Hey guys!

I have to open emergency commissions because our bills came in… and they are WAY higher than expected.

Coupled with that random medical bill I had to pay earlier this month, I’m going to be about $70 short… and that’s BEFORE the fact I need food/bus money.

I just need enough to hold out til Friday when I get paid– but of course the biggest bill and our rent is due before then.

So I’m doing quick digital commissions– $5 for single-character simple/no bg drawings, $10 for 2 character simple/no bg drawings or $15 for a scene with a stylized bg.

All payments will be done via paypal ( and I will only take payment when I am done with your drawing and I will only give the final drawing with no watermark once I receive payment!  (I will send you the drawing with a watermark before you pay so if you want me to change anything I can do that for you.  ;) )

Will draw:

  • bare chest tasteful nudity
  • anthro/furry
  • humans
  • pokemon
  • splatoon
  • steven universe
  • fanart in general
  • almost anything

Won’t draw:

  • nsfw
  • lower nudity (I’m not good at it, so don’t ask me haha)
  • mecha (trust me, I’m also not good at this either)

I’m opening 15 slots– if you want a commission, either shoot me a message to my inbox here or an email at

  1. selderan
  2. owlbearz
  3. PenguinPeaches
  4. allonsymituna
  5. Alexandria
  6. gloomdraws 
  7. discreetmathz 
  8. Maggie 
  9. parasite-core 
  10. halfsickofshadovvs
  11. alchemyfox 
  12. mistyrydia 
  13. knightofkris
  14. namidragons 
  15. alorix 

(Commissions will be done in the order of who has given me all the information I need first– so this might not be completed in order, haha)

(Also the cross-outs are my reference for what I’ve already worked on or completed– I will delete and update the list as I get through it haha)

If you have any questions in regards to if I will draw something, please ask!


Yooo u guys  I mentioned days ago that I was gonna open the slots for commissions again because of all the hospital debts my illness left my family with… WELL BESIDES THAT, my dad was fired yesterday so our situation it’s even more serious. I’ll open 6 slots today and after I’m done with the first lot, I’ll open 6 slots more and so forth… Remember to send the slot requests via e-mail, asks and fan-mails don’t count! >3>



  • Selfie Commissions: $15 for B/W lineart // $20 for full color. Include a selfie in your email, if you are interested!
  • Dakimakura Commissions: Starting at $60 for one sided pillow! Please email me at to discuss rates!

I am also now offering commissions for whatever you have in mind! Rates are flexible depending on what you are interested in, so please contact me so we can discuss it!

  • Busts: Starting at $20
  • Waist up: Starting at $30
  • Full Body: Starting at $40

I’m supporting myself off commissions and deeply appreciate all commissions and signal boosts! If you are interested, please email me here:


 commission info!

Prices may change depending on

  • detail
  • amount of characters
  • backgrounds

I will not do:

  • NSFW
  • offensive content
  • intense violence
  • furies or ponies (no offense. I just don’t like/can’t draw animals like that so save my life)

other rules

  • I only accept PayPal (USD)
  • If you want me to do your OC make sure you are able to provide good references
  • tell me if you would like to see previews of your order!
  • I will turn down a request if I am uncomfortable with it
  • I like a wider variety of tv shows, anime, and movies so I’m pretty open to any fandom request. you can view my main interests in my blog description :)
  • don’t be afraid to ask questions if you aren’t sure about anything!!

If you are interested please email me at

I would really appreciate it! I’m a poor college art student in need of money! Please bear with me though, it is my first time doing this

Full-color commission of Momnar/Allegro-Designs’ beautiful OC Satoko Arishima from her story Cybergem!  Doing the biomech limbs took a long time but the designs were great and the ref was clear and it turned out looking awesome, so all in all totally worth it. :D  



If you’re interested please contact me at kandismon [at] kandikoi [dot] com or on twitter and fill out the following form:

  • Your name:
  • References: (Please provide pictures and/or describe your wish as detailed as possible)
  • Your e-mail:
  • Your tumblr URL or Twitter handle: (for me to link back to you when I post the commission online)

I will reply and confirm your order and send you my Paypal information. You have to pay the full amount before I start (in EURO please!).

You’ll get the sketch first and can ask me to change things to your liking before I continue with lineart and colouring. The finished piece will be 210 x 297mm, 350dpi, .jpg.


To enter the sketch raffle you have to:

  • be following me
  • reblog this post (as many times as you want to)

Once a month the winner will be chosen with a random number generator and get a waist-up sketch for free.

✨ TERMS AND CONDITIONS: (please read carefully!) ↓↓↓

Keep reading



Though I won’t be offering any other variety of commission, everything will be the quality that you see above. Extra pricing will depend on complexity or whether you include additional characters, same as usual.

These are officially donation commissions. The price will  be lowered a lot in comparison to usual to make it more affordable for people who want art.

Those who don’t know about the situation, read here to get updated on what’s going on. Please take this seriously. Even if you can’t commission me at the pricing, at least reblog this to spread it around for people who are willing to pay to help out.

5-10 USD for one fully colored, fully shaded sketch commission

(+2 USD for complex designs/complex situations {ex: using props,etc}, +3 USD for additional characters)

Payments must be paid through paypal. Ask me for my email if you want to commission me please! Anon will be turned on for those who have questions as well.

Things I will draw: Humans, Fan characters, Feral characters, Anthro, Robotic characters (mech,etc), Nudity, Minor gore

Things I won’t draw: Explicit nsfw, Explicit gore, Nonconsentual situations, Fetish art

Examples here:

Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4, Example 5, Example 6