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“I’m a huge fan of everything comic book, in general. But especially with someone like her [Barbara Gordon], its different. Every origin story is so different. A lot of people have experienced a major tragedy, for her its like-her father is an incredible-Commissioner Gordon who works with Batman and bridges the divide between vigilante justice and judicial justice. And to know that she grew up looking at these two men that she admired and be able to grow into their roles. That inspiration allow her to match it. But she does it in her own way. She doesn’t compromise herself to do it. She’s not perfectly emulating them. She’s taking that inspiration and living through herself-she’s remarkable. She becomes commissioner and she’s Batgirl. And she’s badass in both roles.” — Rosario Dawon (the voice of Batgirl in The Lego Batman Movie)

alright, young artist PSA.

If you see a thread/journal/post, wherever, where a commissioner is offering to pay for someone to draw something, please don’t jump in and say you’ll do it for free. I know you’re trying to be nice, but it’s rude to the other artists. You might have just taken a job from another artist looking to make some money, and reinforced the notion that commissioners ‘shouldn’t have to pay’ for their art.

Please be considerate, look out for your fellow artists, and above all, remember your work has value and you deserve to be compensated for your time. B)b


I want to give a shoutout to @cloversdreams for not only being such an amazing commissioner to work with, but a wonderful friend who is such an amazing support///// I couldnt have asked for anything better and I rly enjoyed these commissions! thank you again rly, I am so grateful, and enjoy the heck out of these ships because I know I do //wiggles eyebrows //SHOT


He’s a cruel demon and he was the chief executor of the decrees made by demons in hell. It has been associated with sins that are passed down from father to son. In origins, Alastor was a mortal, son of Neleo, king of Pilo. He became a demon after he and his brother killed Eracle. In ancient times “ Alastors” was the word for evil spirits and for Romans, the word “ Alastor” was the name of the evil genius of the house and in Greek it literally means “he who does not forget”, so it can be translated as “ avenging god” or “ avenging deity”. For them it was an evil spirit of vengeance associated with Nemesis, the goddess who distribute justice. In the Dictionnaire Infernal is written that he’s the “executioner” and often he’s described as Hell’s Commissioner of Public Works and an infernal judge.


I’m finally opening commissions! Due to more followers and more interest in my art, I figured it would be a good time to try to make some money. Extra details regarding price, payment, and other options are under the cut.

If you can’t/aren’t interested in commissioning, it would still be rad if you could reblog this to spread it around! Thanks!

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And with cosplay/convention season in swing, I’m opening up 10 NEW SLOTS for this month, and the FIRST COMMISSIONER gets their work for HALF OFF the listed price.

I’m ready to draw most any fandom, shipping, species, etc for you.

Here are the open slots-

1. @krahie
2. @theregeneratingdegenerate
3. @otakueaterd

And here below are some more examples of recent things I’ve drawn for people-

Please let me know what I can draw for you! And please share this with your friends!


// Eyyy kiddies school is starting up and textbooks are expensive and gas prices are a thing and I gotta drive there SO…


My spring 2017 prices are here, if you’re interested in catching a lovely piece of art then you’re in the right place!

A list of things I love to draw:

-Humanized, or anthro characters

-furries (feral is good too!)

-Squid kids, I mean c’mon~!

Some things I will not draw:

-Mechas or mechanical looking things

-NSFW of any kind, however, nudity for artistic purposes is okay as long as models are adults


-Sensitive topics

(Please ask if you’re insure what qualifies as sensitive)

Additional characters are subject to a +5$ USD Flat rate per character. There is a queue that you will be placed on upon ordering, I work on a first come first serve basis. I have excellent turnaround time and am happy to showcase all sketches and line works to commissioners upon request.

If you’re interested in purchasing a commission please PM me or send an email to michicookies (at) where we can discuss it together! 

Reblogs are also great if you can’t purchase anything at this time, thank you!

We finally got the power on today but only after sending emails and calling the Mayor of the city, the Public Works commissioner, the DA and just about everyone we could and explaining everything that happened and how much the electric company screwed us over. Once the PW Commissioner got back to us this morning he had someone come down within four hours. He was angry on our behalf and it was great. 

