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I hate how right you were. I love my tree planting, peace seeking, doctor loving Son™ so much and I just want all the best for him and his doctor/chancellor wife! All the best tbh. Also, petition for Season 4 to be super chill and for my parents to be the ones set to live to the fullest in the midst of unavoidable death? 

  • Perhaps have Abby run her fingers through Marcus’ hair
  • Love sequence set in a cave, behind a nice flame, very Cliched™ and full of tender looks 
  • A full love confession (I want it & I feel like we deserve it) 
  • Marcus never to lose that beard of despair 
  • More Looks™ but now they hold extra weight due to their mutual realization of commingling love
  • Maybe a few smiles of shared secrets between the two from time to time; real giggly in love shit, you know? Hey, the world’s ending. 
  • Last but not least, a ceremony (of any kind. doesn’t have to be legit) in which they pledge their undying love to each other & are bound forever more. That’s right, we’re going all the way. 

Anyways, that hardly seems like too much to ask, you know? I’m ready to suffer come season 4. Good times!

(Also, can we take a moment to draw parallels. He is planting this tree in honor of his mother and Alex Romero gave Norma his mother’s ring in honor of his own mother?! @ siri, why do you allow suffering?) 

Hyde/Jekyll (Part 1)

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Genre: everything

Pairing: Gray(AOMG) x reader 

“All human beings… are commingled out of good and evil.”
― Robert Louis Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Summary: You finally got into Aomg as a producer. Everybody treats you well except for Gray who you will unfortunately work with..

Warning: will contain smut and harsh language in next parts. Also keep in mind that English is not my first language, so there is nooooo way that this could be perfect, .

character is inspired by the novella strange case of Dr Jekll and Mr Hyde where a person changes from one situation to the next.

‘NEVER!! you got into m’fuckn AOMG????’ Jessi shouted before she hugged you tight.

You still couldn’t believe that you were accepted by Hiphop label Aomg. You applied just for fun when you heard that they are looking for a new producer.

Its been a year since you finished your studies for music production at Seoul Academy of Art  and moved into a new apartment with your best friend Jessi. You worked at a local bar to earn some money that you invested into your production equipment since you tried to be independent from your parents who didn’t share the same opinion when it came to study music production. They wanted you to become a doctor or a lawyer. Things that every parent wanted for their kids. 

You have been working on some demos lately that turned out good so you tried to apply for some entertainments and music studios. 

After a long time of rejections you came to to the point where you lost any hope  to get into anything so you stopped for a while and tried to focus on how to pay your bills. 

Being independent sucked.

You became a fan of Aomg since you first been to a concert of them. Jessi was a diehard gray fan so she forced you to come with her. She used to describe him as her ideal type. Rather than his looks you Liked him for the music he produced, he defininetly shared the same taste in music. For looks you were more attracted to Jay park. You could swear that he made eye contact with you for fucking 30 seconds, but of course it was the their strategy to try killing their fans. You immediately became trash for them and followed every new release and even followed everyones Instagram account.

You couldn’t believe your eyes when they posted that they are looking for a producer and you applied as fast as you could even if you knew that there wasn’t even a 1% chance for you to get in.

And now you have been accepted by them .. It was like a dream you don’t want to wake up from.

‘the first thing you have to do when you start working there is to get grays number.. or show him a picture of me first. He will fall for me instantly OMG his smile is so angelic, he has to be such a nice boyfriend’ jessi said while scrolling down his Instagram account.

‘I’m happy if I can stay there for more than two days without getting fired, I mean why would they let me work there , i don’t have any experience and I have been rejected wherever i went.. i still don’t get it’. 

‘come on girl ! why don’t you trust yourself just once !  real recognize real you know’ Jessi put her phone down and started looking at you. ‘Be yourself Y/N, they won’t regret getting you into their team. Believe me!’

You repeated her words again and again when you started to get into your outfit you decided on for your first day at Aomg. 

You decided on a casual look, Jeans, T-shirt, Nikes. 

The last night was sleepless, you were to exited to sleep. So you started to put on some concealer under your dark circles.

For make-up you tried a natural look with some light pink lipgloss you borrowed from Jessi. You sprayed on some perfume and started to get into your shoes.

Jessi was still sleeping since it was  6 in the morning. You closed the door behind you and walked to the bus station. It took about 30 minuted to get to the Aomg building. You heart started to beat even faster after you stood in front of the building. Since you don’t wanted to come with empty hands you bought some coffee and donuts on you way.

‘believe in yourself..’ you whispered to yourself ‘its your last chance anyway’ while saying that you entered the building.

The first thing you noticed was an to intense perfume smell that was spread in the whole building. Do they shower in perfume? you asked yourself.

After telling an employee why you came you followed her quietly.

She looked really badass. Just like how you imagined every employee here.

