commision price


Now is a very bad economic situation in the country. I have 2 family and both barely holding up.

I really want to help them. And i really need your help!

So i’m taking 6-8 commisions and then i will open them later again, when all commisions will be taken.

♥ it’s prepayment of the full price on sketches
♥ on easy color prepayment according to your desire
♥ on full color it’s half-price prepayment
♠ i don’t draw anime fandoms /but still there is certainly little chance that i will draw that/
♠ i don’t draw mechas stuff, robots and stuff like that
♠ i don’t draw nsfw stuff
♠ very manly mens. i just don’t know how to draw them.
♠ furry

Qiwi\YandexMoney (i don’t have PayPal)

If you don’t have money and you can’t help, that’s totally fine! Just pass it on so other peeps could see that <3

emergency commission because there is literally no money in my bank account right now

i’ll draw nsfw, gore, couples, fandoms, animals, really anything but i reserve the right to refuse always 

my paypal is through my email

if you want to commission me please message me through tumblr or email me, thank you! 

please reblog to share 


I’m opening the commisions  💕

The prices are:

✨ Half body - 25$

✨ Full body - 35$

✨ if you’d like another charachter +5$

✨ In a case of Gif +5$

You can transfer money to :

  • western union 
  • paypal
  • bank card

For more information you can write me here: 


Nap and relax time. (For commuser69 in pixiv)

Arist: Fa Magikal



Icon: You/OC + 1 Pokémon (Selfie) $6.00

3 Team: You/OC/+ 3 Pokémon Team (Full body) $12.00

6 Team: You/OC/Couple + 6 Pokémon Team (Full body) $ 22.00

Poké Family: You/OC/Couple + 7-14 Pokémon (Full Body) $ 30.00

Friends and followers Please reblog.

If you like different style of art the price is the same (you can see my pixiv), or another drawing (no pokémon) send me a message.
Niko's Perler Shop by NikosPerlerShop
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Hey guys! Just set up a perler shop. I will be doing custom commissions of perler bead pixel art. My prices are listed on the listing on my shop, and if you want to commission me send me a message on etsy about what sprite you want to commision. 

The price is $6.00 plus shipping for a sprite within  a board of 29x29 pixels, and $6.00 per extra board.

Please reblog and support my shop!

Yeah…… I’m a bit short for money. Not seriously in debt though!

Don’t feel obliged to do so, though! I don’t need that much, just a few pounds for lunch. It’s okay if you can’t pay for one either, the least you can do is reblog I guess. But anyway!

Usually my commisions prices are $5-$15, but because this is somewhat urgent, I’m gonna go for a half-price kind of thing. So! 

Icon, half body (waist up) - $2.50

Full body, nsfw (explain exactly what you want) - $5

Thank you for reading, again, it’s not as urgent, but every penny counts….


All prices are in USD for half-body (hips & up) or full-body with 1-3 characters. For additional options see my [COMMISSIONS PAGE]!

SLOTS OPEN [1/14/17]: 8/10

1. [TAKEN]
2. [TAKEN]
3. [OPEN]
4. [OPEN]
5. [OPEN]
6. [OPEN]
7. [OPEN]
8. [OPEN]
9. [OPEN]
10. [OPEN]


Graphic Sexual Content? YES (subject to negotiation: [SEE GUIDELINES])*
Fan Art? YES (please provide references!)
Original Characters? YES (please provide references!)
Furry/Anthro: MAYBE (subject to negotiation, would prefer not to but will give it a shot depending on the animal:human ratio)
gore/guro? YES (mild-moderate only, please)
Body Horror? YES (mild-moderate only, please)
Robots/Mech? NO
Monsters? YES
Yaoi/Yuri? YES
Fetish Pics? MAYBE (subject to negotiation: [SEE GUIDELINES])*

*digital options ONLY


Roleplayers can commission an icon pack for their muse! Icon pack is 10 150x150px icons for 10$! I can also do art for themes – pricing subject to complexity. Message/Email me about it!  [EXAMPLE HERE]


please send me an email detailing your order (number of characters, level of completion, description of the image, reference material of character (s) requested, whether or not you want the image posted publicly, etc.,) to -PLEASE include the word “COMMISSIONS” in your email title!

Once I’ve read through you’re email, I’ll write you back as soon as possible to let you know whether or not I’ve okay’d your commission (or if there’s anything I have issues with in your request.)

(Send payment only AFTER I have OKAY’D your commission)

I will start work as soon as I recieve payment – which should be sent IN FULL to on paypal.

Once work has begun, I will send you a few concept sketches (unless you have requested a sketch commission) and you can tell me which one you prefer. I will send periodic updates (if you need details tweaked, feel free to let me know.) After I complete the work, I will send you a hi-res, watermark free copy of your commission!


Updated the prices and some stuff

Please note: I’m canadian so the prices are in CAD. Paypal does the transfer automatically but it’s less expensive for you US folks

Sketches (with flat colors)

Head/Bust/Icon: 10$

Waist up: 15$

Full body: 20$


Head/Bust/Icon: 20$

Waist up:  25$

Full body: 30$


Add a background: FREE

Add a character: +50% of the commision price                 

Character reference sheet : 50$

(two full body drawings and two head drawings. You choose the angles between back, front, side view or ¾)


-          I don’t do NSFW/sexual content

-          Payment by PayPal only

-          I draw OC’s but I need at least on reference picture of a full body

-          Commissions are for personal use only

-          I’m reserving the right to refuse a commission

-          Tips are welcome !!

What I draw:

-          Humans (or humanoid creatures)

-          Animals

-          Existing characters from anime, comics, videogames, tv shows, movies, cartoon… anything with a good reference pic really

-          Original characters (that includes gemsonas, fantrolls and so on)

-          Simple backgrounds (I’ll be focusing on the characters)

Contact info (you can also pm me on here if you have any questions)

Skype: sekusa1313


Email :


So I’m finally doing commissions because I’m still having some issues with my dad (some of you may know) So yeah 

I’ll open 5 slots now which I’ll try to finish within 2 weeks!! (not so long but just in case I get really busy with school)

I’m up to draw almost everything (oc’s, ships etc.) and I reserve the right to deny any commission request if I don’t feel comfortable drawing it, or I just can’t draw it. And for now I’m not making comic strips.

Please send e-mail for commission requests and asks for general questions

Thanks a lot!


Hello, I am finally opening up gif commisions!


1 second of animation:




ADD BG: +$10

ADD EFFECTS (ex.Glitch):+$15



I can and will animate pretty much anything, except for nsfw and mechas (I can do gore though, as long as not too graphic).

If you are interested, feel free to contact me at (which is also my paypal email)!

Thank you!