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TA DA! I FINALLY HAVE A COMMISSION SHEET *glorified farting noises*!!!

I’ve been really nervous to start commissions full scale but better late than never! I’ve been struggling a bit on finances and I’m moving to a new place soon, so I really need to get the ball rolling while I wait for work. 

As it says above, I am up for drawing pretty much almost anything so long as it’s not intense fetishes aside from maybe monsters, themes that would be deemed questionable, or a car. 

For the moment I won’t be able to do backgrounds, but they may be available in the future, we shall see.

I currently have five slots open! 






If you would like a commission, email me at and I will respond accordingly! 

DO NOT email me for a spot if you cannot pay for the commission at that time!!!! Please only email me if you are ready to pay for a commission!

Please include in the email: 

-What type of commission you would like (ie. One character full body clean sketch with monochrome, two character torso rough sketch, etc.).

- A very thorough physical description of your character/any picture references or ref sheets of your character.

- A brief description of character’s personality. 

- Any particular actions or poses you want your character(s) doing. 

- Your Paypal email so that I may send an invoice. 

 I will let you know when your commission has been accepted. Once I am ready to start your commission, I will send an invoice to the provided email and accept at least half payment up front before I do a commission (the option will be in the invoice), Do NOT pay me before I accept your commission and send you an invoice! 

You can visit my commission board for details on Commission progress /availability!

Thank you for your consideration and support!!!


Opening up commissions again!! 

I could really use your guy’s help with because able to pay for my college enrollment fee and other bills.

As stated above I’ll draw almost anything other than NSFW, excessive gore, complex machinery and hate art. if you have any questions about what I will and won’t do please feel free to shoot me a message or drop me an email! 

please email me at regarding commissions and ill be sure to respond asap! 

I forgot to mention this above but I won’t be doing any backgrounds at this time. 

please include in your email:

  • what type of commission you want (e.g one character bust line art with greyscale and shade)
  • references or very detailed description 
  • Paypal email so I can send you an invoice! 

I will email you when I'm ready to start your commission! 

thank you for all your help and considering to commission me! 



oh boy here we go again Alright! I meant to do this months ago but… Things Happened. Finally got back to it though, so here’s what I’m starting with! We got some Steven Universe, and we got some Portal 2. The bottle caps are 1.25 inches in diameter, and the chains are 22 inches long. One necklace is $12, shipping is $4, that totals to $16.

  • I can only ship within the United States right now, sorry international people! Maybe in the future c:
  • Please specify whether or not you’d like beads on your necklace, as they are optional!
  • The necklaces are somewhat waterproof, but too much water will ruin them! Avoid getting water on the cap part.
  • Yes, I do custom orders! :D for $20 (plus shipping, so more like $24) I’ll draw any character of your choice (can be a fandom, your OC, doesn’t matter), stick it in a bottle cap and send it to you!
  • Contact me through DMs or email ( if you’d like one, and please include the following: Which necklace(s) you want*, if you’d like beads on it, and a shipping address! I also need an email to send the invoice to. 
  • *If you want a custom order, please send the references for the character you’d like me to draw! I need at least two references.
  • Payment is accepted through paypal, and I will only ship the item after payment has been received.

Feel free to DM me with any questions you may have!

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hello everyone! i need to do some maintenance on my car, so here are my commission prices !!! any help would be appreciated

some guidelines:
- lets negotiate NSFW
- will draw OCs and canon characters! i’m best at drawing people - this means that i cannot draw furries or mecha. 
- i get to post the piece once it’s finished. 
- paypal only!
- colored busts are 30 USD!
- you can see more of my work on this blog, and if you see something in a style you like that isn’t listed here, we can negotiate that as well!

contact info:
- @606hp / @mountainbruises

thank you so much for your time! please reblog!!! <3 

College Commissions

[Hey guys.
While I normally try to keep posts on this blog relating to Portal, I need to spread this around.
In around 20 days, I’m moving out of my home and going to college. To help pay for expenses for food and supplies, I’m keeping commissions open.
It would mean the world if you guys would help out. Buy something or at least reblog this post. The more this spreads around, the more people can see what I have to offer. Thank you for your time.

My commission information is HERE:
Any questions can be messaged directly to me (the-dangerous-mute-lunatic) or to:

Examples of my art under the cut.

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Hey all! I’m in a bit of a hole here. I just lost my job and my only vehicle needs immediate repairs. I’m in a DESPERATE situation and need all the help I can get, so I’m opening commissions!

Digital commissions:

Head/bust/upper body drawings
$5 - Uncolored sketch
$7- Lined drawing
$10 - Lined and colored drawing
$15 - Lined, colored, and fully shaded drawing

Full-body drawings
$10 - Uncolored sketch
$15 - Lined drawing
$20 - Lined and colored drawing
$25- Lined, colored, and fully shaded drawing

Traditional commissions: (will be scanned and look better than in the pictures shown)

Head/bust/upper body drawings
$5 - Uncolored sketch
$7 - Lined drawing
$10 - Lined and colored drawing
$15 - Lined, colored, and fully shaded drawing

Full-body drawings
$7 - Uncolored sketch
$10 - Lined drawing
$15 - Lined and colored drawing
$17 - Lined, colored, and shaded drawing

$2 per extra character
$2 - Basic background
$5 - Detailed background

I will also draw icons for $5!

Please message me here or email me at if you’re interested or want more info! If you can’t commission please spread the word!

So this isn’t the tidiest piece I’ve ever done but I enjoy it and I like how it looks and the person it was done for ( @lobotomitebuns if you want to congratulate that person on their incredible taste in video games) likes it too so that’s all that matters.

2/36+?? done. Send me suggestions for the unclaimed sketches. I’m always open.

5$ sketch sale open to midnight pacific standard time. Poke me for details. Check out my patreon. Thank you