commie ghost

No really, let’s talk about Novac for a moment.

This place is absolutely crazy, and No-Bark isn’t the main problem here. Just think about it: 1) they have a doctor named Ada Straus who doesn’t know anything about medicine but manages to heal you anyways somehow 2) she is covered in blood almost from head to toe 3) there is an old couple whose brahmins are killed every night by a freaking crazy nightkin 4) and this nightkin makes holotapes of their screams 5) furthermore we have a nice old lady who sells into slavery the wife of the person who freaking guards her town every night 6) and this person along with his former friend sits with a sniper riffle in the mouth of a giant dinosaur called Dinky. 7) And they have an old man who thinks that commie-ghosts are gonna fly to the moon, paint it pink and draw Lenin’s face on it.

For fuck’s sake - the dinosaur with a thermometer in his hands should be enough.

WHY does it all seem reasonable? Why the hell is this town completely crazy at it’s core but you just manage to ignore this fact somehow? Because Novac is many things but it isn’t exaggerated.

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