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For better baked frozen pizza, ignore the instructions on the box. Fully thaw the pizza the bake it for 5-8 minutes on the hottest temperature your oven will go.

Having recently done a lot of experimenting with “upgrading” cheap frozen pizzas to make them taste less, well, cheap and frozen, this has been by far the most important trick.

Commercial pizzas are baked in stone ovens that get up to 700- 1000 degrees, which is why they bake so quickly and end up with nice crispy crusts and un-burned everything else. Your home oven will never get that hot but you can try to get as close as possible to emulate the effect.

Cook the pizza on the bare rack to maximize air circulation if you don’t have a pizza stone or a cast iron skillet/slab. If you have either of those, heat it in the oven first and then cook the pizza on that once the oven hits its max temperature.

For even better pizza, brush the crust with olive oil before you bake and sprinkle either fresh garlic or garlic powder on it. (The garlic flavor helps to balance out the usually heavy handed and far too sweet sauce that goes on your average frozen pizza).

Edit: Forgot to mention, keep a close eye on the pizza if you’re going to do this! 5-8 minutes is a pretty general number and, depending on the temperature your oven maxes out at, your pizza could go from “perfect” to “burned to a crisp” in the span of a minute.

Sugar on The Asphalt

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summary: In which Jungkook is one flirty maknae and you officially meet Hoseok’s friends.

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You were elbows deep in croissant dough as you flattened and rolled the raw bread across your floured worktop. You filled and popped yet another baking sheet into the oven. It was currently four in the morning. You had been at the bakery since two, quickly jumping into your morning routine in order to get the displays filled before morning rush. Your assistant was currently whipping up muffin batters in your commercial sized mixer- a trick you had learned after having only been open for a few months. Time was of the essence in the bakery world. If you didn’t find shortcuts in certain areas your shelves wouldn’t be filled on time, and you lost a lot of money when there weren’t any chocolate croissants in the displays. You liked to use a muffin base before separating the batters and adding their specific ingredients just before pouring them into muffin tins. 

You had one more round of croissants to get into the oven before you could pour the streusel mixture onto the cinnamon roll dough and get those into the oven as well. Everything to do with your success in the bakery business had to do with timing. Just one little mistake was all it took to throw the sales off for Sweet Dreams’ entire day. It could be down right maddening, but the hustle and bustle of the morning rush was what you lived for. Especially when your customers hummed loudly in appreciation and told you just how delicious all your hard work was. 

When your cellphone let out a particularly annoying shrill you groaned loudly, wiping your hands on your apron, before hastily throwing it on speaker. “Hobi, you know now is not a good time. What are you even doing awake right now?”

“Good morning, Peach,” he sing-songed. “Even us precious idols have to be awake before the sun sometimes.”

“Hmm, right, ain’t no rest for the wicked and all that.” You smirked.

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scribblekay  asked:

ooh i want to know about pepero day!! please explain! (also fantastic job on the blog) :D

Oh thank you so much! ^^ 

So Pepero day is not an official holiday and the origin of it is not entirely clear, however it’s most likely a commercial trick thought up by Lotte, who are the manufactures of Pepero. 

But there is another version about some young girls in the 1980′s who exchanged Pepero on November 11th in hopes of becoming tall and thin like Peperos but that seems like more of a myth or urban legend. 
There are also some that say you must eat 11 packs before 11:11 today… I don’t know if that’s am or pm though..  Again that’s supposed to help you become tall and thin but I’ll advice against that because they’re literally just biscuit and chocolate.
My favourite reason for today being Pepero day is the simple fact that all the 1′s in the date look like sticks or Pepero sticks 

All this being said it’s a really cute tradition to buy a pack of Pepero and even specially customise them for your friends and loved ones, and it’s a fun excuse to eat some extra treats today!          

Carlee won 1st place Classical at YAGP

about. damn. time. 

she has worked so hard, i love that in a time when the dance world has become so commercial and trick-based and it would be so easy for her to go down the “insta-famous, dance for likes” route (after all she goes to one of the fandom’s most followed studios), her focus on technique and honing the foundations is finally being recognised.