We lost everything in the Fridge. Groceries are gonna be really hard this month. Luckily our freezer stayed pretty cold and we should be able to keep the few things we had in there. We are still going to be recovering from dealing with the fucking $1200 curveball the movers gave us, but at least this nightmare is over and I can get back to work as well as be able to use my heated blanket, my nebulizer, and recharge my tens unit. 

All in all, fuck National Grid and if you complain loudly enough to the right people sometimes things get done. bleh.


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If Jerome was the readers boyfriend and Jim was her father, would they put aside their differences to keep her safe? If so, can you do an imagine/ one shot for it? 


Warnings:Blood, violence

   When Jim found out that his only child was dating a murderer he was furious, he wouldn’t let Y/N leave the house for a month she was only allowed to leave to go to school. He slowly started to let her have more freedom but she wasn’t allowed to see Jerome, Jim tried to get Y/N to tell him where Jerome was staying but she wouldn’t say a word. Jim was starting to get worried that she actually was in love with the psychopath, he didn’t understand why. Jim believed that Jerome wasn’t capable of loving, not him he’s insane.  Jim was now sat at his desk at the police station at 10 P.M. waiting for his daughter to arrive when he got a call.

“Hello?” He asked, he was confused as to why he would be getting a call at this time on his personal phone.

“Jim, we have a problem.” Harvey’s voice rang out, Jim’s heart dropped at the words.

“What’s wrong?” He asks standing up.

“Y/N has been kidnapped.” Harvey says sternly.

“No, no she can’t be.” Jim said putting his coat on.

“Where are you?” He asks grabbing his keys.

“12th Street alley.” Harvey says before hanging up, Jim gets in his car and heads to the location. When he gets there he sees Harvey and a few other policemen.

“How do you know it’s her?” Jim asks panicked.

“Her cell phone is crushed and there is blood, we are going to have it tested to make sure it’s her.” Harvey answers.

“Do you think it was Jerome?” Harvey asks.

“Could be.” Jim says as the realization that his daughter was kidnapped sets in.

“I’m gonna kill that fucker!” Harvey exclaims, he was like an uncle to Y/N.


The next day they found out it was Y/N’s blood, they also found someone else’s blood on Y/N’s phone, his name was Jeffrey Gobmier. Jim was going through paperwork about the man when a private number called his phone, he hesitantly answered the phone.

“Hello?” He answers.

“Jimbo, how’s it going?” Jerome’s voice rang out.

“Jerome.” Jim said loudly.

“I know where the ever so precious Y/N is.” Jerome continued.

“But I need your help.” Jerome said.

“What do you need?” Jim questioned, curious to if Jerome actually knew where Y/N was.

“I’m going to need some of your men and you.” Jerome requests.

“No way in he-”

“I will get Y/N back.” Jerome interrupts, Jim sighs.

“Fine but I swear if you try anything you will be dead.” Jim threatens.

“You must have forgotten, Y/N means a lot to me, I would never do anything to put her in harms way.” Jerome tells Jim.

“We’ll see about that.” Jim said.

“I’’ll see you tomorrow at 7 P.M.” Jerome said before hanging up.

Jim didn’t tell Harvey about meeting up with Jerome, he would only tell Jim he’s stupid and try and lock Jerome up. Jim wasn’t fully confident that Jerome wouldn’t try and kill him but he had to take the chance. Jim got 5 of the other police officers to go with him, they all got into their cars and went to the address Jerome gave them.

“Don’t shoot unless I say so, no matter who you see.” Jim told the other officers over the radio. They arrived to what seemed to be a decent sized mansion, they parked a block away from it to see a man with his hood covering his face. The man looked at Jim and smiled, it was Jerome. Jim walked towards him holding his gun tightly.

“Is that the place?” Jim asks pointing towards the mansion.

“I didn’t think you would show up Jim.” Jerome said taking his hood off.

“Just answer the question.” Jim said sternly.

“That’s the place.” Jerome finally answered.

“Do you know where she is in there?” Jim asked.

