What was that? A muffled giggle? Ohh, seems Ammy’s getting really close to finding little Myxi and Mr. Eggy.
Better wrap it up before bedtime, girls.


I’m considering this as a little Alternative Universe in which the five young queens live with Anonymous/the viewer.

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“…Hilda just couldn’t believe the predicament that she was in. Her body, which was as round and blue like a blueberry, groaned and gurgled all kinds of strange and echoing sounds from inside the giant mass of juice. She tried to walk which was more of a waddle, this proved much more challenging then she realized as her shorts zipper ripped open. "Why out of all things…” she said in a fit of rage and panic “… did this need to happen during a battle…” as a sudden roar of laugher and gasps came from the audience of the stadium…“

..Welp, my attempt at a quick story lol…

Yes as the title, story and well… picture might suggest this is a swelled up blueberry of "Hilda” from “Pokemon Black and White”, commission by the always awesome SongOfSwelling!

As I’ve mention before, I love doing me some blueberries, and doing this one of Hilda was a real treat! I’ve also yet to do a Pokemon character, which I believe is a must with any inflation artist, so once again it was great to finally get to do one, thanks of course too Song xp!