Finished portrait for Flaerion, of his adorable feline character Tazzley!  Warm orange and red fur colors coupled with greens for accents (eyes, and in this case a horn) are just the sort of thing I love to paint.  Not to mention painting a kitty face, always a pleasure to paint a cat!

I did something a little different for my process, adding the more complex markings in later with multiply and overlay layers.  It’s been a while since I uploaded a WIP series, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to show how things can be mixed up a bit for a more effective process!

6 hours in PS6 with an Intuos 3 tablet



Single Character Color - 35$
Additional Characters - +20$

Simple bg/props included, for complex backgrounds I will give you a quote!

3D - Experimental, if you’re interested let me know and I will work very closely with you to deliver something awesome! Can be animated.

NSFW is more than ok, I will draw most things so don’t be shy.

Profits will help me continue to work on games this summer, and fund my HRT which I am starting as soon as I have a comfortable amount of savings!

Up to three sketches will be provided. After your payment goes through I will have your piece finished over the course of a week on average.

or send me an ask~


 Hello there Folks! For the first time ever I’m finally opening a Traditional Inked Commissions so I can save up some earnings! The drawings will be captured through a camera since I don’t currently own a scanner, the example are seen above. If you’re interested hit me up at with the subject “Commissions” written and we’ll have the discussion! I’ll be using PayPal too :)
further pictures of my artworks

I’ll accept 5 Slots for now!

Here are the rules:

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If you’re interested send me a message :)

Deviantart Page / My Art on Tumblr

Traditional Art:

Character Bust: 40$ 

Full Body: 60$ 

+ another character +10$

*Complex backgroud additional cost to be discussed*

Character Bust: 30$

Full Body: 50$

+ another character +10$ 

*Complex backgroud additional cost to be discussed*

Character Bust: 25$

Full Body: 40$

+ another character +10$ 

*Complex backgroud additional cost to be discussed*

Digital Art:

Character Bust: 45$

Full Body: 65$

+ another character +10$

*Complex backgroud additional cost to be discussed*

Character Bust: 25$

Full Body: 40$

+ another character +10$

*Complex backgroud additional cost to be discussed*

Character Bust: 15$

Full Body: 30$

+ another character +5$

Send me an ask on Tumblr, or a note on my Deviantart ,or a message on my Etsy shop .

How to pay:

You can pay it through my etsy shop ( La Mandragola ) .

I will open a private sale ( reserved listing ) where you can purchase the commission .

If the piece is in digital art I will send to you by email the high-resolution file of the illustration.

In the case of an illustration / drawing made by traditional art ( pencil , watercolor , gouache , charcoal etc… ) will be sent by e-mail or, if you want the original piece, the commission will be sent by mail.

( Shipping costs depending on the country , for more information please refer to the shipping policies of my etsy shop )

For any question send me a message on tumblr, or a note on my Deviantart ,or a message on my Etsy shop .

Thank you :)


Hello friends!! So things have been really hectic in my life lately, we got booted from our house and were really down to the wire with finding a new place, to the point that we had one possible option and 3 days to move all our stuff into a house half the size of our current one. The only major problems are it doesn’t allow dogs and will remain for sale while we are living there. My dogs have gotten me through some of the toughest times of my life and I really cant bear being apart from them. I’ve been thinking of getting a place of my own for a while now(due to large disagreements in my household and me not feeling safe and sound around my family 80% of the time) and this was kind of the final push. It will still take me a few months to find a place and get settled, and until then I have to find a temporary home for my dogs, but it’s better than never seeing them again.

That said I decided to see if anyone would be interested in commissioning me to help me save up money for this endeavor. The shaded or flat character doodles can also be made into stickers and shipped to you for an additional $5(possible discounts for multiple stickers)!!

I reserve the right to refuse anything that makes me uncomfortable yada yada etc. If you’re interested please email me at  and we’ll discuss what you want and exact prices and the like!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I’d also appreciate any signal boosts!! Have a nice day!


I am trying something with my commissions, so these will be experimental, messy, sketch commissions.  They will not be finished lines.  I will be referencing poses rather than constructing my own.

I’m opening 3-5 spots for sketch commisisons like above.  They will be $20 - $25 for the brown examples (20 for busts and 25 for half bodies).  $30 for the style of the messy shaded blue example.

I am going to be trying out invoicing through Paypal, which I’ve never done before so you’ll need to be comfortable (and patient) working with me on that.

I also have a summer class this June, so turn around may be a bit longer than is my usual.

If these go well, I’ll open more spaces when I finish.

I will not start working on these until the headshot queue (scheduled until June 3rd) has been finished. 

If you are interested, send me an email ( NOT a note here, tumblr eats things) at

thanks! :D


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heey…. here i am again. i can’t get a job yet, and i wanna start saving some money to visit friends and take classes over the summer. i need to start getting college stuff too (application fees, test fees, etc). 

i will draw almost anything; animals, landscapes, gore, tons of characters at once, just ask and we’ll work something out. 

my redbubble shop is here.

commission slots:

  1. bubblegumvampire
  2. OPEN
  3. OPEN
  4. OPEN
  5. OPEN

aaa while i’m here, i’d like to make a small reminder that i have digital commissions open! i have a special page just for examples and commission info ↑

i draw both OCs and Fanart! ( you can check out my personal blog and twitter for what i’m familiar with, but i’ll draw anything as long as i have enough references _(:3 」∠)_ )

it’s nothing extremely dire… my bank auto-paid for a bill i didn’t have to pay yet, with money i don’t have and then charged me extra for it…  _(:’’’3 」∠)_

i would greatly appreciate it if you’d consider!