You started hearing  laughter and some loud swear words when you got to the second floor of the building . The female employee gave you an awkward smile when she realized that you mouth slightly opened. 

‘keep making fun of my face Jay but what’re you going to do about your tiny dick!’ you heard dj Pumkin saying while you entered the room of the Aomg Artists. 

You couldn’t help but giggle.

 Jay , Simon and Ugly Duck were sitting on a small sofa and laughing their asses off while Dj pumkin was standing in the middle of the big room while pointing his finger at Jay. Loco was laying on the ground holding his belly. You didn’t know if he’s even laughing or just dying on the floor. 

Hoodys eyes were on you since you first started to enter the room , she was the only one that noticed your existence. 

Gray stood behind Dj pumkin. It looked like he wanted to hold him back from smashing Jay since his hands were placed on his shoulders. But looking at  his laughing face made you think that he was just pretending it.

Well.. the giggle seemed to turn into a slight laughter since every head turned and every eye in the room went to you.

You immediately stopped and you felt you r cheeks blushing. You noticed the awkwardness that filled the room. 

Before you could think any further to plan your funeral the female employee started to introduce you.

‘This is Y/N . She is the new producer ‘. She said while facing the crowd.

Y..YE.yes’ you started to stutter.. You bite your tongue before continuing your speech’ Im Y/N, nice to meet you’. You bowed to them. *awkward as fuck*

As you lifted your head you saw Loco standing up from the ground and smiling at you. ‘Welcome to.. Aomg’. You started to smile back, but looking at the other faces that still haven’t changed made you nervous again.

You looked at the bags filled with donuts and the coffee in your hand and you stepped further into the room. ‘I bought some coffee and donuts for you guys’ you said hesitantly.

Fortunately you saw how everyone started to smile at you and you could breathe again.

 you started to give out coffee while smiling like an awkward potato.

‘I hope you won’t feel uncomfortable around us, we like to joke very often’ Jay said while looking at you while you gave him the coffee . You felt how you knees became week. How can somebody be that hot.* His teeth were definitely brighter than my future*.

‘And don’t believe what he said, its not tiny i swear’. You started to laugh. ‘I won’t , I’m very happy to work with all of you’  you answered.

Loco rushed to you and helped you to give out coffee to some of the other guys.

You started to like the feeling you have being around them. They didn’t acted like famous artists, its was like hanging around with some new friends.

Hoody even hugged you before she faced you again.

‘I know how hard it is to be new around these idiots, so fighting !’. She was even prettier than in her instagram pics. Her warm smile made you happy.

You gave the last coffee to gray and he took it while smiling at you. 

Jessi was so damn right. His smile could kill someone. Even if he was quite you felt that he was really humble and nice. You couldn’t wait to work with him.


‘So tell us how do you feel after coming to Aomg’ Hoody asked you while all of you were facing each other.

‘Yes tell us. Since we are one team now we want to know you. Tell us about you’ Jay said.

All eyes were on you again.

‘I can’t describe how happy I was when I was accepted..but I was really surprised .. why did you guys even choose me?’ I asked while facing the floor. 

‘You have to ask gray, he was the one who picked you’ Ugly Duck said while pointing at him.

You eyes wandered to him. His hands resting on his face while looked back at you.

He slightly smirked before he answered.

‘I was quit surprised by the demo you sent in’ he started ‘It felt like I produced it’. 

You couldn’t describe the feeling that came up when you heard what he said.

After more smalltalk Loco decided to show you around the building. He was being really nice to you and you felt that the two of you would end up being really close in the future. 

‘soo.. lets play a game. Rank every Artist by their looks’ he said while looking like a puppy. How could he be so cute.

You giggled. ‘ I will tell you when I met everyone and spent some time here’ you responded to his request. He nodded. 

You couldn’t wait to meet everybody else. Especially cha cha because you liked his producing too.

According to Loco ,Cha-Cha was in America to visit his parents.

Gray told you to come into the room where he was producing after you finished your tour with Loco.

Loco showed you the room and you knocked carefully.

no response.

you knocked again.

‘Come in’ you heard a voice saying.

You opened the door and found a concentrating gray in front of you. He was staring at his laptop while tipping in something. 

‘Close the door’ he said without any emotion in his face. 

You closed the door quietly and turned back to him. His face was still staring on his laptop screen. You don’t wanted to distract him so you just waited next to the door for him to say something.

After 5 minutes of waiting he finally looked up to you. You smiled at him awkwardly but he didn’t replied in any way. 

What was wrong with him. Did I do something wrong ? Why is he looking at me like that? you asked yourself. Am i being scolded on my first day ??

He suddenly stood up and approached you. You swallowed hard after you saw his worsen face expression

He stopped right in front of you and his arm was pressed to the door behind you.

