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For your mermaid!au I like to imagine that Victor and Yuuri become good friends and that Victor tells the corniest fish/mermaid jokes and there are times when Yuuri just takes his giant tail to either splash Victor with water/smack him into the water because Victor stop why are you so embrassing. And that leads to epic water/splash fights and general horsing around. :)

Aaahhh omg that’s so cute :D I could totally imagine that 
Makes me want to finish the next parts but i can’t ahhhhhhhh


little does she know that the man she’s marrying is the one in front of her


context: it’s their wedding day and marinette doesn’t know that chat is adrien because  her life is being threatened or something. she’s really nervous that adrien will change his mind at the alter and chat’s just like “you idiot i’m absolutely in love with you and i’ll never leave you at the altar.”

//i’m trash someone pls help me (also i’m really sorry for the lack of ml recently i’m still trying to finish up my last commission by practicing :>) also–read from left to right!                                                                                                  


When I mean “just color” its the drawings without line art
Chi= Chibis (just in case)
W/details: backgrounds, props, scenes, etc.

What I’ll do:
*I will draw light nsfw
*I can/will draw furries
*price can be negotiable depending on what you want
*light gore
*I can draw black and white drawings and will lower the price for those (I didn’t have a recent art work to show it but i will)

What I won’t do:
*explicit porn or sexual themes
*explicit gore (I can’t draw it really well so I won’t even pretend)

(I can add a song or notes if you want)

If you’re interested please send me a mail here with the description of what you want:
Hi!!! I don’t know if its a little sudden for this but I really want to try it out! I’m doing commissions because school its getting harder and I have a full time job to pay for the expenses but I really want to keep bringing you guys more drawings and comics from my persephone and hades YOI AU and other things I’m working on! I hope you can help me even if its just rebbloging will be enough thank you!


  “With the warmth of Sebastian’s hand splayed upon the small of his back, he wasted no time, and mercifully got right down to business. Joseph gasped, his hips bucking forward as Sebastian stuck him, feeling a brief, sharp pain as the needle sank deeply into his backside. His initial instinct was to tense up in response, but he willed his muscles to relax. It wouldn’t do him well to clench.” 
    – These lines were sorted from “ Just a little prick” by @lady-of-rohan , click in if you want to read it ;D –

       Slighty NSFW , but not quite hehe .w.

   Annnnnnd commission done from the special offer ordered for @lady-of-rohan , seems like I done wrong some of the details, I’m sorry , but the pain is legit enough lol.
   It was fun to draw the detectives again :). Thank you so much mum, for supporting me all the time ^^ <3, I tried my best on this one and hope that you found this satisfying ;;w;; . Bunch of love for you mum ^^ 

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