commisioning week


TO SET UP A COMMISION: Shoot me an ask, we can move our communications to Skype, or keep it to tumblr. I don’t mind. Specify which category you want to commision me for, and we’ll settle out the price. Remember to invoice it on Paypal as ‘Digital goods’ for the sake of my bank account, please.

NSFW IS COOL. Just don’t tell my mom.


Prices are negotiable. I’m not particularly picky.

I’m starting out with ten slots for now, once these are all filled and finished, I’ll open another ten


Cheap headshots 5$

Guess who’s trying to adult again but failing miserably

So my heat bill just came in and I have no way to pay it, my first exam is in just a week and im already stressed out trying to turn in all my projects in time - time to add more to the pile!

*cries incoherently*

In a last ditch attempt to not have to borrow money from my sister or god forbid my parents - Im offering up 5$ headshots! with colors and everything!

Im hoping to do as many as I can/as many as are interested (so fire away) and they will be in the style shown below:

Please refer to my regular TOS in regard to the commision process and the general rules, it is very recommnded to read it through carefully before commisioning me ~

Please contact me through:

I take payment through paypal ONLY