commercial are the best


This maybe the best commercial I’ve seen this year.


Best Mall Commercial Ever

hello, it’s friday night and i have a reach for you:

mcdonald’s & coke, best buddies

mcdonald’s and coke have had a commercial partnership since 1955. i always knew that mcdonald’s only served coke (though never on a conscious level), and finally bothered to look up their connected history thanks to whatever theory this is trying to be. they’ve both been major players in brand globalization, and i think this is what the mcdonald’s sign in sana’s header is referring to.

i don’t think skam plays with product placement the way american shows do; they mention brands and shows and places the way real people would, prioritizing reality over indirect endorsements. so i thought it was…strange that we saw the mcdonald’s brand balloons featured so prominently. why these? why not plain balloons? and why did the logo get so much screen time?  

but then people pointed out that this was a reference to the balloon boys’ connection to even, because of where he tried to go in 3x08.

i wanted to believe those two small references were meant to bind the two squads together, but i was also able to brush them off as coincidences. mcdonald’s is pop culture, so you cannot erase its existence from a show dedicated to depicting teenagers in that context.

but then we got another reference, shortly after even confirms his connection to the rest of the balloon squad in 4x03.

(side note: i am glad that mcdonald’s is not a negative memory for either isak or even, that it’s still part of their lives and isak is actually quite excited about it)

(okay was that a side note or foreshadowing…?)

anyway, i could leave it at that, a solid connection between even and the balloon squad. but then today’s clip of the pepsi max gang at sana’s, with their ridiculously prominent placement of the drink they are supposedly not named after anymore, reminded me of the coke vs. pepsi war that is also a pop culture cornerstone. and where have we seen coke? hei briskeby.

this could be a coincidence too, they’re just boys, casually drinking preferred beverages while they’re having fun recording their videos. but at this point i am way too sensitive to branding and the small hints that julie leaves for us to let it slide.

we’re seeing the tensions ramp up with pepsi max, but i’m hoping, on the coca-cola side, we’re going to see a reunion. mcdonalds & coke, best buddies. those balloons were the first bridge back to even, and no matter the rough times coming, we’ll see more clues that will bring them together. if i see the balloon squad eating mcdonald’s or even taking a swig of coke, then i just might actually die.

oh my god did i just try to write a corporate marketing headcanon

More heartwarming Amazon commercials time!

It starts with another soft, acoustic song because that is a necessary element of all commercials that make you a little emotional.

It’s mid-morning and Jack is sipping coffee in his kitchen. He looks out the window to see a group of young kids playing street hockey. Then, he sees a much younger girl come out from the house and run up to the group of boys. She’s got a stick that’s too big for her, likely belonging to an older brother. However, the older boys turn her away and Jack watches her face crumple.

Jack frowns, but then pulls out his phone and taps the Amazon Prime app.

A little later, a delivery truck shows up and delivery guy brings a long package up to girl. She’s been sitting on the front porch, still watching the boys hockey with a scowl on her face. The girl opens it to find a hockey stick that’s the perfect size for her. Her face shifts from surprise to beaming happiness.

Jack heads outside with his own hockey stick and a tennis ball. He makes eye contact with the girl across the street and tips his head, silently asking if she wants to play with him. 

In the next shot, the girl and Jack are laughing as they pass the tennis ball between their sticks. They stop when the same group of boys from earlier approaches them. The boys look apologetic, and the indicate that they’d like to play too.

At first the girl crosses her arms and shakes her head, but as the boys sadly turn away, her expression softens. Changing her mind, she calls out to them and they excitedly turn back around again.

The sky fades to dusk. The street lamps lazily flicker on as, one by one, the kids each get called home for dinner. They all high five each other clap each other on the back happily before running down the street to their respective houses.

The girl completes one last slap shot into the plastic net they have set up. She cheers and high-fives one of the last boys remaining on the street. Her mother comes out of the house and calls out to her daughter. The girl waves goodbye to Jack before she runs up the driveway where her mother is waiting with a fond smile.

