commit to the crazy

  • Yoonbum: There's this guy I like. But I'm too shy to go up & talk to him so I've been obsessively following him on social media...also I'm a guy so I don't think he'll like me b/c all I ever see him w/ is girls.
  • Yoonbum: *breaks into house & sees someone tied up in the basement* He's crazy!...(but I've committed to this crush & dammit I'm gonna have him.)
  • Sangwoo: This fucker's crazier than I am...I like him!

The first finished photo of my Zelda cosplay. 👑
I constructed this costume over the course of about six weeks, but I spent just as long planning and researching the techniques that would go into it. Despite my time crunch to finish it for Katsucon, I am proud of myself for not cutting any corners or sacrificing my commitment to quality to get it done. (I just worked crazy long hours every day for weeks instead, haha)

This is probably the most complex project I’ve tackled to date. Although there are some small improvements I would still like to make, I’m really pleased with how it came out overall. Get ready to see lots more photos of this one!

Photo by @josephchilin
Costume made and worn by me

What DR3 taught us about Mukuro Ikusaba

Fanon: A poor little cinnamon roll that just needs a hug and to get away from her abusive sister who only hurts her. Is better than she thinks. DR-IF is a tale where she leaves Junko and her Despair-Fetish because of friendship and love.  Literally did nothing wrong. Someone hug this child.

Canon: Has a sister-complex like crazy. Commits multiple murders in cold-blood. Is fully on-board with plunging the world into chaos. Assisted in a forced-lobotomy. DR-IF is a tale where she leaves Junko to try and cater to her Despair-Fetish by destroying rather than helping her plans. Is doing wrong as we speak. Someone stop this child.

My shit prediction

Korekiyo will lose faith in humanity, protecthim20k7

Tsumugi looks like she could commit murder out of despair and will go batshit crazy Mikan-style

Angie would kill because god told her so and will say that god is the murderer.

Iruma Miu is a mix between Mikan,Oowada, and Ibuki, byebye Irumi you will be missed, should have invented a machine to not die, too bad babe.

Smoll tennisman is so not safe from death being the “not good looking character” (I see you Yamada, Teruteru, and Daisaku)

Lil’ witch is basically a MahiruxSaiyonji love child and death is hereditary so she will run out of HP trust me on that.

for the second case there will be "no I don’t want you to be executed, you’re my bro, why did you murder someone??? I’ll risk my life to save you!“ duo as always, don’t know who it will be but I’ll bet on OumaxPanta

Gonta better stay out of all this bloodbath shit. He is too pure. but he have victim written all over him because he is the muscly character (never forget Ogawa and Nekomaru)

Sometimes the small brat dies sometimes not, I wish Ouma will have a lot of Panta in the afterlife

Robots always dies, sorry I don’t make the rules, good fucking luck Kiibo

Twintails is Deadly Tenko and Maki better change their hairstyle

Being an ultimate in any martial art means that you’ll die. Tenko Cabbage 2017-2017 RIP

Toujou’s name is practicaly "Kill me”

Saihara is protected by the holy plot armor

Amami’s talent better be Ultimate survivor

Kaede is a lie

Everybody dies, no negociation possible

lol see you in hell

i’m not as think as you drunk i am

tw: alcohol

You and Dan have been dating for three months when he asks you to the party.

You’re just ‘seeing each other’, nothing crazy. No commitment, no labels, no exclusivity. Just casual dating.

It’s still early days but it’s going well so far.

Really, really well.

(Truth be told, you’re falling for him fast and hard and you’re not entirely sure how to stop).

“You look really nice tonight,” Dan says as he picks you up that evening.

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things not to say to a polyamorous person

  • isnt that cheating
  • no one will want to share you
  • are you just afraid of a commitment
  • which partner do you like more?
  • are you sex crazy?
  • does ____ know that you have other partners!!
  • youll find someone you really love one day
  • youll settle down one day 
  • that’s not real relationship!

because all we hear when you say that is “my opinion about your relationship probably matters to you even though i dont understand what polyamory is actually about”

I want to have experiences

I want to put myself in danger
I want to barrel surf
I want to build a water slide
I want to make a rope swing
I want to get in a fight
I want to eat strange foods
I want to go sky diving
I want to climb trees
I want to break into somewhere
I want to get arrested
I want to walk by myself on a busy Street

I want to fall in love
I want to be heart broken
I want to break hearts
I want to date girls
I want to date boys
I want to date someone who isn’t either
I want to date someone who’s both
I want to have casual sex
I want to be in a committed long term relationship
I want to have crazy exes
I want to have regrets
I want people to regret me
I want people to regret letting me go

