commission i bought

That feel when you have a new wave of inspiration and go from having 6000 words on a commission to 2000. Being a writer sucks. Lmao. 

kenma: you, um, want to go out or something?
kuro: omggg kenma??? you’re asking me on a date??? with a rose??? the most romantic flower in the world???? ToT ToT ToT
kenma: … not anymore

(they go on the date)

((I didn’t have time to write anything for kenkuro day, so please accept this commission I bought from @pk-draw <3 Thank you again, Gabi!!!))



I’m finally opening commissions!

Update! (8/3/17) I’m opening up 5 slots this time! please ask me for availability!

Please check out my art blog for more examples

if you’re interested,  please read the additional info down below! thank you!

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A commission I bought from @stuffedart. I asked them to do a watercolor of my skelebros Smash and Pyro and it came in the mail earlier today. Everything came safely and fast, and I even kept the little doodle from the parcel because I thought that was really cool, especially with Smashyboy going star-eyed :D I got both now pinned up around my desk area.

Thank you very much for the commision and your service @stuffedart and I hope to see more of your lovely art x)

And yeah I am a nerd on collecting dreamcatchers

pppPpppPssSSSsssTT. I’m gonna reopen commissions today!

5pm est. be there.

sparkbat  asked:

I just reblogged your Jaspearl post, it's not drawn by Coleman Engle, it's a comic commission I bought last year by Laura Howell. Check the notes for a photo I just took with it haha. Sorry.

Somebody had messaged me with the art earlier, claiming that it was brand new and drawn by that comic book artist, I feel like a massive fool now for believing them! Sorry about all this, I deleted the post, I feel bad about this now. ;_;