastfeed each others babies, split the finances three ways and the housework too. Even sex is great as if one person is not feeling up for it, then there are two other people to choose from.’

Dani added: 'We compliment each other perfectly as our parenting styles are so different. Whereas I’m a bit paranoid and constantly worrying about germs and if the babies are breathing, Melinda is the opposite. We just need a bigger bed, as we are all co-sleeping with the babies as well and at the moment the only way Jonathan fits is if he lays horizontally at the bottom of the bed.’

Until Dani met Melinda in 2008, Melinda had only been in monogamous relationships with men, while Dani had enjoyed relationships with both men and women. But after meeting at a music festival, the pair knew they were destined to spend the rest of their lives together. Despite gay marriages back then not being legal in California, the pair exchanged vows on the beach in a commitment ceremony on June 26, 2010, in front of friends and family. But one year later despite being desperately in love, Melinda confided to Dani that she didn’t just want a wife - she wanted a husband too.

'When Melinda first told me she was missing a man in her life I thought “Why aren’t I enough?”’ Dani confessed. 'But the more we spoke about it, the more I realized there could be huge advantages to having three of us in our marriage. The hard part was finding a man we could both fall in love with.’

Miraculously the girls didn’t have to wait too long for their dream husband to come along. Just a few months after their initial discussion, Dani and Melinda met Jonathan, after all three enrolled on the same building class. But the two admit that the were hesitant about approaching Jonathan initially, over fears that he might not feel the same way about one, or either of them. Thankfully, their fears were unfounded.

'When I met the girls I was just coming out of a long term relationship with my childhood sweetheart,’ Jonathan, who run his own construction company, recalled. I knew they were married and I didn’t know they were interested in me. But one day they wrote me a letter and revealed what they wanted and I’ll be honest I didn’t know what to do. I thought they were amazing and fancied them both, but I had to think long and hard whether I was capable of loving them both. While men might fantasize about such a situation, in reality it is double the responsibility.’

To explore their feelings for each other the threesome went on a road trip for a week. And it was then that Jonathan began to realize he was more than capable of loving both women equally. 'We just all clicked so well,’ he added. 'Polyamory is an unusual concept for sure, and one I had never heard of, but the more I spent time with them, the more I fell in love with them both. We all just complimented each other so well.’

Sadly, while Jonathan’s mom Sandy was open to their unusual relationship, other friends and family had a harder time accepting it. 'My mom thought it was a joke when Dani and I got married, so when we told her about Jonathan she just thought we were crazy,’ Melinda explained. 'Some of Jonathan’s friends just thought it was all about kinky sex and thought it was just plain weird. So much so he doesn’t talk to some of them anymore. Dani’s family had a hard time accepting it too. But luckily there were others, like Jonathan’s mom Sandy, who thought what we had was amazing and gave us their full blessing.’

The threesome also had to learn to overcome their own feelings of jealousy too. 'At times it has been hard to adapt to, as for me just being with Melinda was enough,’ Dani explained. 'So to see her fall in love with Jonathan was at times tough. But I began to realize that I could love him too, in my own way. And the more we talked to each other, the easier over time it has got. There are moments when I just want Melinda to myself, but now there are also moments when I feel just as strongly about Jonathan too. We have just learnt to cope better as time goes on. Now we all make sure we give each of us time together and separately. […]’

By the end of 2013 Melinda, Dani and Jonathan were living together and began making plans to start a family. 'We all have a fabulous sex life, share the same bed, so we just made sure we timed things correctly and prayed our wishes would come true,’ Melinda said. 'I found out I was pregnant on January 14th this year and two weeks later we all let out a scream of pure delight when we found out Dani was expecting too.’

On July 1st 2014 they got married in front of friends and some family in a park near their home. And, while their marriage contract is not yet official or legal, the family pray that one day their unique family set up will be recognized in the eyes of the law. 'My mom didn’t come to the wedding as she doesn’t approve of our life, ’ tells Melinda. 'But Jonathan’s mom Sandy gave us away and as we both stood with our blossoming bellies, it was the perfect day, full of love and laughter.’

'It was just so special experiencing pregnancy with the woman I love going through it at the same time,’ Melinda said. 'The birthing center we chose was incredibly liberal and thought our family was wonderful. I would have my check up and then Dani would have hers straight after. Sharing a bed while pregnant was a little tricky though as the bigger our bellies got, the more squashed we all were.’

