ok so my computer is unusable now and I’m going to need a new one, so I’m doing commissions to try and get a little more money.

You can see the prices in the picture, I hope they’re not too high. :0 Sketches are done in pencil, then there’s the coloring styles


this style has vibrant colors, but has risks with it. 1: There could be some blotches and streaks from the markers drying too quickly while drawing. 2: Colors are a bit limited due to the amount of markers I have.

Colored pencils:

this style isn’t quite as vibrant and tends to look a bit grainy (maybe someone would like that more) but there’s more colors available to me, and less chance of making mistakes

what I’ll need for you to commission me:
1: a reference of the character you want me to draw
2: your PayPal email (so I can send you an invoice)
3: what coloring style you’d like (only if you’re getting a colored one obviously)

Just message me if you’re interested! In case it wasn’t obvious I can’t send the physical thing in the mail or anything, so it’s pictures of the drawing, I hope that’s not a problem. :0 

Thank you for being interested, or just reading. If you could please reblog and share this around, even if you can’t commission me, I would greatly appreciate it!

“It’s a Cyberman, a Mondasian Cyberman!”.

I’ve always found the 1960′s Cybermen from @doctorwho disturbing, the result of a dying world willing to do anything to survive. They became more machine than man. Who would rather suffer, scream and cry rather than face death. 

As one Cyberman “patient” once said “PAIN. PAIN. PAIN.“

A very special thank you to @coulsart for capturing the cold horror of these classic monsters, You’ve made me more happy than you can imagine!


No porn for today, folks, but I’ve got something anyway. Comission for lovely farferello: dancing Reyes and Zale Ryder ( more Zale you can find here: Awww, how can you create such beautiful characters in that awful character creator? Why didn’t they use DAI character creator? It wasn’t perfect, yes, but it was way better. Alright maybe it’s just me since there are so many wonderful Ryders 

Also, have you noticed how strange the animation in that cutscene was? No, I mean, the whole animation sucks, but that dance? Ugh, just Bioware being lazy asses again