commercial: children's hospital

This may look like just your average run of the mill 1940’s slinky, and it is…kind of. A slinky can be used by Child Life to teach a school aged patient about a lumbar puncture by comparing the slinky to a spine. Pretty cool, huh? It can also be used for endless fun if put on an escalator! 


So last night I missed my junior prom due to being in the hospital recovering from a surgery. I was so upset about this honestly. I’d had a very rough year and was hoping that this could be an event to end my school year on a high note.

When my mom went to get movies and junk food, she was told that there would be a Teen Prom for the inpatients of the hospital. They dolled up everyone who was up for it in professional makeup, hair, nails, and formal gowns. All the while, the hospital’s tv special crew had heard about my story and made me their “princess” for the night. They followed me as I turned from a sad sick patient to a sick patient who was ready for prom.

I got to wheelchair dance and decorate masks for the “masquerade” and took photos and even talk to some other patients who weren’t feeling so well. When I thought the night couldn’t get any better, I was named Prom Queen of the first ever St. Louis Children’s Hospital Teen Prom.

Even now, thinking about last night, I can’t explain my happiness and gratitude. I never could’ve imagined a night like that and Children’s made it possible.

Thank you, a million times, thank you.

Faith, Family, and Taylor Swift!

Khloe had the most amazing day today!
Thank you to all the Swifties and everyone that helped make this moment happen!
Taylor and her management have been hard at work trying to track down Khloe for months and they finally found her!!!! 
Today, Taylor Swift made Khloe’s dream come true! 
‪#‎StayFearlessKhloe‬ ‪#‎NeverEverGiveUpLikeEver (x)


Personal immortality in a physical body is impossible, since a physical body exists in time and time is that which ends. When someone says he wants to live forever, he forgets that forever is a time word. All three-dimensional immortality projects, to say the least, are ill-advised, since they always immerse the aspirant deeper in time.

A step toward rational immortality is to break down the concept of a separate personal, and therefore inexorably mortal, ego. This opens many doors. Your spirit could reside in a number of bodies, not as some hideous parasite draining the host, but as a helpful little visitor.

Cloning isn’t ego gone berserk. On the contrary, cloning is the end of the ego. For the first time, the spirit of man will be able to separate itself from the human machine, to see it and use it as a machine. He is no longer identified with one special Me machine. The human organism has become an artifact he can use like a plane, a boat, or a space capsule.

IMMORTALITY ~ William S. Burroughs