commissioner for human rights

George Brandis…

1. Fights dirty to destroy independent watchdogs.

Example A: Gillian Triggs (Human Rights Commissioner) criticised the government’s refugee abuses so Brandis bullied her to quit - when his job as AG is to *defend* her from attacks to preserve her independence.

Example B: Parliament blocked his attempt to kill off the Freedom of Information Commissioner (who helps keep government transparent) so he defunded it, effectively killing it off in a betrayal of Parliament’s wishes. As former Liberal Attorney-General John Dowd told Brandis: “The rule of law is not a nebulous concept but does have some very specific components, one of which is the doctrine of the separation of powers … It is disappointing that we have to draw this simple principle to your attention.”

2. Hates the environment.

Example A: In 2003, he gave a 20 minute speech in Parliament linking environmentalism to Nazism. Google it.

Example B:  When a court found the Environment Minister broke the law in too hastily/sloppily approving a coal mine near the Great Barrier Reef, Brandis tried to change the law to stop green groups taking such government law breaking to the court.

Example C: Defunded and killed off Environmental Defenders’ Offices (they’re like environmental Legal Aid) two months after the mining industry asked him to.

Example D: Justified sacking CSIRO climate scientists because “if the science is settled, why do we need research scientists to continue inquiring into the settled science?” Not that he personally believes it’s settled.

3. Defunded Legal Aid.

Example A: Aboriginal Legal Services was defunded but he did fund $2.2m to those *challenging* native title claims.

Example B: Women’s community legal centres and other CLCs defunded when access to lawyers to escape domestic violence is life and death.

Example C: Only willing to give funds to community legal centres if lawyers there were forbidden from speaking up for law reform (to help the homeless, jobless, abused etc). These lawyers are on the frontline and are valuable in telling us where our law is failing our fellow Aussies.

4. Grab-bag of crapness.

Example A: He spent $28K of taxpayer money on a personal library.

Example B: He pushed for metadata laws but couldn’t explain metadata.

Example C: He wanted s18C scrapped because ‘people have the right to be bigots’.

Example D: He thinks climate change believers are stifling the ‘free speech’ of climate deniers.

TL/DR: George Brandis is Attorney General, the “first law officer of Australia”. His job is to protect the rule of law (but he attacks those who bring up when his government are *breaking* the law), protect free speech (but only when it serves his agenda, the free speech of green groups and community lawyers he goes out of his way to silence) and protect the fair running of the court (but how is that possible if you defund Legal Aid, the only way the poor and most in need can access the courts?).

His attitude to the Solicitor-General in the news today is not surprising.


#HandsOffTheHomeless: Faith leaders, politicians, community organizers, and civil rights advocates gathered in front of City Hall to demand an end to the NYPD’s “sweeps” of homeless people from public space and other instances of inhumane treatment of the homeless by police.

11 photos that show how football can foster peace

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon prepares to kick off a football match between Real Madrid and Levante in Madrid.

@unicef​ Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham lends his voice in support of the Global Goals at the opening of the @united-nations General Assembly in 2015.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon intercepts the ball during a friendly football match at Mandela National Stadium in Kampala, Uganda for War Victims Day.

Former British Ambassador to the UN, Mark Lyall Grant takes a penalty during an event marking the Centenary of First World War Christmas Truce at UN headquarters in 2014.

United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste peacekeeeping officer joins in football game with village children.

Timorese children and members of the Portuguese Formed Police Unit (FPU), working with the UN’s mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT), play football on the sidelines of the annual Dili marathon.

Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay meets AC Milan footballer Kevin-Prince Boateng.

Staff members of the UN Operation in Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI) play against a local team from Agboville in a football match for peace.


Photographs by JEB (Joan E. Biren)

