Need to gather sufficient money to replace my broken laptop and tablet because of motorcycle accident last week. Bust-up Grayscale Commissions for $20.

  1. Will draw SFW and NSFW
  2. Only one character per canvas allowed
  3. No revisions
  4. Will open 2 slots per day
  5. Will open until November 2018
  6. Payment via PayPal only
  7. If you’re interested, please message me directly here on Tumblr or Twitter @lulu_chan92



@agrestessive told me about a pink hair Adrien trend on twitter a while back and I love that idea???? Cause that means Adrien and Marinette are now matching hair pants pals :DD


Here are some BNHA commissions that I got recently!! I’m so in love with how they came out and I’m glad my clients are happy!!

Just so everyone knows I’m currently taking sketch commissions again but with an increased price!!! A sketch is now $10 and additional characters are +$5!! Please message me for more info!

Patron Commission -  Overfilling The Pooka Kitchens
Patron Trinitystrike asked me for himself to be within Odin Sphere feasting upon the wonderous foods of the pooka kitchens with Naotawolf happily feeding them!

I had a lot of fun with the lighting and food in this one! It might sound a bit odd but I’m really happy with how the open watermelon and the grapes looked here haha.

During my time in the games industry, I was never really a UI artist. I never had the temperament nor the perfectionism needed for that role. But I think I did a decentish job at recreating the UI from the game!

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