Both Melinda and Dani had natural water births and Jonathan was there for them both, along with a camera, which captured the entire experience for the trio’s upcoming web series Looks Like Love To Me, which documents every aspect of the trio’s unique lifestyle.  

'Jonathan’s mom Sandy was also in the room and it was incredible as our labors lasted pretty much the same time. Melinda’s was 13 hours and 12 minutes and mine was 13 hours,’ Dani, who is currently studying sign language explained.  'Melinda and I really wanted to share breastfeeding each others babies and this week I breastfed [Melinda’s son] Oliver for the first time. It gave Melinda a break and time alone with Jonathan and me an invaluable chance to bond with a boy I consider to be my son.’

As for raising their children within an unconventional family unit, they are not concerned about what anyone else thinks. 'People sometimes ask us: “Are you not worried about the kids getting bullied at school?”’ Melinda admitted. 'But in all honesty it is not something that concerns us. We had agreed that when thy become old enough we will explain our situation and are committed to instill them with tools to face any hurdle they may encounter. Thankfully we live in community that is pretty liberal and over time we hope families like ours will not be in a minority. Because in all honesty we think having two moms and one dad is the perfect way to raise a child, in a home full of love. We are even open to taking in even more lovers if it feels right in the future, as more hands make for an easier life.’

I’m sticking to my one-man island....

so, this is me refusing to get sucked into the “obviousness” of it all.  Not sure how many others feel this way.  I’ve recently developed some thoughts, and i’m probably the only one that will think this way - which is fine, because i don’t give a rat’s ass if i’m alone on the island.

let me preface this by saying i don’t like Iain.  I don’t trust Iain as far as i can throw him.  Even way before the commitment ceremony i was beating my drum and telling people to read between the lines and not trust the man.  with that said…..

Hear me out……

Iain has consistently said and has been quoted about robron being “endgame” about them “coming out the other side” not matter what.  Well, obviously the “no matter what” part was this BS story line with Rebecca.  But here’s the thing that I’ve recently come to think.   What if, this has never been about a baby?   What if this entire baby SL, because of Iain’s constant comments about robron’s future, has been about them all along and not about this “supposed” baby?   Ryan Hawley’s recent interview regarding this current story line has him saying  “it would certainly affect the relationship between Aaron and Robert if a baby were to come out of this.”  “IF”??  i may quite possibly be reading too much into this, but those who know me, know how i am about word usage/choices.  

What if….When Chrissie has to dash to the hospital the Monday after the reveal, it’s because Rebecca loses the baby?  What if, Iain never intended there to be a baby in the long run?  What if this entire thing was about the relationship development that’s happened between Robert & Aaron?  What if Aaron, after being pulled away from his husband and their new life because of prison, looks at their marriage as more important than anything that can be thrown at them?  In the early days it would have been Aaron’s reaction to throw Robert out of the house and out of his life.  But, since prison and since counseling, Aaron sees the bigger picture.  What really matters in his life and he, more than anyone, knows what can happen after making a stupid choice out of anger, depression and desperation.   Maybe that’s why, after calming down, he’s able to step back, look a the entire situation and tell Rob he’s going to be there for him.  Because despite the different levels of the mistakes, Rob has always stuck by Aaron no matter what choices or mistakes he’s made.  He’s never once turned his back on Aaron and Aaron decides, he’s never going to turn his back on his husband either.  So maybe this was never going to be about them dealing with a baby, but them dealing with the possibility of their being a baby and how they’ve grown as a couple and as individuals.

So, maybe this whole thing comes full circle?  From two people not communicating and screwing things up, to actual, honest communication between them and talking this out so that no more volatile situations happen again.

With Rebecca losing the baby, there’s no longer any ties between robron and her and the boy’s relationship, communication and marriage is stronger than ever because they’ve become stronger together.

So, yeah….that’s my thoughts as to where this may go.  I’m probably alone his this because it’s a long shot, but i’m cool with that because despite me royally disliking Iain, the entire thing is too “obvious” and everything is just put out there for the entire fandom to see with no surprises, nothing.  A bit odd, that, don’t you think??

