Portal shoes - complete! 

There will likely be a high-res photoshoot tomorrow or the day after. Pretty proud of how these turned out, as they’re my busiest design yet.

They can be found here on Etsy. 

General stores are here:



I’m pretty much tied up with custom orders at the moment, so both of my shops are looking pretty empty. (That, and I can’t afford to display all of my designs right now.)

Please note that the Space Invader Docs are now really hard to get a hold of in that same green. I’ve found one supplier I can still get them from, so if you want them in that colour, now might be your last chance. 


Portal Converse progress post. 

Still to finish Wheatley and the turret on the left shoe, and then GLaDOs on the tongue of one of them. And then maybe on the other one, too, unless I think of something better. 

Still not sure how I feel that so much of these shoes in no longer white, but there.

It’s only 11pm but I’m off to bed. I’ve messed up my sleep schedule too much in the past week.