Kent’s Commercial


She has, as Dr Brennan said, been “tamed”. She has had huge commercial success since her 2007 breakdown (Glory got some of the best reviews of her career, including Rolling Stone comparing her to David Bowie), yet in the public consciousness she is still treated like a 2000s relic. Compare Spears to her contemporaries from that first round of fame – people like Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. They’ve become nuanced mega-stars where Britney is somehow staid, still being judged on her mental health as much as her performances. She is a celebrity divided; part of her is present here in 2017, and another is stuck in her pre-2007 image. She is still being punished for what we did to her.

The Wizard Speedpaint - Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Fan Art~

Gale was just so cool. <3 It was always a tie between Wizard and Chase when it came to save files, and Wizard was worth waiting for. Image free for personal use, enjoy!


So, Ovi and Mike Richards are immediately gonna recreate this commercial with weird eyefucking in an airport, right

(The Behind the Scenes video is actually much better than the commercial itself because Ovi is fucking hilarious as an interviewer, and he spends the whole time hanging over and/or fucking with Nicky and Mike Green, and then Brooks Laich. But the best part is when he’s interviewing the kid playing him, and dives right into the criticism for his suspension and goal celebrations. Ovi’s actually kind of ridiculously clever, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.)

June 27th, 2017, a day known by Wanders fans as the day the galaxy ended. A pretty big deal. I had spent everyday for years just obsessing over this little cartoon, and I was not gonna have it ruined by…

Disney XD had this smart idea to release new episodes of shows at midnight, the day of the premiere. I didn’t have access to it, but those who did were already talking about it. This was the last time i’d get to watch a new episode of my favorite show ever, so no way was I gonna have that ruined. Then came the real challenge…avoiding the internet until it premiered that night, and finding a way to make the day go fast. The plan?

The “comfort” cookies. A big event calls for some decorated cookies. Maybe eating them would make my heart hurt less? Or maybe I wouldn’t eat them at all and get too invested in the show instead. Probably that one. Once they were done, it was time…

My eyes were completely mesmerized by the pure eye candy that is a 22 minute episode of Wander Over Yonder. The movements, so fluid! The color schemes, pleasing to the eyes! The characters, at their absolute best! And they were ALL here! A commercial break. NO! It’s halfway over! But those final 11 minutes were JAM PACKED with some of the BEST content to ever come out of this series. It wrapped up perfectly! Then came…

Oh, jeez. That was it. It was over. It was amazing….but now what did I have to look forward to? I just wasn’t ready to leave these characters! And knowing there was still so much more that was meant to be explored. I can’t accept something’s over if it’s not over. And it wasn’t…’cause…now it was time for the credits, along with one final scene…

NO!! Every fans worst nightmare when their favorite, cancelled show ends…A HINT OF WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN!! NEW CHARACTERS! ORIGINS OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTER REVEALED! MORE DEVELOPMENT! A NEW THREAT! We could have had it all. What was I supposed to do now, die?! One year later, and it still haunts me. Now i’m here, writing about how much this crazy alien show ruined my entire life. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  


McDonalds “The Future Me (Part 2)” Japanese Anime Commercial [ENG SUB]

More videos here

Good work!
Cover for me while I’m gone, okay?
Don’t worry! I can take care of it! You can leave this place to me!
Just focus on your job search!
Excuse me.
Using the things I learned from senpai…
Please refill the fries before rush hour hits!
Not bad, newbie.
Using the things I learned working there…
I’m not sure if this integrates all our ideas, but how about a strategy like this?
Hmm, sounds good.
Thank you very much!
Those things will surely…
How’d the interview go?
Aced it!
Thank goodness!
I was so worried! I could barely focus at work, but I knew I had to fill your shoes! The manager even praised me yesterday!
Is that so?
Are you going to be able to come in next week..?
You bet.
Those things will surely connect to the future me!
アルバイト パート募集中
Your perfect work ethic is surely out there as well! Now hiring part-time positions!

Commercials are great, quick resource to brush up on your Japanese listening comprehension! Not to mention Japanese commercials are (barely) arguably the best in the world!