commisions anyone

Hey so uh, I’m opening up full commisions now.

Long story short, I broke my rollerblade, and need funds to get new ones. Other than that my phone’s wonky, and my PC is a bit random.

I would also like to say that I will be taking NSFW commisions, although these will all be flat colours. If you’re interested, message me about it and we can discuss it. I am for the most part going to be doing pinup type commisions for NSFW type art.

If anybody’s interested, just pop me a message! I live in Norway, so I’m sorry if the response takes a while.

Reblogs are greatly appreciated.

Hey there!

I’ve decided to open up some fashion commisions, these’ll be like the examples shown above. (Flat colours, no bg)

Payment will be over paypal, and if you’re interested it’s just to pop me a message! I’ll need a ref, and it’d be nice if you found an outfit you’d like for me to draw your OC/sona in!

For now I’ll just be drawing furries, but could potentially draw scalies as well.


Hello friends! I’m taking commissions for the first time!!

Alright, story time

Due to our dental insurance deciding not to cover any of the work done during this past month we now owe 2000$ that has to be paid within 6 months (September).

My mom had finally gotten our family some dental insurance after 3 years of being without it. During the first checkup the ladies at the dental office had called the insurance people to ask if there was a waiting period in order to use the insurance and they had told them that there wasn’t.

My brothers and I had all been going to the dentist, and after 7 appointments the dental office called us and told us that our insurance wasn’t covering any of the work because there was a six month waiting period. Because the dental office didn’t catch this either they are willing to lower the price for us but as of right now we have to pay the 2000$.

So in order to try to lessen the financial strain on my parents I’m opening commissions!! This is my first time doing commissions so please bare with me

I will draw almost anything, any fandom, not just dgm, I’ll consider nsfw but it will have to be talked about. Message me here or on my main bitterkanda. Or if you’d rather, you can just email me.  You can look through this blog or my older art in this tag for more of my work.

I will be accepting payments through paypal and google wallet using the email (paypal adds a fee if you’re paying through that)

If I accept your commission I request to be paid before I begin the work. The prices are negotiable (you can definitely pay more ;0)

Ahh thank you for your time, please reblog if you can, I’m hoping for the best!


ALRIGHT, so here’s what I can do!  I can draw you, your ocs, your fish, your favorite character from that anime you love, for like a bit of money!!!  How much money?  THIS MUCH MONEY

Colored portrait/fullbody- $5.00

Full body sketch-$4.00

Portrait sketch-$3.00


So you may be thinking to yourself.



you shoot me an ask or fanmail, then we discuss exactly what you want and blah blah, OR AND THE MORE PREFERED OPTION

You send me an e-mail at and tell em what you want and we can discuss prices and things like that.  all good things im sure.

you pay by going to the buy now button on my blog and selecting an option


Cause what if you think something is fullbody and I consider it a portrait or something?  It’ll make it easier for everyone and no one will hurt.

Also, if you dont want to buy a commision; sharing this post would be very much appreciated OuO

Thank you for your time!


Hi there. 

So, i need to make some money because my family is poor and i want to prop myself up and gain some independence and experience. Make a name for myself i guess.

So i’ve decided to open up commisions, for anyone who wants their character/s drawn. 

Along with that, i guess i can make other kinds of art for people to put on shirts or anything they want to.

If anyone is interested, please message me and we can iron out the details and whatever. Right now i’m just writing this in a very slap-dash way, because i don’t know how to start in any other way. So i apologise for that. 

But i guess i should note that my mediums are traditional art. I haven’t yet transitioned to digital, due to lack of equipment and money. I can however sketch your characters, lineart and watercolour as well.

Some of my art:

Some of this is older art so i’m pretty sick and embarrased of it, but, i need to give some impression of what i can do.

This would really help me a lot. Thank you <3