Some of you might already read what’s going on, but for those of you who didn’t here’s a tl;dr: My cat Aurora got injured, possibly hit by a car. Two dislocated vertebrae in her pelvis area and a hernia. She got surgery. Lots of money was spent.

So, for a limited time, I offer a discount in my commissions! So far, the vet bills are around USD$450. This amount might get higher if other issues arise tho. If you feel generous enough, I also set up a donations link!

All of the money I get will be used to pay Aurora’s vet bills back partially or in entirety. If I get extra money, I will use it for whatever she might need (Meds, food, litter, etc)

Please, spread the word if you can. It would help me a lot! Click here for my commission info if you’re interested!


Hi I’m Ko and I’m opening commissions again!


Animated MM Style Emoji examples here!

Max 2 Chars per canvas (Sketch, Icon, and fullcolored sketch only).

 Background options [free!]:

- Solid White Background
- Transparent (not possible for the sketch option!)
- Colored Circle/Square (example) (Again,not possible for the sketch option!)

I’m willing to draw OCs and Fanart (preferably OCs). I will NOT draw armor, Mecha, NSFW, Furries (animal ears are OK!) and extremely complex characters.

To commission me please email me at (if I don’t reply in 2 days feel free to @ me on Twitter or send me a message on Tumblr). I might refuse if i think the character is too difficult to draw. Please have a full reference and personality traits of the character(s) ready, As well as the type of background you’d like.
(For Ocs, I accept references in the form of DreamSelfy dolls too! Just make sure I have a clear visual reference to draw from.) For matching icons and “couple” drawings (I say couple but I just mean the drawings that have 2 characters on a canvas) please tell me how they’d interact and/or give me a prompt to accurately portray the characters.

*My Commissions are for personal use only.


I’ll have 5 slots open for now!

remaining slots: 5

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a great day!


hey guys! so i’m opening commissions for the first time!! here is all the things that i’m willing to do right now, and the price is listed. my email is so you can pay me through paypal, and also so we can talk about the commission. you can also commission me through tumblr’s messaging system and my ask box!

right now i am only doing homestuck commissions, since thats really what im most comfortable drawing. for icons, please specify if you want me to draw the icon or if you want it directly from homestuck, and if theres a certain panel you want me to use, that would also help a lot! 

if you want more than two characters in the picture, im going to charge 50 cents for every extra character. im not going to do nsfw or incest/pedophilia ships! 

thank you so much! reblogs are appreciated a lot!!!


  “That’s my kind of night ..” McHanzo _ Overwatch 
[ looks at these dorks enjoy to be gay lololol ]
    Commission done for @overtrashwatch-themusical 
   Ah warm McHanzo dancing as they have matching western clothes ;D except for plaid color match their default color ;D 
  I’m sorry for the busy schedule that makes you wait for this for so long ;;w;; , so I hope you like it ^^ 
  P/S: I listening a bunch of rock country just for this lol 

Due to the success from last time, I’m going to be doing more sketched bust commissions!

- These wont be terribly detailed
- No difficult armor please, keep them easy
- Some refrence pictures/info needed
- These are sketched pictures, not linearted
- ONE commission per person, this also means one character
- Keep in mind prices are in Euros

For other info please look at my ToS

I’ll be releasing a LINK to a google doc at 2AM CEST TIME

[Timer Here].

You can put your name down in one of the colored boxes, it’s a first come first serve sorta deal, once the boxes are filled the slots are closed!




Here’s a sale targeted towards those of you who would like a witch/lich/warlock-sona based on you and your personal ~aesthetic~ !

What’s required:
- No OCs. Just you (selfies please, no descriptions.)
- lots of pictures of shit you love. It can be for the season or it can be super casual or bizarre as heckie. EXAMPLE OF A PINTEREST GALLERY MADE FOR ONE ABOVE
- $20 usd upfront payment via paypal

That’s it! I’m taking 10 slots now and I’ll take 10 more once these are almost done. (That way you have a chance to get on again if you see this post too late!)

Send me a “BOO!” >HERE< 

And I’ll respond letting you know if you got on and then close up the box when I’m full >:3c

$15 Emergency Commissions!

So to put a long story short, I am extremely strapped for cash at the moment. I was unemployed for the past two months, which i was able to attend an artist alley that held me over for rent last month during that time, but that cash basically came and went because of my rent. I am now employed, but i do not get my first check until the middle of October. So, to cover the cost of food and such until i get paid, i am opening up emergency commissions!

The commissions will be traditional only and will be $15 each, looking something like this (properly scanned in though of course)

If you are interested in a commission, please message me here, or contact me at

And please reblog this if you can it would really help alot

Hey guys! Thank you so much for all the interest in my Miraculous Ladybug yoyo prop!! I know this is a long time coming, but I wanted to post an easy resource for prices and options.

Commission Info

I am currently open for commissions! I make two versions of my Miraculous Ladybug yoyo, a ‘deluxe’ version and a 'simple’ version:

Ladybug Yoyo 'deluxe’ = $45

  • The top half opens up into the akuma catcher. 
  • The bottom half opens up into the phone/ communicator. The default picture inlay is Chat Noir, but I am open to requests. 
  • A mirror can be added to either (or both) side for $4. 
  • 1 Butterfly is included, your choice of white or black. Additional butterflies are $3/each. 
  • The yoyo cord is 40" long, with an adjustable finger loop. The cord also doubles as a belt, so the yoyo can be tied around the waist.

Here is a video showing how it works.

Ladybug Yoyo 'simple’= $25

  • A functioning yoyo. 
  • Same size and style as the 'deluxe’ version, just without the opening compartments. 
  • Likewise, the yoyo cord is 40" long, with an adjustable finger loop and also doubles as a belt, so the yoyo can be tied around the waist.

Shipping: Shipping within the USA is usually only $3-$5. I can ship internationally, no problem! Please contact me with your zip/ postal code and I can give you an exact quote.


For those that have their own 3D printers, I have made the ‘simple’ version available for free on Thingiverse! I only ask that you adhere to the Creative Commons Non-Commercial license it is listed under. Thank you.


I am currently working on a tutorial for the ‘deluxe’ version that will show step by step how I model and assemble it.
Once the tutorial is uploaded I will also start offering an unassembled version of the ‘deluxe’ yoyo for a significant discount. The tutorial will be available on my YouTube channel, but I’ll be sure to post a link to it on my Tumblr.

Thank You

Again, thank you so much for all the interest! I’m hoping to have a store up soon, but in the meantime please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like a commission. Either here or via my Cosplay Page.

Once again, congratulations to @chatnoirandladybugobsession and @aticute123 for winning my giveaway! Hopefully I can plan another giveaway sometime in the future, for either a  yoyo or perhaps some other Ladybug props ;)