commission me!

I really liked the Wan pic I made almost 3 years ago, that I decided to make one of Korra. Loved how well her pic came out. I’ll post it on my society6 site soon! Enjoy! I’ll also post a small process too! Used Photoshop.

Also, I’m still open for commissions if anyone is interested. Just inbox me


Commission time.

I am delighted to announce that I will definitly be in Chicago in a month for C2E2. It’s only my second time coming to this wonderful town and I really hope it’s gonna be a hit. Last time was awesome, I’m not really worried.

So  well, if you’re planning on getting a commission from me, I am opening my list right now.

9x12 are 350 usd

11x17 are 450 usd

I’ll do headsketches on site for 70

I’ll have artbooks and loads of prints.

Come to see me even just to say hello. I’m all by myself this time and will certainly be very happy to chat a bit.

I don’t generally do commissions, but I absolutely jumped at the chance to paint this lovely lady. This is a gift commission from @loquaciousquark  to @hornkerling  of Hornkerling’s fantastic Ista Trevelyan.

Quark, thank you so much for the commission! Hornkerling THANK YOU for creating such a lovely Trevelyan. I had so much fun with this <3

hi again, this is an emergency
i know these posts are annoying and stupid for a lot of people and im sorry but
my family is risking the possibility of becoming homeless and very very poor
i NEED money, my dad cannot pay for our phone bill anymore and my mom is too stubborn to take a job in the next town over
PLEASE commission me, im 14 and mentally ill and im a transgender boy

please, please commission me i need to make a difference, i cant let my family be on the streets
even if its just a doodle commission please consider
here are my (outdated art style) prices, and my art tag, please please consider

im so scared, please help me and my family just a little


My family has got a bit of a money emergency… I don’t want to go into specifics, but if anyone could please commission me and I’ll draw whatever you want, I’d appreciate it. Please. I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t an honest emergency. This is my commission info:

Commission Prices:
Full sketch drawing, not colored, not shaded, no background, one character: $10
Full sketch drawing, not colored, shaded, no background, one character: $15
Full digital colored drawing, not shaded, no background, one character: $25
Full digital colored drawing, shaded, no background, one character: $35
Background additional: $10
Additional character(s) each: $5

Commission Spaces Open:
1. Harry Potter Tom Riddle piece-spot filled
2. Bleach Ichigo vs Grimmjow-spot filled 
3. Final Fantasy XIII Lightning and Serah-spot filled
4. Jellal full-bodied drawing- spot filled 
5. Open Space Available
6. Open Space Available

Drawing examples above…
If you can’t please reblog to help me.

I accept Paypal payments for commissions! :) 


It’s time for commissions!

To keep it short, I owe my grandmother one month’s rent and need to buy a car. I need about $1,000 and between paying all of my bills and loans, I only have about $50 leftover from my full-time job every month. Easy math, I need some extra income.

Price list:

Sketches: $10 and up

Lineart: $25 and up

Realistic Portrait: $40 and up

Flat Color (traditional or digital): $40 and up

Full Shaded Color (traditional or digital): $75 and up

Reference sheets (with flat color): $50 and up

Single person badges (flat color and laminated): $25 up

Acrylic/watercolor/encaustic paintings: $80 and up

Tattoo Designs: $40 and up

Will NOT do!

Extreme gore/vore

Scat (sorry!)

Pedophilia (including shota and loli)

If you are interested, we can work out a deal. Everything else I didn’t list in the won’t do section is on the table. NSFW commissions are available.

If you cannot afford a commission, people reblog and spread the word! Every ounce of help puts me closer to my goal. ♥ Email me at for any serious inquiries.


All right so! Here’s the deal. 

I’m making ascended armor for my Rev, Cisium. But also that means I’ve found myself… lacking in gold. SO, I’m opening up sketch/line art commissions in the same line as the examples shown above.

Everything’s going to be a flat rate of 20g, whether it’s a bust, waist up, or full body. (Keep in mind though, full body linearts/sketches take me a bit longer than waist up/bust shots. Also I do work two jobs, but I will work on these as soon as I am able.)

You can decide what kind of colors you’d want the extra parts to be (Whether that’s a splash of color on the armor, halos as shown above, weapons, etc etc. I won’t limit the colors, but I will limit color splashes to 1-2 areas.) OR you can have me pick out colors based on the color scheme of your toon, and place them where it seems fit. 

Easiest way to contact me would either be through the tumblr messenger, or through skype! I do have a preference for the tumblr IM or just ask box messages. I also prefer payment upfront, but payment after the commission is done is also okay. (Though I will withhold the final product until payment is recieved).
Quick note: I will not be doing nsfw with these commissions, I’m iffy on doing multiple characters interacting in some way, but we can discuss the details (the price will increase, however. Again, details can be discussed). My charr drawing skills are rusty, but I am willing to attempt and show progress pictures as I draw to the players satisfaction.

My gamer tag is AdversariesPurified.4510, and I’m taking up to four slots right now! I will update this post as they fill.

Thank you!!

Edit: i just realized I spelled commission wrong in the header. but it’s 2am. its fine.

Help a brother/sister out, yo?

I don’t mean to spam my COMMISSION SHEET but Mami is gonna need to get a new PC so I decided all my current commissions and any future ones are gonna go to her!

So instead of my paypal you’ll be getting Mami’s and she’ll have to verify if it went through to me before I start! 

THAT BEING SAID-I have three commissions already lined up, but would anyone else be interested? Willing to negotiate pricing and do extra ‘bonus’ doodles as well!




You may know me as that girl who shoots comedy things and provides you with internet contents. Well, unfortunately I was let go of my job of 9 years yesterday. I am still in shock, but I’m now open to hustle for jobs and I’m hoping all that good will and favor I’ve done for everyone over the years will somehow pay off in a job! In the meantime….

Did you ever want a print of that favorite comedian of yours?
After buying into those podcast ads, are you finding building your website on squarespace overwhelming? 
Need business cards?
Want me to shoot your show?
Need a still photographer for your web series?
Commission me for any sort of work?