commissioning me


Some of the commissions I’ve gotten done! Thank you again for commissioning me~

I’ve recently just gotten better from the stomach flu and I’m slowly working my way through the rest of everyone’s commission. Thank you for patience and I do apologize about the long wait. orz


I’m a bit low on “treat yo self” money, aka, I can’t go out to buy anything that isn’t food or the essentials. I talked about commissions for so long, and now I’m finally doing them but still scared about it

- No furries, animals, mech/machines.
- No smut because I’m not offering full body drawings right now. I can still do ships and fluff stuff, but no smut.
- You cannot: post my art and claim it as your own, alter my art in any way, post my art without my permission even if it’s with credit.
- No refunds. If there is any issue with your commission, we can talk through it. 
- Prices may vary, and are negotiable. Depending on what you want exactly, I may charge you more or less than what I have stated above. 

I will be opening 4 slots for now, and update this post as slots are taken.

And this is important: I only accept payment through PayPal in CAD (Canadian dollars). 
If you are interested in commissioning me, please send me a contact request on Skype with a message saying who you are. My Skype is meandsatan1. 

2 cool Karamatsus for 24/02

I haven’t drawn SasuSaku in forever, so plz, enjoy behbehs.  

Dis pose was referenced.  Couple pics r so HARDDDDDDDD lulul… I lurve to draw them doh. 

My commissions are open! Message me!

PLEASE REBLOG - DO NOT USE OR REPOST! (Unless permission granted)


Commissions closed– Thank you so much!!!

Hey guys!  I am open for commissions, but these are a little different than what I normally do. Please read and consider everything before contacting me!

For 60+ USD I’ll paint whatever single character you like, however I will have complete artistic freedom! This is just an experiment to see if my art turns out better when I have free reign or not. For this type of commission, you really have to be ok with me deciding the outcome of the image. Please do not commission me if that makes you uncomfortable.

So heres a breakdown (please read first):
★ Base price is 60+ USD
★ The more paid, the more hours that will be put into your commission
★ Single character only
★ Commissions will be fully colored
★ Characters must have reference
★ Examples are cropped images, you will get the full image!
★ For obvious mistakes, you are definitely allowed to ask for edits
★ If you have read all of this and would like this type of commission, please contact me through email only: mjp.pate★  (★ = @)

Thank you!

Opening Commissions!

Hey guys! I wanna try out commissions to see if anyone’s interested in commissioning me to draw environments or backgrounds for them, but if anyone’s interested in commissioning me for drawing people, message me and we can discuss it privately.

Also i need this money to fund my college education ; v ;

“A little nap” Jimin COMMISSION

Art © me
Please don’t edit, use or repost
Ref. photo used

!!commissions are open!! be sure to click it to see in better quality!



✨⭐🌟 COMMISSION SALE!!!!!! 🌟⭐✨
I wanna buy myself some shit so for a little while I’ll do messy, full colored and shaded commissions of ANYTHING you want for JUST $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just send me a message!!!!!!!!!!! If u want it to be nicer/more complex you’re totally welcome to pay more!!!!! donations are welcome!!!!!
paypal : 🌟

New Commissions Masterpost

Gonna make a new post about commissions and just keep it as a text post so I can fiddle around and change it when I want to. Anywho, you can totally buy art from me:

Simple Sketches: $25

(Full colour for $30)

Using flat colours with minor details. Simple. Quirky. Fun!

Full Renders: $50

More complex characters with extra shading and detail. The deluxe option.

  • All commissions come with a simple, flat colour background.
  • NSFW commissions are available (+$15)
  • Email artofthecatt [[at]] gmail dot com or message me here on Tumblr for more details!