“No, we’re going to have to look around.” Jerome said before walking towards the mansion, Jim motioned for his men to follow. They got to the mansion and tried to open on of the windows.

“Ya know for someone who kidnapped the Commissioners daughter you would think he would have more security.” Jerome said before jumping through the window, Jim silently agreed and followed after him. The window ended up leading to a hallway, they walked silently towards the door at the end of the hallway. Jim nodded at Jerome before opening the door, they were met with a dark staircase going down to what seemed to be the basement.

“You think she’s down there?” Jerome asks.

“Hopefully.” Jim said making his way down with a flashlight, Jerome and the other men went down after him. They heard quiet whimpers coming from the far corner of the basement, Jim looked for a light. He soon found one and turned it on, what he saw made his stomach turn. Y/N was covered head to toe in bruises, cuts, and blood, she was tied to a wooden chair with a gag in her mouth.

“Y/N.” Jerome said quietly before hurrying to her.

“You’re going to be okay, I promise.” Jerome whispered, and in that moment Jim could see all of the love and care in Jerome’s eyes, all of it was for Y/N, his daughter. Jerome managed to cut the ties and take the gag out of her mouth, Y/N sobbed as Jerome pulled her to his chest. Y/N pulled away and looked up towards her father.

“Dad.” She said simply before running towards him, hugging him tightly.

“I never thought I would see a killer and a Commissioner working together.” A voice boomed, Jim turned around to see Jeffrey holding up a gun towards Y/N.

“You don’t have to do this.” Jim said.

“Oh but I do Jim.” Jeffrey pulled the trigger but Y/N never felt the shot, she looked down to see Jerome with a blood stain on the lower half of his shirt.

“Jerome!” Y/N cried sinking down to him, Jim quickly shot Jeffrey in the leg causing him to fall down the stairs. Jim put him in handcuffs and shoved him towards an officer before turning to his daughter.

“Get him in the car an make sure the E.R is ready for a shooting victim now!” Jim shouted as 2 officers took Jeffrey to a police car and the other 3 grabbed Jerome.

“Come on Y/N.” Jim said grabbing her hand.

“He can’t die Dad, he can’t!” Y/N sobbed.

“He won’t sweetheart.” Jim took her to the car and followed the police car to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital Jerome was quickly took into the operating room to get all of the bullet fractures out of his abdomen. Jeffrey was took to get his leg patched up before he is thrown in jail, and Y/N was getting the blood wiped off of her and to get stitches and checked for any internal injuries. After Jerome was out of surgery Y/N went to his room with her father.

“Are you going to arrest him?” Y/N asked.

“He helped me find you, I think that at least lets him have a chance to hide from me again.” Jim smiled.

“Good because I wasn’t going to let you anyway.” Y/N smiled, they heard a grunt and looked over at Jerome, his eyes fluttered open.

“Hey.” He says grinning.

“I’ll let you two talk.” Jim said before leaving the room, he shut the door and took one last look at the two. He saw Y/N kiss Jerome on the forehead. He thought about how worried Y/N looked when they were heading to the hospital, not worrying about herself only Jerome. Just like he had when he jumped in front of the bullet for Y/N, maybe Jerome was capable to love.

UGH! (Edward Nygma x Reader)

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The reader and Edward nygma telling the same cute cheesy riddles to each other and the whole GCPD(mostly Harvey) gets annoyed by it because they are cute together but are both shy to ask each other out do everyone tries to set them up and it works

The reader is known to be very shy by all of the GCPD and everyone knows she has a crush on edward except him so everyone (Harvey) teases her about it till she gets annoyed by it and asks him out infront of everyone(not purposely)and he says yes

A/N: I tweaked a few things here about “asking each other out” and “asks him out in front of everyone” thing. It’s pretty bad but I tried.

Mr. Edward Nygma was in charge of being occupied in the forensic examination room. He had that room as if it was his cage, a neat and organized location. It was as science-savvy like himself. He had a job to do and he was abusing that advantage by leaving the unsupervised lab to visit Ms. Y/L/N in the record file room.

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