Commission Pages!!

Since were all under quarantine and have to much time on our hands, I thought I would bring back my commissions. Revamped them, Im working on a couple new pieces too. Im gonna try to stay on top of my art and post regularly since i have way more time on my hands then I know what to do with.

Im attempting to save up some cash for a trip, so if ya’ll wanna commission me hmu

Hello, i’m going to do commissions again so if you are interested you can send me a note to tell me what you want.

Check out my gallery to see all my works and if you like what you see, don’t doubt ask for a drawing, you can check out the prices on my profile. Thank you so much.

PS: the payment via paypal.

The prices

sketch: $5 usd

Lineart: $15 usd  

color flat: $20 usd.

full color: $30 usd

Also if you can share this post it would be a great help, thank you


$3 commission I did for one of mine friends in their demonsona 🥺I currently have ko-di commissions open! the link is in my instagram bio and here! send over any amount with your username in the note and i’ll draw for u. the quality will vary on the amount sent doe 😎

Fantasy Adoptable $35


  • I work on a first come first serve basis so if you want them please message me
  • AND if you can’t pay right away I can hold the design for up to three days
  • I will only be using paypal or venmo for my transactions and I will request payment before I send you unmarked file
  • I do NOT do refunds
  • Please do NOT resell! (Regifting is FINE)
  • Please credit me the first time you use them.
  • Have fun with them! They will give you back as much love as you give them!


If you have any questions or concerns please message me through Tumblr! I am always here to help.

The money I make with this adopt will help me pay my bills and food and I promise every penny will be put to good use!

Day 5- Brazil, based on the Mapinguari.

Cerrado Dex
Breakaboca (Break + a + Boca (Portuguese for Jaw) “Jawbreaker”)
The Ravenous Pokemon
Mold Breaker/Strong Jaw/Guts

Unstoppable muscles with an insatiable hunger, Breakaboca will jam anything that it can fit into its mouth. Trainers who venture out too far at night had better be aware of their surroundings lest another person goes missing…

Breakaboca © slickedbackArtisan
Do not copy, steal, or use.

Commissions open!

Feel free to DM me. Also, I’ll be happy if you reblog this post~💖

I’ve got 8 slots:

- 3 for headshots

- 3 for halfbody

- 2 for fullbody ^^

I draw:

- humanoid characters

- fan art

- OC

- FC

- monster characters

I do not draw:

- furry

- rape, gangbang, daddykink and etc

only paypal~



My family is in a difficult financial situation, and besides that we are suffering a painful loss because of this fucking virus.

Due to the hard moments we are living right now I’m opening commissions up to 6 slots per month.

We need to buy food 😔

Thank you all!

I’m taking commissions!!

I’m flat broke atm, and could really do with some extra cash. Even if you’re not buying anything, please share this along! It can be super hard to get momentum with these kinds of things, so I’d really appreciate it! 

Message me if you want some more art examples!

Blitz Commissions!

Hey y’all! 

I’m strapped for cash due to COVID-19 and losing my job, and while I’m doing okay for now, I could definitely use more money, so I’m reopening my commissions! 

As usual, you can shoot me an email at rowansparrowtumblr@gmail.com for longer commissions so we can talk through pricing (Here’s my commissions post with more info) But for those of you who just want something short and sweet, I’ve decided to open up Blitz commissions! 

What this means is for just $5 USD, you’ll get 3K words of writing. That can be all in one fic, several short little blips, or however else you want to split it up! If you’re interested, shoot me a message. 

If you could, please reblog to spread the word. :) 

Thanks guys, I appreciate it!