More Falsettos Headcanons

(some elaborating on headcanons stolen from @falsettosheadcanons)

Marvin and Whizzer had a cat together. Marvin’s allergic, but Whizzer did a really good job of cleaning their apartment and training the cat not to jump on Marvin so he was OK when Whizzer was alive. After Whizzer dies, Marvin sort of lets the cleaning go by the wayside and he forgets the commands Whizzer taught the cat, so the allergies kick his butt. Charlotte and Cordelia take the cat. It ends up being perfect, because Whizzer left Cordelia his vintage camera in his will and Cordelia likes dressing the cat up and making calendars with the photos she takes.

Whizzer is cremated and they spread his ashes over the baseball diamond.

Mendel sells Cordelia’s cat calendars in his office and the money goes to an AIDS charity.

Trina finds out she’s pregnant shortly before Whizzer dies (yes, this one was blatantly stolen from the Falsettos Headcanons blog) and that’s why she’s so upset during “Holding To The Ground,” because what a world to bring a child into. In the beginning, she finds that the food Cordelia makes is the only food she can keep down, which is a miracle because it’s so bad (excluding the deliciousness that happened at Jason’s Bar Mitzvah). Cordelia offers to cater her baby shower, but by the third trimester, Trina is back to thinking Cordelia’s food is barfworthy and she ends up attempting to turn the shower into a combination baby shower/commitment ceremony just so Cordelia will be too busy celebrating her love of Charlotte to ruin brunch.

Whizzer got Jason involved with theater and made Jason promise him he would try out for at least one show. Jason doesn’t try out for any of his school plays because he is afraid he will mess up and he would carry that shame all through high school, but he does try out for a community theater production of Fiddler on the Roof at the JCC. He attempts to teach his father the bottle dance and ends up destroying a few bottles of Marvin’s fancy alcohol. Trina goes into labor at his cast party and Charlotte delivers the baby in the JCC coat room. Elizabeth Charlotte Weisenbachfeld is called “Whizzie” for short. Around the time of her own Bat Mitzvah, the gang (minus, of course, Whizzer) congregates in Central Park to celebrate Jason’s engagement and to watch a Jewish girl who cannot play softball play softball.

Cordelia babysits Whizzie all the time and calls herself Auntie DeeDee. “DeeDee” is Whizzie’s first word, much to Trina’s (she wanted it to be “mama”) and Jason’s (he wanted it to be “Yoda”) chagrin. Cordelia also teaches Marvin how to cook for himself.

When he starts high school, Jason changes his focus from chess to film and becomes obsessed with literally every movie that comes out. His absolute favorite movie is ET. Trina can do a really funny impression of ET. Mendel is not much of a chess player, but he does like movies and so Jason’s new passion is something they bond over…at least until 1986, the year Jason graduates from high school, and Mendel shows up at Jason’s graduation party dressed up like David Bowie from the just-released Labyrinth.

Jason goes to college at NYU and hangs out all the time at the Life Cafe. He doesn’t understand why his new friends like to dance on the tables so much, but he does understand why so many of them are dying and it messes him up. He wonders if his new friend Mark shops at the same sweater store as his stepdad.

Charlotte is around for, and influential in, all the major developments/breakthroughs in HIV/AIDS research.


Based on the song “Breathe” by Faith Hill. I decided to throw it back to Sharkaroo’s dating days. I’m hoping I got the idea across because this was one of the best prompts I’ve gotten.


As soon as he walked into the room, Kym knew he was special. There was just something about him. She was drawn to him. It was in the way he smiled at her, the twinkle in his eye. Kym didn’t know if this would ever lead to more than just a dancing partnership, but there was a chemistry she simply couldn’t deny.

Kym was teaching him a time step the first time it happened.

“Here, take my hand. We are just going to rock back and forth like this,” she said, moving her foot side to side.

Robert came to her side and obediently took her hand. He emulated her movements. He turned to look at her. “Like this?”

