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Ya know Chris tagged a few of us in this post and I got carried away. Happy birthday Dad!

Ft. From left to right. @jaxcekijin @donttouchmyprincessparts @curtisgrahamcracker @caez-sucks (Caez’s boyfriend) and @sailershanty

I was going to add more but I kind of ran out of time. But honestly you’re the best dad, and it’s been a fucking adventure to say the least, from the streams, to the skype calls, to just screaming in chat about starwars… Becoming part of the self insert hell brought me out of my art block and so much has happened since then. I hope you’re birthday is enjoyable and not too stressful.

Also I still just type Daddy into my browser and it takes me to your blog. That’s something you’ll never live down. (ノ◕◡◕)ノ゚✧゚・:*