I want to travel
I want to see the world
I want to climb a mountain
I want to swim in seas
I want to see animals
I want to observe cultures
I want to take pictures
I want to see sights

I want to create
I want to pose nude
I want to paint nudes
I want to paint nude
I want to draw
I want to dance
I want to sing
I want to feel
I want to be original
I want to be remembered
I want to evoke an emotion
I want to inspire

I want to be young
I want to go on road trips
I want to go drinking
I want a city apartment
I want to be careless
I want to have friends
I want to go to concerts
I want to go camping
I want to get high
I want to do stupid things
I want to make mistakes
I want to be reckless

I want to grow old
I want to settle down
I want to have stories
I want to tell stories
I want to have friends
I want to have memories
I want to think back and smile
I want to rest
I want a big house on a farm
I want lots of children
I want grandchildren
I want to sit on the porch
I want to knit scarves
I want to be at peace

Okay.  It’s been a bit since I posted a story, so I thought I would post this one.  I wrote it a month and half ago, and it doesn’t fit with canon.

Anyway, there was some confusion about this.  It was a prompt that I got that happened to match up with what happened in Spock Resonance.  At the time, I was told it was a spoiler, but it was just a weird coincidence.  It didn’t end up posted here because of the confusion.  The episode has since aired, so no problem.  I hope you enjoy.

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Who you should fight according to Lemonade

Beyonce: Oh…why the fuck… Like you have to have a death wish??? Beyonce is more protected than the President. please don’t do this to yourself

It occurred to me, didn’t Jay and Rachel Roy see Beyonce in fucking Obsessed?? Like, this would have served as a good guideline as to why you don’t fuck with her.

If a bitch is asking you if you think you’re crazy, then you should be running cause she’s already committed to outdoing you on the crazy spectrum, like you need to leave, rn immediately. leave the breadsticks Do not fight Beyonce, if her frightening fans don’t get to you first, your life will fall apart mysteriously and no happiness will ever find you again. The only upside is she might write a song. Don’t do it, don’t fucking attempt to fight Beyonce.

Jay-Z: I mean yeah you could fight him, and honestly you could probably win, but then Beyonce would find you and end you. The only one who gets to fuck Jay up is Bey, anyone else needs to stay in their lane unless they want the wrath of the queen. You have to really love somebody to try and work stuff out with them when they really hurt you, that means you’d definitely be ended in the worst way possible, plus Blue Ivy would probably cry. However, a little ass-whoopin where it’s deserved is always good. You have my blessing, fight Jay-Z.

Rachel Roy: The condition is you can only whoop her ass if you’re whoopin Jay-Z’s at the same level, cause it takes two to tango. Home-wrecker? C’mon now we all know he opened the damn door. They both can have an order of “stomp that ho,” with a side of “you done fucked up now.” Bey won’t bail you out of jail, and she’s probably still annoyed you punched her husband, but she might let it slide cause you also got Rachel, who knows? Fight Becky, drag her by her good hair.

Solange: I…no. We all know Solange could end just about anyone. Beyonce is methodical about how she ruins you, Solange will just fuck you up. Do not fight Solange, she and Bey will team up and beat your ass so hard you’ll start thinking your booty cheeks were drums. Do not fight fucking Solange Knowles.

Happy fighting~

anonymous asked:

going back through speak now, i just realized that innocent can be seen through the eyes of someone who committed a crime. i mean, i just think it's so much more heart wrenching to think of someone committing a crime, and then having someone comfort you. maybe i'm crazy, but i just think it's nice. or maybe that really bad... oh well! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i mean that’s better than thinking about what it was actually written for so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


“So you and y/n have been together for what, ten years? And you just proposed last month. Why did it take so long,” the Jimmy Kimmel asked.

“It was a big commitment, you know. For her being with me that is. My fame was growing at the time, and I didn’t want to make her feel trapped with me by proposing so early. The fame is a lot to deal with. I love her, I’m actually crazy about her. That’s the reason I wanted to wait so long I guess. I wanted to make sure she was comfortable with my crazy life before committing to me for the rest of her life. But I am so happy she said yes, and I can not wait to marry her.”

INFJ/ENFP and tattoos

Stereotypes are interesting. ENFPs are easily stereotyped as creative and impulsive free spirits, and INFJs are the dreamy, thoughtful monks. You’d think ENFPs would show more interest in tattoos than INFJs, but my experience says otherwise. 

I think this comes down to the simple idea that ENFPs aren’t crazy about commitments, but INFJs become deeply passionate about particular beliefs of parts of their lives. Of course, I know ENFPs and INFJs with and without tattoos, but this is just a general observation. 

ENFPs and INFJs: what do you think? Do you/do you want a tattoo? What of?