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If the Gargoyles Comic Does Come Back....
  • Will they still call it Clan-Building, or something else? Would this be (*gasp*) SEASON 4?!?!?!
  • Openly gay Lexington dealing with his crush on Amp. Go, Disney!
  • Katana would get lines! And character traits!
  • I really want canonical versions of the radio plays. Please, please, please!
  • The Weird Macbeth. After all this time, I really, REALLY want to see it!
  • More Goliath/Elisa shmoop. This one’s a given, but it’s still going to make me squee like a teenager
  • Because the last run of comics was only twelve issues, Angela and Broadway didn’t get all that much to do. I’d like to see a story centered around them
  • Hopefully, we get to see commitment ceremonies and Tachi hatching
  • If there will be another 6-issue miniseries, I want it to be Timedancer. More Katana!
  • But a Pendragon miniseries would be cool, too
  • More of Puck would be awesome! I miss him
  • More of Shari–but that’s a given (like we don’t know who she’s supposed to be ANYWAY. That’s right up there with Angela’s parentage in terms of obviousness to the audience)
  • Karine Charlebois illustrating, or at least anyone but the guy who did the art for the first few issues. Putting Elisa’s head on Robyn Canmore’s body was just weird
  • You know the Illuminati are going to be a big part of things, so we’ll set those aside. What about the Quarrymen or Tony Dracon? Not really too eager to see more of the Pack. Of course, more of Xanatos and Thailog would be amazing
  • Mary and Finella? Please?

What would you guys want to see if the comic comes back?

Stuff About The Lesbians
  • Charlotte and Cordelia own lots of small plants and they treat them like their plant babies and care for them. Loving mothers
  • Cordelia will cook while Charlotte works on medical stuff and Cordelia always has Charlotte taste her food while she’s working
  • Sometimes while Cordelia is making food, Charlotte will do that thing where she goes behind her gf and wraps her arms around her waist and surprises her
  • Charlotte and Cordelia love to cuddle All The Time
  • Charlotte and Cordelia are almost always hanging on one another when they’re with each other, they’re practically inseparable
  • Forehead smooches all the time
  • Cordelia gives her gf the best massages, especially after Charlotte’s had a stressful day at work
  • Charlotte and Cordelia name cocktails after one another
  • Cordelia sets up a little “spa day” for both of them featuring the classic mani-pedis and facial masks so they can relax. She does it for Charlotte mainly so she can unwind, but she partakes in the activities too because everything’s more fun as a couple
  • Charlotte and Cordelia had a sweet commitment ceremony. Despite Charlotte insisting she don’t do it because she shouldn’t have to on her special day, Cordelia caters their own ceremony because she loves cooking
  • They have movie night sometimes and Cordelia makes this fancy-ass popcorn which Charlotte loves and a whole buffet-like spread even tho theyre just watching star wars or something
  • Cordelia leaves little motivational sticky notes on the fridge for Charlotte everyday with messages to her gf surrounded by little doodles of hearts
  • Cordelia makes breakfast in bed for Charlotte sometimes when she has days off!! Charlotte gives her gf a big kiss as thanks and ends up convincing Cordelia to cuddle with her in bed and and share the food
  • They go on an ice skating date in the winter!! Cordelia has to help out Charlotte but Charlotte can actually skate and just thinks it’s really cute when her gf helps her
  • Afterwards they snuggle together by a fire with hot chocolate
  • When Cordelia gets sick, Charlotte tries to make chicken noodle soup for her. Charlotte says that it probably isn’t as good as Cordelia’s, but Cordelia ensures Charlotte that it’ll help and she loves it and her (Charlotte also gives her medicine of course)
  • They invite Marvin and Whizzer over one night and play fun board games and card games (and maybe drink just a little bit) and then they all snuggle on the couch and watch a movie 
  • Charlotte and Cordelia sing (maybe cheesy) duets together sometimes and get really into it, which leads to dancing and laughing

anonymous asked:

Um, if you were serious about the prompts things...Len and Barry and changing the past to avert disaster leading to Len and Barry having got together in the altered timeline? It's an old trope for this fandom, and one with some pretty iffy undertones, but if anyone can make it interesting, it's you.

As much as I tend to fail hard at filling prompts, I’m always serious when I open my inbox <3 I got you, anon.

If I’m reading this right, Barry and Len change the timeline together, and arrive back in 2016 and they’re suddenly together? That’s what I’m doing.

“I want a divorce.”

“Leonard!” Barry practically yelped.

“I mean it, Scarlet. This wasn’t part of the deal.”

“I– I know that, but it’s – we can’t just – we’re not even married, technically, just - ah, what did Cisco say we had? A ‘commitment’ ceremony?”

“We’re wearing rings.”

“Right. Still, getting divorced seems a little… hasty?” He winced at his own pun.

