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Devotees: David Sedaris / Author

Mr. Sedaris wears Comme des Garçons onstage on his reading tours. His partner does not like it.

“There are so many stores that I’m afraid to go into, but I wish that I’d gone in sooner. If you go into Gucci, everybody in there is so good-looking that you think, ‘Never mind, it would just be a joke for me to wear your clothing.’ You could imagine the designer saying, ‘I would pay you not to wear it.’ When you go into Comme des Garçons, not only are the people really sweet there, but you think, ‘I could look as clownish as you!’ That aspect of it is gone, the intimidation factor is gone. I’m not a brand-name person. That never really meant that much to me. But her stuff is always so beautifully made. I have five pairs of culottes now. The pair I wore on my last tour, they’re polyester, and they look like bad hotel curtains. But what’s great is you never have to iron them.”


Quand je me mets à regarder toutes les photos de mon portable à 3h du matin, avec une des playlists déprimantes de payetoncelibat en fond musical.

Note pour moi même, ne pas avoir mangé et avoir un pote barman c’est pas une bonne combinaison

Note to myself, to have not eaten and to have a barman friend is not a good combination