‘To clear something..’ he started ‘Do you really think that I got you into Aomg  because i liked the shitty demo you sent in?’.

Is that any kind of a prank? if thats the case than this shit feels real as hell.

Your knees felt like they couldn’t hold you no longer and you started to sweat. Your eyes went to the floor when you felt that he was coming closer. You were holding your breath.

‘Stupid little girl’ he started laughing ‘do you know why you’re even here?’

rather than getting angry you suddenly became weak and empty. You felt how your eyes filled with tears.

There is no way that this guy could be the person you met this morning. His warm smile turned into something dark 

‘They wanted to get in a new producer even when I told them that I will mange everything by myself. So I choose you. They will realize that your talent is worthless so you will be not turning into any problem for me’.

Even if you wanted to say something and even if you found the right words to talk back.. you couldn’t ..You lips were pressed on each other like they were sticked together

He came even closer and his lips found you ear.

You heard him swallow before he opened his mouth

‘But I didn’t know beautiful you actually are.’ His breath touched your skin.

‘I might need a distraction’

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JEALOUS AKASHI FLUFF pLEASE *leaves plate of cookies*

{takes plate of cookies and replaces it with some writing B) } 

Akashi’s gaze held to your form even from across the ballroom floor. The event his father was hosting, a charity fundraiser of sorts, had been going well so far. Akashi had commingled with guests, spoke with members of the charity they were supporting, and answered questions for local journalists as he had arrived being expected to do. Questions had also been thrown around about his date, you, who was currently on the other side of the ballroom resting after a long while of standing and posing for pictures with him. Really, he had only left you for a moment to get some drinks and answer more press questions. When he returned his gaze towards you, the one watching you so carefully as of late, it was because of the conversation you had seemed to engulf yourself in with another guest.

The boy you were talking to was tall. He smiled with the grace of a politician. A strange sensation in Akashi’s gut arose whenever he caught sight of you laughing at the stranger’s jokes. Smiling up at him. Politely or not, that smile should only be reserved for him. It was when the stranger touched your waist and you did not pull away that he decided to take matters into his own hands. Without noticing, Akashi found himself approaching the two of you with a smile a bit too venemous to be polite.  He had handed the drinks off to some sort of server nearby, freeing his hands in order to wrap one around your waist while smiling up at the stranger. “_____, who is this?” He questions softly, making the situation just polite yet awkward enough to make the other person uncomfortable. After a bit the stranger excused himself, and Akashi requested to speak to you in private.

Pulling you off to a separate corner of the ballroom, you were about to question what was wrong with him, but Akashi’s lips against yours cut you off. The kiss he offered was overwhelming and passionate. It tasted like fruit punch and ended with the slightest nip of his teeth as he dragged them against your lower lip. Your face was heated red and he smirked, pleased to see you make that face underneath him. Leaning his forehead against your own, he murmured a soft admittance, “I disliked the way he was touching you.”

“He was just being friendly, Sei.” You insisted with a murmure. Akashi’s grip tightened against your waist. HIs look was sharp and he brought you closer to him. The hug he offered was intense and caring. You felt his lips press softly against the base of your neck, sending shivers up your spine as you counted the pace of his breathing. He murmured words against your flesh, sending vibrations down your collar bone, “Too friendly I’m afraid. Only I’m allowed to touch you like that, do you understand? Only I can hold you here-” A squeeze to your hips- “And kiss you here.”

His lips were again on your own, soft and slightly worried, a bit different from the possessive one earlier. You only sighed gently and returned it, placing a hand on his cheek. He leaned into the touch like a cat and you smiled softly. “In those matters,” You spoke in a whisper, “Of course I’m always yours.”

“Do you see the story? Do you see anything? It seems to me I am trying to tell you a dream - making a vain attempt, because no relation of a dream can convey the dream-sensation, that commingling of absurdity, surprise, and bewilderment in a tremor of struggling revolt, that notion of being captured by the incredible which is the very essence of dreams…”Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

S.G by Nicola Samori, oil on wood

FBI taking steps to keep Clinton email files from leaking

WASHINGTON — The FBI is strictly limiting access to documents from its closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and warning members of Congress not to leak them.

Congressional aides told The Associated Press Wednesday that the investigative materials demanded by Republicans are being kept in a secure room typically reserved for the nation’s most closely guarded secrets. Documents containing classified information are commingled with those marked as “Unclassified/For Official Use.”

Those without sufficient security clearances can read only redacted versions and are forbidden from note-taking.

Some Republicans are urging that the unclassified documents be released publicly. Democrats fear documents could be selectively leaked to damage their party’s presidential nominee and say they will comply with the FBI’s request not to release any without the agency’s permission.

Michael Biesecker And Deb Riechmann, The Associated Press