Leonard waved his hand dismissively, “what, we can’t just get divorced when we aren’t supposed to be married in the first place?”

“Well obviously we are supposed to be, in this timeline.”

“We aren’t from this timeline.”

Barry’s head was pounding. He sighed and sat down on the arm of the couch. His couch. Their couch. In the little house they rented together since Len had something against purchasing, apparently. He dragged his fingers through his hair. What a mess. 

“I know… I know we aren’t from here but come on, the alternative was literally the world ending, Snart. We were the only two people left in that fight with Savage and Darhk and I didn’t even mean to drag us back in time but they had literally just triggered the apocalypse.”

Len crossed his arms and frowned down at Barry, refusing to sit or to unwind even a little. “And I’m not debating that, Barry. I’m debating the issue of us coming back from our little jaunt to taking them out 4 years ago before any of this happened, only to find that we somehow became married!”

Barry winced. Leonard was… really tense. So was he but… he’d seen the timeline change in messy ways before. And this… this wasn’t so bad. He didn’t know what else had changed yet, but so far everyone was still talking to him, his friends and family’s lives were all healthy and happy and intact. It was a blow to learn that Iris and Eddie were married, and a jaw-dropper to discover that he and Leonard were… this. Making those connections without alerting anyone to having changed the timeline was a bit of a minefield. He was pretty sure Cisco was on to them, and Joe had given them a weird look when Barry asked why he was supposed to invite ‘Len’ over for dinner on Sunday. 

Despite all that… he had a hard time feeling any sense of despair over this. Nervous, sure. Tense and on edge? A little. But most of what he wanted to do was help Leonard relax. In the past few months they’d become… not friends, but closer to it. Something more than just tenuous allies. He couldn’t help but care about the other man, couldn’t help but want to lean forward and smooth out the lines of tension in his shoulders, the furrow between his brow, want to hold him and kiss the worry awa–


“You’re right,” Barry rasped out, a little too abrupt. Leonard gave him a suspicious look.

“I am?”

“I… well if we don’t break up, I…” he glanced at his hands and swallowed. “I don’t want to be selfish, and I just realized my motives are sort of… just, I can see why you wouldn’t want to be stuck in a relationship with me, and it wouldn’t be fair to you to keep you here.”


He stayed silent, giving in to the urge to gnaw on the end of his thumb, glancing at Len and then away.

“Am I to take that to mean… You want to be married to me.”

Barry choked on air for a second and then cleared his throat. “Not married, I mean that’s a bit much, I just… it’s not like I’ve never thought about it.” It was tough to admit that, but he knew it was true. A few late night fantasies that weren’t necessarily only about sex, but companionship too. Flirting he couldn’t help but engage in, a little uptick in his heartbeat at the smug expressions Leonard would shoot his way. “It wouldn’t work in our old timeline, you as a criminal, me as the Flash. I never really let myself…” he sighed, clasping his hands and glancing at them. It was easier than looking at the other man. 

“You have feelings for me?” he didn’t say it snidely, it was more incredulous. Barry took a breath and, past the point of denial, nodded.

Leonard walked forward, into Barry’s space, catching his gaze. Barry met it straight on, noting how Len looked almost curious, almost hesitant.

“Now I’m not saying I’m okay with the surprise nuptials… but if I were to kiss you right now–”

Barry was on his feet in an instant, which evaporated any space between them– “yes! I mean, uh, if that’s something you wanted to do, I wouldn’t–”

Len kissed him. Hands on his jaw, gentle and holding him in place, lips working like he’d been thinking about this too. Barry practically sighed into it, a sense of relief melting into his shoulders, wrapping his arms around Leonard to pull him closer. It was slow and heated and electric thrumming with so much behind it, but with caution keeping it from going too far. Barry slid his tongue into Len’s mouth to make it deeper, revelling in how Len’s hand slid into his hair, how the planes of their body seemed to fit.

When he finally pulled back, they were both breathing heavy, just a few inches of space between them.

“Apparently, I married a good kisser.”

Barry let out a shocked laugh, stepping a little farther back to pull a hand through his hair, trying to get his heart to calm back down. “Can we make a deal?”


“We try this thing out for a little while? And take it… slow? And maybe come clean to the others about how we changed things to save the world, so they don’t keep wondering why we’re acting so weird?”

Leonard let out a little sigh, the only sign that he was still holding tension. “Deal.”