!!! commissions are now open !!!

Hi everyone! This is my first time taking commissions, as I must start saving up for school tuition and rent!

There will be 5 slots at a time! Commissions may be done traditionally or digitally, according to your preference! Slots are all open at the moment


Digital (all color)

Icon - 10 €

Bust - 15 € (+ 5 € for a second character)

Half-body - 20 € (+ 5 € for a second character)

Full-body - 25 €  (+ 10 € for a second character)


-> sketch (with ink) 

Bust - 10 € (+ 5 € for a second character)

Full-body - 15 € (+ 5 € for a second character)

-> with color (either watercolor, color pencils, or neocolor pastels)

Bust - 15 € (+ 5 € for a second character)

Half-body - 25 € (+ 5 € for a second character)

Full-body - 30 €  (+ 10 € for a second character)

We may also discuss the potential addition of a very simple background if you wish!

I will draw anything, including fanart, but I won’t draw gore, mechas, nsfw, or complex backgrounds. 

Payments will be upfront and processed safely through paypal

Please contact me directly through my e-mail for any inquiries: 

Thank you so much for your time and consideration, and sharing this post is also super appreciated <3

Trading the Aqua Tesseract

Full illustration commission for Wolfwings!  His character Splitpaw trading a magical artifact he found, to a reputable dealer who he knows can handle powerful objects.  Background cameo for Whyrl in the left corner, and a table filled with fun artifacts!  Absolutely everything (save one object and the skull) on the table is something from a movie, cartoon, book, or game.  See if you can name them all!

30+ hours (I lost track and this was not an hourly commission) in Photoshop CS6 with an Intuos Pro tablet.

Personal crest sigil for laurelei-witchery

This one has a pretty complex meaning and I’ll hint at bits of it in the tag, but mostly it’s very specific to the person it was made for, like most personal crest sigils.

Commissions are currently open for $25 each! Please message me if interested :)


COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! DM me if you’re interested or contact me at: Feel free to ask questions in the comments :) This is my first time doing this so please bear with me :)
Things I will draw:
- Fanarts (self inserts included)
- Real life people
- OCs (references and a small explanation about their personalities will be needed)
- Gore
Things I won’t draw:
- NSFW (also ships that are pedophilic/abusive/incest)
- Heavy gore
- Backgrounds
- Animals
- Heavy mecha designs
Additional info:
- Payment via PayPal
- I have the right to refuse a commission if it’s too complicated for me or I am not comfortable drawing it
- The drawing will be sent in a PNG format
- You are allowed to print it for personal use but absolutely DO NOT sell it as a merchandise
- Please send me as many reference as possible (the character/poses/clothes. the more the better!)
- Prices may be adjusted due to complexity of the drawing, but we will discuss about it together
- I will always keep you updated on any progress to ask for your input
- If it’s time sensitive let me know!
Thank you for your time!
Signal boost much appriciated!!

Terms of Service

-Payment up front, via PayPal; I’ll send you an invoice
-Please provide visual reference if available, or written reference if not
-Please provide also what kind of mood you’d like for the pose/color scheme (subdued, badass, cute, warm, what-have-you)
-(Mood music also acceptable)
-Plus whatever information about the character’s personality/story might be necessary (if I don’t already know them)
-Additional characters or images are $10

EDIT: Slots are full!  Thank you, everyone!!

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WELCOME to my updated commissions post! here’s a transcript of the image (prices in USD):

  • lineless starts at $10
  • lined starts at $15
  • painted starts at $20

will draw:

  • fanart
  • ocs (with reference)
  • real people (with reference)

won’t draw:

  • ns/fw
  • robots or furries (I Just Can’t. sorry)
  • prejudiced content (racism, genderbends, etc.)
  • anything that makes me uncomfortable

additional information:

  • you can use the art on your blog/profile/etc when complete, but don’t claim it as yours!
  • i reserve the right to decline any commission
  • prices are in USD
  • payment via paypal only
  • you can find more examples of each style on my blog or instagram
  • contact: OR send me an ask for my discord

if you’re interested, just just reach out so we can discuss prices! thanks!