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uncontrollably laughing and crying, like i’m going mad… 

 i have my good days and bad days like anyone else, & i’ve no clue which way this one will go as yet… it’s cyclical, ebbs & flows…. 

 this is mostly stress-related, compounded and accumulated, finally taking a toll (again). 

it’s been a while since i’ve been this bad.

when i lost lana, i suppose i threw myself into work to a bit of an extreme. i burned out big time this round, & now having lost my income, i’m back to a very insecure position.

i could ‘suck it up’,  go back to the cube farm corporate gigs, but i can assure that the periods toward burnout will  only occur more frequent & harsh.

hunting for a shrink is surprisingly difficult in this town. it’s been decades since i’ve been hospitalized. i couldn’t afford the debt if it were an option. isn’t capitalism grand?

going to my GP today, refill of meds rigmarole, then back to my art — the only thing i find worth living for right now.

it’s not all doom & gloom. there’s still kitteh cuddles, bad sci-fi & crazed maniacal laughter.

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what are the chances, i exit the dr. office after another cry-jag breakdown, to find a hysterical screaming woman chasing her dog in and out of the street. 

the dog thinks she’s playing — arms-flailing chase-time — since the park is right there. traffic is only half stopping & i’m thinking happy-thoughts as i’m trying to slowly approach the dog to calm it down. 

the dog, btw, is huge, fluffy-fun gorgeous black-brown-bernard-collie weirdness. idk, i’m a cat person, but it’s still pretty.

But i eventually can get a good hold of the collar under the fluff, the dog is chill on the sidewalk. as the woman is still frantically trying to attach the leash, i ask ‘you got it?’

the only thing she says to me is: 'don’t pet my dog.’

i’m still a bit numb in general, but i just quietly reply, ‘i just didn’t wanna see him hurt’…

she just walked away, with her happily oblivious, alive-for-now canine. 

can’t take this shit personally, & i get it, she wants ‘bad dog, no reward.’ 

but goddamn, seriously, why today…?

if i had a do-over, i’d prolly tell her she didn’t deserve the dog, and kindly advise her to put the leash on before opening the car door on the street. maybe a sweetly whispered, ‘fuck you’ would have been fine.


Qualms with punching a fascist?

Here are just a few other activities the United States government deems legal:

  • waterboarding
  • indefinite detainment
  • solitary confinement
  • tear gas
  • rubber bullets
  • spying
  • terrorism
  • targeted drone strikes
  • lethal injection
  • sell weaponry
  • start a war!

Bonus TIP: Always include a legal disclaimer nullifying responsibility for others misinterpreting your actions.

Behind the Scandal of Those Two Traitors:
How the Reds Blackmail Homosexuals into Spying for Them!

This 1961 article describes the defection to the USSR of two NSA analysts. Though their defection was politically motivated, news accounts focused on their sexuality and suggested that communists would blackmail government employees by instigating or uncovering homosexual encounters.

  • Commie Computer Tech: *sets up friend's computer to block all internet advertising
  • Friend: But, how will i know what to buy?
  • Commie Computer Tech: *waits for sarcastic recognition
  • Commie Computer Tech: *doesn't receive, inner rage swells
  • Commie Computer Tech: *installs virus to subvert capitalism
  • Commie Computer Tech: *shuts down friendship

Kurt Hiller, lawyer, philosopher, author, poet, leftist, queer activist

Kurt Hiller, one of the “left intellectuals” of Weimar Germany, was one of the strongest leaders of the German homosexual rights movement— from 1908, when he joined the Scientific Humanitarian Committee.

Perhaps the most influential work of Hiller’s literary activism was his Appeal to the Second International Congress for Sexual Reform on Behalf of an Oppressed Human Variety. (Copenhagen 1928) in which he rejected the understanding of homosexuality as something contrary to nature, and contested traditional conceptions of same-sex love. The speech was delivered in his stead by Magnus Hirschfeld, the President of the Sexual Reform Congress and the foremost figure in the early homosexual rights movement.

Kurt Hiller, a socialist, pacifist, homosexual, Jew was on the Nazi’s detention list and ended up spending time in Oranienburg and other concentration camps. He was released in April 1934. Having nearly died from mistreatment, he managed to escape rearrest to live in exile in Prague.

He was a prolific writer until his death in 1972, in Hamburg. In 2000, Kurt Hiller Park located in Berlin-Schöneberg was dedicated honoring Hiller as the “co-founder of the gay civil rights movement.”

Photo [above]: A published collection of essays in 1922 against §Paragraph 175. 


Emotions of Every-Day Living

Angry Queer
[ intro/credits, :20s ], Brent Pruitt, 2017


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Langston Hughes, writer/activist
[February 1, 1902 – May 22, 1967]

Academics and biographers today believe that Hughes was homosexual and included homosexual codes in many of his poems, similar in manner to Walt Whitman. Hughes has cited him as an influence on his poetry. Hughes’s story “Blessed Assurance” deals with a father’s anger over his son’s effeminacy and “queerness”. The biographer Aldrich argues that, in order to retain the respect and support of black churches and organizations and avoid exacerbating his precarious financial situation, Hughes remained closeted.