  1. Archene Turner and Lynn Walker share a sweet moment in the backyard of their home in Atlanta, Georgia. 1987.
  2. Ana Maldonado, physician associate and women’s health care specialist, provides lesbian health service at the Santa Cruz Women’s Health Center. Here she assists a client in seeing her cervix. California, 1986.
  3. Colevia Carter, D.C. human rights commissioner, poet, and human resource developer for the D.C. prison system, attends the Human Rights Campaign Fund dinner in 1984. Colevia also developed AIDS education programs for the Black community in Washington D.C.
  4. Del Martin and Pyllis Lyon have been domestic partners since Valentine’s Day, 1953. In 1955, they co-founded the Daughters of Bilitis (DOB), the oldest lesbian organization in the U.S. Here at Habromania House (habromania: having delusions of a pleasing nature), their San Francisco home, Del and Phyllis pause in the midst of their many movement activities. 1984.
  5. Anna Marie Rechichi works as a welder for a large crane manufacturer. She is an active member of Cleveland’s Hard Hatted Women and Older Wiser Lesbians. Anna Marie also volunteers with Oven Productions, which produces women’s cultural events in Cleveland, Ohio. 1986.
  6. Eleanor N. Soto takes a turn on the 24-hour crisis line at the Mid-Peninsula Support Network in Mountain View, California. Eleanor was co-director of this agency, which serves battered women and their children. 1986.
  7. Friends Kim Samsel and Robin Ching get together for conversation in American Sign Language. Baltimore, Maryland. 1987.
  8. Mona Bachmann is part of a crew patching the roof of a friend’s house in preparation for a community Fourth of July celebration in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. 1987.
  9. Mary, KD, and Boo end a full day of work and play with music. These “valley girls” have been together, building a community of women, for ten years. Stevensville, Montana, 1987.
18,802 Iraqi civilians have been killed in 21 months.

According to a new report by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, nearly 19,000 Iraqis were killed between Jan. 2014 and Oct. 2015. The report also found 36,245 civilian injuries and more than 3.2 million people were internally displaced. The Islamic State group is largely responsible for what could be potentially classified as “genocide.” The atrocities are truly horrifying.


#HandsOffTheHomeless: Faith leaders, politicians, community organizers, and civil rights advocates gathered in front of City Hall to demand an end to the NYPD’s “sweeps” of homeless people from public space and other instances of inhumane treatment of the homeless by police.

Queer Filipina Carmelyn P. Malalis, new Commissioner on Human Rights, vows to fight intersectional discrimination

Malalis is the daughter of Filipino immigrants. Her and her wife have two biracial daughters, and they live in Brooklyn. 

While the Commission is dedicated to battling discrimination in the housing market, workplace, etc, it’s been largely ineffective, and only 10% of cases ever make it into a courtroom – Malalis vows to change that.

Though we must still wait to find out if she keeps her promise, I am grateful that the new Commissioner on Human Rights is actually a human who understands what it’s like to have your rights infringed upon by intersectional discrimination. 

Salamat po (thank you) in advance, Commissioner Malalis. 

Please VOTE for Syria

Please sign this petition that calls that the Presenter #Faisal Al Qassem and AL #Jazeera News Network (Qatar channel) to be presented to Justice because of incitement to a genocide of a minority religious group in Syria.

The petition will be sent to Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International Office of the Special Advisor on The Prevention of #Genocide and Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights . We need 2000 more votes.

To brief you of the video posted with the petition. It shows an episode of Faisal Al Qasem’s program on Al Jazeera aired on May 5th 2015 asking people to vote on a #pole that asks; Do you think Alawites have brought on themselves whatever might come to them next? Then the presenter starts reading out answers like those quotes from the episode: 1. “the better question should be shall we impale(pierce with sharp objects) Alawites? Shall we erase the Alawites and wipe out their existence including their children?

                    2.  “Alawites are demons” and the presenter then says no “ Even Demons are ashamed of their existence”

                   3. Then the presenter mutters out his opinion and says: “It is the right of the people to #SLAUGHTER all #Alawites”.

These are just a few of what was said in this #SECTARIAN episode that for 47 minutes discussed how this religious group should be slaughtered. Just as a note for those who don’t know this is exactly what ISIS, Islamic army, Nusra Front and other extreme Islamic groups are doing to this sect together with other minorities and christians because they consider them evil groups against “true” islam.  So basically this episode was asking people to help #ISIS to slaughter those minorities on live international tv !!

The petition says that this episode and many of the quotes chosen are a clear violation of the United Nation’s treaty of Prevention and Punishment against Genocides (9 December 1948 article 3 paragraph C) that for sure is a part of Direct and public incitement to commit genocide.

Please help the Syrians get this #petition to the Human Rights and get those criminals into a court and OFF television. 

Please sign and reblog.

Petition link here

George Brandis as Attorney-General

- wanted s18C repealed because ‘people have the right to be bigots’

- introduced metadata laws, but can’t explain what metadata is, how far the law goes, or what it’ll cost

- stripped Legal Aids of desperately needed funds

- forbid community lawyers from discussing law reform (what about free speech?)

- defunded Environmental Defender’s Office 2 months after mining industry requested it

- introduced $2.2m legal aid specifically for ppl who want to challenge native title decisions

- bullies and bribes Human Rights Commissioner when, as AG, it’s his job to defend them from attacks. Even Howard Govt AGs respected this.

George Brandis should resign.