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I had a dream that an outtake from a Ted Cruz campaign commercial got leaked of him seeing a large turkey vulture in a forest and screaming “WHAT THE F*** IS THAT” and emitting a high pitched shriek while the vulture just casually walked closer to him. The whole thing became a giant meme.

APRIL 3: Hayley Kiyoko (1991-)

From “Girls Like Girls,” to “Cliff’s Edge,” to “Sleepover,” Hayley Kiyoko has been giving us gay bop after gay pop, and so, we’d like to take today to celebrate the indie pop princess’s 26th birthday. Happy birthday Hayley!!

Although most of us have fallen in love with Hayley through her music career, she was also gracing our television screens long before many of us would have even thought of ourselves as girls who liked girls. Born April 3, 1991 in Los Angeles, Hayley was born to be an entertainer; her father is a comedian and an actor, while her mother is a former figure skater turned choreographer. Hayley first found herself in the spotlight at five years old when she began appearing in commercials and ad campaigns for companies like Slim Jim, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and JC Penny’s. Throughout her acting career, Hayley has starred in films such as Scooby Doo! The Mystery Begins, Scooby Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster, and Lemonade Mouth and has also been featured in television shows The Fosters and CSI: Cyber.

Despite the lengthy acting resume, music has always been Hayley’s first love. She began taking drum lessons when she was just six years old and was producing her own drum charts by the time she was eleven. After a brief stint with the musical group The Stunners, Hayley started releasing her own music in 2013 with the debut of her first E.P., A Belle to Remember. The song “Girls Like Girls” from her second E.P. This Side of Paradise served as a public coming out party. In an interview with Paper Magazine following the release of the “Girls Like Girls” music video, Hayley had this to say:

“When we shot the music video for ‘Girls like Girls,’ I felt like I was finally telling my story for the first time. The yearning feelings I had and also the feeling of being so alone. I think that’s why people connected with the music video. Not only because they too have experienced deeply liking someone, but also the sadness and longing that comes with it. You could be around so many people, and still have the feeling of being so alone and misunderstood.”

Hayley’s refusal to play coy or to reduce her sexuality to subtext is what has garnered her the huge following of young girls she has today. There are two things you can count on when you listen to a Hayley Kiyoko record – the insatiable need to dance around your bedroom, and the eerie feeling that you yourself wrote the lyrics sometime long ago in one of your prepubescent diaries – Hayley Kiyoko is to gay girls what Taylor Swift is to straight girls, a vital and viciously loved source of validation.  


Regarding Jared

I trust most of you guys have seen @jdumblr‘s fabulous timeline of last weekend! If you haven’t, go check it out.

I see a lot of you have responded with concern - which is totally understandable, by the way - so I’d like to offer my thoughts on the situation.

I don’t think there’s anything badly wrong with Jared right now. Sure, he might be tired, but what I see above all else is defiance. Jared invited his fans and followers to join him at San Jac, where he generously spilled the baby news before the official announcement. Isn’t that something a rebellious man might do, especially when his “wife” is trying to solidate her career by making the baby announcement in a commercial campaign?

He not only snagged the rug from under her feet with that announcement, but proceeded to party for two more days - still wearing the same clothes on Sunday as he did on Saturday, making sure people could connect the dots that he didn’t go home to change inbetween the nights.

This doesn’t look like sad Jared to me. This looks like Jared doing whatever he likes, damn the campaign and damn appearances. Maybe a line was finally crossed when G and Popandsuki decided to co-operate on that campaign? It’s up for speculation, of course.

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The following work is a part of my A level course work.

Why Roshni as the name?

Roshni in hindi means light. This was the finalised name keeping in mind that the NGO can be portrayed as a light to a child who is being kept in dark about his/her rights and his/her struggling being a labour between adults when he/she should be a student between children.. Light could also symbolise a bright future for the children.

The entire advertisement campaign created follows a sequence:

4 Teasers with the final one introducing the NGO

2 Hoarding advertisements introducing the problem - Creating awareness I

3 Newspaper advertisements with facts to educate audience - Creating awareness II  

2 Hording advertisements - Introducing their rights. (How Roshni helps)

Hording advertisements - Introducing/ educating how audience can contribute/ help 

2 Newspaper advertisements thanking the audience for their contribution - Success stories.

I will be uploading the sketch book, stationary and variation in ideas too.

I mean, I’m totally fine not calling people queer if they don’t want to be I will respect you not wanting to be called that, but isn’t “gay” also a reclaimed slur?

Those of us that grew up late-90’s/early-00’s were called gay as a slur and an insult for most of our adolescences, there was an entire commercial campaign to get young people to stop using it as an insult. It took me a solid decade to get over hearing “gay” without instantly flinching. Maybe its different for different generations, that’s just my experience with it. Idk, just don’t shout down people that use the term??? Especially when the only alternative is a more exclusive term that was still hurled at people as a slur???


On this day in music history: April 22, 1989 - “Like A Prayer” by Madonna hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks. Written and produced by Madonna and Patrick Leonard, it is the seventh chart topping single for the pop music icon from Rochester, MI. With many of the songs on her fourth studio album “Like A Prayer” based on her Catholic upbringing in a large Italian American family, Madonna writes about her own personal faith, and about how religion and sex are intertwined and are often at odds with each other. The title track of the album will reflect all of these things. Co-writing the song with frequent collaborator songwriter and co-producer Pat Leonard, the pair decide during recording that the song to put a gospel choir on it. They meet with famed gospel star Andraé Crouch who agrees to add his choirs’ vocals to the track. “Like A Prayer” is launched by a high profile commercial ad campaign with Pepsi who is to sponsor the singer’s tour in support of the album. The songs music video (directed by Mary Lambert), co starring actor Leon Robinson (aka Leon) playing the role of a saint, contains scenes juxtaposing religious iconography, showing Madonna with stigmata on her hands like Jesus after being crucified, dancing in front of burning crosses, and sexuality (the singer laying down on the alter with the saint), causes the company to withdraw their support of her tour and pull the commercial starring the singer from the airwaves. However, Madonna is allowed to keep the five million dollars she is paid by Pepsi. The controversy fueled by the music video and the falling out with Pepsi does not hurt the songs commercial performance. Quite the opposite in fact. Released as a single on March 3, 1989, it is an instant smash. Entering the Hot 100 at #38 on March 18, 1989, it races to the top of the chart five weeks later. Regarded as one of Madonna’s signature songs, “Like A Prayer” has a long life beyond its run on the charts. In April of 2010, the pop superstars music is the focus of an episode of the hit series “Glee”. Its ratings success revives interest in Madonna’s original recording of “Like A Prayer”, leading to it re-entering the Hot 100 at #47 on May 10, 2010. “Like A Prayer” is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.